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propaganda press is always looking for new writers and contributors. and as you can tell we are not looking for colombia school of churnalism types per se. send it to us what you have and we’ll shower you with praise and adulation. in the meantime if you believe you’ve got what it takes to propel da propaganda please fill out the form below and send us a sample of your writing for us to peruse. we’re not interested in porn, jesus, mohammed, buddah, jehovah and et cetera. if you stole someone else’s stuff and you’re passing it off as your own, please let us know. we have a special team dealing with these cases. not to worry budding literary star/starlette. we are especially always interested in more writers from in Guyana. [we have a new compen$ation package for our Guyana writers that matches & surpasses the going rates offered by the big three dailies. make that big two plus one] as we gear up for the election :: new PPP Civic season of horrors :: cricket world cup post cricket world cup boast fest PPP Civic season of horrors and beyond. Brother Malcolm Xbecause we’ve got a long ways to travel before we’re ever gonna lay down this here burden. remember the some of the biggest pieces of propaganda were submitted by our 007 correspondents in the field. if you know of drug runnings in Guyana, corruption, chicanery, life, love, resistance, peace and happiness. feel free to share with us and the faithful, faithless and faithmore that we could lay the foundations of the society we deserve…and we will build it together.

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  1. so what do you want? nice juicy gossip? slander? More stuff like what Pandit Gossai endured from you? Ok, we all understand now…mix it up, bake and pig shit will give you some good results.




      • he was no bandit but all these swamis and pandits these days idk what to say.. they kill their own reputation that is why they are given such titles as bandits but i strongly feel that Shri Gossai was not a man of such nature as swami is








  3. SKINNY BUT TOUGH” Barack Obama’s Comments About Himself.

    September 16-2009:

    SKINNY BUT TOUGH” Barack Obama’s Comments About Himself.

    I hope this toughness is used against the the Nethanyahu government in Israel. Because he seems not too keen in honouring any promise to STOP or CEASE any Settlement Building in the occupied territories of Palestine.

    And in order to get F.A.T.A.H. & H.A.M.A.S. to even consider talks again, that condition MUST be met by Israel.

    It is hard enough to get HAMAS to even talk peace and consolidation with F.A.T.A.H.

    And if that becomes possible, HAMAS will expect ISRAEL to do quite a lot to assure both F.A.T.A.H. & H.A.M.A.S. they TRULY intend to work towards Sovereignty for Palestine.


  4. http://thethingsthatmatter.blogspot.com/

    September 16-2009:

    The Wars Of The Future Are Cyber Wars!

    Today global communication is conducted primarily via computer technology and Internet accessing. The computer has become the modus operandi for us to communicate with each other on a global scale, hitherto unheard of.

    Our military systems are also dependent on this technology to operate missiles, launch missiles, launch satellites, and launch directives or codes that will send drones, or warheads towards an enemy thousands of miles away, that is unseen.

    The ability to hack into military systems, or law enforcement systems, or National Security Systems are VERY REAL indeed, with expert computer hackers. Some of which do so for a fee, others to interrupt or sabotage, others to brag about.

    This reality is the concern of most or all governments worldwide, and are being contemplated on with their own defense systems, manned by officially conscripted hackers to work for the state, to guard or prevent their individual systems from being sabotaged or compromised by hackers.

    So How Could We Avoid Any Major Catastrophe?

    There have been some state to state hacking already, and the victimized states are already known. But hacking into computers worldwide is being done on a daily, and hourly basis. So those governments that are seriously bent of protecting their security networks or systems, MUST endeavor to implement certain technological changes and Fire Walls, to prevent sophisticated hacking into their systems.

    And this will naturally cost large sums of revenue to pay for the know how, the recruits, and systems to build, develop, and monitor.

    But it has to be done!

    Derryck S. Griffith.

    While The Starving-Malnourished & Hungry Watch:

    I wonder how those millions of Malnourished, Hungry, and Starving children and adults feel.

    When they see those Belgium Milk Producers DUMPING Thousands of Tons of Milk.

    Because the price received for their produce is un-acceptable?

    Comments welcomed!


  6. September 17-2009:

    Europe Missile Shield Shelved:

    I would like to commend president Obama for his decision to rescind the above idea. However, we must also not allow the current unknown nuclear potential of Iran, to cause us to do the same thing that we wanted to do in Europe. But erecting Radar Systems to monitor Iran’s supposedly Nuclear threats.

    I have been monitoring these issues for several years now, and cannot fathom the rationale for Iran to want to use nuclear missiles on Israel or any other Middle Eastern country. When the USA has an ally like Israel with nuclear capability, and could intercept any incoming missiles, and destroy them un-route from that country.

    I also understand the political necessity for the president to do this right now. But I also know that is was a sensible and wise decision he has made, to re-focus our efforts to more tried and tested methods for protecting our allies and homeland.

    Derryck S. Griffith.
    New York City.

  7. http://thethingsthatmatter.blogspot.com/

    September 18-2009:

    We Are Living In A Parallel Universe!

    Today, more than ever I am thoroughly convinced that this planet, us humans, and this universe is a twin. Yes, we are in a parallel universe. I have had these suspicions for several years now, triggered by several personal experiences such as meeting someone whom I knew I’ve met, but could not fathom where. Seeing individuals that look exactly like someone I knew personally some place and time before. They even walked, talked, and behaved like the person or individuals I’ve known before.

    I have had dreams that took me to places that looked exactly like this planet, people of different ethnic groups and complexion, that look just like we do on this earth, people that behaved, spoke, acted, sang, danced, made love, had sex, and did bad things exactly like we do on this planet also. I have had dreams, visions (awake and
    asleep) where I met individuals that I knew somehow, we went places, did things together, and parted in a manner that baffled me, to the point where as I was about to leave that person’s presence or company. I watched as he/she walked away into the sunset, or into the ground literally, and disappeared from sight too.

    Then I realized what was happening, I realized that I was on another planet, another place and time, and that I did not truly belong there. At least not at that time.

    Then I awoke, and wondered if that individual realized what was happening also, and if that individual had the same experience that I was having with such an encounter too? I also had experiences on another planet that looked like ours, where I was killed, and as the blade or gunshot struck me, I awoke immediately, and realize that I was still alive, and back on earth, as though nothing happened. Then I realized once more, that a parallel existence MUST be a reality for me to be so convinced, and recognizable.

    The Prophets, Seers, Shamans, and Spiritual Leaders Of Yore Realized It Too:

    Yes, these people realized it to, but was also like me, unable to comprehend what they too were experiencing back then. They tried to explain these things in the light of their own cultural experiences, background, and interpretation, So many points of view were expressed and shared about them. Some said it was an after lfe, Some said it was re-incarnation of souls, until finally the individual would reach Nirvana, or the completion of the soul’s journey to enlightenment. Others call it Heaven. And in recent times, with the advent of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and other faiths, this has become the anticipated end of the human journey.

    But all of these peoples and religious philosophies subscribed to some after life, or some other existence that us humans are a part of, and could expect to experience if we behave in certain ways, or believe in certain doctrines prescribed by our Elders of yore. All with the intent to mold our minds to work towards making this perception a reality at some future time. Today, it is referred to as The End Time, or The Coming of The Mufti, or the Advent Of The Christ, or The Return Of The Caliph.

    Can Anyone Prove That We Are Indeed In A Parallel Universe?

    I don’t think with our current scientific technologies that would be possible. And I also don’t think humans will ever be able to transcend time and space. Because we as physical beings AGE. And to be able to transcend Time And Space, requires preventing the Aging Process From Taking Place Physically. And we are all aware, that all material things are transformed via the aging stages, in it’s development processes.

    The invisible essence of all things is yet to be fully comprehended by as humans. At least with our limited and sometimes confused perception, of what we call The Human Reality or Experience.

    Derryck S. Griffith.

  8. http://guyanaatthecrossroads.blogspot.com/

    September 19-2009:

    The Way Forward Politically For Guyana!

    As I See It, the way forward for all Guyanese to attain True Self determination, Economic Growth, Less Poverty, Improved Educational Opportunities for ALL, Adequate Health Care & Health Care Services, Pure Drinking Water, Reliable Electricity Supplies for all regions, and Economic Growth, is to ensure the following:

    * Start seeking out individuals with Moral, Judicial, and Social Credibility (who are also Guyanese by Birth), to form a Political Party via a Public Forum, to discuss and formulate policies that would ensure the following:

    * Ensuring that Parity and Inclusion Of All Ethnic Groups, and Justice Under The Law For All Guyanese, regardless of Religious beliefs or affiliation.

    * A National Mandate that ensures The National Constitution is not amended to accommodate any government, or extend term limits for any government in office.

    * And that the Offices of the President & Prime Minister is held accountable to the people/commonweal, and does not usurp it’s position for political expediency.

    * And finally, a consorted effort to desist from Foul Mouthing/Name Calling, Personal Attacks on one’s character, Ethnic Stereotyping, and Defamation of character based on Hearsay or some other concocted reason to defame or blackmail any Individual, Politician, or Political Challenger.


    If we continue on the path that is currently being exploited by Defamation of Character, Hearsay, Blackmail, or calling for the downfall of the current political administration. Will not solve our current issues or concerns, but might very well keep the Die Hards Alive, Strong, and Resistant to any changes that may be of value to all, and in the future for this country.

    The only solution going forward is a POLITICAL one, via The BALLOT.

    Derryck S. Griffith.

  9. http://internationalpoliticalissues.blogspot.com/

    September 23-2009:

    The UN Summit & Colonel Gaddafi’s Debut Remarks!

    Gaddafi praised president Obama for his ascensin to the highest office in the USA. And cautioned that after he leaves. The White House & US politics may return to the G W Bush period policies (or words to that effect).

    The Obama White House may not welcome this homage publicly.

    Be that as it may, Gaddafi is back on the world stage as a responsible Head Of State today!

    He also said that the UN Security Council should be called The Terror Council. He aught to know, because he is from that background!

    Because they impose their will on the other states not represented therein. Furthermore, the member states are like those who speak at Hyde Park (In The UK).

    We stand on a Soap Box, make a speech, and then disappear!

    The UN Security Council’s Composition:

    Does not reflect adequately, the volume of member states represented. In fact, the developed countries, with two developing countries, decide with a vote, how the others should behave in an emergency.

    This has to be changed, with great haste.

    How could ten nations decide what is best for 190 member states?

    Derryck S. Griffith.

  10. http://internationalpoliticalissues.blogspot.com/

    September 23-2009:

    EL Qaeda Is No Longer A Threat In Afghanistan!

    President Obama there is no EL Qaeda threat in Afghanistan for us to worry about. They are the Taliban, and they are Afghans. So we are Currently killing Afghans. And that is why we MUST leave NOW.

    Let Governor General Karzai deal with the insurrectionists, this is not our war any longer. This is the view of many journalists that visit there regularly, and from Afghans themselves, when questioned.

    What we are actually fighting are the Pashtun elements that identify with the Taliban’s view of Islam and Jihadism. And some elements within the Taliban’s dispirit groups in Afghanistan that are in it for several reasons, these being the following.

    * To seek and destroy all foreign elements therein.

    * To wage war against all foreign military forces from within their territories.

    * To ensure that Islam is not compromised by any western concept of Governance via Western Democratic Principles, which totally conflicts with Islamic teachings.

    * And to remove the Karzai government that was the brainchild, and has the support of the USA and her allies in Afghanistan.

    Why Are We Still There?

    The US went in to destroy EL Qaeda elements, Prevent Safe Havens, and Destroy Terror Training Camps. This was achieved some seven years ago, when EL Qaeda, (the Taliban’s guests) were defeated.

    Since then billions of US dollars, in munitions, hardware, infrastructure development, national security training, wages for Afghan Military and Police Forces, and payments of Compensation to Civilians for lives lost.

    Which incidentally, are in the thousands, and growing daily.

    Therefore, sending thousands more of US military personnel, will only INCREASE, (and this is also very likely to happen), the volume of American lives lost and maimed therein.

    Even N.A.T.O.’S representation is dwindling at the moment, causing some concern among other nations, as to our End Game or Strategy in Afghanistan. This concern is also growing within the confines of the USA.

    BRING our military HOME from Afghanistan by this year’s end Mr. president. Or you will surely loose the vast majority of those YOUNG people who are dying there, and those millions who have supported you during the campaign for sure.

    And I will harbor a guess at this time, that if you persist in keeping American troops there, and does not heed the call of Americans at home and abroad. You will regret it come the next general election!

    Derryck S. Griffith.

  11. September 23-2009:

    HIV Vaccine Trial In Thailand Shows Positive Signs!

    EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE used in trials in Thailand, has been observed to prevent HIV infection by 31.2%.

    Well, this is not very helpful. Because 31.2% prevention is NO REAL PREVENTION for any vaccine.

    HIV is Rampant here because of MASS POVERTY in most communities there. Children from 6-16 years of age can be had for any kind of Sex for a FEE.

    They even have Child Pimps to accommodate Johns. OLDER WHITE men MOSTLY from America & Europe!

    go there via Bangkok and other detours, to have their way with these children “BARE BACK SEX” preferred by most of these men.


    Comments Welcomed!

  12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Derryckgriffith

    September 27-2009:

    What Is TRUE Democracy?

    Democracy is a PROCESS of understanding, tolerance, acceptance of diversity, the right to Free Speech, Writing, Learning, new ideas, and Dissension. All of these elements are inherent in TRUE democracy.

    When the populace is not allowed to question authority, religious views or religion, Laws that oppress them, Regulations that impose partisan or prejudicial behaviors or actions against those it disproves of, hates, or feels does not belong to the mainstream.

    Then that society is not practicing ” TRUE DEMOCRACY.”

    So for those of us who understand what democracy espouses, has the responsibility to speak up, speak often, and speak whenever these values are prevented from flourishing, or from being practiced, or implemented, in any culture that is prepared to embrace it, has started to embrace, or is trying to make it work.

    What Is A True Democrat?

    * A true democrat is supposed to be a person of entrenched decency, believes in working hard to attain his or her needs, is not afraid to speak the TRUTH, even when it may not be prudent to do so.

    * Is a believer in the perception that all men and women are born equal, and must strive to ensure that this concept is universally recognized and upheld.

    * Must have values that transcend ego, religious beliefs, intellectual attainments, family lineage, and inheritance.

    * And must believe in liberty, personal freedom to speak, write, pray, reside, and travel wherever he or she feels, is likely to make his or her aspirations possible.

    Derryck S. Griffith
    Educator-Advocate & Blogger.

  13. http://www.simplysearch4it.com/article/42104.html

    September 27-2009:

    What Does Accountability Mean?


    + Responsibility to someone or for some activity:

    Keeping the above definition in mind, please indulge me in a discourse that should take us to the point where we will understand our individual responsibilities, and accountability.

    It is our parent/s responsibility to care, protect, educate, feed, clothes and house their offspring, from childbirth, until they are equipped with the ability to take care of basic personal needs. In some cultures that responsibility commences at the tender age of 13. In other cultures it may be 16-17-18 or 21 years of age.

    Children are supposed to understand their role and responsibilities in the family, the community at large, and the state in which they live or call their home. In modern, developing and developed societies, this duty is exercised in the form of politicking, voting, demonstrating, agitating, and dissent. The commonweal is expected to hold their leaders accountable for any action/s that contravene the laws, the general rules of conduct, the credibility of the position they occupy, and the role/s they play for those who aspire to that position/s, and to the younger people of that culture.

    For example, here in the USA, the political representatives in Congress, the Senate, and the White House, are accountable to the American people, regardless of who voted or did not vote at elections. Whatever actions, laws, or decisions taken in Congress, The Senate, or The White House, affects all Americans directly or indirectly, in their everyday lives.

    Those elected representatives who are appointed as Ambassadors to foreign countries, is an extension of ourselves in those countries. And they too are responsible indirectly to the American people, via the President who would have appointed them as ambassadors.

    So telling yourself that ‘I am not responsible’ for what American soldiers, Ambassadors, Elected officials, or The President does abroad, is shirking our responsibility as citizens, or just plain ignorant of our civic duties.

    Every citizen of every country is expected to be concerned with the manner in which the country is administered, and by whom. It is also their responsibility to agitate for the right to decide who administers that country, how it is managed, and who they elected or chosen representatives should be. It is also the duty of every citizen to vote, or agitate for some form of election process, to determine how, when, where, and how this process is conducted.

    It is also the responsibility of all citizens to have access to their elected officials. To ensure that there is a process in place for lobbying, on issues that they (the constituents) feel, ought to be given particular attention by their elected representatives.

    And finally, it is the duty of all citizens to participate in the electoral process, by registering to vote, encouraging others to register and vote. And to remove via the ballot, any representative/s whom they feel does not address adequately, or seem to have abandoned their responsibilities to the electorate.

    Derryck S. Griffith.
    Educator-Advocate & Blogger.

  14. http://speakuporshutup.blog.com/

    September 27-2009:

    What Is Freedom Of Speech?

    Freedom Of Speech Defined:

    Freedom of speech is the concept of being able to speak freely without censorship. It is often regarded as an integral concept in modern liberal democracies.

    And notably under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

    The US Constitution:

    The First Amendment to the United States Constitution is a part of the United States Bill of Rights. Textually, it prohibits the federal legislature from making laws that:

    * Establish a state religion or prefer certain religion (the “Establishment Clause”):

    * Prohibit free exercise of religion (the “Free Exercise Clause”):

    * Infringe the freedom of speech:

    * Infringe the freedom of the press:

    * Limit the right to assemble peaceably:

    * Limit the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

    Some Positive Aspects Of Free Speech:

    * Admiration:

    * Encouragement:

    * Patriotism:

    * Freedom Of The Press-Religions & Individual:

    * Judicial:

    Some Negative Aspects Of Free Speech:

    * Name Calling:

    * Insulting:

    * Blackmail:

    * Inflammatory:

    * Inciting:

    * Non-judicial:

    * Dictatorship:

    Why Do I Need Permission To Speak Freely?

    Words like actions can evoke or induce acts or actions, that can be harmful or pleasant for the intended victim or persons communicated to. Without certain precautions or guidelines, free speech can be devastating to many, especially those to whom such intent was directed. Governments with their established political apparatus over the centuries, have been able to control, limit, and direct the media, the commonweal, and other institutions on the preferred content of certain communications to the masses.

    And the masses have also been dis-allowed in many instances, from voicing their concerns to the state, the government, and the political elected or appointed. Agitating for social-political and economic changes are considered political and radical issues in many political and cultural systems. So controls are legislated, or implemented to prohibit the volume, some sources, and frustrate those who use this means to get their messages across the political spectrum.

    Others have also used the media to defame, blackmail, or indulge in libelous comments (vocally-directly, and indirectly) at their victims, inducing grievous psychological and mental injury to their victims. That is why legislation is necessary to stipulate what is acceptable speech at Public forums, the Media, and Press.

    How Could We Safeguard Free Speech?

    Safe-guarding free speech is an ongoing struggle in several cultures, especially those where free speech was never historically allowed. And encouraging the masses to agitate for legislation for the right to ‘Free Speech’ publicly, via the media and the Internet, is still dangerous in countries like China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, and some or most Islamic countries, and dictatorships.

    But in the political democracies of the western hemisphere, this right is less challenged. Even though with the arrival of the Internet, this new technological divide that brings cultures the world over, much closer is seen by many politicians as harmful. Some strive to limit access, or prevent the free exploration of this technology. While some Internet providers are assisting the state with requests
    for information about their clientele, thus creating fear for confidentiality.

    Derryck S. Griffith.
    Educator-Advocate & Blogger.

  15. Link: http://guyanaatthecrossroads.blogspot.com/

    October 04-2009:

    Is Guyana Still The Garden City Of The Caribbean?

    Preserving Our Architectural Heritage:

    Today, most of the old Victorian, Lattice Windows, and Wooden Houses that was the historical landmarks of Demerara-Guiana is either long gone, or is in terrible disrepair. And what are we doing about it? And if not, why?

    Every culture has it’s own indigenous cultural heritage. Be it locally produced, or inherited. But all the same, there are some notable structures that all cultures identify as sacred, indigenous, and indicative or uniquely their own. And strive dearly to ensure they are preserved, and kept safe for all generations to come.

    So why is Guyana today neglecting our structural heritage?

    Some say it is because there is no money available to do the necessary repairs and preservation work. Others say, they are being neglected because they remind us of our colonial past too much. Others say that the present generation and government does not see it as a priority, or wants to redesign Georgetown-Demerara, according to a certain ethnic preference and heritage.

    Whatever it is, failing to do so will eventually cause us to lose what we have always been proud to say was ours. And what has been used in the past, to culturally identify us as a people, with a certain uniqueness that is precisely our own.

    Some of these places that need DIRE repairs and Preservation work are the following:

    * St. George Cathedral:

    * The Atlantic Sea Wall Structure (entirely).

    * The Demerara Stabroek Market (and especially repairing the Clock).

    * The Demerara La Penitence Market.

    * The Round House At The Atlantic Sea Wall-Georgetown.

    * The Demerara Lighthouse.

    * Government House-Main Street Georgetown-Demerara.

    * The Cultural Benab-Main Street-Kingston.

    These are just a few that I can recall that should be immediately placed, under the Care and Supervision of” A National Trust & Heritage Fund/Commission.”

    Derryck S. Griffith.

  16. http://thethingsthatmatter.blogspot.com/

    October 09-2009:

    Recognizing Barack Obama’s Quest For A Nuclear Free & Peaceful World:

    President Barack H. Obama was awarded the Nobel Prize Laureate For Peace & A Nuclear Free World. The 1.4 million EU or US dollars will be donated to Charity, says the Obama Administration.

    This should also reinforce the expectations of Americans for bringing our troops home.

    However, voices in many quarters of the public domain, wonder and is asking, what has he achieved to warrant this noble recognition?

    But the decision to award him was made based on the above title, and the committee felt that he was indeed on the right path.

    And has already made a significant difference in changing the global political climate, and reconciling with allies for past misconceptions or misdeeds, that America may have wrought towards some.

    Meanwhile, the US & N.A.T.O. are bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan, in a conflict with no rational end in sight. Plus the continued loss of civilian and military lives growing, on a daily basis.

    However, only time will tell if he is truly qualified to have received this award!


  17. http://internationalpoliticalissues.blogspot.com/2009/10/rogue-former-danish-commando-publishes.html

    October 12-2009:

    A Rogue Former Danish Commando Publishes Classified Data!

    A Danish Ex-Special Operation’s Military person wrote a book, outlining the GORY details of how they conduct such operations in the field. Such information can do serious harm to undercover operations of any military, in A Theater Of War.

    If the enemy can have access to this information, then what is the point having any undercover operation at all. When your enemy will be waiting for you!

    George W. Bush’s Administration Torture Details:

    Just like the Obama administration, through the Attorney General may have to grapple with any information solicited by The US Congress to investigate any wrongdoing, during the military incursions in Iraq & Afghanistan.

    This information too will be of a very sensitive nature, and if allowed to be revealed publicly, like that Danish military rogue did, then we may be having the same scenario right here in the USA, about Freedom Of Expression, or Freedom To Publish Information Freely too.

    However, it is incumbent upon any Public Official, or Military Officer/Combatant to protect certain Institutional Operations that would allow the enemy if revealed, to have forewarning about any planned operation. Or the methods by which such operations are conducted.

    Failing to abide by this ‘classified information’ rule, could cause very serious harm to lives and limbs in any combat scenario.

    Derryck S. Griffith.

  18. October 19-2009:

    Immigration Scam & Scam Artists!

    Guyanese fleeced by some bogus immigration Lawyer name Malendez for thousands of US dollars.

    This seems to be an ongoing dilemma with Guyanese being robbed by attorneys, masquerading as Legitimate Immigration Lawyers. And I cannot imagine how at this juncture, Guyanese have not yet learned their lessons.

    There are Legitimate Immigration Agencies like “Immigration Coalition,” and several others that you can access, or you dial 311 for help.

    Or do some research on the Internet for FREE.

    The Federal Plaza in Downtown-Manhattan-New York City, is also the place where you can access direct help or assistance with your Immigration enquiries for FREE too.

    So if you are a FOOL, then you will be Played like a FOOL too by convicts!


  19. November 13-2009:

    What It Means To Be GUYANESE:

    National Identity:

    Firstly, the national identity of any culture or state depends on the following;

    * The national flag that represents or identifies that sovereign state.

    * The native that was born therein, and feels mentally, psychologically, and socially connected to that culture or state.

    * Being proud to be identified as a native of that culture, and would submit himself/herself, if called upon by that state, to represent it in times of war or from external aggression.

    What Is It To Be Guyanese.

    Being Guyanese encompasses all of the above qualities, and more. For example.

    * Being engaged in the national politics, and political discourses, in your homes, schools (for informational purposes), in your Churches, Masjids, and Mosques, too.

    * Voting in all local, regional, and general elections whenever it becomes possible.

    * And advocating for the respect, regard, and espousal for the Freedom To Express and Exercise our Human Rights to Dissent, Express or opinions FREELY via The Internet, The Press, The Public Media, and Verbally.

    * And finally, to ensure that The Rule Of Law, is Respected and Adhered to, under the Constitution for all Guyanese, regardless of political beliefs, affiliations, religious beliefs or affiliations, and ethnic persuasion too.


  20. http://www.empire.state.ny.us/nysdc/Census_2010/

    New York State Data Center Census!
    Census 2010
    New York State Complete Count Committee
    Governor David A. Paterson

    Ensuring a complete and accurate count of every New Yorker is critical for the State and its communities to receive their fair share of state and federal funding and political representation. An accurate count means counting every New Yorker where they live according to the Census Bureau’s residency rules.

    The 2010 Census is the responsibility of the U.S. Bureau of the Census. It is the largest peacetime activity that our government engages in and is a complex process. The Census Bureau will be counting more than 300 million residents nationwide in more than 120 million households. In order for our State and local communities to ensure all residents are counted, we must all partner with the Census Bureau to get a complete and accurate count of the population.

    Between now and the taking of the 2010 Census in April of 2010, there will be a variety of opportunities for New York State and all of our communities to participate in the process. This website will keep you up-to-date on those activities, resources to help make the job easier, and an expanding list of partners to learn from and work with.
    New York State Complete Count Activities and Resources – You can find out about the committee’s activities and New York State specific 2010 Census promotional materials by clicking here.

    Partner with New York State – It is critical that every New Yorker is counted in the 2010 Census. You can help by partnering with the New York to educate everyone about the importance of the Census and to return their Census form on time. Here are a series of fact sheets that suggest some things you can do as a partner. Become a Partner – If you want to be added to New York’s 2010 Census partners list and receive periodic updates on the progress of the Census, email us at: 2010Census@empire.state.ny.us

    Work for the 2010 Census – Counting everyone living in New York State is a very labor intensive project. Depending on the activities at the time, the Census Bureau needs many thousands of workers throughout New York State. Most of these jobs last about 6 weeks, have flexible hours, and are in your local area. The Census Bureau’s website has a tremendous amount of information about these jobs. To take the 30-minute basic skills test for one of these jobs call 1-866-861-2010.

    2010 Census Timeline – Successful completion of the 2010 Census requires a very tight timeline. There are several deadlines that the Census Bureau is legally REQUIRED to meet. Most other activities involved in getting ready for the Census are scheduled back from these deadlines. Here is a timeline showing the major Census Bureau activities for the 2010 Census.

    The Census Bureau, New York State, and many local communities are holding events to teach people about the 2010 Census and encourage them to send back the 2010 Census questionnaire. Click here to see a schedule of these events.

    Regional Coordinators – A number of organizations are working with the State to coordinate 2010 Census promotion activities in their region. To find the organization serving your region click here.

    Partner with the Census Bureau – Everyone needs to help ensure that every New York resident is counted in the 2010 Census. You can help by partnering with the Census Bureau to encourage everyone to return their census form on time.

    To partner with the Census Bureau simply fill out this partnership agreement form and send it to one of the Census Bureau’s Local Census Offices serving your county. We would greatly appreciate it if you told your regional coordinator that you signed up to be a partner. Here are a series of fact sheets that suggest some things you can do as a partner.

    Spreading the Word – Both the U.S. Census Bureau and New York State have prepared a number of resources that you can use to help spread the word about the 2010 Census. You can find out more information about these brochures, artwork, drop-in articles, etc. by clicking here.

    Census in the Schools – The Census Bureau is making a special effort to reach out to students in kindergarten through sixth grade. This Census in Schools program has its own website. This site includes information for teachers, kids, and teens . There are activities for students, including coloring pages and state facts pages, and lesson plans for teachers. Information about this special activity is being sent to the principal of every school serving K-8 students.

    Frequently Asked Questions – Visit our FAQ page to get answers to common questions about the 2010 Census. If you have questions that aren’t answered on our website, please email them to us at 2010Census@empire.state.ny.us

  21. http://thethingsthatmatter.blogspot.com/

    December 19-2009:

    A Few Decided The Fate Of The Majority In Copenhagen?

    Twenty or Twenty Five Nations (behind closed doors), decided for 190 nations? Totally un-acceptable for such agreement to have any teeth, because it was un-democratic.

    Therefore, whatever it purports will be illegal, not legally binding, and un-acceptable!


    * Each country will indicate how they will make necessary changes in their emissions project.

    * Each country will be subjected to the same levels of scrutiny, transparency, and accountability for their promises/agreement.

    This agreement is not legally binding, but will convey in spirit the resolve collectively and globally, to work towards curbing Global Climate Emissions that are harmful to the planet, and all therein.

    Ten billion Euros was proposed (for ten years), to help developing countries cope with their intent to comply with this accord.

    African delegates said NO to this agreement (more or less).


  22. http://derryckviewpoint.blogspot.com/

    December 23-2009:

    Did President Obama Betrayed His Promise For The Public Option?

    The president said recently that he did not campaign for The Public Option. He may be correct there, because he may not have used those EXACT WORDS. But he implied it, when he said that over 40 million Americans do not have health care coverage, or cannot afford it.

    And he intends to change that when be become president!

    Therefore, it stands to reason that giving them a choice with a Publicly Funded Option, to provide competition to private Insurance Companies. That would cater for the lowering of coverage fees and create a Level Competitive Playing field.

    That is why it is so Urgent that we get access to a public Option for all of the above mentioned.

    The Public Option Health Care Provider & What Is Means!

    Hithero, most consumers sought a Health Care provider according to their financial means. Those who had the means got the best services, from the best Health Care Providers.

    And those that could not afford the better ones had to settle for the sub standard providers, which did not provide for most of the needs, that most consumers wanted from their doctors/physicians.

    How will the Public Option Work?

    * The Public Option gives those who do not have Health Care the option to have one.

    * It also allows consumers the CHOICE between the Established providers, and the Federally Subsidized Provider/Plans.

    * Both Health Care plans would be providing for the Health Care needs of any American that wants it.

    * The only difference is that we would be getting to choose between the Public Option, and The Private Option.

    * If anyone does not want Healthcare for whatever reason, he/she has that option too also.

    But the provision is there for all, if or when they so choose to get Health Care.


    There can be no Health Care Reform without The Public Option Included PERIOD!


  23. http://internationalpoliticalissues.blogspot.com/

    December 27-2009:

    Israeli Destruction Of GAZA Was Total In 2009!

    As the world watched Israel let loose a barrage of military ordinances upon that small strip of land called GAZA, in response to what they called, ‘a response to HAMAS and it’s militia terror They spared no one, civilian or militia in this onslaught. men, women, children, old people. And most buildings that they felt needed to be destroyed in order to show their military might to the world.

    The news media both within Gaza and without, was debarred from entering the territory anytime during or after Israel air strikes and incursions. All that was reported mostly was Israeli’s lies to the world, from their own media people, who sold the war to the rest of the world, as though Israel was under seize, and they were fighting for their lives.

    White Phosphorous:

    This dangerous substance was also used by Israeli forces on the GAZA strip. People saw it exploded in the air, or landed on the ground, caught fire, and burned relentlessly, regardless of whether water was poured on it or not. Those GAZANS who were unfortunate to be victims of that phosphorous attack, was burnt beyond recognition, some were burnt so badly, that there lives were severely threatened, while others died after being burnt.

    And yet, Israel denies that they ever used that substance, even after graphic pictures were shown to the world to prove them wrong and to be liars.

    Resistance Is The Only Solution When Attacked Or Under Seize:

    When the German axis invaded Poland, Czechoslovakia, and subsequently France, the people resisted by any means necessary. In France this resistance movement was called The French Resistance. And played a pivotal role in providing intelligence from the ground to the allied forces in that war, thus eventually leading them to victory

    The same is applied in GAZA, by Palestinians who have been under seize for decades, while the USA & her allies pretend to care for the lives and livelihood of these people. All those talks hitherto by the USA, her allies in the Arab world, and Arafat, did not do anything positive to allow the Palestinians to have their own state.

    But all they did was to appease the Israel, while they continued to steal the Palestinian lands, kill them surgically on a daily basis, prevent their movements within and without that region, and literally tries to starve them methodically. With the intent to humble and humiliate these people to the point of total submission to the Zionist’s wishes and demands.

    We Will Resist Until The End:

    But the Palestinians have resolved to fight the Israelis until they give up, and let them be free from danger, murder, free to move in and out, and allowed to have their own sovereign state as they should as a people, whose lands were taken from them, given to the Jewish people from Europe, and told that they must accept their neighbor as legitimate.

    Even after their greedy neighbors have continued to steal more and more of the Palestinian lands, destroy their crops, refuse to allow them to move around, seek employment, or live like civilized humans should.

    Derryck S. Griffith.

  24. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    January 08-2010:

    The National Census & Some Inaccuracy Concerns!

    This survey is intended to get an accurate count of the volume and ethnic diversity, of people living in every region of this country.

    If you refuse to fill that form, as accurately as you can. Then you inhibit your community from attaining the necessary Federal funding that is appropriate for that state, in terms of Social Services, Health, and Education funding.

    Some individuals may have a problem with ETHNIC Identity. If that form does not adequately identify you as you identify yourself. Then CROSS out the one that you feel is an incorrect description of you, and WRITE in the Description that you Identify with.

    Furthermore, I am also concerned with the volume of Black and Latino incarcerated, who would also have to fill those forms. And most of these incarcerated are placed in prisons OUTSIDE their home state or jurisdiction. So when they fill those forms, it will reflect a state that is not the state from which they came from. Thus making that state more eligible for funding it does not truly qualify for.

    This concern, I suggest that you take up with your state’s elected representatives as soon as possible.

    New York City.

  25. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    January 12-2010:

    TO: Propaganda Press Freedom Now!

    The Word NEGRO & It’s Ramifications!

    I have observed the description of Afro-Guyanese as NEGROES, in some articles posted here.

    And I wonder if this description of Blacks in Guyana was used intentionally. Or was it used in Ignorance of the history and denigration of Blacks globally?

    However, the word NEGRO currently is not the accepted identify people of African descent any longer. Because of the derogative history and treatment of Blacks worldwide.

    And I cannot imagine anyone in this day and age, not knowing of this history or derogation of Blacks.

    And would continue to use that description knowing fully well, the derogative inferences that it conveys.

    New York City.

  26. we all know what and who a negro was or still is,when black people choose to behave in a certain way that reminds us of the house negro then they will be called by the station in society that they so willingly choose to to occupy,but being of asian decent,myself i might not be the right person to tell you this,but i’m sure other bloggers on this site will agree with me,so don’t blame pp,blame the individuals for behaving in that way,because when indo guyanese behave in a certain way they are called coolies and guess what i don’t care,God Bless Guyana And My Dougla Children.

  27. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    January 13-2010:

    A State Of Total Pandemonium In Haiti:

    After the 7.0 earthquake struck this Dirt Poor Island. All electricity went out, buildings (old and new) crumbled and fell, taking with it the lives of the occupants therein. National Communication lines were cut, as a result of the shock waves and tremors of this quake, which was followed by two subsequent tremors, which completed the cycle of devastation therein.

    I can also imagine the fear, dread, and horror that all Haitians felt at this reality. Armageddon may have been on the minds of this Christian oriented people, most of whom are fervent believers of their faith, and upbringing.

    The Presidential Palace, was not spared either. One would wonder whether that building would have withstood the shock. But unfortunately, may not have been constructed to withstand such a calamity either.

    An Impoverished People:

    Haitians have been an oppressed and impoverished people since the rule of Jean Paul Duvalier ak Papa Doc. When he died, his son Jean Paul Duvalier-Jr took office, and continued the same oppressive regime, supported by his militia Thugs called ‘The Ton To Macoutes.’ All subsequent Prime Ministers or government were either overthrown, or experienced a Coup De Etat by Haitian military. And it was so up to the rule of Of President Ariste, who was shunter off the island by US commandos, to make room for the current political administration.

    Past Disasters In Haiti:

    Haiti is no stranger to national disasters. Recently, it suffered a severe hurricane. Which caused massive loss of lives and property. Flooding of crops, cities, and mud slides, resulting in the loss of homes and personal dwellings for most of the locals.

    Unlike their neighbors in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, or the Caribbean region. Haiti does not have the disaster preparedness or infrastructure to deal effectively (if al all), with such disasters. So this current one, being the most severe on historic record, will be a big challenge indeed for the state, the volunteers, and all foreign relief agencies operating therein.


  28. If a Blackman is running/Govern a Blackman

    how can a Blackman be oppressed.

    That concept, a Blackman being oppressed

    by another Blackman is Hypocritical Statement.


    Robert Mugabe Governing is an examle of a Perfect Black

    Government State. What a perfection, why complain.

    • i try time and again to figure what it is you trying to say,but i get lost everytime, could you spend a few dollars more and buy better quality shit,God Bless Guyana And My Dougla Children.

  29. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    January 14-2010:

    A Needs Assessment For Haitians After The Earthquake Disaster This Week:

    President Barack Obama said in an address to the nation of Haiti, The World, and the American people, the following:

    You Will Not Be Forsaken. The USA & the World Is With You All The Way.

    USA & World Assistance Arrives:

    The USA military Navy, Marine Corps, Civilian Organizations, Medical personnel, and others are arriving en mass at this time at the Haitian airport and seaport. Vast amount of medical supplies, medical personnel (doctors nurses, medics), ad other related personnel are also included.

    Food Packages, Water, Rescuing Machinery and other related equipment, Security personnel, Telecommunications personnel to help reinstall electricity and other technologies needed for international communications are also on board.

    Rescuing the Trapped & Injured:

    This is going to be a methodical and massive task. Because most of the trapped are under heavy layers of concrete and other rubble. And can only be reached (mostly) with heavy moving machinery, which is also under way. The roads throughout the city of Port Au France is almost impassable in most places. And it is in the cities where the bulk of the affected population is settled, and needs the most urgent attention and assistance.

    Burying The Dead:

    I don’t know if or when burials can seriously take place in this national confusion and some chaos. But i presume that the normal claim of bodies by relatives are non-existent, because both categories may be difficult to identify, and even find.

    So Mass Graves or Cremation may be the way to go, in order to alleviate the stench from the already decaying carcass laying in the open spaces on the streets. And those that are dead, and are trapped under the rubble in large numbers.

    Distributing Food-Shelter-Clothing & Water To Citizens:

    This is going to be a very challenging experience, for the following reasons.

    * People are desperately hungry, thirsty, dirty, messy, stink, angry, and desperate for help of all kinds.

    * Being able to get people to wait in line to collect essentials may be problematic.

    * Hungry and desperate people are not necessarily inclined to be patient either.

    Security & Policing The Townships:

    I don’t know if the local police are still in charge, equipped to deal with this situation, or is even still able to do policing at this time. So the US and her allies there, will have to implement (with the Haitian government’s approval), temporary policing of the streets, ports, townships, and distribution centers. Until some Official Order is established by the Haitian authorities.

    To Be Continued.

    New York City.

  30. Jah bless the blessing

    uck out with you


    Rasta na deal with carcass

    Jah Knows everything

    and is the cause of everything.

    Keep the Fire Blazing

    Babywrong must fall Not Babylon to fall.

    Read it the words of

    look to the “East for the coming

    of a Black King.” Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

    East Indian na West Indian.

    Me done get it a South-East.

    East Indian.

    me na need West Indian ina me East Indian.

    Cemetery fe dead.

    Shave you head

    and cream you chulke.

    original Guyanese.

    Rough through the History of

    Propaganda Press.

    Must burn you out. Beast, Anti-Christ, D-evils.

  31. http://computersandinternetblogging.blogspot.com/

    January 14-2010:

    Should Google Pull Out Of China?

    Personally, I think this question involves moral, social, human rights, and economic considerations. And should not be hastily acted upon.

    However, Google’s time in China so far, has not shown much Internet growth, in relation to it’s other rivals therein. I think Google has only about 35% of the National Online market. But this alone must not be the reason to pull out just yet.

    If the administration of Google is truly concerned about the inability of Online Advocates and Bloggers, from Freely expressing themselves online, without censorship. Then this is the moment of decision.

    Sometimes the majority have to make some sacrifices for the few. If it entails setting the stage for something Bigger & Greater than the immediate concerns and benefits.


  32. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    January 15-2010:

    How Important Was Online Social Networking Sites During
    The Haitian Disaster?

    I watched a discussion on france24.com today, about this concern. So here are a few comments of mine in this regard.

    When the earthquake disaster hit Haiti, immediately afterwards, those with had access to mobile phones, and the Internet sent photos and messages to relatives and friends outside Haiti. But this was shortlived, and a communication blackout resulted, because of land line’s disruptions, and the destruction of other local media outlets.

    So Haitians living in the USA & Europe that had access to the Internet, used this facility to continue asking questions, and sharing whatever information they were able to get from Haiti and elsewhere with each other. And this kept the conversation going. And it also helped in raising funds for some charities they felt could be of assistance therein.

    Was Twitter & Facebook Really Important?

    Yes and No. If you do not have an Internet connection, and is not connected to Facebook, Twitter or MySpace, and have not joined any of these networks. Chances are, you will not be as informed, as those who are already a part of the networking sites.

    But it is unfair to say that these networking sites did not make a difference. Because not many people in Haiti, are connected online, or have a computer, an Internet connection, or was able to use it during the Earthquake disaster.

    However, the traditional TV and Radio media, is dependable for credible information in most cases. But even these medium are also subject to blackouts, and power failures in any disaster where electricity is needed, in order to have telephone and Internet access.


  33. i saw So much Black people

    anus it is like I am their asshole

    thanks for the compliment.

    Sellassie I


    Keep Praising H.I.M.

    a Your Praise

    Don’t change

    I love how you

    Praise Sellassie I.

    Let me reiterate

    Keep praising H.I.M.



    Whichever one

    I am truly Blessed

    God bless America

    in God we trust.

    Read the Bible

    it also talks about Eithopians: Dark Skinned

    people and their fate.

    Tell the truth about the Bible

    and not Babylon

    I am tired of living in

    your defecation.

  34. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    January 15-2010:

    Al Jazeera & Other News Networks Are Not Helping In Their Reporting Much?

    I’ve noticed how often Aljazeera, France24.com, and others keep asking the same questions to reporters on the ground. Therefore, I’ve chosen to highlight some major issues impacting Haitians on the ground.

    * AID cannot get to the people on the ground in the City QUICKLY, because of BLOCKED ROADS, AND NO CO-ORDINATED OVERALL MANAGEMENT.

    * 3000 (Three Thousand UN Troops) CANNOT provide adequate Security for a City of over 3 million desperate & hungry people!

    * Because their is NO National Radio Or TV Communications with the people of Haiti, from their government,

    most Haitians don’t know what is happening. So they fear the worse, because of this communication absence.

    * We don’t want to hear anymore talk from President Obama, or anyone else. We want the people in Haiti to get Fed, Housed, and Medical help NOW.

    And stop Pussy Footing with this stuff at the airport!

    * Finally, AID cannot get to the people on the ground in the City quickly, because of BLOCKED ROADS, and NO CO-ORDINATED OVERALL MANAGEMENT.


  35. Why Don’t You ask Nelson Mandela and Africa, Africans

    to help Haiti

    What the uck you a ask America.

    Yesterday I went to bed without a MEAL.

    The Curse of God should HELP me, rather than


    Uck Off.

    Cry someplace else.

  36. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    January 15-2010:

    Letter To President Obama Supporting His Efforts In The Haitian Crisis-2010

    Dear President Obama,

    In times like these, it takes someone with the heart of gold, and the faith of a Buddha, to deal with the crises you are faced with, in this year and months of your administration.

    The crisis in Haiti and the total devastation of her people, property, government, and treasure, can never be replaced. But with your continued efforts, support from the American people, and the entire global community.

    Rest assured that we are with you in this time of trial, emergency, and dire need.

    I would like to commend you on the efforts you have made, and are making for the Haitian people. Also your expressed commitment for rebuilding that nation and people’s national respect, dignity, and sovereignty, in the aftermath of the immediate crisis.

    Be assured that I will be rooting for you, your administration, and for all those who care, and will be monitoring your efforts and those of the international community at large. And will provide observations as is necessary, if the situation warrants, from time to time.

    Stay strong, stay focused, and keep engaged sir!

    Derryck S. Griffith.
    New York City.

  37. Jehovah

    Cry somewhere


    America is in God we trust.

    God Bless America.

    Ask Mugabe.

    Ask Nelson Mandela.

    This is not tourist season

    where me and the tourist a fe reason.

    Burn and Burn again.

    Just love it


    D-evil fe Ask D-evil.

    Sellassie I.

  38. Tell the Curse to God

    I am HUNGRY.

    There is a earthquake in

    my stomach.


    maybe the Curse to God will

    Get the message.

    But HOWEVER These Blacks never

    are short of a meal.

    They get their Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner

    and even supper.

    Yet even now I can’t figure SUPPER.

    is it Something Jesus Did, Had or Passover.

    I just can’t figure it.

    Never Worked Yet they are

    the Best feed, Best clothed, and Best housed individuals.

    Them must be right About the MEEK will INHERIT the Earth.


    Ras ta Fari.


    Live it in the Heart of I.

  39. http://internationalpoliticalissues.blogspot.com/

    January 18-2010:

    How Do You Rebuild Haiti?


    Started when they had to pay France for their freedom. Then the USA, and her Greedy Capitalists used their money, political clout, and influence to cripple any government that did not serve their interests. Today, Haitians are back to Square One!

    Haiti after the earthquake is like a huge cemetery or a large region after an Atomic bomb exploded. That is how devastated it is.

    Therefore, in order for this nation to ever get back on it’s feet, these things MUST be put back in place.

    *. Establishing liveable homes for most of the townships and people therein.

    * Having schools repaired or rebuilt to accommodate Kindergarten and Primary School attendees.

    * Establishing a Haitian Authority to oversee, along with the USA and the UN, the overall governance and rebuilding efforts.

    * To re-establish all Radio, Television, Internet, and Police radio communications nationally.

    * Repairing all roads damaged, and building nonexistent roads within and without the cities.

    * Ensuring the an able Police Force or Presence is Established, to ensure Local and National Security concerns, and maintaining Law & Order in the cities.

    * Re-establishing Garbage Collection services, Garbage Disposal services, Sewer services, Pure Water lines and Services, Electricity for all residents in the major cities and townships, especially where large volumes of people are located.

    * Street lighting MUST be re-established. Because without this facility, Bandits can operate at night, without being seen or apprehended.

    * All re-construction work MUST be done by, or sub-sidized with Haitian labor, (when available).

    Finally, without a national government that the commonweal Believes In, Trusts, or Ellects. All of the above will come to naught.

    And the usual governmental Corruption, Bribery, Nepotism, and Oppresion will continue!

    HAITIANS: You have come a long way. But you are here now. Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off, & Keep Looking Forward,

    Because that is what you MUST do!


  40. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    January 19-2010:

    Martha Cokely-Where Have You Been?

    Martha Cokely-Democrat from Massachusetts went on vacation, thinking that she was the inevitable winner of Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat.

    She forgot about Hillary Clinton’s experience during the presidential primaries campaign. And how that eventually played out in Barack Obama’s favour.

    Furthermore, Ms. Cokely did not perform, she did not canvass as though she was desperately interested in obtaining that seat. In fact, she came across as very aloof, cock sure, and distant from her constituents.

    Finally, those Independent voters also may have gotten annoyed with her attitude, and felt they had to make it quite clear to the Democrats how they felt at this election.

    Plus the disgruntled Republican supporters waiting in the wings for any opportunity to get some traction. Came out emboldened, and used this opportunity to hurt the Democrats too.

    Whatever was responsible for this loss may eventually be ascertained by those who should take note.

    And I hope from this THIRD loss for the Democrats, that they will get their act together, and seriously deliver on the promises made, and are still not kept!


  41. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    January 21-2010:

    The French Government Wants To Ban The BORKA:

    This is ridiculous! I could agree with banning the covering of One’s Face in Public. But I do not agree with any Ban on a woman’s right to cover her Head, or Entire body!

    This I presume is a National Security Issue!

    The Prophet Mohammed wives wore the borka.

    But that was intended to avoid other men from seeing what his wives looked like! That was a SUBJECTIVE decree.

    Today, for women to adopt this position, means, subscribing to the prophet’s own views, and not some Islamic Hadith.


  42. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    January 21-2010:

    The US Supreme Court Gives Big Business Carte Blanche To Kill Democracy:

    The US Supreme Court has voted 5-4 in favor of Freedom Of Speech for anyone (corporation or individual), to use the media to support any candidate for elective office.

    This ruling in fact gives large corporations with their DEEP POCKETS, the ability to FLOOD the airways with ads, supporting any candidate they deem favorable to their interests.

    Therefore, all Grassroots Progressive Supporters MUST ensure, that we use The Internet Medium to ensure, that our message of support for our candidates get traction and attention.


  43. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    January 23-2010:

    Trade Between Guyana & Iran!

    Every nation state has the right to trade with whomever it wishes. There is no law that stipulates who or what country must, or must not trade with.

    Some countries have established cultural and trade ties for decades. These ties have been strong in good times, and bad times, and are cherished dearly. Others try to dictate to their friends and allies about their preferences for trading purposes. Some alliances are also hinged upon certain Trading Blocks or Packs, which those countries have chosen to conduct.

    However, there are some countries that are notorious for infringing on the Human and Civil Rights of their citizenry. And each country that is also a member of the United Nations, is expected to comply with the UN Charter On Human Rights, and express their dissatisfaction with any member state violates that charter.

    Some countries within the UN have expressed their preference for Non Alignment, where trade relations are concerned. China, Guyana, Latin America, and most African states hold this view too, and are sometimes referred to as Non Aligned Countries.

    Guyana’s Relations With Iran:

    Guyana like most Sovereign states also have the right to trade with whomever it wishes. If the commonweal within Guyana feels that the government aught not to trade with certain countries. Then they also have the right to express their disapproval, verbally, via the mail, local media, and Online.

    That is what any Civic minded citizen does, when he/she disproves of any national or international policy his/her government espouses or practices.

    Derryck S. Griffith.
    New York City.

  44. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    January 25-2010:

    President Bharat Jagdeo Spurns Guyanese Men!

    QUOTE: “Define yourself,” the president urged men, “be confident and don’t let the other sex define you…redefine yourself.”

    These are the remarks from our Dear President, Jagdeo. This man who is bent of establishing relations with a regime like (Iran, Kuwait, & Saudi Arabia). All of which have absolutely no regard for Human Rights when it pertains to women, in those societies.

    This hypocrite has the temerity to tell Guyanese men how to behave, when he hasn’t a clue what is Maleness, or Manliness in his personal life. Nor has he any respect for women period.

    Least of all his own legal spouse/wife!

    This kind of rhetoric is for the Dumb, Ignorant and Gullible within Guyana’s society. And reflects the narrow mindedness, and self-righteous attitude of the Government, their acolytes, and lackeys.

    Those Who Have Glass Houses, Should Never Throw Stones!

    Derryck S. Griffith.

  45. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    January 26-2010:

    Muslim Conflict In Non-Muslim Cultures!

    The concern currently in most EU countries about Self-identified Muslim women who chose to wear the Hijab, or Face Covering Veil, is currently experiencing uproarious responses and remarks.

    Most of the Muslim women who cover their faces in public, say that it was a personal choice. And that the society at large MUST accept their choice, and allow them to express their religious faith without prejudice or coercion. Failing to recognize that they are residing in a pre-dominantly Non-Muslim country. Most of which are Christian oriented, or the majority of citizens subscribe to Christianity.

    This to my mind will always be a bone of contention in countries that are not Islamic states, or does not subscribe to Islam as the majority religion or religious belief.

    So if Muslims who live in Non-Muslim states truly understand the concept of “Do Unto Others As You Would Like Done Unto You.” Then they MUST accept the reality of their position in that society, and comply with the laws of that state or country.

    Failing to do so, shows dis-respect, non-compliance, and obstinacy!

    Saudi Arabia & Other Islamic states.

    Require all women to walk in the company of other women or relatives in public. They MUST also cover their heads, and wear loose fitting clothes that does not show explicitly, the female anatomy. Some women are not even allowed to drive a car, or vote in national elections. Or hold politically elected office.

    And yet, most of these women residing therein do not demonstrate against the state for not allowing them to do participate in the above areas cited.

    But it seems they expect to have their own way or preferences honored or respected, in a foreign country, that does not subscribe to their religious views, opinions, life style, or convictions.


  46. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    January 31-2010:

    The W.H.O Says-We Were Conned!


    Now the WHO is saying they were CONNED into believing that the H1N1 flu was dangerous.

    BULL CRAP! Any OLD Fool could have seen that. I saw It, and told people NOT TO TAKE THAT VACCINE.

    Now this organization is saying that they were mislead into believing, that the H1N1 Flu virus was severe, and posed a serious threat to humanity!

    I said before that the H1N1 Vaccine hype was deliberately used, by the pharmaceuticals to make a killing.

    Today in France, they are now debating that fact!

    Now all those who took that vaccine, have that antibody in their system, and who knows what will happen a few years hence?


  47. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    February 01-2010:

    White Sexual Abductors & Those Who Bugger’s Boys!

    It is common knowledge that White or Caucasian men go to Eastern Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and other places, where there are lots of homeless children or street children to seek sexual favors, and to make sexual slaves of. They are everywhere, and are extremely aggressive in their pursuits of children of both genders, and from anywhere they can access them.

    They are Devils who wear robes of various persuasions. Some are with Churches, others with Cults, others act Solo, and others are Organized Crime organizations that operate globally.


    This country has undergone a terrible natural disaster, and the kind of scenario that predators like those cited above operate in. This gives them ample opportunity to disguise their true intent, and exploit the situation. While everyone around them is too busy to notice anything suspicious.

    They come into situations like this one as Church workers, Outreach movements, and use emotional pronouncements to portray their clandestine intentions. Fooling those who lack the experience, is ignorant about these matters, and gullible for the so-called help they seem to bring to the situation


    I will be monitoring how they will be treated by the US Justice System, when their Day In Court arrives. If they are allowed to walk away free of any punishment, if found guilty. Then the ENTIRE world MUST voice resentment vehemently.


  48. February 02-2010:

    Gays In The US Military’s Acceptance Is Long Overdue!

    President Obama has stated that he is prepared to repeal this institutional dilemma. Just as soon as the Congress convenes an enquiry into the actual possibility of this repeal becoming a reality. And it could not have been too soon to act upon this long overdue and ridiculous rule, that was imposed upon Americans, willing, ready, and qualified to serve their country.

    Historical References:

    As a former member of a par-military organization, I can attest to the reality of those who are Homosexual, Bisexual, or Confused, in these institutions. And how they are perceived, dealt with, and get along with others therein.

    When men in large numbers are placed in confined spaces like Barracks, Camps, or Regiments, they eventually get very acquainted with each other. To a point where individuals elect to seek out buddies for friendships, partners, or simply with those whom they feel akin with. That is a natural thing with men in most situations. And Barrack rooms are no different.

    It is also quite possible that any individual with a certain sexual preference will be detected or observed by some around him or her. But more often than not, no one says anything, (at least in his/her face), about that observation or discovery.

    Buddies also poke fun of each other’s idiosyncrasies or oddities from time to time. This is quite normal in such situations. We all bug each other sometimes in joviality, or at the recreational facility, or drill square. This is all taken in good faith by most.

    But what we hold dear, is that we are all buddies, and what anyone does in his/her private life, is his/her own business. Even when we bug him/her about it.

    Institutional Prejudices:

    The US military historically, have been recruiting (in the main) individuals from the Appalachian regions, the Outback, and the so-called Bible belt. These places tend to have lots of people who consider themselves Evangelicals. And this group of people have strong views about Homosexuality and God’s will, or what they perceive as wrong in the eyes of Their God.

    These individuals tend to make the military a career. In fact they tend to stay there for a long time, and become a vital part of the institution’s mindset. Because they invariably get promoted to the higher ranks. The White supremacists are also part of this institution. And they too come for the above regions (more or less).

    These individuals have very strong and self-opinionated views about what is God’s Will, or Right & Wrong. And they do not hesitate to let it be known whenever possible.

    Breaking The Barrier:

    So removing the mindset/barriers in this institution may be a bit dicey, but it can be done. Especially now that the national commonweal seem to accept the fact that Gays (open or closeted), pose no risk to anyone. Least of all the military. Because they were always there, in War & Peace, Fighting and Dying on every battlefield that the US forces have been involved in.

    And are always ready to serve their country if or when called upon to do so. Regardless of how they are perceived therein.


    Please Go To congress.org and petition your political reps!

  49. REDD Monitor

    President Jagdeo avoids answering the BBC’s questions about corruption
    By Chris Lang, 5th February 2010

    On 4 December 2009, Guyana’s President, Bharrat Jagdeo, was interviewed on the BBC programme “Hard Talk“. At one stage, the presenter, Zeinab Badawi, asks Jagdeo about REDD. What Jagdeo doesn’t say in response is more interesting than what he does say. He doesn’t mention the logging companies already logging Guyana’s forests. He doesn’t mention mining. He doesn’t mention road-building. He doesn’t mention the risks of corruption.

    The transcript of the part of the interview during which Badawi asks about REDD is below. The programme is posted here in four parts – the REDD discussion starts in part two (2 mins 38 secs in) and continues in part three.

    It’s fascinating to see how Jagdeo avoids answering the questions. Asked about whether Guyana has sufficient anti-corruption measures in place, Jagdeo mentions reference levels, consultation, indigenous peoples’ rights and monitoring. By which time, Jagdeo hopes, we will have forgotten the question. Then he mentions a transparent financial mechanism. The mechanism is not yet in place and Guyana is working with the World Bank “to ensure that happens”. Had he said that as an immediate response, Badawi might have followed up with another question about corruption, perhaps pointing out that Guyana ranks 126th on Transparency International’s 2008 corruption perceptions index (a position the country retained in 2009).

    At the end of the discussion on REDD, Jagdeo mentions the word corruption. Then he goes off on a tangent and tells us that he took part in a meeting with NGOs in the UK, as if that in some way addresses the issue of corruption in Guyana. Jagdeo doesn’t exactly decline to answer the questions about corruption. He just talks about something else.

    BBC: I want to look at one specific example which affects your country, Guyana, and Norway, because we know that deforestation it causes something like 17 per cent of world greenhouse gas emissions. You’ve struck this deal with Norway, whereby you will not cut down your forests and they pay you something like US$250 million over a certain period of time. Why should you be paid to do something that you should be doing anyway?

    Jagdeo: Well, first of all it comes back to the same point that the developed world used their forests in their industrialisation. They used it as a very valuable asset to increase prosperity in their countries. Why shouldn’t we do that? Why shouldn’t we do that? Why should we be saving the world? I should be allowing my people to cut down the trees because they want to get out of poverty. They have a lot of poor people there, they have a lot of indigenous people who rely on the forest. So I’m saying if the world sees the forest as so important as an abatement solution then it must be willing to pay for that, for us to create alternatives, not to cut the trees down but to create alternative employment for our people. So that in their strive for prosperity, they don’t have, they can then achieve that, without cutting down the trees.

    BBC: But deforestation actually isn’t a big problem is it in Guyana? You’re quite well forested because you’ve got a sparse population and you’ve got a lack of infrastructure, so it’s an easy experiment, isn’t it?

    Jagdeo: No it is not easy, because in the future, we, we, there are real demands. We have, for example, several companies that want to go into the forests, several Asian companies. We have several proposals now to convert the forest and plantations for palm oil etc. We have to resist those. And the way that we do that is by being incentivised, to create a whole series of low carbon opportunities for our people so they can find alternative employment.

    BBC: So is it for the logging companies or is it for the poor people who are cutting down trees for firewood and charcoal?

    Jagdeo: The money doesn’t go to any logging companies. The money, in Guyana’s case will go to education, health care, making the economy more climate resiliant. Now about 70 per cent of our people live below sea level, most of our agricultural lands are below sea level, there are 360 kilometres of sea defences, it is to strengthen those sea defences. Then to invest in fibre optic cables . . .

    BBC: So it goes to the community. Because that’s very important.

    Jagdeo: To the communities. And all the money from indigenous people . . . .

    BBC: You’re sure it will? Because there’s a lot of people who are worried, you know, that it might go elsewhere.

    Jagdeo: No, no, no. But clearly it has to be monitored from an international perspective, for transparency and accountable use of the resources. And also by the national legislator in your country. And the way we develop our model is with the inclusion of everyone.

    BBC: I wanted to ask you that, about the transparency, because there is an awful lot of concern. Organisations like Global Witness, the campaigning group, are concerned that it may fuel corruption. I mean US$250 million going into a small country like Guyana is an awful lot of money. And Eric Solheim the Norwegian environment minister said in October this year that there will be robust anti-corruption measures and only when this hurdle is passed will the country, Guyana, be eligible for large scale payments. That’s what said. Have you got sufficient anti-corruption measures in place?

    Jagdeo: Well, we recognise if we want to make this model replicable, that there are a few things we have to, principles that we have to enshrine in the model. First of all, that this, the agreement has to be based on science and therefore the reference level, that is that it has a methodology that everyone agrees to. Secondly, it must have national acceptance and we have had a detailed consultation process. Thirdly, it must protect indigenous peoples’ rights and that’s done in our model.

    BBC: So you’ve got those there?

    Jagdeo: Fourthly, it must have a complex system of monitoring performance and fifthly, a transparent financial mechanism. We are working with the World Bank to ensure that happens, that we have a financial transfer mechanism that will be audited at a national level and also subjected to international audits.

    BBC: Are you not a bit uncomfortable that somebody might say that this is a bit of green imperialism here? You’ve got a rich country like Norway saying to little Guyana, now we’ll give you this money so long as you make sure that you do this. I mean, isn’t there a touch of that?

    Jagdeo: No, I don’t feel that, because in the financial transfer mechanism we made it clear that we’re prepared to be very strong on accountable, accountability provisions, but we’re not trading soveriegnty or domestic flexibility.

    BBC: You can understand why there might be that feeling?

    Jagdeo: Yes, but the thing is that many countries have that concern, that it’s a new form of imperialism, but we feel we can be part of the solution.

    BBC: All right, so your . . .

    Jagdeo: We feel we can be part of the solution. Our forests, the payments to the forests, can create a whole series of employment opportunities and at the same time serve a global good.

    BBC: OK, but this is just an experiment at the moment, but do you think that once the concerns about accountability, because you know there are alarm bells ringing as Interpol are saying about the potential for criminality which is vast in corruption prone countries if you carry on with this kind of model that you’re doing. But do you think that it’s going to be adopted by Copenhagen at some stage?

    Jagdeo: I think so. I think REDD, that’s reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation will be part . . .

    BBC: That’s what this is called, REDD, isn’t it?

    Jagdeo: Yes. Will be part of the Copenhagen Agreement.

    BBC: All right.

    Jagdeo: And the whole issue about corruption, Global Witness came to Guyana and I said to them, why don’t you organise a forum in the UK for me to talk to the NGOs? They had a, I went to the UK, I had a chat with a lot of the NGOs, some still don’t like it, some are hostile to it, but I feel a lot of those people live in the past.

    BBC: It’s going to happen.

    Jagdeo: It is going to happen.

    BBC: All right.

  50. http://internationalpoliticalissues.blogspot.com/

    February 10-2010:

    When The Media Is No Longer Fair & Balanced!

    When the local TV, Radio, and Other media outlets are not being Fair and Balanced in their reporting of the facts. Then all viewers must refrain from listening to them, or watching these outlets spew filth, lies, propaganda, and political bias, as an excuse for Fair News Reporting.

    The Iran Incursion:

    When George W. Bush and Tony Blair colluded to sell the untruths of Saddam’s so-called Weapons of Mass Destruction. Knowing fully well from the Intelligence collected at the time, that there was no SOLID evidence to support that claim. And yet they told their commonweal that Armageddon was imminent from Saddam’s region.

    The local media took this information, did no research on their own as they should have, and begun to sell the idea that the War mongering politicians in The White House and Number-10 Downing Street was espousing. Even after the invasion and overthrow was accomplished, and no WMD’s were found, these two leaders are still saying that they would have done the same thing, with the information they had at the time.

    The Commission Of Enquiry In Britain:

    This commission was set up to enquire from the parties involved in the planning, preparation, and selling of that war. Tony Blair’s fellow cronies are all basically saying, that they were misled into believing that Saddam truly had WMD’s in his possession, and was capable of using them at anytime.

    Except for Tony Blair who still contends that they (The US & Britain), did the right thing to invade and overthrow that regime of Evil. Disregarding the thousands of civilians that died, the hundreds of UK and US military personnel that died, were maimed, and will never be able to live a normal life ever, when they return to civilian life again.

    Could An Inquest Be Held Against George W. Bush & His Administration?

    This does not seem possible in the USA. This so-called democracy has yet to hold their political leadership accountable for anything wrong that they did, much less allow them to Face The Fire in a Public Enquiry.

    And the current Obama administration does not want to pursue that end either. So we can expect some time in the future, the same circumstance that drove us into another foreign war, to recur!


  51. Look at what i Just found. Take a Read.

    New York Caribbean Institute Calls For Guyana’s Health Minister To Be Removed And Prosecuted For Abetting Murder

    February 10, 2010 ·

    Submitted by Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

    Guyana’s President Bharrat Jagdeo under fire for massive corruption in his government

    BROOKLYN, NEW YORK: The New York based Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) has renewed its call for Guyana’s Minister of Health, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, to resign for authorizing the acquisition of telephone spy and geographic intercepting equipment by convicted criminal Roger Khan. Khan was the head of a drug cartel and a violent gang called the Phantom gang, which has killed more than 400 individuals in Guyana.

    A CGID statement issued on Wednesday, February 10, 2010, announced that the institute has acquired a copy of Ramsammy’s letter approving the sale of the equipment to Khan on behalf of the Guyana government. The statement quoted CGID President, Rickford Burke, as saying that “There is incontrovertible evidence that Dr. Ramsammy is a nefarious crook who is part of a criminal enterprise. He must be removed from office and prosecuted for conspiracy and accessory to murder for aiding, abetting and assisting Roger Khan and his gang in the assassination of several individuals, including journalist Ronald Waddell.” UNESCO has ruled Waddell’s January 30, 2006 killing a political assassination.

    Burke said that “It is repugnant for a Minister of government to be involved in a criminal enterprise that exported drugs into the United States and conducted murder for hire,” and added that “there needs to be justice for the victims who Khan has allegedly killed and their families.”

    Roger Khan

    Khan was arrested by US law enforcement authorities in 2008 in Trinidad and Tobago and brought to the US for trial. In November 2009 he was convicted in New York Federal Court for importation of drugs into the US and sentenced to fifteen years in jail. Khan’s Attorney at the time, Robert Simels, who had traveled to Guyana and uplifted the equipment and shipped it to the US, was also subsequently arrested and charged for attempting to pay an FBI informant to kill a witness in Khan’s case and with possession of the eavesdropping equipment. He was convicted in December 2009 and sentenced to fourteen years in jail.

    During Simels’ trial, the US Justice Department presented evidence which established that Guyana’s Health Minister, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, authorized a Miami company, The Spy Shop, to sell and deliver the spy equipment to Khan in October 2002, on behalf of the Guyana Government. Two months later, a Guyana Defense Force (GDF) patrol pulled over a pick-up truck in which Roger Khan and two other accomplices were traveling and discovered the interceptors in his vehicle. The equipment was seized and Khan was charged. However the government directed that the charges against Khan be dropped and the equipment was returned to the criminal.

    Dr. Leslie Ramsammy

    Cell phone and geographic interceptors can only be acquired by governments and are used by law enforcement agencies under court supervision and by national Defense Forces. CGID and others have long contended that Khan used the spy equipment in the commission of several crimes, including executions and extra-judicial killings. In 2005 CGID wrote to then US Secretary of State, Gen. Colin Powell, informing him that Khan was using the equipment to intercept, locate, track and kill individuals on behalf of the Jagdeo government. Khan later admitted that he did “work” for the government.

    CGID released a copy of Ramsammy’s letter to Nancy Salvador of the Miami Spy Shop. US Court documents verify that Salvador was an employee of the Spy Shop. Ramsammy’s letter dated October 24, 2002, state that “Guyana is in the throes of one of the worst crime situation the nation has ever faced. We are interested in acquiring your service for a short period so that we can enhance our intelligence. Our representatives have been in touch with you. I have spoken directly to you and this letter on my Cabinet portfolio letterhead is confirmation that this initiative has government’s support.” Ramsammy’s signature and ministerial portfolio are affixed to the letter.

    Attorney Robert Simels

    Peter Myers, the Co-director of the UK Firm Smith Myers, had testified under oath that the sale of the intercept equipment, including “CSM 7806 intercept receiver and two TOUGHBOOK Laptops” was authorized by Minister Ramsammy on behalf of the government of Guyana, and that it was sold by the company’s Florida sales office through the Fort Lauderdale-based Spy Shop to the Guyana government. Meyers also identified the equipment in court and confirmed that it can only be sold to governments. He said that his company manufactures the equipment for sale to law enforcement agencies.

    The equipment allows intelligence officers to intercept cellular phone calls using the receiver and the data can be sent by USB cable to the laptops where the numbers and the conversations/communication can be recorded onto the hard drive. Meyers also testified that an independent contractor, a trainer named Carl Chapman was sent to Guyana to train several persons to use the equipment.

    During Similes’ trial last summer, the US Justice Department also presented evidence linking Ramsammy to the brutal assassination of Guyanese journalist Ronald Waddell. Waddell was gunned down in front of his Georgetown home by assassins from the phantom gang, which Khan operated as a murder for hire enterprise.

    Former Phantom gang member turned FBI Informant, Selwyn Vaughn, testified that he was the lookout man for Waddell assassination. He attested that he saw Waddell arrive home on January 30, 2006, and disembarked his vehicle, which he left running. Vaughn testified that he then notified Khan by cell phone and that Khan in turn dispatched the gunmen who unloaded a barrage of bullets as Waddell reentered his car. Vaughn also testified that he was in the presence of Roger Khan who called Minister Ramsammy to inform him that Waddell was shot and was being taken to the Georgetown hospital but that Ramsammy must “let him die.”

    Both Guyana’s President Bharrat Jagdeo and Dr. Ramsammy have continually denied that Ramsammy authorized the sale of the equipment to Khan. Burke however observed that “It is important to note that both Khan and Simels were convicted on the said evidence which President Jagdeo and Dr. Ramsammy contend is false.” He emphasized that “The court testimony as well as the newly discovered letter establish that President Jagdeo and Dr. Ramsammy are congenital liars who have given succor to a convicted drug dealer and a murderer.

    “They have engaged in a criminal enterprise and have interlocked themselves into an incredible web of lies and deceit and have brought dishonor to the Guyanese nation and Caricom,” he contended.

    The Institute’s President said that because President Jagdeo and members of his government have been in bed with drug dealers, Guyana has been transformed into a narco-State. He also signaled that US President Barack Obama refused to meet with Caricom Leaders while Jagdeo was Chairman of the Regional grouping for this reason

  52. http://guyanaatthecrossroads.blogspot.com/

    February 13-2010:

    A New Central Intelligence Agency For Guyana!

    This seems to be the idea of president Jagdeo currently, and I am worried about the oversight, supervision, functioning, and accountability concerns of this agency, if or when it gets underway!

    Historically, the GDF have had the responsibility of collecting information that may be deemed necessary, for the National Security & Sovereignty of Guyana. I also think that this unit or department fell under the purview of the presidential secretariat/president.

    Historically, and with the advent of the PNC-LFS Burhnam administration, it was used as a political tool for the spying, harassing, and intimidation of citizens deemed by the regime as anti-government, or a political threat to the political administration. This behavior continues even to this day, with impunity.

    Having a special agency setup for this task, and not associated with the GDF does not make any difference with the role it will play, or is playing undercover currently.

    And if or when this agency is established, who will be responsible for the oversight, supervision, and accountability?

    And does the National Constitution Of Guyana provide for such an agency, which can be used as a tool to compromise the democratic process of any democracy, if left to it’s own devices?

    The USA Supreme Court’s Decision:

    Only recently, we have witnessed how the US Supreme Court issued an edict 5-4, allowing for any organization, individual, or interest group, (within or without the USA), to use it’s financial resources to influence, advertise, or subscribe to any political candidate running for public office. This according to the interpretation of that vote, allows those individuals to practice their Rights To Free Speech in that manner.

    Therefore, with the above in mind, any individual who has unlimited financial resources can subscribe millions of dollars to any candidate or campaign, that they would like to push or have their specific needs met, if or when elected to public office.

    And the majority of the commonweal, most of whom are too poor to match those large contributions, will be overwhelmed with ads on the national TV, Radio, and other networks. By those who can afford to pay large sums of money for air time and exposure.


    It is also fact that most states (even democracies have some sort of national security/spy organization). And most military establishments have their own specific type of internal security unit or establishment.

    And these institutions can be used as a means of oppression, spying, communication blackouts, and monitoring, in any state where the political administration is allowed to do as they please, without Checks & Balances, Oversight, or Accountability.

    And I don’t see any of these checks and balances ever happening in Guyana Period!


    Ref: https://propagandapress.wordpress.com/2010/02/12/what-will-guyanas-cental-intelligence-agency-do-for-guyanese/

  53. Looks like Jaggie trying to copy TT’s Patrick. Substitite Guyana for Trinidad & Tobago, and Bharat for Patrick. lol

  54. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    February 18-2010:

    Social Security & Mandatory Retirement:

    This issue is being debated currently in France. Where there is an aging population that would be eligible for Social Security Pensions soon. And in a society where the working population that can contribute to the pool of Security Benefits is dwindling, due to an aging population would qualify very soon, and a small and younger work force.

    Which threatens the viability and longevity of the Social Security Pension Scheme.


    As far as I am aware, the Guyana National Social Security contribution requirement are the following.

    * The total amount to qualify for Retirement Pensions is 750.

    * This can be acquired/accumulated over the course of TEN years of continuous employment.

    * Each employee has to make a weekly contribution via his/her employer payroll.

    * If that employee is paid monthly. Then he/she will pay four contributions for each month.

    * The employer also pays a supplementary contribution for each employee also.

    This was the requirement as @ May-1989, when I still resided therein.

    I don’t know if the contribution period have been changed, or if the rate per person, and the rate per employer has changed.


    Individuals who are Self-employed can also contribute to the Social Security Scheme, if they so desire. And are expected to contribute the same amount per person, as if they were employed with some firm or organization.

    The National Retirement Age Legislated by Parliament is 65 years. And if at fifty five years you are still not qualified for N.I.S. pension.

    You have the option to Voluntarily Contribute the remaining contributions that would make you eligible for a pension.


    Maybe the French should consider Voluntary Contributions (if that does not exist), for those who have past the retirement age, and for Self-employed persons willing to contribute towards their retirement also.

    New York City.

  55. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    February 19-2010:

    Tiger Wood’s Whores Want Their Pound Of Flesh:

    I do not condone what Tiger Woods did to his family. But I also do not make his personal life my business either. However, he made a public apology for his past misdeeds, and it should be taken as a sincere apology, and a testament of his embarrassment and regret.

    Those whores who shared his bed knew fully well what they were doing, who he is, and what they wanted from him. So if some of them felt that he fooled, or made them feel special. That was their own mirage and foolishness.

    They are all adults, and adults who indulge in Tipping, aught to consider what they are doing before embarking on that course.

    Tiger Woods owes them nothing. I am sure that they were paid handsomely for their services too!

    So GET A LIFE WHORES, and leave Tiger Woods to his family, and the reconciliation that is so essential for the survival of his marriage.


  56. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    February 21-2010:

    I Strongly Oppose The Idea That Radio Stations Should Pay Performance Taxes!

    Dear Representative/Senator,

    I strongly oppose the idea that Radio Stations should pay performance taxes for airing the music they play, for the following reasons.

    Historically, all radio stations depended upon the contributions of donors, and sponsors to stay alive, and use that forum to promote up and coming new music producers, most of whom cannot afford the commercially established labels to promote their work, without exploitation and un-necessary compromises.

    I grew up listening to music on radio, and I am sure most of my peers too. This medium is still the MAIN medium through which most of the developing and developed countries poor, rural, and urban kids use, to listen to music locally and globally.

    I urge you to refuse to endorse, or vote for this misguided idea, proposal, and bill, if or when it comes up for the vote!


    Please Go to your political representatives, & let them know that you oppose this tax NOW! at congress.org



    STOP The Radio Performance Tax NOW!

    Radio at Risk:

    For more than 80 years, radio and the recording industry have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship: free play for free promotion. And it works. It’s a relationship that has sustained businesses on both sides.

    In fact, radio’s free promotion of artists translates to as much as $2.4 billion annually in music sales for record labels and artists. And this doesn’t even include the enormous revenues they receive from concerts and merchandising.

    But the labels–like many businesses–are struggling in this economy. They have failed to adapt to the digital age, and find their business model is broken. And now they want to impose a fee called a performance tax on local radio stations to subsidize their losses.

    A performance tax would threaten the local radio stations that communities depend on. It would financially hamstring stations, stifle new artists and harm the listening public who rely on free local radio.

    Where does the money go?

    In short, the money generated from the performance tax would flow out of your community and into the pockets of the major record labels – and three out of the four are foreign-owned. The record labels would like for you to think this is all about compensating the artists, but in truth the record labels would get at least 50 percent of the proceeds from a tax on local radio.
    How does this affect me?

    If you’re one of the 235 million people who listen to radio each week, a tax could reduce the variety of music radio stations play, and all but eliminate the possibility of new artists breaking onto the scene. The tax could particularly affect smaller, minority-owned stations, some of which may have to switch to a talk-only format or shut down entirely.

    It also affects your community. Radio stations are major contributors to public service – generating $6 billion in public service annually, providing vital news and community information and free airtime to help local charities. If a tax were imposed, stations’ critical community service efforts could be reduced.

    And, worst of all, if you’re one of the 106,000 Americans employed by local radio, your job could be in jeopardy. In these troubling economic times, the last thing local radio needs is to be hit with a tax that some analysts estimate could be $2-7 billion annually.

    Free Play For Free Promotion

    Congress has continually recognized that local radio is different from other musical platforms and should not be subject to a performance tax. Local radio is free, so everyone, regardless of income, can have access to it. Local radio also has to fulfill certain public service obligations that other platforms do not. And importantly, the free music that radio plays provides free promotion to the record labels and artists – up to $2.4 billion annually.
    Tell Congress to Support Local Radio – Take Action Now

    There are currently two bills pending in Congress that would levy a performance tax on local radio – H.R.848, sponsored by Rep. John Conyers (MI-14) and S.379, sponsored by Sen. Patrick Leahy (VT). Your members of Congress need to hear that you strongly oppose these bills.

    Additionally, anti-performance tax resolutions have been introduced in the House and Senate in support of local radio. In the Senate, Sens. Blanche Lincoln (AR) and John Barrasso (WY) introduced S. Con. Res. 14, and in the House, Reps. Gene Green (TX-29) and Mike Conaway (TX-11) introduced H. Con. Res. 49. Both are known as the Local Radio Freedom Act. Many members of Congress already support local radio and resolutions against the performance tax. Others still need to hear your voice.

    Please Go to your political represenatatives, & let them know that you oppose this tax NOW! at congress.org

  57. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    February 22-2010:

    If The Democrats Loose The House & Senate
    It Is Their Own Bloody Fault:

    Never before in the history of politics in Washington, has any one party obtain the majority in both houses. The Democrats have it currently, but is unable to fully utilize this majority because they cannot operate as ONE unit on anything.

    The Health Care Proposal put forward by president Obama was sliced, diced, discussed, corrected, amended, and compromised so many times. That it has long lost it originality, and substance. The original CHANGE idea for Healthcare in this country, is now being called Health Care Reform.

    What a catastrophe!

    I followed this drama between the Democrats and Republicans all throughout the year 2009, with every proposed date for the final product being pushed forward, until it is now almost impossible to ever get a Health Care Bill that both Houses could agree with.

    The Democrats have lost THREE states in the process of this confusion, and internal fighting for PORK, with their Egocentricity. Now chances are that with the upcoming elections in November, the Democrats might lose many more seats in both houses. Some Democrats have also resigned, when they see their chances for re-election are very slim indeed, and refuse to take the risk at canvassing for elective office again.

    The Republicans:

    This group is being influenced by the Right Wing Nuts, Ignoramuses, Racists, and the Confused, into thinking that they have a chance to retake both houses, even the presidency.

    In this regard I can sympathize with them, because history have shown that Americans generally, act stupidly when they are angry, and confused. And are prone to reinstall the same IDIOTS into office again.

    Remember George W. Bush’s dumb policies and lies about WMD’s . And yet Americans re-elected that man to continue lying to them for four more years, ending with a economy in trillions of dollars in debt, two wars that have no end in sight, and an economy that was on the verge of total collapse, which required Socialist Rescuing Policies to turn it around.

    Albeit, the political confusion in Washington-DC, and the National Commonweal continues unabated.


  58. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    February 25-2010:

    Most Americans Say They Have The Best Health Care System
    In The World!

    This is a false statement that is made by most of the political representatives in Washington-DC. What they don’t say or possibly know, is that thousands of Americans leave these shores to access heart transplants in China and Singapore. Because it is more affordable, available, and no insurance companies ripping them off.

    Furthermore, most countries that have a National Healthcare Plan covers their citizens mandatory. And is still able to guarantee the best coverage, and care for all insured persons. This is guaranteed because there is a national and reliable pool or funds, and medical personnel, that is legislated to deliver these services.


    Is seems like many patients are using drugs they really don’t need, because of the volume of medical providers they have.

    If a patient is able to use ONE doctor as his/her primary care provider, and is able to get all of his/her medical needs accessed via technology by his/her doctor. Even if that patient also have to get Special Needs references for another Specialist.

    Then better co-ordination and accounting will be possible!

    The tendency for any patient that does not like a certain provider or doctor, and decides to visit with another doctor somewhere else, will be known, and the necessary financial adjustments and accounting rectified.

    But it seems that currently, any patient can access any doctor, or pharmacy to get his/her prescriptions filled or needs met.

    Thus creating several accounts for this ONE patient, being submitted for different things at different times. And who knows if all or any of those accounts have been falsified.

    The Hopelessly Un-Insured Millions:

    This group falls within the following categories:

    * Those who are unable to pay for Medicare Coverage, because it is too expensive, and their income will not allow them to do so.

    * And those whose incomes are so small, (and these are in the majority), and can never afford any kind of Health Care Coverage.

    If these two groups are able to access basic coverage, it will allow for more coverage broadly, more variety in access coverage, and will ensure premiums stay constant, and not be hiked up (by the whims and fancies) of the insurance companies to protect their accustomed incomes./revenues.


  59. Over here in the the so-called “united kingdom”, women detainees in the infamous Yarl’s Wood Immigration Detention Centre have been staging a hunger strike since Feb. 5th in protest at the brutal conditions of incarceration imposed upon, not only themselves, but also young children who are being locked up, treated like criminals, physically assaulted and subjected to racist abuse. This is the latest in a series of protests and hunger strikes against the atrocious conditions in Yarl’s Wood over the years – in fact against its very existence as how can the government justify locking people up and treating them as criminals when they have committed no crime… in fact in many cases they are treated worse than many criminals as Yarl’s Wood and similar centres are run by private security firms – SERCO in the case of Yarl’s Wood – without even the token accountability of government-run prisons.
    The uprising by these courageous sisters has been met with severe repression from SERCO staff including brutality and racial abuse with a sister from JA (married with several children to a U.K. citizen by the way) assaulted and called “black monkey” etc. Her and three other women singled out as “ringleaders” have been taken from Yarl’s Wood to Holloway Prison where there will be a demonstration in solidarity on Wed. March 2nd for all you reading in the London area.
    The hunger strike continues even as the guards continue their sadistic abuse, including offering the women disgusting and inedible food to taunt them.
    Further details and the dates of planned demos, etc. can be found in the link below:

    Meanwhile, in Cardiff, South Wales, last Friday Feb. 26th saw the largest demonstration against a UK Borders Agency office in recent years,with over 200 people demonstrating in solidarity with the hunger strikers and in reaction to recent “revelations” of the extreme racism of Cardiff UK Borders Agency staff by a whistle-blowing former employee (I say “revelations” in quotes cos it certainly ain’t news to I… they are inherently racist). Unlike many such demonstrations, which tend to attract 20-50 predominantly white british students, ageing hippies, anarchists and socialists, etc., this protest was dominated by immigrants themselves, many of them in a delicate position of trying to claim asylum etc., knowing that being videotaped by the po po at this sort of protest could prejudice their claims and subject them to being targeted but doing it anyway, it was a great act of courage and solidarity and hopefully the start of many more to come.
    As the recession hits the poor, the media, politicians etc. are trying their best to get people to scapegoat the most vulnerable people such as refugees and other immigrants and blame them for taking peoples’ jobs or some such crap. All who know better have to stand up and be counted now and turn the tide against the fat cats who are sucking all of our blood while they got us squabbling amongst ourselves. Free Up the borders, the U.K. is a nation of immigrants anyway, even the Celts were immigrants from elsewhere, and btw Black people been in Britain from ever since Roman times and probably before.
    There is coverage of the Cardiff protest in the site below:

    • Why can’t they feed them and send them back to their homeland? They should strike for “not being sent back home”, so why are they so afraid to go back home? I think going back home will be better, they will not face oppression and torture from the Whiteys. Up to now, I am unable to understand why people run away from their countries and want to live among the Whiteys who are murderers……..

      • Well maybe if you came from the fucking DRC where entire villages are being systematically raped and slaughtered as we speak you would think different!!!
        Did fucking Britain get our permission to come to our fucking countries and steal all our wealth and labour? NO and we have every right to be here in the fucking UK or anywhere else in the world we want to be OK??? Especially when people actually ARE trying to flee persecution, torture, rape and execution, which many people are!!!

  60. A New Tomorrow-Believe it or not.
    By Wayne Forde

    Historically, the foundation and stability of every civilization have been dependent on, and integrally related to, its laws and ability to enforce such laws. Devoid of these conditions, a society rapidly deteriorates into lawlessness, as is evident in Guyana today.
    Marx contended, “You cannot make old laws the foundation of a new social development, any more than these old laws created the old conditions.” (Marx: 1849).

    Without a doubt, the Legal System and Penal System in Guyana remain in need of critical reform, but there is still hope with new visionary leadership.
    The main prisons in Guyana are inadequate in accommodation largely due to financing and vision for creative solutions. The lack of qualified staff only serves to compound the problem. One surely wonders why a prison which houses dangerous criminals is seated in the heart of the Capital City, Georgetown- attraction or detraction.

    In 1992, the Guyana Human Rights Association indicated that the prisons were overcrowded and in a deteriorating condition due to a large increase of inmate population without a corresponding expansion of facilities. A 1982 report cited the financial cost of imprisonment to the state as being a factor in the sentencing process. Today there remains the reduced tendency to sentence people although there is an upsurge in criminal activity.

    Antiquated Laws of Guyana-Believe it or not.
    Cap 8:01
    Sec: 130. Obstruction of Railway Engine or Carriage

    Sec 143. Setting fire to Railway Buildings
    Sec 172. Stealing a tree, where growing, of value not to exceed $3 after two previous convictions.

    Sec 352. Buggery Law.

    Any male who, in Public or Private, commits, or is a party to the commission of, or procures, or attempts to procure, commission by any male person or any act of gross indecency with another male shall be guilty of a misdemeanor or liable to imprisonment for two years.

    Sec 353.Everyone who:
    (a) attempts to commit buggery.
    (b) assaults a person with the intent to commit buggery.
    (c) being a male, indecently assaults another male,
    shall be guilty of felony and liable to imprisonment for 10 years.

    Sec 354. Buggery, either with a human being or with any other living creature, shall be guilty of felony and liable to life imprisonment.

    Under Title 22, Bribery and Corruption, considered a misdemeanor, there is a sentence of three years, while Corrupt Transactions with an Agent have a 7 year penalty.
    It is also interesting to note that the last execution was in 1990.

    Now one can certainly understand why buggering is on the decline, but bribery and corruption are the preferred modus operandi for many-standard operating procedure.
    The assertion could be made, with some degree of accuracy, that there exists a strange correlation between the laws governing ‘buggery’and the state of affairs in the country.

    The US State Department observed (2003)that, Guyana, which is a part of the 1988 UN Drug Convention, needs to pass and implement additional legislation to meet its obligation under the Convention. What has changed?

    Sweeping reforms of the Legal and Penal systems are imperative for the restoration and reconstitution of Guyana-

    Who has the Vision for A New Tomorrow?
    Change We Can Embrace.

  61. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    March 03-2010:

    Someone Calls Naomi Campbell A LADY!

    If this woman is a Lady, then May West was the Queen Of England.

    This Bitch behaves as though she has a chip on her shoulder, and anyone she does not like, will experience her aggression instantly.

    I would like her to try that Shit with me sometime. I promise you that I will let her have it Smack In The Face, and if possible, Break Her Jaw. That will teach her not to physically attack anyone who bothers or infuriates her EGO.

    This Bitch ca from a Jamaican low life background, with no education, class, and obviously no social upbringing that civilize society can tolerate. Except Hollywood or those who have invested ion her tantrums to earn money. So they have to tolerate her, for as along as she is still bringing in the bacon for them.

    However, I abhor her behavior, and any similar behaviors that most celebrities seem to indulge in, and is not socially spurned in this society (the USA), to the point where it will debar them from continuing their career!


  62. Derryck, what has that got to do with Guyana, human rights, the state of the world or any of the other subjects that are usually covered in Propaganda Press??
    What’s wrong with being from a “Jamaican low life [does that mean ‘working class’/’ghetto’??) background?” Some of the best people in the world come from such a background.
    Why are you promoting violence against women on propaganda press?
    I don’t even know or care about what incident inspired your little rant but I don’t think it looks good.

  63. Jamaican borehole. a so them sey the world a go.

    but I-ya let me break you heart, Rasta na endorse gay.

    Jah i-spective forever.

    One Heartbreaker. nough more champion.

    anything so fe get dup duppy.

  64. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    March 10-2010:

    The QUEH QUEH Chant:

    This chant is sung on the night before a village marriage ceremony takes place. It is primarily organized by the relatives of the Bridegroom to be. And the entire village is invited to participate in the festivities.

    This folklore and traditional communal dance is from Africa, brought to the Caribbean by the African slaves, and has managed to survive I guess, because it was perceived as harmless to the European Overlords/Plantation owners.

    THE CHANT Goes like this:

    Come to my QUEH-QUEH, Come to my QUEH-QUEH.

    The Response:

    We go come to yah Queh-Queh Boi, we go come to yah Queh-Queh!

    And is repeated for several times by both groups, until the chant leader says “BATO BATO.”

    Which means, time to stop the chant.

    Food and alcoholic drinks flow freely during this festivity, just like Men do at a Bachelor’s Party, the night before the wedding.


  65. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    March 12-2-010:

    THE CATHOLIC POPE & His Pedophile Brother!

    Is an institution of BUGGERY. Not the place any decent person wants his/her child to associate with.

    The current Pope was a bishop in Munich-Germany, who knew or heard allegations that his own brother was involved in the Buggering of Altar Boys in his diocese, and he said or did nothing about it.

    That was the norm in most countries where the Catholic Church has it’s tentacles in. They had Church Schools that allowed the flogging of students at will, as part of the daily corporal punishments allowed in most Catholic Schools, and Public Schools for decades.

    I too was one of those children who experienced severe beating from Nuns and Teachers in the Public/Catholic school that I attended.

    These hypocrites threaten the flock with PURGATORY and PERDITION if they refused to read the Catechism (or the Church Bible), and influence the Educational Curriculum and Outcomes in most schools, associated with the Catholic Church.

    Even the political administration of the state was subtly coerced into allowing them to operate as they see fitting. That is why it took so many decades for these revelations of child pedophilia in the churches to go public.

    For several decades the Catholic and other Churches hid behind the Social Taboos associated with Homosexuality, and allowed their own Sexual Predators to continue Buggering The Altar Boys, Choir Boys, and Scouts, with impunity.

    Call these Monsters Out Every time You Hear Of This Brutality And Unsavory Acts to Young People!

    New York City.

    • Now Derryck, unlike your Naomi Campbell diatribe, I can fully agree with you on this one. I gon let the mighty Queen Ifrica talk for me here: “High priest inna church, wait, him a pedophile, deh so couldn’t be the right place fi me little chile, LIKE RUBBISH INNA BIN WE A GO BURN DEM IN A PILE, LOOK GOOD INNA ME FACE AND TELL ME IF YOU SEE A SMILE…” Death the the Pope, Burn down the Vatican… and not only dem, but is nuff other denominations and religions committing some of the vilest acts while hiding under a facade of righteousness…

  66. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    April 03-2010:

    You Cannot Legislate What People Wear In Public!

    Dear Senator Eric Adams (New York State):

    CC: Senator Charles E. Schumer,

    CC: Senator. Kirsten Gillibrand,

    I understand your concern for what seem to you as lack of self respect, when you see young men wearing their trousers below the waist, showing part of their buttocks.

    This style as you pointed out recently, has it’s origin from the prisons. Wherein, prisoners wore their shorts in that fashion.

    Albeit, for a very specific reason too!

    However, when legislators or politicians arbitrarily introduce legislation to curb human behavior, (or how they wear their clothes in public). Then what will they legislate for next?

    * Will it be legislation against Tight Trousers?

    * Or Short Skirts?

    * Or See Through Blouses?

    * Or even Tight Fitting Clothes, that hugs the anatomy?

    This is one suggestion/idea that I am totally against, any politician or legislator telling me how or what to wear in public.


    Please Go To: Congress.org

    and protest this legislative idea!

  67. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    April 04-2010:

    How Do You Rebuild Haiti (Part-2)!

    Decentralization Of The Local Economy:

    Haitians are a very resourceful people. Their history has shown that despite repaying an exorbitant debt to France, hurricanes, economic strangulation, coups, and now the recent earthquake.

    Haitians are using their mental resources to survive via the street side food carts/stalls, pedaling essential items, and providing basic essential services like Cell Phone recharging, Petrol selling, Garbage disposal, and Junk selling, in order to survive on a daily basis.

    The Small Businesses Are The Only Hope For Haiti.

    * Giving Small Business loans to start or re-start their business, will provide employment, which will bring much needed money in the hands of consumers, who purchase their needs. thus making the economy grow.

    * Decentralization will allow foreign investors to explore, and develop the industries that will provide much needed employment for locals.

    * Developing the Rice Industry, by lending those farmers who show resilience to continue in that regard, and provide the means and help for their development, distribution, and sale of the rice to the national economy. Thus discontinuing the dependence upon foreign food aid/rice, which inhibits the sale of local rice on the market.

    * Finally, without a national government that the commonweal Believes In, Trusts, or Elects. All of the above will come to naught.

    And the usual governmental Corruption, Bribery, Nepotism, and Oppression will continue!

    HAITIANS: You have come a long way. But you are here now. Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off, & Keep Moving Forward, Because that is what you MUST do!

    Derryck S. Griffith.

    Long Live Dr. Walter Rodney… as another one who’s joined the ankhcestors sings, “Rastas never die” (Lucky Dube)

  69. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    April 29-2010:

    Is The UK’s Third Political Party Ready To Govern?

    With with three political debates completed, the British people will have to make up their minds about the following realities.

    * Are we ready to accommodate a third political party at the helm in government?

    * Is the Liberal Democrats ready to govern, especially in this time of Global economic crisis?

    * Could a coalition between Labour and The Liberal Democratic Party, if it becomes a reality, be able to govern realistically?

    * Could the Conservatives bring about the necessary changes that would bring the UK out of this economic and immigration crisis?

    These are just a few of the concerns that most Britons are grappling with at this time. And I am sure it would not be easy to make a final decision on whom to choose next week at the polls.

    A Constitutional Amendment May Be Necessary:

    If we are going to consider a third political party in governance. It would be prudent to have a Constitutional amendment to accommodate this new reality. Because the proportional representation method that traditionally was used to decide the winner, could not be used realistically, to cater for another political party vying for electoral office, under the present system.

    Would the First Pass The Post method better serve our electoral needs at this time or in the future?


  70. What it means to really be a true born guyanese

    As a Guyanese you are the biggest con man that exist in the entire world.

    As a Guyanese you treat other Guyanese with no respect when you attain your high office.

    As a Guyanese you have no manners when someone says morning or good afternoon to you, just walk away or pretend that you dont hear the person.

    As a Guyanese when someone visit to conduct business you just dont care about the customer service that is provided cause you got other underhand business paying you more.

    As a Guyanese you can murder and get away with it cause no one care to follow up on who dead and who living.

    As a Guyanese you are treated like dog even in piss poor caribbean countries.

    As a Guyanese workers only watching the clock to leave the work.

    As a Guyanese you can go to work and dont do a thing for the day

    To be continued

    • As a Guyanese, you can be a drug dealer work for a big drug Pusher name Roger Khan, still have the Name James Singh, and still work for the Guyanese PPP Government as head Of CANU Customs Anti-Narcotic Unit continue to take drug man money and nothing happen
      To be continued

  71. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    May 01-2010:


    Can Put A Damper On The Intention Of The Trade Union Movement To Get Support From Mainstream Society.

    This Day Was Never Intended To Vent Animosity, but To Remember the Struggles Of Workers Globally!

    Employees’s Responsibilities:

    Always Ensure That Whatever Industrial Action Is Taken, Is Well Thought Out, Resolute,

    And Does Not Negatively & Intentionally Prevent The Normal Functioning Of The State.

    Worker’s Rights Must Be Respected:

    The Rights Of The Worker vs The Power Of The State & Private Enterprise. Must Never Be Allowed To Decline In Any Society.


  72. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    May 01-2010:


    The internationale is a song that highlights human struggles for Freedom, Liberty, Equality, and Peace. It was and still is sung by people all over the world, who are still fighting for the attainment of the above values.

    It became associated with Soviet Style Communism by Stalin. And this association has done some irreparable damage to the concept of this song.

    However, this timeless and relevant song, still reverberates within the hearts and minds of all peoples, who are still struggling for Peace-Freedom-Justice & Equality today!


    British Translation
    a Billy Bragg’s Revision:

    First stanza:

    Arise, ye workers from your slumber,
    Arise, ye prisoners of want.
    For reason in revolt now thunders,
    and at last ends the age of cant!

    Away with all your superstitions,
    Servile masses, arise, arise!
    We’ll change henceforth the old tradition,
    And spurn the dust to win the prize!

    So comrades, come rally,
    And the last fight let us face.
    The Internationale,
    Unites the human race.

    So comrades, come rally,
    And the last fight let us face.
    The Internationale,
    Unites the human race.


  73. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    May 05-2010:


    If He/She Does NOT Deliver On His/Her Promises!

    But That Cannot Happen Until He/She Finishes His/Her Elected Term! And That Is The PRIME Dilemma Voters Have To Contend With!

    Public & Private Sector Employees:

    In these sectors, when an employee is found guilty of stealing, continuous absenteeism, or bribery. He/she can be penalized via suspension without pay. Or transferred pending internal investigation, or dismissed from that position immediately.

    He/she is told to hand in his/her desk keys, is not allowed to access his/her computer, and is told to collect his pay from the Paymaster/Personnel Department, and is most likely escorted out the building.

    Politicians do not face these penalties. They sit and languish doing the same things they were accused of, or is suspected to be doing illegally. Until their term in office ends.

    While at the same time, his/her constituents are not being served, noting in their interest is being done, and they are still being paid their salaries for doing nothing.


  74. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    May 09-2010:

    What Does Going Green Mean?

    Here are a few concepts of mine:

    * Producing food without pesticides, fungicides, or other alloys to enhance the natural growth of the produce.

    * Not using or polluting the atmosphere with any substance, fuel, or spray.

    * Not buying any product that uses chemicals that are pollutants of the air, the eyes, the nostrils, the seas, ponds, waterways, oceans, or forests.

    * Using solar panels of the roof of new or refurbished homes, apartment buildings, office buildings, or any structure that can accommodate solar panels.

    Which will save energy that would have used coal, or mineral fuels hitherto used as fuel energy.

    * Buying vehicles that use solar panels, bio-fuels, or other green fuels being produced globally currently.

    And ensuring that continued experiments are being made to promote this concept.

    * And using LED’s solar efficient light bulbs (if or when affordable), to light homes, offices, apartments, and for decorative use too.


  75. http://internationalpoliticalissues.blogspot.com/


    May 31-2010:


    Israel Did What It Said It Would Do. It Used It’s Military Terror On The Innocent Once Again.

    Israeli Commandos Attaked And Killed Innocent People On Those Boats Headed To Gaza With Food, Medicine, & Other Dire Needed Commodities For That Striken And Opprssed Region.

    And The Obama Administrations Says It Is Still Trying To Understand What Has Happened.

    But Don’t Expect President Obama To Say Anything Against This Blatant Attack Of The Innocent.

    He Is Nethanyahu’s WHIMP & UNCLE THOMAS.


    UNCLE THOMAS-BARACK OBAMA: What Is Your Position On This Current Israeli Terror On Innocent People?

    Who Was Merely Trying To Enter An Illegal Blockade In GAZA, To Deliver Humanitarian Materials!


  76. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    June 05-2010:

    I Will Not Support Barack Obama Or The Democratic Party Any Longer!

    I was on board the Barack Obama campaign from it’s inception. I followed the primaries throughout, advocating for his victory until he was nominated party candidate for the presidency. After which I continued to support and advocate for his election victory until the end was realized.

    I believed that he was a genuine man, even though he sometimes puzzled me with his verbal nuances and matter of fact answers to certain questions. I also felt that he would truly represent TRUE CHANGE in Washington-DC, despite the obstacles within and without his democratic party.

    But he has failed miserably to Stand Up and Assert himself as president of this republic when the time was absolutely necessary for him to do so. And I will outline some of these missed opportunities or willful neglect to act credibly.

    * Barack Obama promised to revamp the Internet Snooping Regulations that G. W. Bush used and amended to spy on, and apprehend anyone they felt was a national threat or suspect terrorist, This preemptive mentality is still being used by Barack Obama’s administration.

    * Barack Obama promised to bring the troops home from Iraq, this was eventually altered somewhat, with a promise to bring some or most combat troops home by 2011. But current evidence, coupled with a humongous Embassy built for the Americans in the heart of Baghdad, makes that promise ludicrous.

    * Barack Obama increased the combat troops strength by several thousands, hoping to cripple the Taliban elements, while propping up a corrupt President and regime in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, thousands more US, NATO and Afghan troops and civilians are being killed on a daily basis.

    * The Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell Law is still not yet repealed, even with his promise to let the Pentagon and the military Top Brass have their say and recommendations. Even though the House & Senate currently are unanimous for the repeal of it.

    * Barack Obama and the US House & Senate all supported Israel’s incursion and massacre of hundreds of civilians in Gaza recently. They even refused to acknowledge any UN sanctions on Israel after the Goldstone report was made public. And the White Prosperous that was mostly used to injure and maim civilians was quite evident and proven factual on the ground in Gaza, by medical personnel and observers therein.

    * The Immigration reform promise is still to be addressed. Even though some hurried and politically expedient proposals were presented by some democrats in New York State, for some changes to be made. But this is not the Comprehensive approach to immigration reform we were expecting to happen. So this too seem to be a pipe dream for most supporters of Immigration Reform currently.

    * Barack Obama is not respected by the Israeli administration currently. And he operates as though he is taking orders from prime minister Nethanyahu. Barack Obama’s also dismisses the plight of Gazans, just because the political administration on that strip of land is deemed to be terrorists by his administration, and past presidents.

    When in fact, Israel has over one million Palestinians in Gaza under military seize, destroyed the pure drinking water factory, prevent food of nutritional value to be brought into Gaza, or any cement, steel, and building materials from being brought in.

    So most Gazans are living in make shift Tents, make shift homes, with no proper schools, housing, mass unemployment, unwholesome food and nutrition, and prohibited form travelling within and without Gaza.

    While the US, and most of the Arab world leadership, pretends to care or speak for them.

    And the list goes on without any end in sight!


  77. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    June 16-2010:

    Was SPAIN Having A Bad Day At The Games Today?

    Spain versus Switzerland at the World Cup in South Africa:

    Spain came into this first round with the reputation of a favorite. And with a record of several world cup victories already. They played professionally, passed the ball around to each other, used every opportunity that was provided them, but did not score a single goal.

    Was it because of the very tight defense the Swiss was giving them? Or was it too much precaution, that was so evident with all of the countries that played before them so far?

    Whatever it was, Spain has a lot of Face Saving to do, in order to make their fans feel confident, that their team will perform like they always do remarkably well, and possibly take home the Africa Cup at the end.

    However, that was only the first round. So we will have to wait and see how they and others like them will perform in the second round!

    May the best team win!


    SCORES: Switzerland 1, Spain 0.

  78. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    June 27-2010:

    Football Is About Scoring Goals!

    The USA’s Devastating Loss:

    The USA played against Ghana on June 26-2010 in South Africa. This is the second time that The USA was defeated by Ghana in a World Cup match. And the media Pundits and USA players are all crying out loud that they should not have been defeated by a state with the size of Oregon, and with a small population.

    Now what does this have to do with the US loss to these African Titans?

    * Firstly, the Ghanians played a very creative, disciplined, defensive, and offensive game. The total package was their forte.

    * The Ghanians are fitter, can outlast the US players anytime with longevity on the field. And does not tire easily.

    * And almost every Ghanian player can score a goal.

    * The US players on the other hand are more offensive with their game strategy, and seem not to too keen on playing defensively. Until they find themselves in serious trouble. Then they expect ONE player (Donavan) to score a goal.

    Until the US soccer team can acquire GOAL scorers, and Strikers that can guarantee an early goal in any game. The US will find themselves always having to defend everytime.

    However, it was a very good match between these two teams. But the Ghanians had more reason to be victorious, because they were the only African team left standing, and they STOOD UP indeed at the final hour for Africa.


  79. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    June 28-2010:

    The US Supreme Court Upholds The Right To Bear Arms Amendment!

    This comes as no surprise, considering the fact that this country was founded and developed with this aggressive and lethal weapon called the gun. The Spanish American War was also fought, and the conquered lands were never returned to Spain by America.

    Thus making those Spanish named states the bone of contention for most illegal Mexicans, who see no illegality in crossing the Mexican Border illegally. As they see it, those areas are occupied and are illegally claimed by America.

    Some media anchors and pundits rave about the daily killing of innocent civilians, and the sporadic killing at colleges by disgruntled students, serial killers, and jaded lovers alike.

    This kind of revenge killing, or rage is a normal feature of American culture. That is why so many Americans fear that some day this so-called right to kill will be taklen away from them!



  80. July 02-2010:

    Barack Obama’s Imigration Cajolery!

    Barack Obama Blames the GOP for stalling or frustrating the passing of Comprehensive Immigration Legislation. This comment is inaccurate and ridiculous. Because the Democrats under the Clinton administration made it worse, by enacting legislation that prevented many from ever getting Legal residence here in the USA. Because Bill Clinton was afraid of losing his popularity and his chances for re-election.

    The Bush Administration also tried, but the Democratics in the House also prevented any real progress in this direction, for fear (I presume) that the credit for any improvement will go to the Republicans, if it passed.

    Now today Barack Obama is also using this Immigration Issue to fool, cajole, and appease his Latino supporters once again, in an effort save or improve his popularity and integrity on this issue.

    But It Will Not work This Time Obama! You can fool the people most of the time, but there comes a time when We The People will say F YOU!



      July 02-2010:
      Barack Obama’s Immigration Cajolery!

      Barack Obama Blames the GOP for stalling or frustrating the passing of Comprehensive Immigration Legislation. This comment is inaccurate and ridiculous. Because the Democrats under the Clinton administration made it worse, by enacting legislation that prevented many from ever getting Legal residence here in the USA. Because Bill Clinton was afraid of losing his popularity and his chances for re-election.

      The Bush Administration also tried, but the Democrats in the House also prevented any real progress in this direction, for fear (I presume) that the credit for any improvement will go to the Republicans, if it passed.

      Now today Barack Obama is also using this Immigration Issue to fool, cajole, and appease his Latino supporters once again, in an effort to save or improve his popularity and integrity on this issue.

      But It Will Not work This Time Obama! You can fool the people most of the time, but there comes a time when We The People will say F YOU!


  81. I go to Princess Casino plenty of times as I have a foreign passport, it’s a great Casino with great staff and the Managers are nothing but friendly and helpfull to everyone, they employ several hundred Guyanese both in the Hotel and Casino so why do I keep reading bad comments about the Turks in Kaiture news? I myself know why as do everyone that goes to the Casino on a regular basis – Glen Lall the papers owner was in the Casino almost every night chasing the Russian dancers, meeting them after their show and taking them out on trips buying them drinks etc. The girls were sent back for whatever reason and noe Lall is angry that he has no pretty girls to play around with so he takes it out on Princess writeing all sorts of nonsense.
    Glen Lall grow up and try reporting real news for once instead of attacking anyone who is trying to help Guyana.

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  83. Acquiring Guyanese Identities For Terrorist Activities!

    Let it be known that Guyanese at home and abroad are not immune from their personal identities being used for swindling or terrorist activities.

    In some cases it can also be a collaborative act between both parties, in order to make some money, or to indulge in, or aide and abett terrorists.

    So do not be surprised whenever you hear or see in the media Guyanese being accused of terrorist activities at home or abroad.

    We are no different in mentality from those who indulge in such activities.


  84. July 10-2010:


    Homosexuality Within The Caribbean!

    Homosexuality or Men and Women Loving or Having Sex With their own Gender, have been the reality within this region for decades, or long before I was born, and will contnue to be a reality long after I am gone. Christianity with all of it’s prejudices have been the modus operandi which was always used to ridicule this fact as a plague that had to be eradicated or quarantined. But yet, many Christian converts, preachers, nuns, and pastors alike are knowingly living a closeted homosexual life, while a the same time, castigating it as Sinful or Abominable.

    The decision to castigate homosexuals/lesbians in this region, is one method used by the Self-righteous among us, (Christians and Non-Christians alike), to make Homosexuals feel Guilty, Ashamed of their sexuality, and indulge in Underground Sexual activities, which are oftentimes very harmful and lethal to their personal safety, livelihood, and self image.

    Is Homosexuality A personal Choice or Genetic?

    Homosexuality is currently accepted within socio/psychological disciplines as genetic. One is born with the genes that makes the individual sexually attracted to another of his or her own gender. This is as normal as someone who finds someone of the opposite gender sexually appealing.

    Religion has no Authority or Right to determine who has the right to be so-called Normal, Heterosexual, or Evil. These Christian. Islamic, or other religious views were coined to castigate those that did not, or does not confirm to the rules of that or those religions, from time immemorial.

    Homosexual Have Rights Too:

    All Homosexuals have rights too, that must be respected within all societies. And if any legislation is enacted to castigate, imprison, behead, whip, or imprison homosexuals/lesbians. That society and law MUST be Abhorred, and stringent efforts made by all concerned citizens to ensure that it is rescinded or repealed.

    Personal blackmail or slander against any homosexual/lesbian MUST be challenged in a Court Of Law, and the accuser made to explain therein his/her reason for so doing.

    Freedom Of Speech is also a right for every individual. But it does not give anyone the right to indulge in blackmail, in order to defame, denigrate, or castigate any individual/s within that society, or from enjoying the personal safety, privacy, social standing, or respect he/she deserves.

    Derryck S. Griffith.

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    I have often heard people say that after attaining age 50, one’s ability to think rationally, clearly, or quickly, becomes impaired or slows down. This to my mind is RUBBISH. For the following reasons.

    * I am now 60 years of age. And my ability to think clearly, rationally, and quickly have not slowed or is not impaired.

    * Secondly, I wrote my GED or the High School Equivalency Exam in December 2005. I was 55 years of age then. And I passed that exam with very high grades too. When I attended classes, there were a few adolescent individuals therein that ridiculed me openly for being there.

    Because they felt that I could not cope with the studies, or that I was too “OLD” to be there. But I showed them that I was not too old to succeed. While several of them repeated the course several times, others fell by the wayside. And others dis-continued it, some time during the course period.

    Is There A Future For The Over Fifty Folks?

    It depends on what your interpretation of a future is. If you intend to seek employment at the ground level, or beginners level. Then that might be a bit diffcult to achieve. Most employers tend to hire the younger or youthful for such positions, regardless of past work experience.

    It seems to be preferred because they can be paid far less wages, than those with past related experience. In some cases, employers seek older employees for specific tasks or positions, that require past experience.

    This saves them from having to train recruits, which cost the firm money, and time, while this process is being done. And there is no guarantee that the recruit will stay afterwards for any lenghty period either.

    Plus, over fifties bring stability, loyalty, is good at taking instructions, are very often self-supervised, and punctual too. And most over fifty folks do this part time, with very specific needs and expectations, regarding their Contract Of Work/Service.

    Most over fifties have already decided what they want from life, for their career or future prospects.


  87. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    July 19-2010:

    The Facts About Somalia Today!

    Hitherto the current political administration, Somalia was overran by Al Shabaab or (the Youth), that purports for a political administration administered by Sharia Law. The current administration’s presdident was aslo part of this initial political front, but shortly thereafter, internal divisions resulted in a split between the current administration of moderate Muslims, and the faction that rigidly purports Sharia law as the preferred method of rule.

    This split resulted in insurrectionist activities against the current administration, which indulges in the abduction of youths for it’s Military/Jihad against the government. While all of this was happening, bombs were being exploded all over the citiy and outlying areas, in an attempt to bring the official government to it’s knees. With mass killing of Somalis who supported the government in office.

    However, in time, the Al Shabaab youth insurrectionists were able to take control of the vast majority of Somalia, leaving only about four to six square blocks of territtory under the control of the government.

    Foreign Military Assistance:

    The Somali government was unable to defend itself adequately, due to much more sophisticated weaponry used by the Al Shab insurrectionists. So they asked their neighbors Ethopia and Uganda to assist them in repelling the Al Shabaab insurrectionists.

    Millions of Somalis have fled the country, thousands are encamped in areas in squalor, without food, medical assistance, or protection for their lives and livelihood either.

    Kidnapping And Piracy:

    Out of this mix and despair some chose to indulge in Abductions or kidnappings for ransom or money. Others indulged in Piracy at sea, to enrich themselves. Some elements or Rogue Former military and Maritime personnel are also involved in piracy and kidnappings too.

    It seems like El Qaeda was able to influence some elememnts within the Al Shabaab movement, getting them to infiltrate Uganda, resulting in a recent terrorist bombing of fans, as the F.I.F.A. World Cup-2010, was being viewed on screen at a stadium.

    Derryck S Griffith.

  88. http://www.vloggerheads.com/profiles/blogs/the-working-classes-demise-and


    July 21-2010:

    The Working Classes Demise And The Enrichment Of Wall Street & The Banks!

    Everyday I see on televsion the enormous profits that Wall Street Brokers and The Banking Institutions are making, at an alarming rate. And I ask myself, when will some of this bounty reach the desperately impoverished working masses? Many of whom are still un-employed, most are unable to find any work, (temporary or otherwise), and does not see any changes for the better anytime soon either.

    The politicians in Washington DC are daily enacting legislation (supposedly), to inhibit the reckless behavior of Wall Street Investors and Bankers, from indulging in behavior that hitherto brought the US and the Global Economy almost to a standstill. And at the same time the current administration in The White House, promise better days ahead. Even though the reality on the ground everywhere says that businesses are reluctant to re-hire anyone, reasons being fear, uncertainty, and other fabricated excuses.

    Who Will Bell The Cat?

    In this self-centered and Capitalist society, where the ingrained belief that the government has no business to tell any person, or business how to manage it’s affairs. Some Americans are even bitterly against any legislation that is perceived to infringe on the behavior of any business, regardless of whether that business is behaving in ways that infringes on worker’s rights.

    The Trade Union’s Are At Fault Too:

    Many Trade Union Organizations are also part and parcel of the demise of their workers, because they have been playing politics with the politicians, in order to gain favor. At the expense of the same workers they are mandated to serve.

    Some Trade Unions subscribe to certain politicians. Others support both political parties, in an attempt to gain political favors. Workers are being tricked by their own representatives in Public Office, and by their Collective Bargaining Agent too.

    So where can the working masses turn to for help at this time?

    I presume that the only recourse is to seek the assistance of the state. But that leads inevitably to dependence on The State. And such dependence brings with it, it’s own penalties. Such as Benefit Cuts, Governmental Intrusion, Second Class Citizenship, and other social stigma. Meanwhile, the economic tragedy continnues unabted, with promises from our elected representatives of ‘Better Days Ahead.’

    So While The Grass Grows-The Horse Starves!


  89. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/blog/2010/jul/26/afghanistan-war-logs-wikileaks

    Afghanistan War Logs-Live Blog!

    The Guardian, the New York Times and Der Spiegel have published a huge cache of secret military files from the whistleblowing website Wikileaks, detailing the war in Afghanistan. Follow reaction to the Afghanistan war logs here.

    10.25pm: The Democracy Now! radio show tonight devotes itself to a package on the Wikileaks documents saga, including contributions from the Pentagon papers whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg. Ellsberg – once described by Henry Kissinger as “the most dangerous man in America” – says of the Afghanistan war logs leak:

    I’m very impressed by the release. It is the first release in 39 years or 40 years, since I first gave the Pentagon papers to the Senate, of the scale of the Pentagon papers.
    You can hear the whole programme here.

    10pm: A leading US Republican finally goes on the record over the Wikileaks documents. Senator John McCain puts out a statement condemning the publication of the 90,000-plus war logs from Afghanistan as “deeply troubling and a serious breach of national security”, and calls for “the full penalties of the law” for whoever leaked the information:

    There is one final thing that we must keep in mind: WikiLeaks has a clear agenda, and it is not to win the war in Afghanistan. This biased organization seeks to undermine the achievement of a vital national security interest that more than one thousand Americans have already given their lives to safeguard. This is the height of irresponsibility, and all involved should be ashamed of themselves.

    9.33pm: American journalists are notoriously snobbish about other organisation’s scoops. For example: Tom Ricks was a reporter on the military for the Washington Post, and wrote a fine book on the aftermath of the occupation of Iraq, Fiasco. But the exposed Wikileaks documents didn’t impress him much:

    A huge leak of US reports and this is all they get? I know of more stuff leaked at one good dinner on background.

    Ricks might be more interested if he sampled some of David Leigh’s excellent coverage of the documents, including his latest article describing how a US special forces mission was touted in the logs as a success that killed Taliban leaders without civilian casualties:

    Within 24 hours, however, villagers were telling a very different story from the one presented in the war logs. Locals told Reuters that up to 300 civilians – as well as a number of Taliban – were killed in the air strike after they had been rounded up to watch a Taliban-organised public hanging of two suspected spies. No mention of such a “Taliban court” appears in the official war logs , where it might have flagged up the prospect of civilian deaths.

    9.15pm: In an interesting aside, White House press spokesman Robert Gibbs mentioned the administration first learned about the Wikileaks documents “last week” – a curious fact, given that the three publications involved – the Guardian, the New York Times and Der Spiegel – all maintained a strict embargo until last night.

    However, it appears that the New York Times sent a high level delegation to the White House, reports Ben Smith at Politico, in an attempt to verify the documents:

    [New York Times] Washington bureau chief Dean Baquet, reporter Mark Mazzetti and a third Timesman presented senior administration officials with synopses of the reports they planned to use, if not the actual documents, at a meeting in the White House late week

    Michael Calderone, blogging for Yahoo, confirms the visit, and quotes Baquet saying the White House “praised us for the way we handled it”:

    Baquet, along with reporters Mark Mazzetti and Eric Schmitt, went to the White House last week to discuss what they planned on publishing…. “I did in fact go the White House and lay out for them what we had,” Baquet said. “We did it to give them the opportunity to comment and react. They did. They also praised us for the way we handled it, for giving them a chance to discuss it, and for handling the information with care. And for being responsible.”

    8.55pm: The Guardian’s coverage of the Afghanistan war logs continues to explore the fallout from the documents, with reporting on the war of words between the governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan:

    Relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan deteriorated sharply today as officials from both countries traded angry accusations over the leaked US military documents suggesting Pakistan’s spy service is entwined with the Taliban.
    As the tens of thousands of documents are being combed through, more damaging details come to light, in this case of the crime, intrigue and drug-dealing in Afghan society operating under the noses of the coalition forces:

    One log claims to describe how a “notorious criminal” was recruited to spy for Iran. It says he returned to Afghanistan and then became a police chief, gaining power and wealth by drug-dealing. This byzantine story comes from Bala Beluk, a district in the country’s south-western province of Farah.
    8.24pm: Top blogger Andrew Sullivan lays out the implications of the Afghanistan war logs:

    When one weighs the extra terror risk from remaining in Afghanistan, the absurdity of our chief alleged ally actually backing the enemy, the impossibility of an effective counter-insurgency when the government itself is corrupt and part of the problem, the brutality of the enemy in intimidating the populace in ways no civilized occupying force can counter, the passage of ten years in which any real chance at success was squandered … the logic for withdrawal to the more minimalist strategy originally favored by Obama after the [2008] election and championed by Biden thereafter seems overwhelming.

    8.02pm: Not everyone is a fan of Wikileaks’s action in leaking the 90,000-plus documents. Ross Baker is a professor of political science at Rutgers, the very fine state university of New Jersey, and former staff member for several Democratic senators. As I blogged earlier today, Baker called it “WikiTreason” – and tells my colleague Ewen Macaskill that the site’s actions are “treasonable by any definition”:

    Giving aid and comfort to the enemy, which WikiLeaks does in the release of this material, is treasonable by any definition. Revelation of these documents will likely result in US battle casualties as it gives our enemy, the Taliban, useful information about the manner in which Nato forces communicate and use tactics.

    The divulging of this information is more damaging than the Pentagon papers ever were. [Pentagon papers leaker Daniel] Ellsberg revealed a history of the origins of the Vietnam War but nothing in the substance of the documents themselves was harmful to US forces.

    Any nation at war is entitled to come down with the full force of the law on those who traffic on behalf of the enemy.

    7.49pm: If you want to know why these Afghanistan war logs are an important and, in some cases, devastating account, have a look at this excellent analysis of some of the records by Declan Walsh, into how US marines sanitised their account of a blooody rampage in which 19 civilians were killed:

    It started with a suicide bomb. On 4 March 2007 a convoy of US marines, who arrived in Afghanistan three weeks earlier, were hit by an explosives-rigged minivan outside the city of Jalalabad.
    The marines made a frenzied escape, opening fire with automatic weapons as they tore down a six-mile stretch of highway, hitting almost anyone in their way – teenage girls in fields, motorists in their cars, old men as they walked along the road. Nineteen unarmed civilians were killed and 50 wounded.

    None of this, however, was captured in the initial military account, written by the marines themselves. It simply says that, simultaneous to the suicide explosion, “the patrol received small arms fire from three directions”.

    7.32pm: Pakistan’s spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI), denies that it has been supporting the Taliban. In a manner of speaking. Saeed Shah reports for the Guardian from Islamabad:

    An ISI official said: “In the intelligence world, preliminary and final reports are two different things. Only once something is collaborated from multiple sources does it become a credible piece of information.
    “The majority of these [documents] are preliminary reports, and they are mostly from Afghan intelligence, so you can imagine their credibility.”

    7.10pm: The Wikileaks war logs weren’t the only big news at today’s White House briefing. One member of the crack White House press corp asked if President Obama was attending the Chelsea Clinton wedding. Gibbs: “No.” Thus proving that he can give a straight answer.

    7pm: So that was a fine exercise in line-holding by Robert Gibbs, and that’s why they pay him the big bucks.

    In summary: the White House position is that the broad themes of the documents were already well known and have been aired previously. But the leaks themselves are dangerous because they reveal too much detail about military operations and so are a potential “threat to national security” in Robert Gibbs’s words. (The Pentagon’s briefers appear to be taking exactly the same sort of line.)

    Significanly, Gibbs repeatedly made reference to a statement by the president in March 2009, when he announced his new Afghanistan strategy, in which Obama warned:

    And after years of mixed results, we will not provide a blank check. Pakistan must demonstrate its commitment to rooting out al Qaeda and the violent extremists within its borders.

    The idea being to defang the New York Times’s angle on the Wikileaks documents, that Pakistan’s intelligence services are working with the Taliban.

    6.20pm: Robert Gibbs is up, speaking now in the White House. His initial tack is that the documents are old news, especially the New York Times angle on the Pakistan intelligence-Taliban links.

    What is the US getting for its billions in aid to Pakistan? Gibbs responds: “I am not going to stand here and tell you all is well. I will tell you that we have made progress in moving forward.” He cites the changes in the last year and a half in Pakistan’s domestic politics, as Pakistan woke up to the “violent extremists” in its midst.

    “We understand we are in this region of the world because of what happened on 9/11” says Gibbs, playing the 9/11 card fairly early on in the game here.

    Gibbs says the Wikileaks documents “pose a very real threat” to US forces in Afghanistan – but then stresses that the information in the documents isn’t new. Pressed by CNN’s Ed Henry about the contradiction there, Gibbs says it’s the details that are more worrying:

    It’s not the content … there are names, there are operations, there are sources, all of that information out in the public domain has the potential to do harm.

    Gibbs is at pains to repeat that the documents all date from 2009 and earlier. “Nobody is here to declare ‘mission accomplished’,” he says – in a dig at George Bush’s notorious aircraft carrier appearance in 2003, before a banner proclaiming “mission accomplished”.

    Has President Obama read any of the documents? Gibbs says:

    The president does not need to read a leaked document on the internet to day to be shocked [by civilians casualties] … Each and every civilian casualty is a tragedy and makes the job over there much, much harder.”

    Gibbs won’t answer questions suggesting that the documents have endangered the US war effort in Afghanistan. “I think they constitute a potential danger to national security,” is Gibbs’s line. He dismisses Julian Assange’s comparison between the war logs and East Germany’s Stasi secret police files.

    6.08pm: While we are waiting for Robert Gibbs – running late as usual (this never happened in the Bush White House, which was reliably punctual, if nothing else) – here’s Time magazine’s Michael Crowley, who agrees with Eric Joyce that the biggest effect could be on public opinion:

    In recent months we’ve seen a steady drumbeat of bad headlines from Afghanistan, from the mixed success of the ballyhooed Marjah offensive to the spectacular flame out of General Stanley McChrystal. The Wikileak dump is certain to accelerate the feeling, both around the country and here in Washington, that the war effort isn’t sustainable for much longer. And right now, the biggest secret of all, the one no one is leaking, is whether Barack Obama agrees.

    6.03pm: Here in Washington the heat is on the White House – and we’re waiting for press secretary Robert Gibbs to come up to the podium in the briefing room.

    5.58pm: Eric Joyce, one of the few recent Labour MPs to have worn a military uniform, argues on Comment Is Free that the Wikileaks documents could have a “game-changing” impact on British public opinion and the war in Afghanistan:

    The trouble for the US and British governments now is that most people are coming to feel that the military operations in Afghanistan are unlikely to achieve our apparent aims, and this will lead them to demand answers to the very large questions that have been raised by this initial batch of leaks. The implications of some of these questions are stunning in their enormity.

    5.46pm: Amnesty International, the human rights NGO, says the documents “paint a picture of an incoherent process of dealing with civilian casualties” by coalition forces in Afghanistan:

    The leaked records support Amnesty’s concerns about improper reporting of civilian casualties, a lack of investigations into casualties that are recorded, and poor coordination between different national forces about incidents and even over investigations that do take place.

    The leaked documents show better monitoring of incidents after new rules of engagement were put in place in June 2009 by the former Nato commander, US General Stanley McChrystal. But since General McChrystal’s dismissal in June 2010, his replacement, US General David Petraeus, has been under pressure from military officials and US law-makers to ease restrictions that had provided more protection to civilians.

    5.38pm: The Guardian’s Berlin correspondent, Kate Connolly, reports that Germany’s government is reacting to the war logs leaks, which have been carried in full by Der Spiegel.

    The German government said today it planned to investigate the leaked US military documents amid concern that the information disclosed might put its troops in danger. Foreign minister Guido Westerwelle called for the information to be closely scrutinized. ‘All of it must of course be carefully examined, to see what possible new revelations there might be,’ he said, speaking on the sidelines of a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels.

    The German government has shown little alarm over the release of the documents, although commentators said they did much to highlight the “naivety” with which German troops had entered the conflict in Afghanistan and would do further damage to the already very jaded public view of the mission.

    Westerwelle added that from what he had already seen of the classified documents, they had served to emphasise the gravity of the situation on the ground. He said he had “never talked up the situation in Afghanistan, which is exceptionally serious”.

    Christian Dienst, spokesman for the defence ministry said there was “nothing newsworthy” about the released information, but said there would now be an investigation into whether it endangered German troops on the ground in Afghanistan.

    He said the reports about the dramatic escalation on the number of Taliban attacks on allied troops were well known, adding that German ISAF troops had been the target of 60 attacks – an almost three-fold increase – this year alone.

    Claudia Roth, leader of the opposition Greens party, welcomed the release of the documents. She said:

    The Wikileaks documents prove just how dramatic the situation in Afghanistan is. They also show the lengths the allies are prepared to go to in their fight for more stability.

    5.28pm: Richard Adams in Washington DC here, keeping track of the political and media reaction as America’s political class struggles to get a grip on the scale of the war logs. We’re expecting that the subject will come up during today’s White House press briefing with press secretary Robert Gibbs at 1pm Eastern Time (6pm in the UK), although the White House has a habit of being late to start on heavy news days.

    Also, President Obama is making a statement to the press at 2.20pm ET (7.20pm BST) this afternoon, on campaign finance reform legislation before the Senate, but he may veer off to talk about Afghanistan in light of what’s happened.

    4.56pm: Here’s more on the Pentagon inquiry. Reuters are quoting Pentagon spokesman Colonel Dave Lapan as saying:

    We will be looking at them to try to determine the potential damage to lives of our service members and our coalition partners, whether they reveal sources and methods and any potential damage to national security. It will take a matter of days if not weeks, again depending on how these documents are actually made available so that they can be reviewed.

    4.30pm: Here is an afternoon summary.

    • The Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said his website is working through a “backlog” of further secret material after it posted more than 90,000 leaked US military documents about the war in Afghanistan. At a press conference in London he also revealed that he believed the revelations amounted to “war crimes” (see 12.55pm).

    • The Pentagon has just announced that it is reviewing the “war logs” documents to “determine the potential damage” to the lives of troops. Reuters said the review would take “days, if not weeks”, and said the documents appeared to be of “secret, but not top secret” classification.

    • The Pakistan intelligence agency has denied suggestions contained in the war logs that it supported Taliban insurgents. An ISI official told Dawn TV in Pakistan that the allegations were “meant to impugn the reputation of the spy agency” (see 2.06pm).

    • The White House said Wikileaks was “irresponsible” for publishing the leaked documents, accusing the website of putting the lives of troops in danger. Downing Street said it “lamented” the leak but did not make a detailed comment (11.31am).

    • The Guardian has published more material from the logs, including a story about the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

    4.02pm: Amy Davidson has written an interesting post for the New Yorker on the New York Times’ conclusion that “overall, the documents do not contradict official accounts of the war”.

    She blogs:

    What does it mean to tell the truth about a war? Is it a lie, technically speaking, for the administration to say that it has faith in Hamid Karzai’s government and regards him as a legitimate leader – or is it just absurd?

    Is it a lie to say that we have a plan for Afghanistan that makes any sense at all? If you put it that way, each of the WikiLeaks documents – from an account of an armed showdown between the Afghan police and the Afghan army, to a few lines about a local interdiction official taking $75 bribes, to a sad exchange about an aid scam involving orphans – is a pixel in a picture that does, indeed, contradict official accounts of the war, and rather drastically so.

    3.49pm: For all the information provided by the documents published last night, what will their impact be? The US, UK and Afghan governments have all been quick to condemn the leak but at the same time play down the relevance and or timeliness of the information.

    On the UN dispatch blog, Mark Leon Goldberg writes that this could be a turning point for John Kerry, the influential chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee. Given that his initial reaction to the leak was “however illegally these documents came to light, they raise serious questions about the reality of America’s policy toward Pakistan and Afghanistan”.

    Goldberg blogs:

    Keep in mind that 1) Kerry put his name on a $5 billion aid package for Pakistan last year and 2) these documents seem to show that the Pakistani intelligence and military liaisons with the Taliban were rather extensive. It seems to me that Kerry might be forced to act on these revelations. Can we expect a wikileaks doc dump inspired hearing at the Senate foreign relations committee sometime soon? Stay tuned.

    3.20pm: David Miliband, former foreign secretary and current Labour leadership contender, has given his reaction to the leaked material.

    This has never been a war that can be won through military means alone. What the “war logs” show is something that has been known for some time. We cannot kill our way out of an insurgency. Instead, the battle for power is fought in the minds of the local population, insurgents and western publics. The purpose of military effort and civilian improvement is to create the conditions for political settlement.

    There is now a race against time to persuade the Afghan people that the correct strategy is in place and show our own people it can succeed. Better Afghan security forces, better police, better schooling and economic opportunities are all vital but not enough. None of them are durable or possible without a political settlement. We need the tribes inside the system, al-Qaida outside, and the neighbours onside. A peace settlement must include the vanquished as well as the victors.

    3.17pm: From the comments below the line, a lot of people are sceptical about the value of the information garnered from the leaks. Adam Weinstein, copy editor for the US website Mother Jones, shares your doubts. He writes:

    Most of this information is tactical nuts and bolts, devoid of context, and largely useless for a war narrative; what would be far more valuable than this stuff is the strategic/political data: military info that’s TOP SECRET or above, which I haven’t seen yet; or stuff from the State Department or provincial reconstruction teams (PRTs)… By and large, like most of the stunts pulled by Assange, this one’s long on light and short on heat, nothing we didn’t already know if you were paying attention to our wars.

    3.07pm: The publication of the documents coincide with a Stop the War rally tonight in central London entitled: “Afghanistan – Time to Go”. The rally was organised because of the release of Joe Glenton from prison for refusing to fight in Afghanistan, before the documents emerged, but Stop the War said it was experiencing “renewed interest” on the back of today’s news headlines.

    Caroline Lucas, the Green party leader and MP for Brighton Pavilion, is one of the speakers.

    She tweeted earlier:

    Whistleblowers release horrifying truths re failures of Afghanistan. Saddest thing is that the truths hardly surprise http://bit.ly/bVQzvA

    2.34pm: Some more reaction to the leaks, with the UK and Afghan governments attempting to play down the contents of the documents but a British military expert warning they are “politically pretty damaging”.

    The UK foreign secretary, William Hague, told the BBC that they could “poison the atmosphere in Afghanistan” but at the same time insisted it would not affect British troops:

    They don’t mean anything for British troops. We are working hard with our allies in Afghanistan on improving security on the ground, in increasing the capacity of the Afghan government, so we are not going to spend our time looking at leaks.

    Waheed Omar, spokesman for Afghan president Hamid Karzai said:

    So far as we are concerned, two things … [are] obvious in most of the documents that we have read so far: one is about civilian casualty cases and one is about the role that ISI has played in destabilizing activities inside Afghanistan. And we assume that our stands on both these issues have been very clear over the years … Yes, we were shocked by the fact that certain number, a huge number of documents were leaked. That was the shocking news. But so far as the substance of these leaked documents were, the president’s immediate reaction was that most of this is not new, most of this is what has been discussed in the past, and most of this is what we have always raised with our international partners, and this is going to help raise more awareness.

    Professor Michael Clarke, director of the Royal United Services Institute thinktank, said the leaked files were not as damaging as the Abu Ghraib Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal but would prove awkward for politicians:

    Isaf and the Obama administration do have a credible defence when they say these papers were from 2004 and 2009 – a time when the situations in both Washington and Afghanistan were different to today. But there is no doubt that the leaks are politically pretty damaging. The papers give an impression of a lack of military discrimination in how operations were conducted. They are also appearing at the worst possible time, particularly in the United States, because people are looking for an exit strategy. This is old bad news at a new bad time.

    2.06pm: The Pakistani news organisation Dawn carries a denial from the Pakistani spy agency, the ISI, that it has been supporting Taliban militants. It reports:

    A senior ISI official denied the allegations, saying they were from raw intelligence reports that had not been verified and were meant to impugn the reputation of the spy agency. He spoke on condition of anonymity in line with the agency’s policy.

    It continues:

    Other reports mention former ISI officials, including Hamid Gul, who headed the agency in the late 1980s when Pakistan and the US were supporting militants in their fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan.

    In one report, Gul, who has been an outspoken supporter of the Taliban, is alleged to have dispatched three men in December 2006 to carry out attacks in Afghanistan’s capital.

    “Reportedly Gul’s final comment to the three individuals was to make the snow warm in Kabul, basically telling them to set Kabul aflame,” said the report.

    Gul, who appeared multiple times throughout the reports, denied allegations that he was working with the Taliban, saying “these leaked documents against me are fiction and nothing else”.

    Dawn notes that some of the reports “do seem a bit far-fetched”, referring to the alleged plot to kill Afghan and Nato forces using poisoned alcohol.

    1.53pm: Remarkably, Assange is still speaking at the Frontline Club (see summary 12.55pm). I’ve been keeping one ear on proceedings. One of the interesting things he said is that the MoD is blocking Wikileaks to its staff so officials can’t actually view the material they are criticising. The Guardian reported MoD attempts to block Wikileaks access last year.

    1.31pm: Some of the newly published items on the guardian website relating to the release of documents:

    • An interactive showing all the IEDs from 2004 to 2009, where and who they hit.

    • Simon Tisdall has written about the hunt for Osama bin laden.

    He says:

    Despite the CIA’s self-confessed cluelessness, raw intelligence reports contained in the leaked war logs show that, every now and then, US forces believe they can see the mist surrounding Bin Laden briefly lift.

    • Phillippe Sands, on Comment is Free, on the targeted killings in Afghanistan:
    These logs are unvarnished and brutal, and it will take some time to digest in full their implications. They describe the reality of the Afghan war, including, apparently, the widespread and increasing use of targeted killings.

    In particular, the logs describe the efforts of a secret commando unit, Task Force 373, with its ‘joint prioritised effects list’ of hundreds of senior targets, and its efforts to assassinate the enemy. Contrary to the impression that governments seek to promote, these operations are often unsuccessful and sometimes result in the killing of friendly forces and civilians.

    1.18pm: With the number of documents released, many have, understandably, struggled to reach an instant verdict on how significant the information is. But media commentators have been quick to see the significance of the way the information was released for future models of journalism.

    One example is Jay Rosen’s blog for New York University (see link at 11.39am) and another is Alexis Madrigal’s blog on the Atlantic. Madrigal describes the publication of the documents as “a milestone in the new news ecosystem”, and writes of “new conduits … opened into the most highly regarded newsrooms in the country”:

    In the new asymmetrical journalism, it’s not clear who is on what side or what the rules of engagement actually are. But the reason WikiLeaks may have just changed the media is that we found out that it doesn’t really matter. Their data is good, and that’s what counts.

    12.55pm: Julian Assange has been speaking at the Frontline club. Behind him was one of Don McCulin’s most arresting images of the Vietnam war – a haunted-looking US soldier.

    • He said the documents contained details of “war crimes” but refused to elaborate. Asked what the most significant revelation was in the leaked documents, he declined to name a single incident: “The real story of this material is that it’s war, it’s one damn thing after another, it’s the continuous small events, the continuous deaths of children, insurgents, armed forces … the maimed people … this is the story of the war since 2004.”

    • Assange said: “This is the equivalent of opening the Stasi archives.”

    • He also noted: “The course of the war needs to change. The manner in which it needs to change is not yet clear.”

    • He expressed scepticism that President Barack Obama’s exhortations to avoid civilian casualties would have an impact (military officials have responded to the revelations by saying the efforts of the armed forces to avoid civilian casualties has changed radically in the past six months). Assange said: “The US army is an immense boat that is very difficult to turn around and the cover up begins at the bottom and moves to the top. It’s quite hard to enact a new policy and have it filter down to the bottom.”

    • When challenged that some of the information contained in the leaked information might be inaccurate, he pointed out that the documents were “true”, but the information contained in them might not be. He said that was down to the military units who were behind the reporting, and not Wikileaks.

    • He said he saw “no difference” between the reaction of the White House to the leak and that of “other groups that we have exposed”.

    12.27pm: In his press conference, Assange has said that he believes the Australian government was asked by the US to engage in surveillance of him and other Wikileaks staff. He says he has “no doubt” about the authenticity of the documents. And he says most of the conflict in Afghanistan results from the “everyday squalor of war”.

    I’ll post a full summary when the press conference is over.

    12.04pm: The press conference with Julian Assange is under way.

    Live TV by Ustream
    Live stream of Julian Assange’s press conference

    11.59am: Here is a midday summary.

    • The whistleblowing website Wikileaks has today published more than 90,000 secret US military files on the war in Afghanistan. Disclosures from the logs, published by the Guardian, the New York Times and Der Spiegel, give a a detailed portrait of the war in Afghanistan.

    • Key disclosures relate to the relationship of the Pakistani intelligence service with the Taliban and how the US covered up evidence that the Taliban have acquired deadly surface-to-air missiles.

    • The White House said Wikileaks was “irresponsible” for publishing the leaked documents, accusing the website of putting the lives of troops in danger. Downing Street said it “lamented” the leak but did not make a detailed comment (11.31am)

    • The Ministry of Defence is checking its records to try to verify some of the 21 incidents involving British troops and civilian deaths or casualties. It is investigating whether they were reported at the time and if so, how they were reported.

    11.52am: The Frontline Club in London is hosting a press conference with the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange at 12pm BST (7am ET, 1pm CET). It will be streamed live here. We will embed the stream when it goes live.

    11.51am: I mentioned earlier (10.13am) that guardian.co.uk will be hosting a live webchat with investigations editor David Leigh at 1pm. You can post your questions to him and follow the discussion here.

    11.39am: Jay Rosen, from the journalism institute of New York University, describes the White House response to the leak as “unimpressive”, adding his own observations to the points made by the US government:

    • This leak will harm national security. (As if those words still had some kind of magical power, after all the abuse they have been party to.)

    • There’s nothing new here. (Then how could the release harm national security?)

    • Wikileaks is irresponsible; they didn’t even try to contact us! (Hold on: you’re hunting the guy down and you’re outraged that he didn’t contact you?)

    • Wikileaks is against the war in Afghanistan; they’re not an objective news source. (So does that mean the documents they published are fake?)

    • “The period of time covered in these documents … is before the president announced his new strategy. Some of the disconcerting things reported are exactly why the president ordered a three month policy review and a change in strategy.” (Okay, so now that we too know the basis for the President’s decision, that’s a bad thing?)

    11.31am: Guardian political reporter Hélène Mulholland was at this morning’s lobby briefing but Downing Street refused to comment on the contents of the leaked documents.

    A spokeswoman said:

    We would lament all unauthorised releases of classified material. The White House has made a statement and we do not comment on leaked documents.

    11.26am: If you’re interested in learning more about Wikileaks founder Julian Assange (and have some spare time on your hands), the New Yorker profiled him in some depth last month:

    In his writing online, especially on Twitter, Assange is quick to lash out at perceived enemies. By contrast, on television, where he has been appearing more frequently, he acts with uncanny sangfroid. Under the studio lights, he can seem – with his spectral white hair, pallid skin, cool eyes, and expansive forehead – like a rail-thin being who has rocketed to Earth to deliver humanity some hidden truth. This impression is magnified by his rigid demeanor and his baritone voice, which he deploys slowly, at low volume.

    In private, however, Assange is often bemused and energetic. He can concentrate intensely, in binges, but he is also the kind of person who will forget to reserve a plane ticket, or reserve a plane ticket and forget to pay for it, or pay for the ticket and forget to go to the airport. People around him seem to want to care for him; they make sure that he is where he needs to be, and that he has not left all his clothes in the dryer before moving on. At such times, he can seem innocent of the considerable influence that he has acquired.

    11.16am: Siamak Heraqi, a spokesman for the Afghan government, is reported as saying: “The Afghan government is shocked with the report that has opened the reality of the Afghan war.”

    11.15am: Security minister Lady Neville-Jones, former chair of the UK’s joint intelligence committee, said the leak had implications for the security of government data.

    “I think that every government has to be extremely aware of the vulnerability of its systems,” she told BBC Breakfast.

    “We don’t know how they got that material – it may be a combination of leaking of documents, but also one strongly suspects they have hacked into systems as well.

    “This is a very, very big story. But if you stop to think about it for a moment, military systems have to be secure because people’s lives are at stake.”

    From the quotes running on the wires, it appears she did not comment otherwise on the significance of the material.

    11.02am: On BBC News, Carole Walker said that according to Ministry of Defence sources, the MoD is checking its records to try to verify some of the 21 incidents involving British troops and civilian deaths or casualties identified by the Guardian and ascertain whether they were reported at the time and if so, how they were reported.

    10.56am: Here’s a link to the 300 key incidents in the war logs that our reporters have picked out (click on the picture).

    Key incidents in Afghanistan Photograph: Guardian

    10.48am: Der Spiegel’s website focuses on the Afghan conflict, as revealed in the documents, being “far worse than it is depicted in the reports German Chancellor Angela Merkel gives to parliament”:

    The German army was clueless and naïve when it stumbled into the conflict. The Germans had expected that the relatively calm northern provinces where their soldiers were stationed would remain peaceful. Moreover, they believed their reconstruction teams would provide a model for the other allies on how best to help this country ravaged by civil war.

    It also predicts embarrassment for Berlin, in the revelation that Task Force 373, the unit that hunts down Taliban leaders for “kill and capture” without trial, “has a unit stationed on a German base”:

    When the commanders of the German ISAF contingent were offered the targeted killing of the Bundeswehr’s enemies, as a service of sorts, it was done so almost officially. After seven German soldiers had died within a short period of time in the spring, a senior US officer at headquarters in Kabul promised the highest-ranking German ISAF officer, General Bruno Kasdorf, that the Americans would hunt down and kill the people behind the attacks on the Germans. And indeed, several Taliban fighters were eliminated in the ensuing weeks.

    10.24am: This is from my colleague Matt Wells:

    As noted earlier (8am), three news organisations have been involved in the investigation into the leak. But, save from an agreement with Wikileaks on the the time of publication, 10pm BST yesterday, the three news organisation worked separately on the reporting. That is illustrated in different takes on the same information. The New York Times, for example, highlights the alleged links between the Pakistani intelligence service (ISI) and the Taliban. Its lead story says:

    Pakistan, an ostensible ally of the United States, allows representatives of its spy service to meet directly with the Taliban in secret strategy sessions to organize networks of militant groups that fight against American soldiers in Afghanistan, and even hatch
    plots to assassinate Afghan leaders.

    But the Guardian takes a more cautious line:

    But for all their eye-popping details, the intelligence files, which are mostly collated by junior officers relying on informants and Afghan officials, fail to provide a convincing smoking gun for ISI complicity. Most of the reports are vague, filled with incongruent detail, or crudely fabricated.

    10.13am: The Guardian’s investigations executive editor, David Leigh, will be taking part in a live Q&A on the website at 1pm in which he will be expanding on the information in the video posted at 10.06am, answering questions on how the Guardian obtained the material and how it processed it. When the link is available, I will post it on this blog.

    10.06am: The White House has condemned Wikileaks as “irresponsible” for publishing the leaked files ( (8.36am).

    This post explains how the Guardian, the New York Times and Der Speigel obtained and investigated the logs. And this video explains how to navigate your way around the logs.

    My colleague Jo Adetunji points out the Washington Post writes that WikiLeaks’ decision to let the New York Times, Guardian and Der Spiegel access the classified reports “reflects the growing strength and sophistication of the small nonprofit website”.

    Steven Aftergood, director of the Federation for American Scientists’ Project on Government Secrecy, told the Post.

    They [the public] want greater clarity and greater candor than they have gotten up to this point. Wikileaks, in this case, has filled a void left by the Pentagon.

    9.55am: I’ve just been speaking to Jon Boone, the Guardian’s Afghanistan correspondent, about the revelation that the Taliban have acquired deadly surface-to-air missiles (Stingers), which were used to down a Chinook helicopter over Helmand in 2007 , killing seven soliders. Boone told me it was the most significant piece of information in the leaked documents and something that has not been reported previously, as the cause of the Chinook fatalities was covered up:

    It is significant because Stinger missiles were part of the story of how the Russians were beaten in the 1980s [in Afghanistan] and it’s always been said that if the insurgents got these weapons it would do immense damage to the counter-insurgency campaign because air power is so significant – it’s the power we have that the insurgents don’t. My sources always led me to believe they did not have this technology and that it’s impossible to get this stuff on the private market. It would be a huge move if a surrounding state had given this technology to the Taliban, even if it hasn’t had as much of an impact as anticipated.

    After the Russian withdrawal the main business of the CIA was a Stinger buyback programme . Although they didn’t get them all, it was thought that those remaining were ineffective because of flat batteries etc. Maybe some of those old Stingers have been brought back into operation but maybe, more significantly, a neighbouring country has provided these.

    Regarding the availability of surface-to-air missiles on the private market, Boone pointed out that Viktor Bout, the so-called “Merchant of Death”, allegedly offered to sell such missiles to US drug enforcement agents in a sting operation in 2008.

    9.23am: Some more reaction from the Today programme. Pakistan’s ambassador in Washington, Husain Haqqani, vehemently denied claims the country’s intelligence agency, the ISI, had backed the Taliban.

    “I think that the American leadership knows what Pakistan is doing,” he said. “We have paid a price in treasure and blood over the last two years. More Pakistanis have been killed by terrorists, including our military officers and intelligence service officials.”

    While Colonel Tootal (see 8.38am) tried to dismiss the significance of the documents in that they did not relate to the present, Rachel Reid, Afghanistan researcher for Human Rights Watch, referring to apparent “concealment” of civilian deaths revealed by the leak, said she had seen incidents where civilians had been killed in the past two months but were “still not represented in their [the military’s] reporting”.

    9.12am: Good morning, this is Haroon Siddique taking over from Matthew Weaver.

    To start, a summary of where to find the various aspects of our coverage.
    The main story gives an overview of the extent and significance of the leak. It says the story “provides a devastating portrait of the failing war in Afghanistan”.

    There is a video interview with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

    The significance of this material is both the overarching context, in that it covers the entire war since 2004, and invidividual events, which are also significant, or a thread of events. Now this included something like task force 373, a US assassination squad that goes round Afghanistan killing people on a ‘kill and capture’ list.

    Our reporting team has picked out 300 key incidents. If you want to delve further into the detail you can download the data in spreadsheet format.

    The Guardian’s editorial says there is suspicion of “a casual disregard for the lives of innocents”:

    A bus that fails to slow for a foot patrol is raked with gunfire, killing four passengers and wounding 11 others. The documents tell how, in going after a foreign fighter, a special forces unit ended up with seven dead children. The infants were not their immediate priority. A report marked ‘Noforn’ (not for foreign elements of the coalition) suggests their main concern was to conceal the mobile rocket system that had just been used.

    It concludes:

    A war fought ostensibly for the hearts and minds of Afghans cannot be won like this.

    8.53am: Sarah Holewinski, the director of Civic, a group that campaigns against civilian casualities, called for full inquiries into the individual instances detailed in the report.

    There are some tragic stories of civilian loss in these 90,000 pages, some that could have been avoided and some that seem like honest, horrible mistakes. Either way, they’ve got to be analysed so lessons can be drawn from them. It’s a matter of life and death for civilians and soldiers alike, and every incident of civilian harm deserves a full investigation.

    This is a trove of information, but it needs to be understood in context before meaningful conclusions can be drawn. Having said that, the documents are bound to provide the public with an important view of events on the ground as their leaders take stock of the situation in Afghanistan.

    To really understand a war and its implications, the human cost should be weighed against the strategic considerations. The two go hand-in-hand. That’s particularly true in Afghanistan, where commanders now realise the people are the main strategic consideration.

    These documents focus attention on “escalation of force” – one of the most important and perhaps least understood aspects of military-civilian interaction. Often with only seconds to act, troops and civilians misread each other. Troops have orders that dictate how they respond in these situations, from shouting to shooting. These pages are bound to contain information on whether or not orders were followed and whether changes need to be made in military procedure.

    8.38am: The BBC is leading with the story. On the Radio 4 Today programme at 8.10am, it ran an interview with its Kabul correspondent David Loyn who highlighted what the logs show about the proximity of the Pakistani intelligence service (ISI) to the Taliban. He was also interested in how the CIA was shown to have “very significant penetration of Afghan intelligence”.

    Presenter Sarah Montague went on to interview two former British commanders in Afghanistan, Colonel Richard Kemp, and Colonel Stewart Tootal, who took slightly different views. Tootal’s line was that the logs show “nothing new” and that there have been “been significant changes on the ground” since the period (2004-09) covered by the logs – in particular the troop surge and the US’s stated drive to minimise civilian casualties. But Kemp said that the release of the information could help public understanding of the war.

    It’s important the public understands the complexities of the conflict and this will help. Although it may not be good news that this has been published and [this information] is not classified for no reason… but it’s important for people to understand how difficult
    it is.

    In particular, Kemp suggested that the revelations about the ISI could prompt US and UK diplomats to confront the issue directly. The ISI’s apparent support of the Taliban had been “underplayed”, he said, and publication of this information could “drive the diplomats to confront it more head on”.

    8.36am: John Kerry, the former Democratic presidential candidate and chairman of Senate foreign relations committee told the New York Times that the leaks raise “serious questions about the reality of America’s policy toward Pakistan and Afghanistan”.

    A White House briefing on the leaks is also published in full by the New York Times.

    It says:

    1) I don’t think anyone who follows this issue will find it surprising that there are concerns about ISI and safe havens in Pakistan. In fact, we’ve said as much repeatedly and on the record. Attached please find a document with some relevant quotes from senior USG officials.

    2) The period of time covered in these documents (January 2004-December 2009) is before the President announced his new strategy. Some of the disconcerting things reported are exactly why the President ordered a three month policy review and a change in strategy.

    3) Note the interesting graphs (pasted below) from the Guardian’s wikileaks story. I think they help put these documents in context.

    4) As you report on this issue, it’s worth noting that wikileaks is not an objective news outlet but rather an organization that opposes US policy in Afghanistan.

    8.00am: In one of the biggest leaks in US military history 90,000 files reveal blow-by-blow account of what the Guardian describes as the failing war in Afghanistan, including the death of hundreds of civilians and a steep rise in Taliban attacks despite the efforts of a covert unit set up to kill or capture Taliban leaders without trial.

    The White House has condemned the leaks as irresponsible.

    “These irresponsible leaks will not impact our ongoing commitment to deepen our partnerships with Afghanistan and Pakistan,” Jim Jones, Barack Obama’s National Security adviser, said in a statement.

    The documents have been published by the whistleblowing website Wikileaks and made available to the Guardian, the New York Times and the German news magazine Der Spiegel.

    All three news organisations have stressed that they have vetted the files and removed any materials which threatens the safety of troops.

    Each of the news organisations has a slightly different take on the files.

    For the Guardian the files reveal the futility of the conflict and the current strategy.

    However you cut it, this is not an Afghanistan that either the US or Britain is about to hand over gift-wrapped with pink ribbons to a sovereign national government in Kabul. Quite the contrary. After nine years of warfare, the chaos threatens to overwhelm. A war fought ostensibly for the hearts and minds of Afghans cannot be won like this.

    Der Spiegel says: “Never before has it been possible to compare the reality on the battlefield in such a detailed manner with what the US Army propaganda machinery is propagating.”

    It adds that they show “The German army was clueless and naïve when it stumbled into the conflict.”

    The New York Times focuses on what the documents reveal about the role of Pakistan’s security service in directing the Afghan insurgency.

    “The documents suggest that Pakistan, an ostensible ally of the United States, allows representatives of its spy service to meet directly with the Taliban in secret strategy sessions to organize networks of militant groups that fight against American soldiers in Afghanistan, and even hatch plots to assassinate Afghan leaders,” its top stoy on the leaks says.

    Many thanks to Julian Assange to open up the record of reporting on Afghanistan. It is significant that all the major news organisations have been excluded from this long overdue intelligence rout.

    Now is the time for the BBC to focus inwards and reform its scrutiny policy, rid itself of the MI’s in their midstand start taking a critical look at what is going on within the war on terror, extraordinary rendition and torture in third countries.
    This is the day the war in Afghanistan is effectively over and sealed, as many of us expected it all along.
    The numerous civilian death covered up by NATO and the media, who is part and parcel of this war on terror, will now have to ask itself whether they want to carry on covering up this humanitarian disaster.
    Shooting at civilians from great hight, bombing mudhut villages with daisy cutters and using taxpayers money to give to bribe the enemy and keep a heroin regime in power has to stop, our boys are worth more than that, BRING THEM HOME NOW!

    Its a big surprise to me that the US hasnt attempted to gain the high moral ground and hence demonstrated that freedom and democracy is a better thing than feudalism.

    Nobody knows why we are fighting this war. All we are presented with is a load of eyewash. Unfortunately we will stay the course until a formula is achieved that saves the faces of the political classes.A nasty expensive mess that is eroding services at home through cuts that are being made to finance it.

    How many times we read and heard that United States air force, special forces and the BRitish forces killing thousands of innocent civilians. Last few year, you can clearly read how they have been bombing kids, women and other civilians deliberately.

    And these people who comes after American and British forces are not Taliban. These are your normal Afghani citizens who lost their kids, viwes, mothers, and fathers, and they are coming after American and British troops for revenge as that is their culture. This is the reason lately you see them killing more Americans and more British soldiers. Why do we think they are not going after German or Dutch forces even they are in Afghanistan. ? The reason simple: There are only two terrorist organizations in Afghanistan and they are the American and British forces. They kill civilians deliberately and they do not care. Then the politicians tell us that we are there to stop terrorism. How do you stop terrorism when you are the one who is a terrorists and what are you doing in their country? GET OUT! Afghanistan does not belong to America or to England.

    Tony Blair, Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Paul wolfwitz, Brown, George Tenet, all these war criminal terrorist scumbags and their liteunants should be captured and brought to justice for killing millions of innocent people in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Sick people indeed. They do not care about Afghan or Iraqi civilians.


  90. July 29-1010:

    The Arizona Immigraton Law SB 1070:

    Judge blocks part of controversial Arizona immigration law!

    U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton’s ruling, in response to a motion filed by the federal government, came with scant hours to go before the law goes into effect.

    That provision required police to “make a reasonable attempt to determine the immigration status of a person stopped, detained or arrested” if the officer has a reasonable suspicion that the person is in the United States illegally.

    She also blocked provisions of the law making it a crime to fail to apply for or carry alien registration papers or “for an unauthorized alien to solicit, apply for, or perform work,” and a provision “authorizing the warrantless arrest of a person” if there is reason to believe that person might be subject to deportation.

    The law also targets those who hire illegal immigrant laborers or knowingly transport them. Opponents say the law will lead to racial profiling, which is illegal.


  91. http://guyanaatthecrossroads.blogspot.com/

    July 30-2010:

    A National Coalition Of Political Parties-Could This Ever Be Realized In Guyana?

    I think not, for the following reasons.

    * Guyana has a history steeped in political and ethnic division. Fueled by individuals who used the two primary ethnic groups (Blacks and Indians), to further their political agenda.

    * Blacks are the descendents of former slaves, who were brought to Guyana to work the Sugar Plantations. The East indians were brought to Guyana as Indentured or Contracted workers. With the option to return to India when the contract expired.

    * Therefore, Blacks in Guyana feel deeply that our ancestral slavery contributions have given us the birthright to be the group that should govern this land.

    Furthermore, when the PNC under LFS Burnham attained political prominence, it was seen by most Blacks as the time to celebrate this long overdue political and social emancipation. But we subsequently realized that our own leadership became our new task masters.

    This legacy has come to haunt us now, and will be the stumbling block to overcome pollitically, for a very long time in Guyana.


  92. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    August 03-2010:

    Is Gender Pre-determination A Good Thing?

    Gender Preference:

    This is a medical precedure that can be done to ensure the preferred Sexual Identity of the unborn fetus. In some countries like China, Japan, and in South Asia. The preference for the Male child is greater, because he will guarantee a handsome DOWRY when he is about to get married. And his parents will not have to worry about their son not being able to get married, because of age or poverty.

    Why Are Boys Preferred To Girls In These Cultures?

    Historically, as I mentioned above, the male child is expected to care for the entire family unit after marriage. Like careing for the elders, the sick, his parents and grandparents, for as long as they are alive. This is a cultural expectation that all boys are expected to honor. The girls are not expected to do so, because they will be married (supposedly), and that responsibility will be on the shoulders of their husbands.

    Does Pre-determining Gender Identity Upset The National Gender Balance?

    I believe that it does!
    In China currently, after decades of Communist Policy to encourage and financially compensate women for male children. This have created a terrible shortage of females in the general society. In Japan too this phenomenon of Male preference is also creating a serious shortage of females.

    Coupled with the ever growing longevity of the elderly. A reversal of National Policy in both societies are being contemplated to reverse the hitherto Gender Preference Policy. And allow for natural selection, or whatever gender nature produces to take place, without medical intervention.

    What Are The Dis-advantages And Advantages Of Gender Selection?

    In countries that have allowed gender pre-determination to occur, the males are enjoying this societal privilege, at the general expense of their female counterparts. Some males get married after paying a very meagre dowry.

    While the Girl’s family have to come up with whatever cost or Dowry the Male match asks for or demands. And when you are poor, with several daughters to be married. This can be devastating for that family. Many end up killing their female born, or selling them to anyone who is willing to pay for domestic help in their homes for a contracted period, or forever!


  93. August 09-2010;

    Wyclef Jean’s Intent To Run For The Presidency Of Haiti!

    This man has the gaul to consider running for the presidency of his country Haiti. At a time when serious contenders, many of whom have some political experience in this regard, that overshadows Wyclef’s past experiences.

    However, when you consider what Haiti has gone through politically and economically, at home and abroad. It does not surprise me that this young, fresh, in-experienced, and somwhat nieve brother thinks that he can make a difference in the way Haiti is governed in the future.

    The challenges ahead are humongous for any serious candidate to consider, much less overcome. The state is in total bankruptcy, the internal infrastructure is almost non-existent, and the national coffers is empty to say the least.

    Will he get the total support from all walks of life in Haiti to win the national election for the presidency? I think not at this time! But I admire his gaul and tenacity, to even consdering the possibility of success in this venture.


  94. http://computersandinternetblogging.blogspot.com/

    August 10-2010:

    Tell Google & Verizon To SHUV Those Proposals Up The Wazoo!

    Google and Verizon wants to alter the manner in which Internet Users access this medium, and what they would be allowed to access, download, or share.

    Here Are The Proposals:

    * They want the continuation of DSL, Broadband Access, Land Line Access, and Wi Fi Access.

    * They do not want users to download or share Files/Torrents via Land Lines, or access Files without certain stipulations, which would involve various charges depending upon the Type Of Service you are accessing?

    * And these proposals would ultimately limit how the Internet is accessed. who can afford to access it, and what type of Internet Service the User could afford.

    * In fact, with these proposals we would be in the situation like Television Customers. Those who can only afford The Basic Service, Those who can afford Cable TV, and those who can afford Pay Per View.

    And this is totally un-acceptable!

    Google & Verizon Is Bent On Fullfilling Their Capitalist Greed At Our Expense.

    These two Mugols are Hell Bent on satisfying their Capitalist Greed and Cravings for Monopolizing the Internet. Which brings to mind the initial expressed intent by the Google Owners, that they were on the side of those who Want and Expect that The Internet should remain FREE, and Affordable, and Available to all.

    Regardles of any new innovations that may arise from time to time!



  95. August 12-2010:

    TO: propagandapressfreedomnow


    Ref Charles Ramson’s Supplications!

    This guy seems genuinely concerned for his family’s reputation. But he also should know that when you operate in the public’s domain, you must expect some intrusion from the public that you serve or is exposed to.

    This is a natural human reaction to anything that you do. Just ask celebrities how the cope with this drama.

    However, if you are so concerned for your family’s reputation, then you should take pains to Clearly, Honestly, and Regularly repond to any false claims that are levelled against you or your family.

    This is what someone in your position MUST do, and is expected to do.


  96. this goverment has to keep in mind that there old servants of the party who used to vote for then regardless how they are treated are fading out they are being replaced by people who are genuinly intrested in seeing guyana move foward,so, PPP continue with your coruption,under the table collection of bribe,selling out of guyanan resourses,nepotism,lack of accountability,drawbacks,lack of jobs,disrespect of local/international opinons etc, etc, and you will be where you deserve,OUT OF OFFICE

  97. This eyem@n tells us not to vote for our race.

    Not to vote PPP.

    When will this APE stop dictating in INDIAN lives.

    This disease said go when it should be went in a previous posting.

    Now this disease insinuating another PLAGUE.


    since BOB MARLEY said Indians are the RAT RACE.

    and them a guinea bugger. I don’t know if you ever seen

    guinea pigs intercourse. BUT BOB MARLEY said Indians

    do it.

    These AFRICAN DOGS love to see and laugh INDIAN intercourse

    whether verbal or conjugation.

    Nevertheless, do you know what IGNATIUS thought

    of INDIANS. let me tell you.

    IGNATIUS was a ROMAN PRISONER who was sent on

    a mission to observed and to destroyed INDIANS AND INDIA.

    but after IGNATIUS got to INDIA, IGNATIUS found that the

    INDIANS were righteous. So much of RIGHTEOUSNESS that IGNATIUS

    asked the INDIANS to pray for his people.

    One example that IGNATIUS found among INDIANS

    were they knew the definition of CHARITY. According to

    IGNATIUS charity is the way of life that leads to GOD.

    So when these APE CREATURES tell you not to support

    your own kind think again and ask yourself what is this/these

    APE CREATURE(S) after.

    Always support your own kind when they are right and not a stray.

    Look at BHARRAT JAGDEO, he is surrounded by APES AND APE

    CREATURES all the time. THEN Mr. Jagdeo will do the wrong thing.

    Thank You

    Zaheed Emran Ally
    Zaheed Ally means Blessed friend.

    We are not FREE.

    INDIAN desires to be FREE.

  98. http://guyanaatthecrossroads.blogspot.com/

    August 14-2010:

    TO: Zaheed Emran Ally

    My response To: Indians Are Not Free?

    Everytime I read such nonsense I wince at the presumption behind such trash.

    Where on earth Indians are not free?

    Not in India, or Shri Lanka, or Bangladesh, not even the so-called Indian Communities in America!

    Indians Are Guyanese Too?

    If we continue to single out ONE particular Ethnic group from the rest of the population, as being oppressed more than others. Then we run the risk of continuing to indulge in DIVISIVENESS.

    Which our politicians and religious leaders have used to divide Guyanese for decades.

    So I am applled to read such TRITE, coming from someone who thinks that he is an intellectual.


  99. My Brother look at what I said.

    Indians desires to be free.

    The only people that free are AFRICANS

    and this was done by THE WHITE RULING CLASS.

    Have you ever heard of EMANICIPATION OF AN INDIAN.

    THEY EVEN tell us that there are only two kinds of

    people WHITE or BLACK. which one of these two

    categories an INDIAN is placed into. MAYBE black,

    and that could not be since I an INDIAN is different from

    you, an AFRICAN. I am most recognized as an ARYAN. but

    WHITE PEOPLE would refuse to acknowledge it, I an INDIAN

    is WHITE. since I an INDIAN have more brain capacity that either of

    these BLACK or WHITE. makes me a SLAVE.

    In AMERICA an INDIAN that has brain capacity to REASON

    is guided single out as a TROUBLE MAKER. in GUYANA the AFRICANS

    single me out, in AMERICA the AFRICANS AND CAUASIANS single me

    out for punishment, that is why today I STARVE. because I have brain





    3/5th of a person. If in doubt AFRICANIZED APE read the


    3/5 of a persons. AND if these BLACK AMERICANS were freed

    and they are 3/5 of a person. What the GOD blazing am I an INDIAN.




    Zaheed Emran Ally
    Zaheed Ally means Blessed Friend.

    • Comedy gold as usual from the one and only Z.E.A… only on propaganda press
      Let’s just hope he doesn’t go postal… don’t skip the meds ok aryan boy?
      A question for all: do you think Z.E.A. represents a particular strain of lunacy the could only have emerged from Guyana? Or is he/she/it just another common garden variety schizo-affective or whatever he’d be diagnosed as, who could have emerged from any society? In other words, could there be something about Guyana’s particular social economic and ethnic circumstances that tends to produce a particular type of madman/woman unique to Guyana/the Guyanese diaspora?

  100. http://immigrationdilemaintheusa.blogspot.com/

    August 17-2010:

    Birthright Citizenship Concerns!

    No child that is born in the USA should be denied US citizenship, because his/her parent was not a Legal US Citizen. After all, that child was not responsible for his/her illegal position if it is denied him/her.

    If we are going to deny children US citizenship, then give all those illegals who qualify for legal status and citizenship, the legal means to become US citizens VERY SOON.

    Comprehensive Immigration Legislation MUST Be Enacted:

    For decades now, the US House & Senate have been pussy footing with various types of Immigration legislation that does not amply deal wih this question properly. And because of these erratic legislative bills/proposals in both houses. The Immigrants awaiting REAL Immigration Legislation Enaction have been side stepped, conned, cajoled, befuddled, and fooled, by both Democrats and Republicans everytime their representatives’ terms in office comes to a close, and they want to be re-elected.

    So they bombard constituents both Legal and Illegal with promises to deal finally with this issue. Even the Obama adamistration has done this disservice to us all. And I am sure that he too will leave The White House without getting any Comprehensive Immigration passed in both houses, and signed into law.

    Since former president Ronald Reagan pardoned thousands of illegals, making them legal immigrants in this country. The Democrats and Republicans have used this issue to divide the American people generally, by criminalizing illegal immigrants for their own political agenda.

    Enough Is Enough. Not This Time. We Will Not Allow Ourselves To Be Conned Once More PERIOD!

    Derryck S Griffith.

  101. http://derryckviewpoint.blogspot.com/

    August 19-2010:

    The US Have Lost The War In Iraq BIG TIME:

    And president Obama still cannot bring himself to admit that to the American people?

    After ten years of War in both Iraq and Afghanistan, The US & N.A.T.O. have not made any real or constructive gains in both countries, in relation to internal political and economic stability. The Taliban or Mujahideen resistance fighters are now in control of most of Afghanistan.

    And in Iraq, the Sunni and Shia factions are stepping up their religious and economic feuds with each other once again.

    The government in Iraq was elected to govern over five months ago. But to date, they have failed to agree on the form of government to occupy the parliament in Baghdad. So that state is still without any official administration to administer the state. Thus preventing any economic, and infrastructure changes from taking place.

    The Death Toll In Iraq:

    Over 100,000 Iraq civilian deaths. Thousands more have fled the country in fear for their lives, and for being killed for co-operating or working for the American occupiers. Over 4,000 US Troops have also died there, not to mention the thousands that have been maimed, disfigured for life, burned beyond recognition, blinded from I.E.D. explosives, and will never be able to re-integrate into civilian life because of severe Mental and Psychological trauma.

    The Afghanistan Theater:

    This country have a history of feudalism. Strong Men or War Lords have always ruled regionally, with the consent and support of the people therein. Their word is law, and the people believe and obey whatever they command them to do.

    Bringing Democracy to this state will not bear fruit in the near term, especially when over 90% of these people are illiterate.

    The Russians were never able to subdue these peoples, and had to flee after ten years of fighting the Mujahideen or
    (resistance fighters). These resistance fighters today are the Taliban. With some El Qaeda or (foreign fighters), and other Afghan elements that are against all foreign fighters or occupiers of that country.

    So what is America and N.A.T.O. doing there?

    They are operating under a false pretext, and totally deluded about victory over these internal and external forces. And just like Iraq, they will continue to experience the loss of American & N.A.T.O. Troop’s lives, coupled with the growing internal Taliban killing of civilians who co-operate with the foreigners therein.

    No amount of troop surge will work here either. Because Afghans are not ready to have the type of governance we in the West would prefer.
    Democracy is seen as contradictory to Islam and Islamic rule by the Taliban. Yet president Obama believes or is convinced that he will make a difference.

    Another self deluded president in the white House for sure!

    The Obama presidency is on the line now:

    This war continues to provide for the slaughtering of US men and women in uniform, will determine if Barack Obama will be given a second term.

    Personally, I am not sure that he will get a second term to continue this slaughter, or fool the American people once again with false promises, un-assertive and spineless actions, and a growing un-employed populace, that sees not hope or end to this economic misery in sight.




    Has Wyclef Jean’s Presidential Hopes Dashed?

    I say vehemently YES. This man must have known beforehand that when contesting for any Public Office, your Income Tax must be in order, your social, business conduct, and dealings with money (especially other people’s money), must be credible.

    It seems like Wyclef Jean have some serious issues with all, or some of the above qualifications.


    • Wyclef Jean is just a puppet of the elite in Haiti anyway.
      He supported the coup against Arisitide.
      I’m not saying Aristide was perfect, I do not believe in any politician on the face of this earth, but he was by far the most popular politician in Haiti and was at least trying to do some little something for the poor like raising the minimum wage. The coup was led by former allies of the Duvalier dictatorship and sweatshop owners who felt that $1 a day was too much to pay their slaves, oh sorry I mean “workers.”
      Wyclef is a thiefing cunt… he might make some good music, but so what, he’s a cunt.
      Lauryn Hill was the real talent in the Fugees anyway, the other two were window dressing.

  103. My response to: We declare our right on this earth…


    This affirmation is for those of us who believe in Free Speech, Justice Under The Law, Human & Civil Rights for all, and Liberty for all.

    For some of us, these are mere words that mean nothing. And are usee only when they find themselves in straits.

    This convenient and selective approach for empathy or support, comes from most Guyanese currently, Especially the Ignorant and Gullible.


  104. http://immigrationdilemaintheusa.blogspot.com/

    August 29-2010:

    The American Dream Was Intended For Whites Only!

    Definition: The American Dream is a CONCEPT that hinges upon the following values!

    * A land of opportunity for all.

    * A country where there is liberty, freedom of verbal expression, written, personal, and social dissent that is protected under the constitution.

    * A place where families can grow, prosper, send their offspring to college, and provide some financial security for retirement.

    * And finally, a country where there is no barrier against personal religion, beliefs, sexual orientation, home ownership, employment equality, political affiliation, or ethnicity.

    These are the CORE values and Beliefs that make up the American Dream.

    This Dream Was Intended For Whites Only:

    Yes, when this so-called dream was envisaged, it was the poor Whites who never had any land of their own, many were sharecroppers, illiterate, and down on their luck. So they felt that if they acquired some land to till and subsequently own. Then they will have something to call their own, and possibly hand down to their children.

    Most realized after obtaining these lands that it was labor intensive, so having several children to help on the farm was absolutely vital for success. And this ultimately prevented their children from having a good Primary or Secondary education, because of the need for their help on these farms.

    Industrialization & Mass Production:

    When the USA became a major player in the manufacturing industries, it helped to propel many into the Middle Class. Because the wages earned therein, helped them save money for their children’s college education, and holiday vacations.

    And most industries were Unionized. So this too gave the workers bargaining rights/power to fight and win the necessary industrial regulations needed for safety on the job, Worker’s Compensation for Injury on the job, and Health Care Benefits too.

    Immigrants Also Aspired To This Dream:

    The Statue Of Liberty was constructed to sell or represent symbolically the American Dream, which was sold to all those who wanted to come to America to start a new and productive life. The fallacy of finding work easily, getting your own apartment in the Big Cities, and being able to save for A Rainy Day, was the modus operandi that lured immigrants to this country.

    Much to their dis-appointment as the true reality hit most of them when they eventually got here.

    The Middle Class Is Almost Non-existent:

    Today, with the recent Global Economic Crisis the American Middle Class, House Owners, and Mortgage recipients are in crisis. Most have lost their homes, some are on the verge of loosing theirs, and the Banks refuse to lend to anyone who is unable to pay EXORBITANT interests on any loan sought.

    Big City Life Is The Reality In Most Developed Countries:

    Most people reside in cities today, and most will continue to do so for the following reasons.

    * It has most of the infrastructure that provides for easy travel, housing accommodation/rentals, grocery stores, shopping malls/stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and recreational facilities.

    * Finding work that is suitable, or making a career of is also vitally necessary to most job seekers.

    The suburbs do not offer most of these necessities. And owning a home in the suburbs can be very expensive too. Taxes, traveling expenses to and from work or pleasure, and raising a family therein is what most people who reside there prefer.


  105. http://guyanaatthecrossroads.blogspot.com/

    September 02-2010:

    TO: https://propagandapress.wordpress.com/


    It seems to me that certain performing artistes are using the cliché of Rum consumption to promote or glorify violent behavior within the Caribbean and Guyana. This is not something new to this region.

    It is quite evident within the Reggae Camp, where songs express or promote violence against Homosexuals or (Batty Boys), as is commonly used in Jamaica.
    Some advocate for the enactment of legislation to punish anyone who indulges in such social defamation of character. But how could anyone prevent others from speaking FREELY their views on any common issue of concern to them.

    To legislate for curtailment of Free Speech, is an infringement on our Civil Rights To Free Speech.

    Therefore, finding some other solution to educate, and castigate those who would use music, or the public arena to promote filth, racial prejudice, division among people or ethnic groups, must be sought and encouraged.


  106. http://iranintransition.blogspot.com/

    September 06-2010:

    Sakineh Ashtiani-Iranian Woman To Be Stoned To Death!

    Iran’s government is denying reports that an Iranian woman convicted of adultery will be executed by stoning, though her death sentence may still be carried out by some other method.

    In the Islamic republic’s first public statement on the case of Sakineh Mohammedie Ashtiani, 42, the Iranian Embassy in London, England, said Thursday that “this mission denies the false news aired in this respect and … according to information from the relevant judicial authorities in Iran, she will not be executed by stoning punishment.


    This is just another one of those primitive, backyard, and savage Islamic Judicial procedures, that several Islamic countries still maintain. SHARIA law is another one of these punitive procedures, that is also gaining momentum and advocates for the Taliban radical elements.


  107. Sharia Law has only one purpose left yet. It should not be used until then though.
    Try the ppp and it’s supporters using Sharia Law, then banish it to a fiery pit.

  108. Baksh should stop his fight against Private schools and start concentrating his energy on Public Schools which is faced everyday with furniture shortage, lack of proper toilet facilities and indiscipline school children. It seems to me that Baksh got something against private education. How can people like Baksh, minister of education promotes education when he is everyday attacking private providers of education . He is further deteriorating the country’s education system by doing all sorts to lowering Guyana’s education system standards- automatically promoting students who fail class term by giving them some stupid so call development session, always against teachers who tries to discipline students etc. Since PPP has been in power , violence in schools have increased tremendously and all Baksh is concerned with is attacking Private tuition providers when everyday you see in the newspaper
    concerns expressed by so many people about facilities in the public school, a girl fell in the toilet pit sometime ago since in Region 1. To be continue


    We are starting a reflection of his Presidency by looking at several of his statements made in the Media over the years.

    Here is fuel for your memory of a man who many thought would have changed the landscape of politics.

    The Opening of the 9th Parliament
    “I encourage all of you to be faithful to the timeless principle of service, and to be detached from the ambitions of power and the trappings of office. I urge you to execute your duties with pride, simplicity and integrity, and to find in this service a higher calling. There can be no greater honor than to be called to the service of one’s country.”

    Maybe he should listen to his own advise !

    “Mr. Speaker, in the next five years, my Government will work towards the political, economic and social transformation of our country in which all of our people will have equal access to resources and benefit from economic development and improvement in social conditions”

    Equal access? Is that how you explain the Queens Atlantic Deal?

    “The underlying pillars of the new political framework will include meaningful engagement with all political parties; reform of the legislative and judicial branches of Government; and continuous engagement of the progressive civil society in the governance of this country”

    Ha ha meaningful engagement

    HIS YEAR 2000 Promises
    “A special “crime crack force,” along the line of a SWAT team will be set up to complement existing units. A large enough group of special trained and well-provided-for armed officers and ranks will form this crack force and will respond mainly to these new forms of criminal activities and acts of domestics terrorism”

    Yes that happened, hence extra judicial killings and torture that followed!

    “A comprehensive reform of the Intelligence sector to strengthen intelligence gathering to support the fight against crime, narco-trafficking and threats to internal security will be undertaken”

    Employment of Roger Khan
    Legislation would be introduced to provide for closer monitoring of certain categories of deportees


    2001 Acceptance speech
    “My vision is to create a country in which everyone has a sense of belonging and an opportunity to continue to its development”


    MAY DAY speech 2003
    “Government has, as its top priority, the continued improvement of the living standards of workers and the reduction of poverty throughout the country. This is manifested in Government’s involvement and emphasis on the issue of tackling poverty over the recent years”

    Yes the continued degradation of workers, lowering wages and salaries, impositions and racism in the Public Service.

    “The Government has placed immense emphasis on the importance of the National Labour Movement to the development of the country and in particular the well being of the Guyanese workers”

    Lovely! A national labour movement meant the continued politicization of the Labour Movement, stifling of one faction of the labour movement while appointing Labour Union heads to political positions and taking some of them on overseas trips.

    Here are some of the most important wheels we are missing in this ‘democracy’
    President Champion and Opposing Everything leader Corbin signed a Communiqué in May 2003 and promised us, the fools among these:
    – National Policy on Land and House lots Distribution
    – The Appointment of the Public Procurement Commission
    – A Human Rights Commission
    – Local Government Reform
    – Radio Monopoly and Non Partisan Boards
    – Border and National Security Issues including the Recapitalisation of the GDF
    De-Politicisation Of The Public Service
    – The Appointment of a Commission of Inquiry into the Operations of the Guyana Police Force
    – Agreements for the Electricity Sector

    Shall we go on??

    Guyana Times launching 2008
    “You know me; I am controversial and I don’t care at this stage of my life,” President Jagdeo


    To Yesu Persaud
    “Mr. Persaud, you are falling right into the trap of the ignorant people who have been saying this over and over again (the negotiated deal) but we chose not to respond to it because we knew that it would continue”

    His best excuse on the Queens Atlantic Deal

    On signing the EPA 2008
    “To sign EPA is to forfeit economic sovereignty”

    “We had extensive discussions and I still feel strongly that we are entering into an Agreement that will undermine some aspects of the regional integration movement.”

    On David Clarke 2009
    “From now on if you believe all that this informant is saying, you have to also believe that he (Waddell) was a member of the Buxton gang and that he was in criminal enterprise”

    The quick to blame black people game

    “When Roger Khan issued a full page ad saying he was helping the government fight criminals I publicly said at that time, ‘you tell us which Government you are helping because it couldn’t be this government”

    What about those meetings eh?

    On Roger Khan 2009
    “I have said before, Khan said several things, he said that [former Commissioner of Police Winston] Felix was undermining the Government of Guyana too, he said he had taped conversations with people sharing information who are linked to drug dealers”

    The blame game continues

    “I have never put any store on what Roger Khan has said in the past or not said. I never decided whether he is guilty or not guilty, so if he pleads guilty he has to face the consequences that is clear.”

    What history will say about you Mr. Jagdeo.

  110. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    September 15-2010:

    My response to the Guyana-NIS Pension Qualification Regulations!


    As a former employee of The Guyana National Insurance Scheme. I ensured that I contributed the prescribed amount as at September 01-1989, (750 contributions). This is the total amount that makes a contributor eligible for the NIS Pension.

    I left Guyana in May-1989 to reside in the USA. I am now 60 years of age, and I get the impression that should I return to my homeland Guyana, I would not be ineligible for the NIS Pension that I contributed to, and are legally eligible to receive, according to the NIS Regulations of 1969.

    If this is the current reality in Guyana, then something MUST be done to ensure that it is re-instated forthwith, or have this matter addressed in A Court Of Law, within or without Guyana.

    Derryck S. Griffith.




    Written by Ralph Ramkarran

    Monday, 29 March 2010 12:23
    The National Insurance Scheme which was established by the PNC Government during its term of office was an act of foresight. It has provided a vital safety net for thousands of Guyanese faced with illness or disability arising from accidents during the course of employment. The contributions are burdensome for the lower paid and the benefits are wholly inadequate. But were it not for the NIS, nothing would have been forthcoming. It is to the credit of successive PNC and PPP/C Governments to have ensured the survival of the NIS which has the critical support of all Guyanese.

    Under the National Insurance and Social Security Act, persons who are between the ages of sixteen and sixty and who are gainfully occupied in insurable employment are required to be insured and to remain so insured for life. Persons who are insured are entitled to a range of assistance including invalidity benefit, survivor’s benefit, sickness benefit, maternity benefit, funeral benefit, child care benefit and constant attendance benefit.

    Upon the attainment of age 60, even though still insured according to the Act, the benefits available before retirement at the age of 60, which are set out above, are no longer available. The NIS no longer wants to hear from you. The only benefit payable is a modest and inadequate old age pension.

    The retirement age in Guyana is 55. For those who have laboured in the sugar estates or the bauxite mines, their broken bodies do not allow them to work much after 55 anyway. Salaries which are payable for these and other non-professional employment are inadequate to enable such employees to buy annuities or make any savings substantial enough to significantly supplement the pension payable from the NIS.

    Upon retirement therefore, at age 55 or a little older, many Guyanese face the daunting prospect of having to survive on an inadequate income even though expenses are likely to be greater.

    An insured person is entitled to medical expenses if s/he gets ill. Consultation, hospitalization, surgical operations, cost of drugs are all paid for by the NIS to a doctor or a hospital of the insured’s choice. There is a recognition by the NIS in this policy that the services offered by the Georgetown Hospital, though considerably improved, might not be adequate to serve the needs of all insured persons.

    As soon as an insured person attains the age of 60 these benefits cease. If consultation with a doctor, hospitalization, surgery or drugs are required, no help is forthcoming from the NIS even though this is the time when such benefits are most needed. And it is at this time that the pensioner can hardly afford it. By this time s/he is likely to have retired. As a person gets older s/he is more likely to require medical services than those who are younger.

    Age brings a variety of potential illnesses and many succumb to these even if they may have made efforts to ensure that they had a healthy lifestyle. These ailments include hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and others. These generally arise in the vicinity of 50 to 60 years and they require lifelong, expensive medication. After 60 the NIS does not want to know. It will pay no medical expenses and now it will not pay for any drugs. An insured person therefore spend his/her working life paying for insurance, hardly utilizing the benefits during his/her younger years when health is usually more robust, then when the assistance is needed after 60, it is not available.

    The NIS makes a concession to pensioners by allowing them the cost of drugs. This is a major source of assistance for pensioners who can at least look forward to this modest relief. However, pensioners are at a great disadvantage. After a lifetime of support for and contribution to the NIS, they lose the benefits, particularly medical benefits, when they need it most. They issue is not whether or not they will need the assistance. As pensioners get older they develop ailments which require medical assistance. They face the prospect of having to step down from the fast and more effective services offered by private doctors and hospitals to the slower and more ponderous, though increasingly effective, attention given by the Georgetown Hospital or Regional Hospitals.

    Actuarial and other studies have been done in relation to the NIS but these are not available. It is not known whether any have addressed the dire situation of pensioners. If not this is a situation then authorities need to address it with some urgency because pensioners may well be in a situation where they need the help. It is highly unfair for contributors to the NIS to be paying insurance for the whole of their working lives, hardly making use of its facilities when they are young and healthy, then when they really need assistance, it is not available. Something is wrong with such a system. Pensioners, though their situation is far better now than it ever was due to a beneficent administration, are suffering a raw deal and it should be addressed. (www.conversationtree.gy)

    • My mum is trying to survive on a Guyana gov’t pension at the moment… looks like she’ll be working well into her seventies. Of course if her name was Bharrat Jagdeo it would be an entirely different story…

  111. Let me give y’all a true story that I wtness, about the PR of the “presidential adviser” kwame Mckoy which does speaks volumes of his I.Q level,in real life not on a blog.

    One night while I was heading home a few years back.I stop at tray in front of “Sherrif” night club to buy a pack of cigarettes.While being there I saw this big commotion broke out.
    When I looked,all I see is kwame Mckoy the big “presidential adviser” in one commotion with this youth,I average no older than 16 years.
    Well his presence coming out of this club is first thing that surprised me.Cause y’all know in Guyana,the average Harry or Sandra in the streets always refer to “Sherrif” as club that does harbour a set of little stinking girls,no offense girls but that what people say.
    Anyhow back to Kwame,next thing you know,Kwame whipped out this fancy gun,a kind of nikkle,pearlish handle looking 9mm!
    And if you hear how he start talking condescendingly to this youth,
    saying I’m a fcuking boss!
    You’re nothing!
    And at the same time gesticulating with his fancy gun pointed at the youth in front of everybody.
    The youth stood his grounds a while before his friends pull him away.Is like if the youth was certain that the boy(kwame) is an antiman.Thus stood his ground a while defiantly,despi te the fancy gun.

    People should starting sharing some of these horrible experience under ppp on the internet.

    Stories like these black people children has to put up with in Guyana,from the ppp and their apologists.
    Imagin people like these are “presidential advisers”.

    Instead of posting ppp propaganda and scoffing statements.Why don’t tell us what you really advising the “champion of the under world” about,people wanna know,what is the advise,advise to do what?

    Then some of them does seems to be wondering why some of us hate this regime so much?
    The odor of the rottening stench of this regime is unbearable.

    • Show me unno hand, all original die hearted gunman, show me unno steel… but this time, how about killing kiddy-fiddlers, instead of kids? Kwame should be living in fear, he should be riding around in a bullet proof glass paedo-mobile like his fellow paedo the pope of rome (may he burn in hell ASAP)

  112. Two weeks ago I was at the Hollywood Bollywood whore house in Newtown, KItty and was looking for my favorite whore.
    Her sister told me that she gone out with Nanda Gopaul, Deputy Head of the Office of the President. I waited two hours by drinking some beers and then I saw Nanda Gopaul brought her in and he left. Over a beer, I asked her how things went and she said that things went well as usual.
    Nanda Gopaul cock is half dead and he just suck the whore pussy. That is what she said.
    A few PPP big boys also goes out with her, recommended by Kellawan Lall. She said most times these people are drunk and just want a blow job or suck her pussy. The blow job is difficult because most of the times these people cannot get a lift.
    Some of them will go directly to the boss lady, Irene Persaud and require strong men to bugger them.
    There are two big black men always on duty for these PPP Indians.
    Some of the bugger battys are Kwame Mc Coy, Randy Persaud, Prem Misir, the Chronicle Editor, Ramotar and a few others whose names I cannot recall as I was drinking when the girl was singing out.
    Manniram Prashad is another.
    Why do these PPP big boys like buggering?

  113. Bravo Ram . A whore that fucks rohee calls me every time he leaves to come and complete the job. She says the man has a lil kanchie dick and she don’t know why he even bother to try to fuck her. She just take the money $5,000 for about a minute of frustration and two hours of pointless talk and arrogant boasts.

  114. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    September 25-2010:


    Does not have Central Planning Committee that Oversees the Construction, Financial, Co-ordination, and Execution of the Athletic Village, and another related sites.

    Thus creating a void for Corruption and Non-transparency in the accounting procedures!


    Are very concerned for their health, should they attend those games in India. Some have already indicated their intention to pull out.

    But India MUST be prepared to CONFIRM to International Health Standards, if it wants to host Global Games in the future!

    Therefore, any country that chooses to host an international sporting event, MUST confirm to International Health, Safety, Sanitation, Humane, and Financial Transparency Standards.


  115. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    September 26-2010:

    Will The Israeli Settlers Resume Building Again?

    I say frankly YES. For the following reasons.

    * HAMAS said on no uncertain terms that they will never meet face to face with the Israeli representatives, if the Settlement Building does not cease immediately, and permanently.

    * HAMAS also feels that they’ve been down this road before, and Israel have not honored their part of the bargain anytime before. And this is just another charade by Israel to stall the Peace Process.

    * FATAH’S Mahmoud Abbas hands are tied to the Arab-European & US donors to his authority. He may want to take a hard stand with Israel on all or most of these outstanding and unsolved issues, but he realizes that The West Bank Authority and survival depends on Western Financial Support.

    So he has to appear to his people to be strong on the issues, until he is forced to back off when it fails to materialize.

    Just like this current effort will be dashed with the resumption of settlement building on Palestinian lands.



    The LINK: http://www.Newtvworld.com/
    I am disappointed by the inconsideration for English speaking Commonwealth Countries viewers. Because the games are narrated in Hindi or some other similar language.
    I would have thought that the organizers realize that most former colonies of Britain speak English as their First language.


    Please take political action now, by E-mailing the authorities in UGANDA,
    as per information listed hereunder.





    November 02-2010:

    President’s Office Hotline
    Tel: 256-41-343 311
    Fax: 256-41-346 102
    Email: aak@statehouse.go.ug

    CC: Press Secretary to the President
    P.O.Box 25497
    Tel: 256-41-343 320
    E-mail: press@statehouse.go.ug

    CC: Webmaster
    Tel. +256-414-236850
    Email: admin@statehouse.go.ug

    The Rollingstone Magazine Editor (Giles Muhame) Crusade against homosexuals!

    Your Excellency,

    Is is with deep concern and trepidation for those who are Homosexual or Self-identified Homosexuals, and those who prefer to be left alone, or is under cover. To have a fellow citizen and Ugandan, indulge in blackmailing them because he thinks that being homosexual is disgusting, to say the least.

    Who gave him the authority to indulge in self-righteousness, or the moral authority to decide who is Good in the eyes of God/Allah, or who should be dammed to Hell or Purgatory?

    This kind of bigotry is inhumane, wicked, and infringes on the Civil and Human Rights of all those whom he targeted currently, and intends to target in the future.

    I understand that some Judicial stay of further publications was issued against him to desist the continuation of this crusade. But the mental and psychological damage has already been done to those he outed without their expressed permission.

    This man should be brought to Litigation for mental and psychological cruelty to others, with great haste.


  118. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/111827.html

    November 16-2010:

    Do You Trust The Media For Information?

    Press TV (Iran), asked this question on their program today. So here is my response to it.

    There was a time, a long time ago, when the Radio was all we had to listen to, receive information or hear stories being told in some studio locally or globally. With the advent of television, those countries that has access to it, and viewers that could afford it bought it, watched it, and drew their own conclusions. More or less, the viewers believed in most of what was told them via this medium.

    However, as time went by, and the debut of the Internet, and Internet access by millions globally. News dissemination, news gathering, and news reporting has changed remarkably. Today with an Internet access, the user could watch some incident as it unfolds, and not have to wait until some reporter of CNN, BBC, or FOX, report it later in the day on the regular news channels.

    With cell phone cameras, any individual could shoot a scene or incident as it happens, and upload the video on YouTube.com, for the world to see and comment on, without having to wait for the
    traditional media outlet for this information. Which may or may not be shown, and possibly relay a totally different scenario of that situation, that you the civilian onlooker saw and filmed.

    However, it is up to the viewer to decide what he/she sees on TV, whether that information is plausible or not, and how much of it will influence his/her opinion on that particular issue. Do not believe everything you see or hear on TV, Radio, or The Internet. Surf several news outlets on the Internet for your new’s gathering. It will give you a more varied perspective on the news, and will aid you in arriving at a conclusion, or determining what is plausible or not.


  119. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/112099.html

    November 20-2010:

    Guyanese Prepare Yourselves For The Next National Election!

    True Democracy cannot be formed or molded via Ethnic, Political Preferences, or Patronage. If we as a people intend to move forward Economically, Socially, and Politically. We MUST ensure that our collective behavior lays the foundation for that reality to materialize right now.

    Are We Satisfied With The Status Quo?

    This country have been categorized by the international community, as A Narcotic State. That means that Illicit Drugs are being transported, traded, and facilitated within our borders. Even some elements within the political administration have been accused of involvement, and others accused of complicity with this illicit trade.

    If we truly want to erase this stigma, and cancer from within our midst, then we must ensure that those whom we choose to be our political representatives are not involved in this trade, were not involved in this trade, and are not complicit in this illicit trade either.

    Are We Going To Continue Indulging In Ethnic Preferences In Our Political Representatives?

    Or are we going to select those who show on no uncertain terms, that he/she cares for the needs and aspirations of ALL Guyanese?

    And does not discriminate between Ethnicity, Religious affiliation, or Political preferences/affiliations?

    The Choice Is yours to make Now!


  120. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    November 22-2010:

    Torture Within The Guyana Defense Force & Other Security Organizations!

    In reference to an article of concern circulated by https://propagandapress.wordpress.com/

    I decided to pen a few concerns about these allegations below. Followed by The Official UN Conventions Against Torture.

    Albeit, in light of the above Regulations, it is imperative that all states that are signatories to this convention, ensure that they do not violate any of these conventions within or without their sovereign borders.

    And any state found to be violation any of these regulations MUST be brought to account for their actions to the UN Security Council, or The International Court in the Hague.



    United Nations Convention Against Torture!

    Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

    The United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment is an international human rights instrument, under the review of the United Nations, that aims to prevent torture around the world.

    The Convention requires states to take effective measures to prevent torture within their borders, and forbids states to return people to their home country if there is reason to believe they will be tortured.

    The text of the Convention was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1984[1] and, following ratification by the 20th state party,[2] it came into force on 26 June 1987.[1] 26 June is now recognized as the International Day in Support of Torture Victims, in honor of the Convention. As of September 2010, the Convention had 147 parties.[1]

  121. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/


    Guyanese Demand Two Political Debates Between The Candidates!

    Guyana National Election:

    Having public debates are a growing phenomenon in most Democratic and developed countries. Britain only recently followed the USA with their first political debate. The Ivory coast also had it’s first political debate yesterday. It is also the view that hitherto, politicians did not have to face their constituents and answer questions in any detail about what they intend to do. So they just gave a peripheral explanation about their intent.

    And hoped that their constituents would be convinced enough to vote for them. And the constituents were never able to witness their elected officials respond to questions on transparency and accountability. Or respond to questions about their motives for running for Public Office, issues that the commonweal expect to be honored and respected by all elected officials.

    Therefore, in light of the above observations, I strongly recommend that all Guyanese get the opportunity to watch at least two Public Debates between the candidates who intend to, or is running for the Presidency and Prime Ministership of Guyana.

    This MUST be conducted in a public venue, with TV and radio broadcasting the proceedings, and monitored by some official who is not politically affiliated to any of the contending parties, and is impartial to this election, or the political candidates contending.


    comrade all these links are not necessary
    we wont rescue any more comments from the spam filters. your name is already hyper-linked

  122. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/113077.html

    December 03-2010:

    Harassment Of Homosexuals In Guyana!

    This problem has been with us for as long as I can recall. Guyanese generally feel that all homosexuals are an embarrassment to their relatives/families, and must be verbally abused whenever and wherever possible.

    Within their twisted minds/mentality, verbal abuse to open or explicit Homosexuals/Gay men (mostly), is the accepted thing to do. And this is the perceived manner that most Guyanese go about treating Homosexuals (alias Anti-men).

    Incidentally, and anti-man is someone who is against all men. And Homosexuals are certainly not against all men. Most are attracted to some men, but not all men would qualify for a Gay or Homosexual male’s attraction or appeal.

    Just for the record!

    Courting With Homosexuals In Guyana.

    I also found from my childhood years that a lot of men use their sexuality, good looks, and suave to attract Homosexuals in Guyana. To physically abuse them, rob them of their money, and wealth. And exploit them under the guise of Love and Friendship.

    Some Gay/Homosexual men believe that having a (so-called straight acting male in their life), will help protect them from verbal and physical abuse. So they allow themselves to be verbally and physically abused to get this desired protection, respect, and friendship.

    Finally, I have also found that most Gay/Homosexual men in Guyana, many of whom are under cover (or Down Low), does not experience most of these overt problems, because they are able to blend in the mainstream of society. By aping the so-called normal behavior, being seen with women or beautiful women, going to clubs and house parties, flirting with women, even though they are not sexually attracted to them.

    But they feel that they have to play the role for personal protection, for fear of being found to be homosexual, and not attract too much prying into their sexual lives.


  123. Why this faggot don’t

    done with his faggotism.

    Faggotism is Abnormalism.

    Either faggots have XXY, XXX, or XYY genetic make-up.

    Faggots then should try getting your GENES treated.

    Two faggot cannot give birth to child or children.

    Why then not get some GENETIC TREATMENT,

    and have a NORMAL LIFE.

    Zaheed Emran Ally
    Zaheed Ally means Blessed Friend


  124. December 03-2010:


    TO: Zaheed Emran Ally and those who share his warped views about homosexuality and what is Normal Human nature.

    I have a few things to point out to you all.

    * Firstly, normal human behavior is relative to every society and culture.

    * In every culture there are things the mainstream society do not accept, but it does not make it abnormal, just because some have a different view of reality.

    * Thirdly, GENDER is a prescribed category. The Female is the only human specie that can actually carry a fetus, or have a uterus, which produces another human being. So those women who cannot bear children, are they ABNORMAL to you?

    * Modern science have also found a way to help those women who cannot conceive sexually, to be artificially inseminated. So is this too ABNORMAL for you to accept?

    * Finally, do you know if you mother is truly your mother. Or your father is truly your father? Or have you just accepted her or their contention that you are actually their son or daughter. Make your pick!

    And as I see it. You seem to know what is normal human behavior for everyone except yourself. Well, I got news for you Bitch. Your Guilt is quite obvious to me and those who know individuals like you. Who feel that by berating others for something you find distasteful, will erase or cleanse you from your own SHIT, GUILT, and Shame.

    Get A Life BITCH.


    • Admiral Derryck Smith Griffith.

      Lord Blessed be me.

      But me been GUYANA.

      Lately when it start panic.

      Mark me.

      A Black a Black thing.

      But how Charlestown get so so.

      Because of Admiral Derryck Smith Griffith.

      Well Blessed.

      Fight the Power : Black Power

      Zaheed Emran Ally
      Zaheed Ally means Blessed Friend


  125. http://mimbari.livejournal.com/

    December 05-2010:

    If You Cannot Compete In Business-Then You Do Not Belong Therein!


    If any Bank Or Business FAILS, Or Is Unable To Survive The Competition In The Marketplace. Then Let Them Fail. That Will Allow The Others To Thrive, And Probably Provide Better Services Competitively, For All Consumers And Suppliers Alike.

    When You SAVE A LOSER From Bankruptcy With The People’s Money, You Are IN FACT, Compensating The Loser For His/Her Loss. And That Is UNFAIR TO ALL INVOLVED. (The Commonweal, Consumers, Banks, And Businesses).

    Therefore, when the USA bailed out those banks, and car manufacturing companies at the tax payer’s expense, they were doing exactly what they are NOT supposed to do in any Capitalist system.

    And the people MUST ensure that the Obama Administration and their Republican counterparts PAY at the polls for this action.

    Because they LIED to the people, by telling us the world will come to an end financially, if we do not save the Big Business, Banks, and Car Manufacturers. Now the same businesses are back in the competition, making billions once again, paying enormous salaries and bonuses, and laughing at us all for being so Obliging and Dumb.


  126. Marion Jones claimed she was wronged

    for her imprisonment of steriods use.


    At 15 years old Marion Jones made the olympic team.


    but admitted use of steriods is impossible to claim GREATNESS.

    at 14 years I made the National Team, DEFEATED, only by BLACK PEOPLE.

    COLLABORATION. with no steriods.


    Zaheed Emran Ally
    Zaheed Ally means Blessed Friend


  127. HIV Stigma In The Caribbean!

    GUYANA, like most or all Caribbean countries have endemic prejudices against those who are the HIV positive, who may be Homosexual. They associate HIV with Gayness/Homosexuality, and assume broadly that anyone who is HIV positive may be Gay/Homosexual, and lives a promiscuous life or lifestyle.

    They also assume that you can only get HIV if you are Gay/Homosexual, and that you are paying the price for your sins, according to their interpretation of the Christian Bible. Which is ludicrous to say the least, and overtly self-righteous of them too.

    Blackmailing People With HIV Is Quite Common:

    Within the Caribbean region, and Guyana, to publicly call someone a Faggot, Anti-man, Homo, Batty Boy/Batty Man, and a Walking Serial Killer is quite common. This is done by every age group and gender. It is another way for people to castigate you as sick, toxic, degenerate, or cancerous. It is a way most seem to feel to publicly humiliate someone they do not like, distrust, or hate. So by blackmailing them by any means necessary, they get their own warped and twisted sense of satisfaction.

    The Family Unit Is Guilty Too:

    In most Caribbean families, this behavior is very evident. Any HIV positive individual will not necessarily find solace, security, or comfort within his/her family. Because this is the place where it starts first, and where the hurt is felt the most.

    Support Groups For HIV Positive People:

    This type of support may be absent completely within the Caribbean, or very limited. And if some sort or type of support is available, it has to be under cover mostly. Because if the community knows that some building houses, or provides HIV positive or Homosexual individuals this type of support. It allows those who hate these people to locate them easily, verbally and physically abuse them, and possibly burn down that or those facilities, because they feel it embarrasses the community at large.

    Secondly, most HIV positive individuals, or even Homosexuals within the Caribbean, would not want to be associated so openly with this facility, For fear of all, or most of the above cited happening to them.


    HIV and AIDS is a social pandemic, a global pandemic, and it does not discriminate between sex, gender, or sexual orientation/preferences either. The states MUST ensure that Legislation is in place or enacted, to protect the Civil/Human Rights of all those who are infected with HIV/AIDS.

    Housing MUST also be allotted, or provided for people with HIV, as a safe place to live, maintain their health, feel secure by being with those who are also infected with this disease, and MUST be protected from scrupulous Land Owners/Renters, who exploit HIV positive individuals. Because they are too weak, ignorant, helpless, or fearful for their lives, to represent or defend themselves.

    And anyone who is HIV infected MUST be given treatment at any hospital or medical facility, (private or state run). MUST be allowed admittance like any other patient to the wards therein, and given equal treatment, medicines (whenever available), to treat HIV.

    And stringent efforts MUST be made by the state to ensure that the GENERIC HIV protease inhibitors, and their associates are available to all HIV positive people throughout the entire country/states.



  128. How Could Jobs Be Created In The Short Term?

    Firstly, no employer will hire anyone, unless he/she needs that person.

    Secondly, every employer strives to limit overhead costs, and that entails a decreasing staff, or pressing those already employed to work smarter, produce more, and increase productivity in overall performance.

    Services And Industry:

    If you are a producer of some product, your primary intention is to find a location that provides reasonable tax requirements, cheap labor, market and supply access routes, and a reliable customer source of revenue. When that is established, the possibility of persuading customers and potential customers, to buy more of your produce may be entertained via marketing and advertising avenues.

    If there is a Labor Union in house that you (the employer) has to appease, it makes even more difficult to exploit the worker, and the expense for Health Care and Workmen’s Compensation/Injury on the job Benefits makes for increased overhead costs too.

    The same can be said for the Service’s Industries. Minimum wages may be the pay for new entrants, but no employee will give his/her best performance with a minimum wage indefinitely. Therefore, regular worker turnover via resignations, can impact how you the employer is able to provide that service, and how efficient it will be.

    Demand And Supply:

    Businesses are mindful to provide for the demand and supply of goods, and services. Entrepreneurs decide how and where new inputs or produce is realized. And what type of skills/abilities are required to furnish that or those needs.

    If the local economy does not have or cannot provide the skills needed immediately. Then the employer may take his/her business overseas. And when this is done by several large and small businesses, the local economy suffers from mass un-employment, lack of consumer purchasing abilities, and slow economic growth.


  129. What Should Be The GDF/Army’s Role In Civil Society?

    Historically, most armies were created to defend one’s Territorial Sovereignty or Territories.
    But in times of Civil Unrest, the army was very often called in to put down insurrectionists when the Local Police could not do so.

    But armies are trained to kill the enemy, and when the enemy is in the confines of your own borders, or are your citizens. How would the army respond, in cases where they have to shoot to kill?

    Global Terrorism:

    Terrorism have become a global specter, and most countries today are impacted by some of these terrorist activities, with some of their own citizens involvement with executions.

    So what part will the army play in preventing or removing terrorists?

    Most countries have Special Forces to deal with such matters. Most of whom are trained by the army or military, in the methods of combat, persuasion, surveillance, and surprise attacks.

    Some countries are able to do so effectively and successfully with these Swat Teams. But others also need the help, or work in collaboration with the Local Police, and Army. This can sometimes ruffle feathers about Jurisdiction, Control, and overall Co-ordination.

    What will Be the Role Of GDF/Army Under Your Presidency?

    In most countries, the Head Of State, is also The Commander In Chief of The Armed Services. In Guyana, the GDF is under the control or purview of the president of Guyana. If he/she is Commander In Chief, and I sincerely hope that our National Constitution makes provision for this role. He/she MUST understand what is at stake if or when Internal Terrorist Activities gets out of control to a point, where the army may have to intervene to put it down.

    Also bearing in mind that this is not the principal role of the army. But it MUST work alongside the Police and other Security Agencies in combating this terror.

    And also the Army cannot be the institution to oversee the combating of terror solely. But must work in conjunction with the Police, and the Minister of Home Affairs. And at some point, the Army MUST be told to extricate itself from this activity, when it is no longer necessary for them to assist in that endeavor.


  130. For 2011 I would like for us to go after and expose those Pimp Preachers who have set up shop in Guyana and have been operating with virtual impunity. They are just adding to the financial overburben of Guyanese. Strand Cinema, juan edgill, Brown in Queenstown, bishop london and all the other hustling preachers.

  131. January 04-2011:

    All Established Churches, Mosques And Synagogues Must Pay Taxes!

    These proselytizing religious organizations, mosques, masjids, and churches MUST be made to pay property taxes, land ownership taxes, and other related taxes. These organizations operate like a business. They pay their preachers, pastors, and maintenance personnel salaries. Therefore, they aught to pay taxes just like their parishioners do, from their wages and for their homes too.

    For decades these organizations were able to recruit members, exploit them coercively, through threats, or compulsion, to pay a TITE or part of their incomes to the church. In some religious organizations like Islam. A certain percentage of the convert’s income must be given to the mosque.

    The Lavish Life Style Of Preachers:

    In some churches, it is quite evident how lavish the preacher or pastor lives. He has a modern or the latest car for his family. He/she dresses in the latest fashion, (though sometimes very modestly), wears jewelry and other accessories just like most of the parishioners do. And one wonders if this life style is not a lucrative business, especially for those who do not, or is not expected to pay the state any taxes.

    Who Says Churches Are Entitled To A Free Pass?

    For decades these religious organizations behaved as though they have A Divine Right to operate without due regard, or to pay Caesar his due as the Bible says. Which conflicts with the view of Jesus, who said, ‘Give Unto Caesar What Is Caesars. ‘ Meaning, pay your taxes if you do not want to be arrested and charged by Caesar’s magistrates.


  132. Gaza Youth Manifesto: powerful words from the youths of the Gaza strip. FREE PALESTINE!

    “Fuck Hamas. Fuck Israel. Fuck Fatah. Fuck UN. Fuck UNWRA. Fuck USA! We, the youth in Gaza, are so fed up with Israel, Hamas, the occupation, the violations of human rights and the indifference of the international community! We want to scream and break this wall of silence, injustice and indifference like the Israeli F16’s breaking the wall of sound; scream with all the power in our souls in order to release this immense frustration that consumes us because of this fucking situation we live in; we are like lice between two nails living a nightmare inside a nightmare, no room for hope, no space for freedom. We are sick of being caught in this political struggle; sick of coal dark nights with airplanes circling above our homes; sick of innocent farmers getting shot in the buffer zone because they are taking care of their lands; sick of bearded guys walking around with their guns abusing their power, beating up or incarcerating young people demonstrating for what they believe in; sick of the wall of shame that separates us from the rest of our country and keeps us imprisoned in a stamp-sized piece of land; sick of being portrayed as terrorists, homemade fanatics with explosives in our pockets and evil in our eyes; sick of the indifference we meet from the international community, the so-called experts in expressing concerns and drafting resolutions but cowards in enforcing anything they agree on; we are sick and tired of living a shitty life, being kept in jail by Israel, beaten up by Hamas and completely ignored by the rest of the world.

    There is a revolution growing inside of us, an immense dissatisfaction and frustration that will destroy us unless we find a way of canalizing this energy into something that can challenge the status quo and give us some kind of hope. The final drop that made our hearts tremble with frustration and hopelessness happened 30rd November, when Hamas’ officers came to Sharek Youth Forum, a leading youth organization (www.sharek.ps) with their guns, lies and aggressiveness, throwing everybody outside, incarcerating some and prohibiting Sharek from working. A few days later, demonstrators in front of Sharek were beaten and some incarcerated. We are really living a nightmare inside a nightmare. It is difficult to find words for the pressure we are under. We barely survived the Operation Cast Lead, where Israel very effectively bombed the shit out of us, destroying thousands of homes and even more lives and dreams. They did not get rid of Hamas, as they intended, but they sure scared us forever and distributed post traumatic stress syndrome to everybody, as there was nowhere to run.

    We are youth with heavy hearts. We carry in ourselves a heaviness so immense that it makes it difficult to us to enjoy the sunset. How to enjoy it when dark clouds paint the horizon and bleak memories run past our eyes every time we close them? We smile in order to hide the pain. We laugh in order to forget the war. We hope in order not to commit suicide here and now. During the war we got the unmistakable feeling that Israel wanted to erase us from the face of the earth. During the last years Hamas has been doing all they can to control our thoughts, behaviour and aspirations. We are a generation of young people used to face missiles, carrying what seems to be a impossible mission of living a normal and healthy life, and only barely tolerated by a massive organization that has spread in our society as a malicious cancer disease, causing mayhem and effectively killing all living cells, thoughts and dreams on its way as well as paralyzing people with its terror regime. Not to mention the prison we live in, a prison sustained by a so-called democratic country.

    History is repeating itself in its most cruel way and nobody seems to care. We are scared. Here in Gaza we are scared of being incarcerated, interrogated, hit, tortured, bombed, killed. We are afraid of living, because every single step we take has to be considered and well-thought, there are limitations everywhere, we cannot move as we want, say what we want, do what we want, sometimes we even cant think what we want because the occupation has occupied our brains and hearts so terrible that it hurts and it makes us want to shed endless tears of frustration and rage!

    We do not want to hate, we do not want to feel all of this feelings, we do not want to be victims anymore. ENOUGH! Enough pain, enough tears, enough suffering, enough control, limitations, unjust justifications, terror, torture, excuses, bombings, sleepless nights, dead civilians, black memories, bleak future, heart aching present, disturbed politics, fanatic politicians, religious bullshit, enough incarceration! WE SAY STOP! This is not the future we want!

    We want three things. We want to be free. We want to be able to live a normal life. We want peace. Is that too much to ask? We are a peace movement consistent of young people in Gaza and supporters elsewhere that will not rest until the truth about Gaza is known by everybody in this whole world and in such a degree that no more silent consent or loud indifference will be accepted.

    This is the Gazan youth’s manifesto for change!

    We will start by destroying the occupation that surrounds ourselves, we will break free from this mental incarceration and regain our dignity and self respect. We will carry our heads high even though we will face resistance. We will work day and night in order to change these miserable conditions we are living under. We will build dreams where we meet walls.

    We only hope that you – yes, you reading this statement right now! – can support us. In order to find out how, please write on our wall or contact us directly: freegazayouth@hotmail.com

    We want to be free, we want to live, we want peace.

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  134. January 14-2011:


    President Zine Al Abidine Ben Ali fled, leaving his Prime Minister in charge. He dissolved his Parliament after vociferous popular protest for him to resign!

    A State Of Emergency Is Now Declared.

    What Happens Next?

    I hope that this interim Prime Minister will consider facilitating a coalition of leaders, military, and civilian personnel, to convene an Interim Parliament pending elections very soon.

    Until there is a collective agreement for representatives of the people, pending a national election for Democratic rule. The situation can deteriorate even further.

    Who Is Next?

    Watch out Mr. Mubarak of Egypt. Your days are numbered too.

    Watch out Iran, your Islamic dictatorship is also on notice.

    Watch out Israel, Palestinians will be FREE by FORCE if necessary too.

    Without A Struggle, There Can Be No Victory!


  135. January 16-2011:

    Holding Our Political Leadership Accountable After The National Election!

    Guyanese, it is time you get the message. And that message is the following.

    * Whoever wins the general election this year 2011, (and I hope it is Brigadier David H. Granger), has to acknowledge that he is beholden to all Guyanese.

    * That he is employed by all Guyanese, and his salary, and those of his administrators will be paid by Guyanese tax payers.

    * And that we do not want any re-treads, or any of those individuals who was a part of the Burhnam, Jagan, and Baldeo legacy within the new political administration (PERIOD).

    * And that we (Guyanese) at home and abroad will be monitoring all that they do from day one. And will be informing (the Administration), and ourselves about methods, and actions to be used if and when necessary, to ensure that our collective wishes are met.

    These are our expectations going forward in the future after the general election is concluded, and the new administration is sworn into office.

    FURTHERMORE, No one will be excluded from our engagement, observation, accountability, and transparency either.

    We also need the new administration to work towards the provision of Fibre Optic Internet Access for all Guyanese throughout the length and breadth of Guyana. Because most Guyanese do not have access to the Internet, or cannot afford access to it.

    Resulting in them being mis-informed, mislead, and specially targeted by the political administration if office currently. By virtue of their political control, coercion, and influence of the media and local media.

    This cannot be tolerated in any Democratic society, or any society that believes in TRUE Democracy, that purports to ensure there is Freedom Of Speech, via All media outlets, Freedom Of Expression on the Streets, Press, Internet, Radio, and Television.

    This is our Resolve and Expectation going forward henceforth!

    Derryck S. Griffith.

  136. January 31-2011:


    Democracy Is Knocking At The Doors. And All Involved Had Better Listen. Power To The Peaceful!

    A Total Transformation Of The Status Quo:

    This is the desire of all Rational Thinking Egyptians. Regardless of how they are perceived by the regime’s friends and allies abroad.

    Freedom From Oppression, Police Brutality, Including The Internet, And Free And Fair Elections.

    Neighborhood Watch Groups:

    Neighborhood Watch Groups, With People In Your Immediate Neighborhood. This Can Be A Deterrent To Those Who May Want To Infiltrate Your Neighborhood To Steal, Loot, Or Rape People.

    Protect Yourselves With Strong Lances/Sticks, Personal Firearms, Mobile Phones, And Shifts Operations Throughout Night.

    Egyptian Police Brutality:

    During The Commonweal’s Protests Are Being Recorded. Hundreds Dead, Thousands Beaten and Maimed By The Police On The Streets, While A Few Are Looting To Get Food To Eat. All Of These Incidences Are Being Monitored Globally.

    President Mubarak Appoints VP:

    This Is A PLOY That Won’t Work For Him. The People Of Egypt Can See Through This Ridiculous Decision.
    Both Of These Men Are Oppressors Of The Egyptian People. And Using The Intelligence Officer Now To Help Him Hold On To Power Is Ludicrous, To Say The Least.

    The US And Egypt’s Relations:

    But the Egyptians Will Decide How The Next Administration Relations With The US Will Be. So Let The Current Protesters Continue To Do What They Have To. To Remove That Oppressive Dictator From Off Their Backs. If The US Really Cares, Then They Should Support The Democratic Process Right Now!

    Pharaoh Mubarak MUST STEP DOWN Immediately:

    Tell him that his message of PACIFICATION will not be enough to quell our demands.

    Tell him we want to meet with him, and put forward OUR Collective Demands in person via our Collective Representatives NOW.

    A National Unity Transitional Government After Mubarak Leaves!

    Egyptian opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei said on Sunday that President Hosni Mubarak must leave office today to make way for a national unity government.

    “It is loud and clear from everybody in Egypt that Mubarak has to leave today,” ElBaradei said in an interview aired on CNN. “He needs to leave today, to be followed by a smooth transition (to) a national unity government, followed by all the measures set in place for a free and fair election.”

    ElBaradei also said U.S. policy in Egypt was “losing credibility.”


  137. February 01-2011:

    Who Are The Muslim Brothers?

    Do not let the US media prejudice your views about this organization. The Muslim Brother’s Organization is a Community Based Organization which provides assistance to the needy brothers and sisters, in those impoverished communities in Egypt.

    They believe in helping each other, especially those in need, as prescribed under Islam.
    This organization does not promote terrorism, and does not indulge or condone terrorism.

    Because of their affiliation with HAMAS and Hesbullah, the western Jewish Media and Israeli influenced governments, categorize them as terrorists.


  138. February 02-2011:

    The Current Dilemma In Egypt!

    President Mubarak has refused to leave office. He promised not to campaign for office at the end of his term in September 2011.

    He has replaced officials in his government with his own acolytes, which does not help to regain confidence with the masses who are asking him to leave, along with his administration.

    The Pro-Mubarak Elements:

    Currently, pro-Mubarak elements or supporters have come on board visibly to show support for him.

    They were by and large absent during the revolution. But suddenly they are now here to support the regime.

    They probably are funded, by the regime. Coerced by the regime, or funded by Israeli elements bent on subverting the mass revolution taking place right now in Egypt.

    Finally, this turning point within the masses bring new challenges for the revolution. Because if or when the two sides clash, the Military and Police will intervene, and there will be lots of lives lost and severe injuries to thousands involved on both sides.

    This planned mayhem is what Israel was hoping for and what they are bent on causing in order to subvert the revolution’s success.

    Power To The Peaceful. The Revolution Continues To The Bitter End!


  139. February 09-2011:


    I Am Fed Up Being President (Mubarak):

    President Obama is alleged to have suggested that the military triumvirate or (the PM, The VP, and The Defense Minister), take over when Mubarak leaves. And re-write the Constitution. This would happen without civilian input or consent. And is totally un-acceptable (to say the least for this revolution).

    However, Pharaoh Mubarak will not leave voluntarily until Barack Obama Says “Enough Is Enough.” and instructs the Army there to stage a ‘coup-de-etat.’ When that is done, the military will declare that they are in charge, because president Mubarak has abdicated.

    Who Is In Charge Asks The Western Media?

    The Western media! But they fail to realize that not all revolutions confirm to the historical precedent, of a recognized Front Runner at the outset. These young, energetic, resolute, and intelligent Revolutionaries will identify and support the one, they will eventually choose to lead and speak for them.

    A Collective Leadership:

    Currently, until president Mubarak resigns officially, a group of individuals have chosen to speak for or on behalf of the revolution. When Mubarak leaves office, I presume will emerge some individual who the mass of revolutionaries will appoint to speak for, or advocate for their desires in the Interim Administration, until the National Election preparations are undertaken.

    There are fourteen individuals that represent fourteen political groups. And these are the leaders that are involved with all discussions with the Mubarak regime/government currently.

    Even though they do not have the authority or mandate from the mass of revolutionaries, who will accept nothing less than president Mubarak’s resignation before any talks can begin.

    Organizating Abilities:

    The organizing ability to deal with such large numbers of people in one place is amazing to many in the west. However, I commend your System Of Warning to fellow revolutionaries when danger approaches in Tahrir Square, from those who oppose you.

    So What Happens Next?

    This Revolution can only succeed if the military Top Brass relinquish their obligation to the USA, and tell Mubarak he has to go, or be killed if he stays. Then take over the government, ask the opposition forces to meet and form an Interim government, pending Nation Elections.

    Don’t Leave Tahrir Square:

    Hold Tahrir by any cost. The army wants you to leave so that they can have total control of it. Thus giving the Mubarak Regime the ability to prevent you from occupying that National Symbol of Freedom. If you go back home, the Internal Security Forces will round up all the Revolutionary Leadership, and have them tortured secretly.

    Mubarak’s (N.D.P.) Party Leadership Exodus:

    The TOP Leadership in President Mubarak’s Political Party have left the Party. They abandoned the ship. Fear of reprisals in the future I guess, is responsible for this sudden exodus!


    All Presidential Powers MUST Be Relinquished By President Mubarak NOW.

    The Martial Law MUST Be Lifted Permanently NOW:

    Free And Un-prohibited Access To All Media Must Be Allowed NOW.

    All Political Prisoners In Prison MUST Be Released NOW.

    A Constitutional Commission MUST Identify The Representatives NOW.

    The Revolutionary Demonstrations MUST Be Allowed To Continue.

    Our Resolve:

    WE WILL STAND FIRM, STAND UPRIGHT, STAY FOCUSSED. And will not be intimidated by anyone (foreign or domestic).

    The Revolution Continues!


  140. February 22-2011:

    Guyana’s Electoral System Of Governance Reform Ideas!

    The Presidency:

    Executive authority is exercised by the president, who appoints and supervises the prime minister and other ministers. The president is not directly elected; each party presenting a slate of candidates for the assembly must designate in advance a leader who will become president if that party receives the largest number of votes. The president has the authority to dissolve the parliament, but in contrast to nearly all parliamentary regimes, the Constitution of Guyana does not provide any mechanism for parliament to replace the president during his or her term of office, except in case of mental incapacity or gross constitutional violations. This makes Guyana an “assembly-independent” regime (Shugart and Carey 1992) much like Switzerland.

    The Prime Ministership:

    Only the prime minister is required to be a member of the assembly. In practice, most other ministers also are members. Those who are not serve as non-elected members, which permits them to debate but not to vote.The president is not a member of the National Assembly but may Address it at any time or have his address read by any member he may designate a convenient time for the Assembly. Under Guyana’s constitution the President is both the Head of State and Head of Government of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana.

    The Legislative Branch:

    Legislative power of Guyana rests in a unicameral National Assembly. In 2001 the makeup of the National Assembly was reformed. Now 25 members are elected via proportional representation from 10 Geographic Constituencies. Additionally 40 members are chosen also on the basis of proportional representation from National lists named by the political parties. The president may dissolve the assembly and call new elections at any time, but no later than 5 years from its first sitting.


    Vote Of No Confidence In The Presidency:

    The National Assembly should have the authority to conduct a vote of no confidence in the presidency, if he/she deliberately interferes with Parliamentary affairs, or indulges in behavior that may be construed by the National Parliament as personal interference or coercion. And the National Parliament should have the authority under these circumstances, to call for the resignation of the President within thirty days of receipt of such resignation. If he/she refuses to acknowledge same or resign, then the parliament should have the authority to appoint the VP, or the Speaker of the House to act as the president, pending the next general election.

    I also believe that the President should not have any say in the daily business of the National Assembly/Parliament. And that he/she should only have jurisdiction to dissolve the National Parliament, if they deliberately violate the National Constitution Of Guyana. In such a case, the president should make this observation public to the commonweal, of his/her intention to dissolve same, and solicit or appoint a few individuals to act as the Interim Government pending National Elections within sixty days.

    Regional And General Elections:

    These National Elections should be conducted on the same day. And the National Constitution should provide the Month and Day of such elections. And each county/region should have a representative from each political party or independent candidate to represent that region or county. And their names, photographs, and political party, or candidacy Must be shown on all ballots, so that voters are able to recognize who they are voting for.

    And the president will have the responsibility to announce the national elections as part of his/her responsibility, at least six months before the date prescribed in the National Constitution. And the dissolution of Parliament some time before, in order to give them or anyone adequate time to declare their intent to contest, and to canvass for the Presidency, the Vice President, Regional and National Offices, but not both.

    Terms In Office:

    No President or Prime Minister should be allowed to serve more than two five year terms consecutively. The same applies to the Elected members of Parliament too. And these term limits can only be valid from the national electorate votes at the general elections. And these national or general elections Must be held every five years.

    Candidates Electoral Debates:

    I also believe that at least TWO debates should be agreed upon by all candidates involved, to be held at an agreed Public Forum, and at a convenient time agreed upon also. These debates MUST be monitored by some politically neutral person that all the candidates agree to have do so. And with live Internet, Radio, and Television coverage instantaneously. The cost of these TWO debates Must be covered by the state, as an incentive for the Democratic process, and the commonweal’s information and enlightenment.

    Derryck S. Griffith.

      VIA Merlin Emanuel (NEPHEW)
      Family press conference,
      Tomorrow Thurs 17th March 11.30am
      in Brixton
      Gresham Road,
      right next to Police Station across the road in Mosque meeting room.
      TV and radio will be there.
      Question is will you?
      Please come to support, not abort, through foolishness.
      We’re gonna get these demons legally.

  141. USA #1! Guyana may have innovations like setting childrens’ dicks on fire with flammable liquids… Tunisia’s Ben Ali may have had the genius idea of making people explode through high-water-pressure enemas, which he passed on to his buddies Mubarak in Egypt and Gaddafi in Libya… Jamaica and Yemen may have the market covered when it comes to indiscriminately spraying the area with machine gun fire… the UK may lead when it comes to suffocating people with positional asphyxia… but when it comes to good, ole-fashioned, fists-and-boots police brutality… well, to paraphrase the blastmaster KRS-ONE, the good ole USA is “STILL NUMBER ONE.” YEEEE-HAAAAAAAW!!!!!

    Anyone out there still believe in “change we can believe in”? Sista Leslie of Africa Speaks already told ya what’s up two years ago: http://www.africaspeaks.com/leslie/200109.html

  142. March 25-2011.

    Time To Launch A Major Ground Offensive In Libya!

    Ever since the US and N.A.T.O.’s Joint Air Offensive against Col. Quadaffi’s military installations and other offensive installations against the Libyan people, the situation on the ground has developed into a major pro-Quadaffi and anti-Quadaffi confrontation. This situation has almost made the UN Security Council Resolution 1973, concerning the protection of all civilians a dilemma.

    Because once you take up arms against each other, you are no longer categorized as civilians, but as combatants!

    The Freeing Of Benghazi:

    Now that the city of Benghazi is freed of hostile forces therein, and other cities that were still occupied by pro-Quadaffi forces (mostly armed civilians/combatants). Which is getting to the point where at some point in time, if Col. Quadaffi’s forces are not defeated, or does not surrender, or stop attacking each other militarily, or Col. Quadaffi does not arrange for a truce, or resigns his position, or leaves the country, what happens next?

    This question is being asked by the Global media, and most journalists and reporters internationally. But it seems like N.A.T.O. or the US refuses to give a definite answer. Which begs the question now.

    Are we going to prolong this Civil War indefinitely? Are we (meaning NATO and the Joint Services), going to assist the opposition forces with munitions to oust him militarily?

    Are we going to inject some marines on the opposition side to assist them in the process of liberating them from Col. Quadaffi’s regime?

    Or are we going to allow the situation on the ground to reach a stalemate, wherein no one is a winner or loser, and the Colonel continues to hold on to power, hoping that his opponents give up eventually, thus leading to a mass massacre of all those who opposed him?

    Until these questions are answered by the UN, or NATO. This N.F.Z. exercise if bound to fail miserably!


  143. April 05-2011.

    TO: President Barack H. Obama.

    E-mail: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

    Dear Mr. President,

    Crimes Against Humanity In Bahrain!

    I have been watching closely on the television and Internet how the Saudi Arabian Military forces were treating the Bahrain people. Those peaceful demonstrators who from the outset, was only calling for political reforms that would allow them to have a say in the Parliament there, via Free And Fair Elections. All of these demonstrations were done Peacefully, until the Internal Security forces started using Tear Gas, and even Firing Live rounds at the demonstrators in The Roundabout Square.

    Subsequently followed by the UAE Military Incursion that further cemented these brutal acts against people who merely wanted to indulge their Human Right To Dissent In a Peaceful manner. As I watched these goings on, along with the rest of the International Community, I asked myself this question.

    Where is the United Nations when we need them, as innocent people are being killed, maimed, arrested, harassed, and imprisoned, because they chose to freely express themselves openly on the streets of Bahrain?

    Mr. President, I am deeply disappointed with you for not standing up against these atrocities, with the assertiveness that is warranted. And I am also deeply disappointed that you have not warned the Saudi’s and their UAE acolytes, to stop the killing, and show respect for the sovereignty of the Bahrain people, even if they were invited in.

    This type of incursion of any foreign military, by invitation or not, to put down any internal demonstration (peaceful or not), cannot be accepted anywhere. And would be construed by any rational thinking person as an occupation of their land by foreign forces, and a violation of their sovereignty.


    Derryck S. Griffith.

  144. May 02-2011.

    US Special Forces Killed Asama Bin Laden!

    The Head Of The Snake Is Severed.

    During the early morning of May 02, at around 1.30 am three US Special Forces Helicopters flew into a compound that was very close to a Pakistani Military Training Facility, and killed Asama Bin Laden, his wife, one son, and a few couriers at a privately owned and secured bungalo there.

    This internationally known terrorist, who allegedly had a hand in the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, was being pursued by the US ever since that attack. Former president George W. Bush assumed that Asama Bin Laden was hiding in some cave on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    But this new reality has proven to the world that he had the help, and protection of loyalists in that region, coupled with the apparent knowledge of Pakistan’s Central Inteligence too.

    For someone of his stature, height, and notoriety, to be residing so very close to a Pakistani Military Academy, in a place that is considered very residential, has proven that the above assumptions are justified.

    The Head Of The Snake Is Severed.

    But will the snake die, or will it just grow another head? Chances are it will grow another head or spiritual leader very soon. Because El Qaeda has been operating for years without the expressed directions coming directly from Asama Bin Laden.

    This organization has the resources, dedicated and committed soldiers on the grond who can operate and execute terrorist acts on their own initiative.

    However, there is fear that terrorist activities will arise very soon in retaliation of his death. I say, regardless of this justified fear, terrorists don’t need to be motivated by any singular death, for them to exploit any soft target. Terrorists will and have always exploited any opportunity to execute terrorist acts whenever the situation arose.


  145. July 28-2011.

    What Is Multiculturalism?

    Definition: The doctrine that several different cultures (rather than one national culture) can coexist peacefully and equitably in a single country. Therefore, these types of societies can also be described a Plural societies/cultures. Then what does these types of societies have to do to ensure that all ethnic/cultural groups get along well, without strife, hatred, partisanship, or stereotyping?

    If the concept of Multiculturalism is truly going to work for the benefit of the entire commonweal, then the national policies must ensure there is equity in economic opportunities, job opportunities, educational opportunities, and the acquisition open to all. Political affiliation and association allowed to all, freedom of the press, TV, Internet, radio, and other media to all, and judicial representation or habeas Corpus for all who need or seek it.

    All Are Supposedly Equal Except Others?

    In some societies if you are not a member of the major ethnic or racial group, then you are socially, politically, and sometimes considered a second class citizen. This is overtly and covertly enforced via educational quotas, regional developmental quotas in funding programs, that cater to those second class citizens, and are treated socially as inferiors.

    In the EU, and most of the other European countries currently, there is a growing trend to see all immigrants, especially Immigrants Of Color, Arabs/Muslims, as a treat to the stability of those countries. Some states within the union have already legislated against these immigrants, specifying that they wear certain attire in public places, or state owned institutions, and seek to integrate into the mainstream culture in order to be accepted.

    Right Wing Fanaticism:

    This idea promulgated by the above groups, that Whites/Caucasians are the only ones who are qualified to occupy Europe is gaining momentum. And that all foreigners to the European hemisphere are not welcomed to reside therein, without the expressed permission of the state concerned. Exceptions are those on holiday, diplomats, and other technocrats that are allowed to reside therein. And marriage between Europeans and non-Europeans must not be allowed or permitted.


  146. July 31-2011.


    But in order to start the process of reduction, the US would have to INCUR more debt, by increasing it. Sounds Contradictory to say the least. But that is what both parties are expected to agree on by Tuesday next.


    YOU HAVE THE POWER & AUTHORITY TO DO SO! By The Pen. The President Can And Must Invoke 31 USC 3102 To Pay Our National Debts.

    Direct authority for the President to by pass the refusal of Congress to pay for its own appropriations bills is actually found in 31 USC 3102, not some broad reading of the 14th Amendment.

    The Peacock Dance In Washington DC:

    Do not be fooled by the charade display between the Republicans and the Democrats. They do this dance every four years, to mislead, frighten, and cajole the American people with their lies and deceit.

    However, they will do what is expected eventually, after all of the childish nonsense!


  147. Chutney singer Mahendra Ramkellawan was on Tuesday remanded to prison charged for allegedly beating his wife.The Eccles, East Bank Demerara resident appeared before Magistrate Leslie Sobers at the Providence Magistrate’s Court.

    According to police, on August 18, the popular “Dem Ah Watch Meh” singer assaulted his wife, Samantha Ramkellawan so as to cause her actual bodily harm.

    He pleaded not guilty to the charge.

    When the case was first called Tuesday morning, Ramkellawan was not present and the magistrate threatened to issue an arrest warrant if he did not show up before court ended for the day. However, the singer later appeared in court and will return today for the continuation of the matter.

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  149. Hamids in guyana insurance fraud and cocaine dealer…first farouk hamid business burned down..got bigger and better.second shaheed 4 storeys nazir hamid got bigger also.how did they get approved for the insurance money when it was mentioned that their name was not listed as the owners.where is the owners answer kids ..why are they not here.location canada..was canada giving free citizenship to the hamids family.ummm if they to ever get caught their business cannot be taken away why because the kids are the owner.business protected..why hide the kids because they will not get murder kidnapped nor gun down.most of the hamids kids in canada is girls.protecting if was start.

    • I agree with this and yes their kids is located in canada i actually know some of these girls ..funny i was at palm at a social gathering and we were talking about fire.Their name came as a topic and i mention some of your points.If you look for their name on face book you can actually locate them. I think farouk hamid one of his girl is married the last time we checked at palm court. My friends was amazed that i was right.and who do they know navin santosh shivraj all these people .

  150. haha what you think they will not know them the younger generation will know the drugs lord also.the family fix them with their own type of people.not like us poor family.who is she married to one of the drug dealer son also.i wouldnt be surprise.only in guyana

  151. L that is so true let me f*c*k one of hamid daughter i will bet you i will be in the family.they need me in their family because i would not let go haha.i am poor and also proud.their is alot more of rich people in guyana.didnt nazir get arrested for frauding custom and farouk got a private jet to medvac him out when he was sick.if it was one of us we would of suffer.when my dad read it in the newspaper he was like what a waste of page.some journalist wrote first jet to land in guyana and to pick up some one who is sick how he rass afford that and not sharma manniram jadgeo.sharma took ordinary plane to trinidad.hamid took jet to miami

  152. December 19-2011.


    For all of those who were killed unjustly while protesting peacefully under the Jagdeo administration.

    The Commissioner Of Police too, MUST be investigated by an IMPARTIAL Commission of people chosen by the commonweal to investigate his Crimes Against Humanity and fellow Guyanese, and to do so with great speed.

    This is what is expected from the new political administration in office. And this is what is expected for Transparency, Fairness, Justice, and the Rule Of Law in Guyana.

    We The People are watching, waiting, and expect expeditious action be taken on these matters from the Office Of The President of Guyana NOW.

    Derryck S. Griffith.

  153. January 16-2012.

    Guyana Police Commissioner Henry Greene’s Investigation!

    If The Guyana Police Commissioner Henry Greene is found guilty by the Jamaican Police investigators,
    Then he MUST answer to these charges in a Court Of Law, Preferably in Jamaica too!

    I presumed that the motive behind the Jamaican Police Investigating this allegation was to have an Impartial Investigative team.

    However, I also hope that these findings (are merely for information gathering), and MUST be treated as such.

    And if the Guyana Attorney General’s Office feel there is TANGIBLE evidence to warrant an arrest. Then they should follow the established protocols for so doing.
    Finally, I don’t expect that the Guyana government will allow this matter to be handled outside it’s jurisdiction legally either.

  154. March 08-2012.

    TO: The Editor. kaieteurnews@yahoo.com

    State Computer Laptop Training In Guyana!

    I am appalled to hear that he government has defaulted on the payment to several people slated to teach recipients how to use this utility.

    I strongly feel that such training could be done at certain centralized facilities, that can accommodate large numbers of people, and using the video screen teaching technology, to explain how it is used in weekly or at weekend sessions.

    Trainers can be given a stipend/fee for their work, ( after completing their slated sessions), or the training exercises.

    Trainers MUST also be proficient in Computer operating skills, Windows, Internet access and usage.

    And ensure that all who sign on to teach these skills are dependable, has the necessary verbal skills to teach the recipients, and are committed to this venture.

    They must be monitored on the job (as such), and removed if or when found to be behaving inappropriately in their mannerisms, intolerant, or dis-respectful to those they teach.


  155. March 11-2012.

    What Humans Call Justice Is Revenge!

    In the days of yore, or in lawless societies, every individual was responsible for his/her own safety. People were expected to protect themselves and their immediate families for harm. So they armed themselves the best way the can.

    When someone threatened you, they had better be prepared to follow through with that threat, because the person threatened took it seriously and prepared to defend himself.

    Duels between men became fashionable as a way to get EVEN with someone who accused you of so wrong doing unfairly, of mischief, or blackmailed you, and tainted your dignity or personal honor.

    The Rule Of Law:

    When the rule of law took the place of personal revenge, the Courts played the role of Mediator for revenge. Lawyers, Magistrates, Judges, and Prosecutors, are the ones who profit from personal vendettas or squabbles between people.

    This became the establishment that took root, and is now the institution which determines who goes to jail, jailed for life, or is pardoned, who pays a fine, or who dies for his or her alleged crimes.

    Soldiers And Civilians:

    When a soldier is ordered to kill for his country, he/she does so with the state’s permission or consent. It does not matter what reason is given for this order. The soldier is expected to comply with that directive. The same with the ordinary civilian who kills for some personal reason, for revenge, or to get even. They all have a justifiable reason for so doing.

    But the civilian is not allowed to kill, because the Courts will be put out of business if this is allowed to continue. And both soldier and civilian have to live with these deaths on his/her conscience until death. But nobody gives a dam really, because that is what society is conditioned to think, and to accept as reality.


  156. March 25-2012.

    To: The Editor.

    Ref: Pensioners And N.I.S. Benefits!

    As far as I am aware, the N.I.S. Retirement Pension Qualification Optimum is 750 paid contributions @ 1989.

    I also feel that in keeping with rising food costs, health care costs, and other daily needs and expenses, especially for pensioners.

    Increasing the N.I.S. Retirement Pension premium is absolutely necessary.

    As for the other benefits like Invalidity, Hospitalization, and Funeral/Burial Cost Benefits.

    These too should be reviewed, and some increases be considered too.


    Derryck S. Griffith.

  157. March 25-2012:

    TO: The Editor.

    Justice Must Be Done Or Seem To Be Done!

    If president Donald Ramotar is not inclined to pursue corruption investigation about the dealings of his predecessor Jagdeo. Then the commonweal MUST ensure that he does so with some haste. Until this matter is addressed, the people will be inclined to believe that justice will never be done, and their quest for ‘Turning The Page’ and moving forward with a CLEAN slate, is just a passing fancy with this new administration.

    In any true or developing Democracy mistakes will be made, privileges taken, and elected officials will try to ensure they are not held accountable to the people who hired them in the first place to manage the affairs of state.

    However, with vigilance, engagement from the masses, transparency from above, and resolve from below. This matter and all other matters of injustice alleged by the commonweal MUST be pursued unwaveringly.

    Failing to do these things, ensures the continuance of all those irregularities, and ills the people fought assiduously to eradicate from our midst and government.


    Derryck S. Griffith

  158. all i have to say is mind yall own blasted business and better yourselves and the life u living, stopping looking @ what the government, President or whoever else doing…you’ll go nowhere trying to peep yuh neighbour business…if anyone of you was to be in the ministers or president shoe, u would have done the same and full yuh pockets and set yuh family straight, so stop trying to pretend to good Samaritan and start doing some good for yourself and mind your own dam business.

    • Hello,

      Individuals like you, with your selfish and greedy mentality should be tried in a military court.

      And if found guilty as charged, taken out and shot in the head.

      That would be a lesson for all those who feel that steeling from the common people is the way to gain wealth.


  159. April 03-2012.

    TO: The Editor. kaieteurnews@yahoo.com

    Ref: The world can be dangerous for sexually active men

    Sexually Active Men & Women In Public Office!

    It Is all About Ethics:

    Without stated and acceptable ethical guidelines, it would be very difficult to hold Public Officials accountable for their sexual activities outside of legal marriage, for acceptable public behavior.

    If you are a married man or woman, it is naturally expected that you behave in such a manner befitting that role, and the obligation expected from you to maintain proper moral behavior.

    Of course, if you are Muslim, you may feel that your religion allows you to have several wives or mistresses, and may conflict with Christian values or morality.

    Therefore, if you are Muslim, and subscribe to the view that having several wives or mistresses is what you believe and subscribe to, let it be known publicly, or before accepting an elected Public Office.

    Personal Values And Public Expectations:

    No one should be held accountable to the public if he/she is unfaithful to his/her spouse. That matter is strictly personal and private. But if word gets out to the media about this, it should be declared by the alleged party that such matter is private, and will not be entertained publicly.

    However, if an elected Public Official’s personal behavior interferes with his/her Public Duties or functions. Then the commonweal MUST ask that he/she be relieved of his/her duties, pending an investigation or resignation.




    I still cannot fathom to whom are these allegations levelled. And the evidence to substantiate these claims of impropriety.

    At least the reader aught to have some substance for any interest to be induced, or action taken.

    Speculations will not do it for me.


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