raymond azeez – another criminal exposed at NCN guyana

raymond azeez - ncn marketing managerNCN’s Marketing Manager, Raymond Azeez cannot explain why he’s hoaring large sums of american currency, guyana dollars, gold and milk powder in his office. someone in the office caught wind of the stash and stole it. with a straight face azeez called in the police to intimidate and interrogate the cleaning staff and other personnel at NCN.

propaganda press understands raymond “lost” in excess of one million dollars. old habits die hard and criminal activities are ongoing at NCN guyana long after the fall of yog mahadeo Continue reading


transport for the property @camp & lamaha street georgetown guyana

one of our agents pulled this out of patrick sukhlall files.

this transport for the property at camp and lamaha street georgetown
is for the building shown below. it has since been taken over by the chinese triads. i.e the chinese mafia. bai shan lin is also in on the money via khurshid sattur and the guyana revenue authority. nice pay as you go parking lot they building there.

patrick sukhlall and sharda sukhlall are big fronts and money launderers
meanwhile basil persaud , mahadai lalu and the other gangsters at the guyana santan dharma maha sabha doing pretty good for themselves

yog mahadeo towers @ lamaha and camp - arian browne photo

Yog Mahadeo tries again to disown property on camp & lamaha street

yog mahadeo towers - camp & lamaha, georgetown guyana

yog mahadeo towers  – camp & lamaha, georgetown Guyana file foto. building is now complete and rented to  the Chinese triads under the new thriving banner

A manager at New Thriving Restaurant, Qiyuan Zhang, told this newspaper yesterday that the paperwork for the tenancy has been signed up and work is to soon commence to prepare the building for occupancy and to make it suited for the purposes of a restaurant and hotel.
“We have signed off the contract [with yog & company]. We have to now set up the building to suit [the purposes of] restaurant and hotel,” said Qiyuan. “This will take a couple of months,” he added. Continue reading

Yog Mahadeo denies owning building @ camp & lamaha

yog mahadeo towers - camp & lamaha, georgetown guyana

yog mahadeo towers – camp & lamaha, georgetown guyana

Yog Mahadeo
February 14
This is almost too funny to be true!
Government People and some Disturbed souls are saying that I own this building at camp&lamaha. Some ppl inboxed, offering to rent and to even provide elevator!!! Then some threatened me!

It would be good if it were true….maybe the true owner should send me the transport since they let everyone think it is mine!
This is hilarious and damned serious!

To those who asked and those who threatened….please be informed that the building at Camp & Lamaha St has NOTHING to do with me. I have NO interest in it, neither financial nor personal interest. Not even human interest!

AND, guys, I do not let anyone front for me on anything; if I want to do something, I do it myself.
Check this link on gtnewsonline……. Seriously guys, tell the owner to send me the transport! I could do with it.

Meanwhile, the only company I am affiliated with is Inspire Inc.

yog mahadeo building a massive structure in guyana

yog mahadeo towers - camp & lamaha, georgetown guyana

yog mahadeo towers – camp & lamaha, georgetown guyana

like jagdeo’s mansions, we hear there’s a rational explanation to this. it has nthing to do with the side business yog was running at gt&t which eventually got him fired

yog just happens to be across the street from vishook persaud & his e-networks

yog mahadeo is like the great mahatma says divya

jagdeo vishook persaud yog mahdeo wystan robertson

jagbatty & vishook laughing at Guyanese with yog mahdeo. wystan robertson ponders. circa 2010

by Divya
Ever since I saw Yoga, I felt that he was no ordinary man.Upon his resignation I come to realize the greatness of this individual. His final statement is a language of high level only which few souls can interpret.Yoga, i’ have been watching you closely and I know your strength and your greatness,I understand everything but no need to worry. The great Mahatma said that if you are the only one speaking truth never be afraid for truth will always triumph over false.
My Son, my soul can understand the hurts of good souls but I must re assure you that God is with you every moment and that you will rise to greater levels but never give up.The same tongues that blaspheme you will praise you. The same hands that stone you will so much crave your touch..
Today as I write these few words your mother is so much lingering in my heart for I learnt of your upbringing through the Mahadeo family’s video and I know that you are a virtuous man but never forget that great souls suffer most since their will be a message behind their life.
Yoga my son. you are learning this world through the crudest way. Bad things happen because of the silence of good souls.Today I speak out with authority that these words will touch the relevant hearts and that quickly correction can be made for it will surely bring destruction not only to those who are the mastermind but also to a company that once stand tall .
Ungratefulness is a great sin. You have given your best, you have spent beyond hours , you were trying to enhance the lives of people, trying to bring out talents, trying to assist in making your country a better place,you were promoting culture and bringing your people together, You wanted to give back something to those who gave so much to your company. Yoga you have seen great growth under your leadership but now i call on you to re energize and find great strength in these words of mine..It is my hope that someday they will search for you to regain that which they will loose , I hope that you will be able to place aside all your hurts and get back on board to prove to all that you are indeed a man of great virtues..
Long live Yoga. Long live the Mahadeo family name. Long live men of Virtues…Long live great souls.

Jai Shri Ram
Jai Maa.
. Mother

yog mahadeo farewell letter – could face US federal prosecution for fraud


our US agents say federal prosecutors are looking into yog mahadeo and gt&t which is a US registered company

“A good leader must be strong and responsible for everything, both good and bad.

“There comes a time in life when one has to take responsibility for things around him regardless of what those things are. Across the world, people in public life have stepped down whenever there is any degree of uncertainty or wrong doing by anyone under their watch.

“Over the past two years we have together taken GT&T to heights that were unimaginable. However everything comes to an end one day and while I had paid careful attention to the entire company’s image and built our public profile, the inner controls were slipping.

:”Currently, the board has advised me that there has been some lapse of internal control. Since this has happened under my watch, and since I have always held true to my principles, I have taken the decision to step down from my role at the company and to resign from any post at GT&T. This decision was tendered to the board last night.

“Under the circumstances, I must reflect on a number of years in which I dared to dream, to think out of the box and to deliver activities and events never seen before. I am proud of my achievements at this company – which some were of course naturally unhappy with.

“Through the years, I have built a lot of bridges for the company. I have crossed swords, I have argued, I have created and of course once day it shall end.

“I must say I am proud to have given Guyana the Ten/10 competition.

” I am proud to have given you many many bold and new things, too many to mention.

“My eyes have oft mist over when I reflect on Ten/10, FastBall, Jingle&Song Bollywood competition, ColorFest, Gospel Concert, Cinderella, National Spelling Bee, Berbice Rebellion, Feel the beat, Text, Talk, Topup, Dollar talk, Gameshow, Dora, Text-me, Wrestling, Easterfest, Beres Hammond, Donnie McClurkin, Shilpa Shetty, Night of love, Magical night of Christmas, Know-your-stuff competition, Switch-it-upp.

“There were also Diwali on the streets, Quaseeda competition and a whole lot more. Our presence at previous Building Exposition, GuyExpo, BikersFest , Motor racing and other such events were imaginative and extraordinary.

“I am also proud to have walked through villages and made new friends – Buxton, Corriverton, west coast, Bartica, – all over – I love you all. So many people lives have touched me and I have touched and along the journey, I have earned lots of love from a lot of persons. I have literally taken GT&T to every door. Under my watch, the company’s data subscribers grew from 5,000 to 21,000. I have opened doors to customers who never thought they would be with GT&T.

“In the process, I have experienced immense joy in giving out a lot of tokens and t-shirts and caps and other things to people are in need.

“We reached new horizons and created new visions.

“Today I hold my head high as I chose to step aside. I have been proud to have been your friend and brother, your colleague and compatriot. The new team will chart its own course. I will continue to look out for GT&T and will continue to be proud of any new achievement. I thank the entire company for their support over the years and wish the new team well. I will be available over the next couple of weeks to ensure that everything is handed over to the new team. I wish to publicly state and show support for Joe and Sonita and to say, you are in their hands.

“Now, having worked for two years at top speed, 12-14 hours per day, each day of the week, I must say that look forward to once more going for evening walks at the seawall, going to mandir, going to the supermarket and finally spending some time with Yoga.

“I thank you all; thanks to those who have loved and loved to hate.

“The ride was fun. I enjoyed every moment of it. Now, I will look to the future to other dreams and visions I have had and to continue to help our noble task of building this beautiful country of ours.”