Guyana Death squad leader ronald gajraj sues gail teixeira Over Wikileaks Statements

ppp crime family inc. imploding spectacularly. 

NewsSourceFormer Minister of Home Affairs under the PPP Civic administration, Ronald Gajraj, is suing PPP Member of Parliament and former Home Affairs Minister, Gail Teixeira, and the Guyana Chronicle over revelations recently released in leaked US government documents from 2005.

In the lawsuit which was filed in the Supreme Court on Tuesday, Gajraj, who also served as Guyana’s High Commissioner to India, is claiming that his character was defamed as a result of “certain callous slanders” allegedly spoken by Teixeira and published in the Guyana Chronicle on November 17 based on the WikiLeaks cables.
He wants $10 Million dollars for “defamation” of his character by the two.
He also wants $10 Million from the Guyana Chronicle for publishing the statements which he considered libelous and he is seeking additional damages in excess of $10 Million from both Teixeira and the Guyana Chronicle.
Mr. Gajraj has also filed an injunction against the Guyana Chronicle from further publishing the statements contained in the official US documents.

the cable causing all the stir

Date:2005 December 28, 23:20 (Wednesday) Canonical ID:05GEORGETOWN1349_a
Original Classification:SECRET Current Classification:SECRET
Classified By: Charge d,Affaires Michael D. Thomas for reason 1.4(b) an
d (d)

1. (U) SUMMARY. Charge, Deputy Consul, and PolOff met with
Minister of Home Affairs Gail Teixeira on December 23.
Teixeira had requested a Consular briefing on trends in fake
Guyanese civil documents detected by the Consular Section.
Teixeira also described problems with control of the visa
process in Guyana’s foreign missions, including those in
India, China, Israel, and Africa. Teixeira also discussed
voter registration problems that continue to dog the Ministry
of Home Affairs (MHA) (septel). END SUMMARY.

No Control Over Birth, Marriage Registrations
2. (C) Charge, Deputy Consul, and PolOff met with Minister
Teixeira at the MHA on December 23. Teixeira had asked
Ambassador last month to send a Consular Officer to brief her
on fraudulent birth and marriage certificates issued by the
General Register Office (GRO) that had been detected by the
Consular Section. Teixeira was particularly worried that she
is not getting full and accurate details on these incidents
in the briefings GRO gives her. Deputy Consul described the
problematic birth and marriage certificates submitted to the
Consular Section in Immigrant Visa cases, which appear to
have been genuinely issued using GRO paper and seals, but
which were not obtained in accordance with Guyanese law. The
clear implication is that GRO is issuing civil documents

3. (SBU) Birth certificates. In a common example, someone
whose original birth certificate does not list a father is
able to obtain a new certificate from GRO that includes the
purported father’s name. Teixeira confirmed this was not
legal without the father at least going to court and
accepting paternity.

4. (SBU) Marriages. Guyanese marriage certificates state
whether the marriage is by license, by notice, or by banns.
The latter two methods require both the bride and groom to be
in Guyana for weeks before the marriage. In Guyana’s
widespread business marriages, the Guyanese-American
petitioner will usually remain in the country less than a
week and use an unscrupulous marriage officer to wed them and
obtain a certificate. Texeira confirmed these quick visit
marriages are invalid if done by notice or banns.

5. (C) Minister Teixeira expressed what seemed to be genuine
displeasure with these improperly or unlawfully issued civil
documents involving GRO. She explained how she is already
trying to fix the problem. She has confronted GRO about
similar incidents but to date GRO has denied responsibility
for the fraudulent documents. However, the evidence is too
convincing now — the paper stock, seal, and signatures of
these certificates are all genuine. Regarding marriages,
Teixeira has revoked the license of one marriage officer and
is scrutinizing the entire marriage license process. She has
also required the GRO to implement basic management controls
over controlled items, such as locking up the seal when not
in use and inventorying and securing supplies of blank
certificates. She also asked Deputy Consul to keep her
apprised on a monthly basis of problems encountered with GRO
issued documents.

Trying to Control Who Comes In and Who Stays Out
——————————————— —
6. (C) Teixeira mentioned several suspicious visa cases on
her plate. She said this flow of people wanting to enter
Guyana on unlikely pretenses could relate to trafficking in
persons, the gold and diamond industries, arms smuggling, or
terrorist links. She said she would like to work with USG to
prevent these activities. She takes some files immediately
to the Guyana Police Force’s Special Branch for them to check
Interpol databases or any other sources, since the Ministry
has no computer resources to conduct such checks.
7. (C) Following up on the November 17 meeting’s discussion
of Indian tour operators (reftel), Teixeira said she is
taking a hard line with tour operators applying for visas for
large groups of young, single, businessmen purportedly
traveling to Guyana for tourism. Almost every set of
applicants included an older man with an Indian passport
issued at a location outside of India (such as Beirut or
Frankfurt). Teixeira has compiled a case file with passport
numbers for each of these tour group applicants. In early
December, a new tour operator appeared requesting visas for
another group of “tourists”. Teixeira forwarded the
operator’s supposed e-mail address to the Indian High
Commission, which determined the address was fictitious.

8. (C) Teixeira described a court case involving a group of
Indians waylaid in Guyana before trying to enter the U.S. or
Canada illegally. In what she said is a typical scam, their
families probably paid human smugglers to take them to
“America”. After bringing the group to Guyana (in the
“Americas”) the smugglers then demand additional payments for
onward transport to the U.S. or Canada. In the case at hand,
one man escaped and went to the Indian High Commission.
Three Indians are now in protective custody as witnesses but
the authorities will not be able to keep them much longer.
Teixeira does not know how these three entered Guyana. She
admitted she is unsure what she is dealing with but this case
is just the “tip of the iceberg”.

9. (S) Teixeira described the steps she has taken to curtail
irresponsible, or corrupt, consular operations at Guyana’s
diplomatic posts. She said she encountered “great resistance
in foreign missions trying to tighten up on visa issuances”
and lamented that the MFA and other ministries do not
understand that visa officers overseas are an important part
of the country’s security apparatus. All diplomatic missions
are supposed to send visa issuance reports to the MHA, but
the Ministry receives them six weeks after the fact when the
travelers have already either transited Guyana or have
arrived and disappeared.

— Teixeira said she has managed to bring Beijing visa
operations under control. Guyana has ceased issuing visas
for Chinese to join their families in Guyana, although
Chinese are still granted visas to work in the timber and
sugar industries (Note: China is financing a US$100 million
restructuring of Guyana’s sugar industry. End note.) She
said that a corrupt system operated in China involving the
mission and the Ministry. Now, the mission in Beijing can
only deal with bilateral cooperation and investment issues.

— In response to Charge’s question, Teixeira said the visa
situation in India is “manageable”. All visa applications
from South India come to the MHA in Georgetown for
adjudication, allowing for greater scrutiny. She believes
South Indians who want a Guyanese visa would not travel all
the way to New Delhi to apply in person at the High
Commission there. In response to Charge’s direct question
about visa operations at Guyana’s Embassy in New Delhi,
Teixeira said “Delhi doesn’t deal with us”. When the
conversation turned to Delhi, the normally animated Teixeira
slowed down and spoke carefully and deliberately. She was
noticeably less forthcoming about the situation in Delhi than
about any other topic during the two and a half hour meeting.
However, she did suggest twice that her relationship with
the Delhi Embassy was dictated by orders from higher
authority. (Note: Teixeira’s predecessor as Minister of Home
Affairs, Ronald Gajraj, was implicated in death squad
activity and was forced to resign under pressure from the US
and other donors after he admitted to consorting with and
illegally granting gun licenses to known murders. Gajraj has
now taken up appointment in New Delhi as Guyana’s High
Commissioner to India. End note.)

— Texeira said Guyana’s embassy in Suriname and Guyana’s
honorary consuls (particularly in Africa and Israel) are now
her biggest problems on the visa front.

10. (S) In Teixeira’s words, Guyana does not have an
immigration policy. There is little control over visa
issuance. Immigration authorities cannot control or keep
track of who enters the country. The government loses
immigration cases in court. Deportation is expensive and
often ineffective. In the past, all immigration decisions
contained a note that refused applicants could appeal
directly to the Minister, a practice Teixeira said she had
abolished. Teixeira said disorder in the immigration process
is embarrassing to the government and the GoG wants to do
something about it. But President Jagdeo is also concerned
about profiling travelers by race or nationality — an image
he does not want to project.

Corruption Interferes Constantly
11. (S) During the meeting, Teixeira acknowledged there “was
quite a lot of corruption in the immigration division”. She
has tried to deal with it by firing many employees in the
Ministry. However, she fears that these corrupt former
employees will sell their knowledge of the system and ability
to forge documents. For example, she said the former MHA
Security Policy Coordinator, Sultan Kassim, is “very closely
linked to a number of networks, particularly the Chinese” and
described a slush fund financed by Brazilian fees for work
permits that Gajraj and Kassim had run. Unable to pin any
direct evidence of illegal activity on Kassim, Teixeira said
she had dealt with him by sending him on long-term leave.

12. (S) Teixeira stated that while corruption also existed in
the police force and GRO, the corruption of justices and
magistrates was the most worrying. She said all Guyanese
know which cases, magistrates, and lawyers are tainted by
corruption. As a result, the government cannot win important
convictions. Similarly, she said everyone knows who the
“drug lawyers” are, but the local bar association is too
feeble to disbar anyone.

Still Uneasy about American Religious Groups and Airstrips
——————————————— ————-
13. (C) Teixeira reiterated the concern she raised at the
previous meeting about the Seventh Day Aviation medical group
operating in Guyana. She said a different group now wants to
build an airstrip in the Rupununi hinterland. This group has
suddenly expanded from one priest with an aircraft in the
late 1990s to a group of around 20 missionaries whose
projects always involve airstrips. Teixeira emphasized the
government’s desire for fewer rural airstrips, given their
link to narco-trafficking, and its policy of destroying some
of them. She thinks these American religious groups are
somehow taking advantage of the Amerindian villages that host
them. However, besides referring to reports of drug drops at
one location, she shared no evidence of possible sinister
activity on the missionaries’ part.

Request for Assistance
14. (U) Teixeira made two requests for assistance.

— First, she would like to computerize the civil document
process (all birth, marriage, and death certificates are now
handwritten) and create scanned archival copies of all old
records. She said two groups are submitting proposals to do
this but she does not have the money to implement the
project. Teixeira noted that this major project will have to
wait until after the 2006 elections.

— Second, Teixeira asked for assistance in auditing the
GRO’s internal control procedures and in training GRO
personnel to better understand and manage the critical
security component to their jobs. She would like such
training to culminate in new standard operating procedures
for GRO’s activities.

15. (C) This meeting further confirmed that Teixeira
genuinely wants to fight the corruption and inefficiency that
have a crippling effect on her broad portfolio (including
GRO, immigration, the attorney general and the courts, and
the police force). Long-standing smuggling routes that
transfer illegal migrants from India, Pakistan, and China
through Guyana to the U.S. and Canada are ideal for
exploitation by terrorists and others who would do us harm.
Thus, it would be strongly in U.S. interest to find ways to
assist Teixeira in vetting suspect visa applications and
tightening control of civil documents.
16. (C) Unfortunately, although Teixeira criticizes her
predecessor Gajraj’s imperious, direct control over the
Ministry’s workings, she has only slightly loosened the reins
of control herself. This may reflects her very valid
concerns over both corruption and competence within the MHA,
or the PPP’s habit of centralized decision-making and
micro-management. The fact that she involves herself
personally in sensitive visa applications supports either
hypothesis. Another possibility is that the position has
overwhelmed her. Post rates Teixeira highly as an honest,
forthright interlocutor. However, more than a few Guyanese
insiders think of her as a lightweight better suited to her
previous position as Minister of Youth, Culture, and Sport.


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Jagdeo & Ramroop cant stop Kaieteur News from exposing their crimes – Glenn Lall

mob boss Ranjisinghi Ramroop aka boobie, jagdeo’s girlfriend

Guyana Times over a prolonged period, has been leveling scurrilous attacks against Kaieteur News, its publisher, Glenn Lall and its Editor-in-Chief Adam Harris.
These attacks began when the newspaper uncovered rampant corruption involving some sister companies of the Guyana Times.
Kaieteur News also questioned the operations of owner of Guyana Times and a host of companies owned by Dr. Ranjisinghi Ramroop, former President Bharrat Jagdeo’s best friend.
Last week, the newspaper reported on some deals between the New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation owned by Ramroop, and the Ministry of Health.
These revelations have now spurred the libelous attacks by Guyana Times. Observers say that they are designed to stop Lall and Harris from reporting on the questionable dealings involving Ramroop and the government.
Mr. Lall said that Guyana Times is indulging in the belief that if one tells a lie often enough some of it will stick in the minds of some.
The big lie that Guyana Times keeps peddling daily is that Mr. Lall was involved in “alien smuggling”. Jagdeo, while he was president, told Harris that he would produce someone whom Lall smuggled, that the person would return to Guyana to testify. He even asked the police to mount an investigation. There was nothing to investigate.
Lall has denied ever being involved in “alien smuggling”. The efforts by Guyana Times to add this comment to WikiLeaks is also a sick ploy. There was no such report in the WikiLeaks documents. Guyana Times is fabricating reports.
Kaieteur News had reported that one of the owners of Guyana Times is Bharrat Jagdeo. Jagdeo never denied. However, he became angry when Lall confronted him at Office of the President about the fake invoice used to import the Guyana Times printing press. That invoice is still in the custody of Kaieteur News.
Lall said that after this confrontation he was approached with the offer of substantial bribe to shut him up. He angrily rejected the offer and caused more hate from the Jagdeo camp.
Ever since that confrontation and the exposure of the manner in which Ramroop acquired the Sanata Complex, Jagdeo and Ramroop have set out to tarnish Lall’s reputation and to damage Kaieteur News.
Mr. Lall said that he was not inclined to respond to the falsehoods in Guyana Times because, as he put it, the newspaper is insignificant. He said that the newspaper was hoping that Lall would sue, or respond, thus helping it to get some recognition and boost its circulation.
Guyana Times has been repeating the same story without change almost every day.
Mr. Lall said that that was the main reason for him totally ignoring the paper. He said that he learnt that tactic from the late David de Caires of Stabroek News.
He said that he will never sue Guyana Times, nor will he respond to the newspaper again.
He stressed that the wholesale corruption in Guyana under Jagdeo that is being exposed is attracting the publication.
Mr. Lall said that he and Kaieteur News have only now started to expose the corruption and nothing that Jagdeo or Ramroop with their Guyana Times do, will stop him.
“I have evidence to show that they are not only among the richest in the region, but that they have already set up to own and control the bulk of Guyana. The Guyanese nation must know what played out under that man (Jagdeo)’s rule. The things they have done to the people of this country are what you would associate with selfishness, wickedness and greed.”

glen lall, dead man walking? Guyana cocaine wars continues

the informant?

Name: ++++++++
Comment: Glen Lall is shitting his pants now. I have informed the owner of a local cambio dealership of Glen Lall’s snitching ways and gave the leaked letters to some drug pushers in Campelville. Glen Lall is a dead fucking man. He is an informant and fucked up Roger Khan (Guyana’s saviour) runnings by snitching every detail to the US Feds while there was an arrest warrant for Roger Khan in 2006. Glen Lall’s friend told the feds that Roger Khan was in Suriname at one of his export bases. Glen Lall paper always revealing information about Roger Khan. Glen Lall should allow his wife Bhena Lall to reveal her pokey and let Roger Khan goons fire shot up her pokey.
Roger Khan coming back to Guyana before 2018, believe that. Glen Lall pray that Roger Khan doesn’t find out that he snitched everything to the feds that made Roger get extradited to the USA to face gun charges. Frederick Kissoon is guilty for publishing information about Roger Khan’s trial.

Glen Lall and Freddie Kissoon going to die sooner than later. They’re fucking rats.
Christopher Ram getting his dosage. He skunt think that blocking any website that exposes his information by reporting that its libel is pissing the fuck out of many people. Christopher Ram is a fucking rat by reporting to the ACCA the business of the cambio dealers. Christopher Ram should die. His whole family house should burn down. Just wait until Roger Khan comes out.

Glen Lall wrote his will today:

“Any act that can incite others to kill or seriously injure someone can be considered part of a process of procurement for murder. This is a criminal offence.
It is therefore the duty of the law enforcement agencies that are often quick to haul persons before the courts for seditious statements, to caution those who have over the past days been pedaling falsities aimed at setting the underworld against the publisher of this newspaper.
The excuse that a report needs to be made is unacceptable. When certain statements were deemed seditious years ago, no one bothered about waiting on a report. Certain statements are now in the public domain. They can have the effect of inciting violence against the publisher of this newspaper and they constitute a criminal act.
Those responsible must be asked to answer for these statements that they have been pedaling.
The statements masquerading as news can have only one effect. They are aimed at suggesting that the publisher of this newspaper is a snitch and has fingered persons involved in the narcotics trade. This is a rotten lie which does not approximate to anything mentioned in the documents released by WikiLeaks. The cables sent by the local embassy make no such assertion and to therefore spin what has been said in order to punish the publisher of this newspaper is not only reckless, but criminal.
The statements have the potential to cause harm to the publisher by inciting retaliation by persons in the underworld.
Those behind this invidious campaign ought to be more concerned with those identified within the cables as reliable interlocutors. There have been denials from persons within the administration about supplying information to the local embassy staff. There have been denials that anything was ever said by those who were said to be interlocutors.
This vendetta against Glenn Lall is however not about diverting attention from those accused within the cables of being interlocutors or those also accused of informing the US embassy about impending charges against persons. In any court in the United States, the allegation that the United States embassy was told before hand about an impending charge as means of impressing the embassy about the seriousness with which certain matters are being pursued, would lead to an action for acquittal of any conviction made.
Those behind the incitement to harm Glenn Lall should also be concerned by revelations which tend to suggest that a certain senior law enforcement officer was allegedly requesting assistance from a foreign country without the seeming knowledge of the local government. Requests for foreign assistance are supposed to be handled through the government, and in most instances, through the foreign ministry. It is highly unusual for a public official to be directly approaching a foreign power asking for specific assistance. These allegations, the interlocutors, the release of information to a foreign power about an impending prosecution, and the direct request for assistance, need to be investigated.
Instead of doing these things, though, there are forces that are bent on using the release of the cables as a pretext for a new assault against the Kaieteur News.
The attacks on Kaieteur News are not new. There have been numerous attempts to pressure this newspaper and those behind this vendetta know that once Glenn Lall has an ounce of life left in him, he will never give in to any pressure.
But to take the campaign against him to the point of inciting violence against his person constitutes an all-time low, not just in Guyana, but for the Caribbean.
Further, that this campaign is emanating from within a state-owned organization is all the more troubling and should be widely denounced in our society. The incitement against Glenn Lall is a worrying development and one that should be of concern to all Guyanese. It is a dangerous development, more so at this point in our history.
The media in Guyana have been subjected to all manner of pressures, but never before has something so dirty and sinister been done against a local media personality. It is depraved.
All Guyanese who care about the future of Guyana should raise their voices in denunciation of this sinister campaign which goes against decency. For the truth to be so trampled upon and emanating lies and distortions to be presented to the public in such an irresponsible manner, to the point of suggesting that the publisher of this newspaper, had fingered those involved in the narcotics trade, is the most dangerous development in our country since Burnham called on the leaders of the Working People’s Alliance to make their wills”

Glen Lall is going to get fucked in the head.
who told you about propaganda press: Roger

Time: Tuesday December 27, 2011 at 11:15 pm
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gerald gouveia pilot and cocaine shipper

gerry gouveia & henry greene – united by cocaine & bribery in guyana

jagdeo & his pilot gerry discussing white powder business

mr. sipping wine wth steve surujbally gerry gouveia can’t help his criminal cocaine self. he got to be seen and heard at all times.

background brief

The two journalists went into detail on Minister [big dougla] Rohee and Commissioner Greene’s criminal ties as well as those of the chairman of the Private Sector Commission, Gerry Gouveia. (NOTE: All three men have either had their U.S. visas revoked or would not be eligible because of these ties.) 

serial rapist henry greene will not be able to bribe his way out of this latest rape

background brief

Reference ID Created Released Classification Origin 06GEORGETOWN725 2006-07-24 21:24 2011-08-30 01:44 SECRET//NOFORN Embassy Georgetown ¶6. (S) Consul revoked Greene’s previously-issued B-1/B-2 visa July 20 based on information recently developed by DEA and with Department’s concurrence (ref A). He is ineligible under section 212(a)(2)(C) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Greene broke into tears when informed of this, fearing the embarrassment the revocation will cause, and denied involvement with drug trafficking. He expressed surprise that the revocation was not due to his “troubling the girls“. (Note: Allegations of rape have dogged Greene throughout his career. Insiders tell us that the victims include at least five policewomen. Greene uses his rank to intimidate victims into not speaking out, but his behavior is widely known within the police force.)

finally, buried deep in the final paragraph of a bharrat jagdeo times article we found this

The Best Cop Award 2011 went to Inspector A Alexander of D Division, who was given $200,000. He also received a trophy, a trip and dinner for two from Captain Gerry Gouveia.


Inspector A Alexander there’s a boycott campaign and every business related to gerry is on that list


moses nagamootoo

moses nagamootoo resignation letter – i have lost faith in bharrat jagdeo & his band of narco-criminals

moses nagamootoo

moses nagamootoo displying the ten commandments

The purpose of this letter is to announce my resignation from the Central Committee and as a member of the PPP with immediate effect.

Further, I confirm that I would not subscribe my name to the PPP’s List of Candidates for the 2011 National Elections, nor would I feature on the party’s platform, a decision I revealed to you on October 1, 2011.

I therefore request that the PPP/Civic refrain from further using my speeches and interviews from previous campaigns, and distorting same, to fool my supporters and the Guyanese electorate that I am campaigning in 2011 for the PPP/C.

I have now brought closure to my association with the PPP, which started 50 years ago in 1961, though I did not become a member until October 3, 1964. I came through the ranks to become Vice-Chairman of the Progressive Youth Organisation (PYO), Secretary of the National Students Committee, Member of the PPP Central/Executive Committees and Secretariat; and Member of Parliament/Minister of Government.

I have always used my vast experience and knowledge in various positions, including journalism, to benefit the party and our people. I have travelled the long, bumpy and sometimes, treacherous road. The best years were those that I spent in struggle at the side of Cheddi Jagan, for which I feel pride. So, today, I walk with clean hands and a clear conscience. I have been critical inside the party as I have been bold outside, in the prosecution of our struggles and efforts to make our Guyana a better place.

In more recent years, I had taken a consistent stand over erosion of internal party democracy, corrupt practices, security lapses and arrogant, autocratic leadership. During 2004-2006, serious disagreements over corruption and national policies led to my withdrawal from the party leadership, but I returned to the 2006 elections platform to preserve party unity, and to defend the gains we have made from struggles and sacrifices of our supporters.

I stand by every single word that I had uttered in 2006 – that the PPP was my home; that we shared a vision for the future based on Cheddi Jagan’s core principles, which could be summarized in two words – “lean” and “clean”. Unfortunately, the leadership has betrayed its promises as well as these values. As much as I loved our “home”, there was just no space for me to help make it accountable, responsible and free from corruption.

The recent, awful disclosures by WikiLeaks should at least remind the leadership that “Moses had told us so!” I was hounded from the party leadership. For protesting against wrong-doings I was deemed to have resigned from the party’s Executive Committee. Then after the 2008 Congress, I was excluded by devious methods.

I have lost all faith in the current leadership. My association with the party has been compromised, and I can no longer in good conscience remain on the Central Committee or serve as a party member. I will not condone or be a part of any bullying, corruption and authoritarianism, more especially when these decaying practices emerged inside the organization to which I had dedicated all my life and to which I have given my finest efforts as activist, journalist and government minister.

The most grievous of these practices were public attacks on me for standing up against the threat to derecognize the sugar workers’ union, GAWU; and the exclusion of party members in what was a flaw-dulent process by which the presidential candidate for the 2011 elections was selected. The elementary practice of consultation was derailed.

My fight for political democracy was not against any personality but about principles and procedures and, above all, for the preservation of the integrity of the party. But I was nevertheless publicly maligned, labeled a “loser”, and bulldozed. I had come to the conclusion that a cabal had hijacked the PPP to serve narrow agendas of personal power, privileges, perks and pensions over dedicated duty to our people.

Since I first entered politics in 1961, I am proud that I took the stand that I did, against dictatorship, for unity, democracy, press freedom and good governance. I am grateful to my parents, who endured the sacrifice; and to my wife and children, who suffered for it.

Though our work has begun, my dream for a developed, prosperous and secured land remains unfulfilled. So I give notice that I will continue to serve my beloved Guyana.

I promise to work with all patriots to bring healing, unity and lasting peace to our nation; to make our country grow, and to provide bread with equality and justice for all our people; to meaningfully help the poor, powerless and marginalized, and give hope and security to our new generation.

Yours sincerely,
Moses V. Nagamootoo
Cc: Chairman, Guyana Elections Commission Fmr. President, Jimmy Carter, The Carter Center Guyana, Regional & international media

Roger Luncheon

wikileaks guyana – roger luncheon says cocaine barons should not be arrested

Roger Luncheon

roger luncheon, old, washed up, shit talking negroe on his last lap, father of rashida

Reference ID Created Released Classification Origin
05GEORGETOWN1329 2005-12-20 20:59 2011-08-30 01:44 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Georgetown


DE RUEHGE #1329 3542059
R 202059Z DEC 05





E.O. 12958: DECL: 12/20/2015

Classified By: Political Officer Benjamin Canavan
For reason 1.4(d)

¶1. (C) SUMMARY. Ambassador met with Head of Presidential
Secretariat Roger Luncheon on December 16 to discuss DEA

plans in Guyana (reported septel). Luncheon’s comments
during the meeting about how to fight the drug trade in
Guyana, such as his stated preference for sanctioning rather
than prosecuting drug traffickers, are cause for some
concern. END SUMMARY.

Sanctions, Not Prosecutions, to Fight Drug Trade
——————————————— —
¶2. (C) Ambassador, DCM, and PolOff met with Head of
Presidential Secretariat Roger Luncheon on December 16.
During the meeting, Ambassador reiterated the need for
concerted cooperation among Guyana’s law enforcement agencies
to fight drug trafficking, especially since the traffickers
often appear to be better coordinated than the authorities.
Ambassador acknowledged that Luncheon and President Jagdeo
are concerned about the seizures of drugs emanating from
Guyana. Luncheon responded in detail with his opinion on how
Guyana ought to fight the drug trade.

¶3. (C) Luncheon said that everyone knows who is trafficking
drugs and laundering money, but Guyana lacks “the final step
in getting quality information that can be used to finish
prosecutions successfully”. Ambassador said that the U.S.
could help in this area by providing legal assistance and
noted that it may be possible to obtain indictments in the
U.S. in cases where it can be demonstrated that drug
shipments are destined for the U.S. Luncheon said that he is
unconvinced about the benefits of legal assistance. Instead,
he would prefer to tighten up bank supervision to expose
money launderers. Luncheon said that he favors “sanctions
other than prosecution” to instill in narco-criminals the
fear of losing business rather than fear of prosecution.

Luncheon reasoned that this environment would force money
launderers to move their ill-gotten gains out of the banks
and through other channels with a higher risk of detection.
He believes this method of public shaming would be more
effective in fighting the drug trade than trying to prosecute
drug smuggling cases. Ambassador reminded Luncheon that the
U.S. government is working closely with Guyana’s Financial
Intelligence Unit to crack down on money laundering.

¶4. (C) COMMENT. Luncheon’s opinion that prosecuting drug
traffickers is not a viable policy objective is disturbing
given the serious nature of the narco-trafficking problem in
. And while bank supervision does need to be tightened
considerably, that is unlikely to have significant effect
given that Guyana narco-traffickers are well invested in
money-exchange “cambios”, the timber and construction
industries, retail shops, and other cash businesses that
provide easy mechanisms to launder dirty money. END COMMENT.