shyam nokta - deputy chief junk scientist

Guyana parliament takes up shyam nokta conflicts of interest

shyam nokta & malisa basdeo

shyam nokta & malisa basdeo

APNU member of parliament joseph harmon is paying keen attention to the illegal activities of shyam nokta. harmon says nokta should choose between his office of the president job or environmental management consultants. [even if sham steps down, his wife runs the show at emc.

sham is married to former propaganda press correspondent malisa basdeo

shyam nokta and malisa basdeo wedding photo

shyam nokta criminal activities in guyana being questioned

sham hanging out in poland, paid for by guyana tax payers

sham hanging out in poland, paid for by guyana tax payers

christopher samuels is calling for an investigation into the criminal activities of sham nokta. newbies could go back into the nokta archives for more on this slow rising porn star and his rackets

Dear Editor,
Sham Nokta is the Managing Director of Environmental Management Consultants [a must read] (EMC) and at the same time is having top-level access to the Office of the President as the Presidential Advisor on Climate Change to President Ramotar. Mr. Nokta, as head of EMC, a private company, tenders for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Environmental Audits etc that require approval from the Ramotar administration, the same administration to which he has high-level access. [nokta was doing this since the jagdeo days]
This state of affairs has been going on for years and yet the majority opposition over the last 12 months has not find cause to call for an investigation into all these conflict of interest relationships that were encourage under the Jagdeo regime over the years.
Mr. Nokta is the son of a senior member of the PPP Leadership [former Local Government and Regional Development Minister harripersaud 10% nokta], finds himself in the untenable position of doing professional work for review by the Ramotar administration to which he is a senior member. This is tantamount to reviewing oneself and calling it independent, similar to the wife of the Minister of Finance being the Audit Manager for the book for which he is responsible.
Why all these controversy in the Ramotar administration?
This means Mr. Nokta has access to the confidential state documents and access to state officials which other bidders for EIAs do not have and thus places his company EMC at an unfair advantage.
I, by way of this letter to the press am formally asking for a response from not only Mr. Nokta, but HE the President, Mr. Ramjattan and Mr. Granger since this certainly looks like a conflict of interest.
Clearly you cannot be half in and half out of government. I am sure when he thinks about it Shayam Nokta will realise it is quite inappropriate to carry on in this paid State job, when he is in charge of a private company that seeks approval of its work from this same State.
Christopher Samuels

Mr SHYAM NOKTA propaganda profile
Adviser to the President and Head, Office of Climate Change (OCC), Office of the President, Guyana
Mr Shyam Nokta is an Adviser to the President and Head, Office of Climate Change (OCC) in the Office of the President, Guyana. The OCC is responsible for coordinating Guyana’s response to climate change and
implementing Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS), including the Memorandum of Understanding between Guyana and Norway. The LCDS has received national and international acclaim and is currently being positioned as a national-scale model for REDD+ in HFLD countries.
Mr Nokta is eminently qualified in environmental assessments, natural resources management, and
tourism with substantial experience in environmental and social impact assessments (EIAs) and strategic
environmental assessment (SEAs), biodiversity management among other areas.
He holds a Master of Science in Environmental Assessment and Management with Distinction from the University of Oxford-Brookes, a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Studies and Diploma in Tourism Studies from the University of Guyana. He has professional and specialized training in project management, conservation, and protected areas. Mr Nokta is the recipient of several academic awards including a Fulbright Scholarship to pursue PhD studies.
He serves as Chairman on the Board of the Kaieteur National Park, and has worked as an independent consultant with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development, as, the In-Country Project Officer for Fauna and Flora International. He is also the Project Director for World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and the Technical Director at the Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society.

shyam nokta and malisa basdeo wedding photo

amaila falls hydro project may never happen – no feasibility study done


who’s came up with the idea of destroying this again?

Dear Editor,

As reported in SN of October 31, the Government stated that “preparations for construction of the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project (AFHP) are moving full steam ahead with steps being taken to procure key services.” The progress made thus far suggests otherwise as key benchmarks are yet to materialize.

Financial closure, the key element to get this project started is still in the doldrums. Earlier this year the Government stated that a significant loan would have been made available by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in July but this date was later changed to September. With no firm financial commitment by the IDB in sight, Sithe Global, AFHP Financial Coordinator expressed concern that without a substantial financial component from the IDB financial closure of the AFHP will be difficult to achieve.

In a SN Article of Oct 23, the IDB Country Representative in response to questions clarified the Bank’s procedure in providing finance for this project. She clearly stated that IDB had started a due diligence process for the AFHP which will finally determine whether or not the Bank finances the Project. Further, a decision will only be made after Sithe Global provides the IDB with a feasibility study on AFHP to enable its Specialists to review and appraise the project from many perspectives to determine its economic and financial viability. In other words AFHP has to show that it can generate enough revenue to service its debt, grow the economy and not become another Government ‘sinkhole’ like the Skeldon Factory.

The mandated Feasibility Study which the Bank’s Specialists will review to ensure that Guyana’s limited resources are put to their best possible use will be the hallmark on which the IDB’s Board of Directors make their decision as to whether the AFHP qualifies for a loan and this crucial decision can very well go one way or the other since AFHP perspectives to be examined will include GPL’s management, technical capacity and its ability to reduce electricity losses from thefts and system inefficiencies. This has been a tall order for GPL to achieve over the years as GPL’s customers from Lethem to Upper Corentyne can attest to its continuous poor performance in these areas.

Therefore no firm commitment to finance AFHP is likely under five years while certain assurances may have to be complied with before loan disbursement if any is made.

The access road to the AFHP construction site should have been completed nearly two years ago and is now unlikely to be completed before Yr 2014 given the number of bridges to be built and a complex segment of the road finished in Section 7 (from the Kuribrong River to the AFHP Site). Unfortunately the access road now under construction is useless without completion of the Kuribrong Bridge/Section 7 to get materiel to site and the tenders to construct this Bridge was only opened a few days ago. Therefore by the time an award is made and construction of the Bridge/Section 7 completed and becomes operational, it will be Yr. 2015 given the Government’s penchant for generous time extensions to contractors.

Finally, it appears that the Government has not finalized what AFHP including Power transmission to the coastland will cost and where the money will come from. Because of this vagueness they have no idea of the AFHP construction starting date and when it will be completed and nothing as claimed is moving full speed ahead. They probably should be forthright and just say that AFHP is evolving and they are taking it one day at a time.

Yours faithfully,
Charles Sohan

shyam nokta - deputy chief junk scientist

shyam nokta & robert persaud latest money maker – Guyana Protected Areas Commission

from the beginning we said watch this fucking criminal robert persaud, nephew of jagdeo and this front ministry they created. shambollywood and bharrat was just in india seeing what they can find and robert was in canada this week selling off what’s left to be sold of guyana gold, diamond and other natural resources. well this only solidifies ppp crime family hold on the amerindian balls

shyam nokta - deputy chief junk scientist

sham bollywood nokta - deputy chief junk scientist

In a release, government said the multi-disciplinary board is made up of lackeys from academia, indigenous communities, and natural resources sector agencies. The board recently held its first statutory meeting which was attended by Natural Resources and the Environment Minister Robert Persaud.

rejected by world bank, guyana govt cancelling low carbon development strategy

shyam nokta - deputy chief junk scientist
sham bollywood nokta – deputy chief junk scientist. jagdeo is the chief

pissed off at the world bank ashni and jagdeo have left US$10 million on the table slate to renovate the science labs at University of Guyana because they want more money which is not coming. it was ashni singh who promised to expel giorgio valentini and the world bank from guyana. Guyanese can all say thanks to yvonne tsikata for checkmating bharrat jagdeo and co.
this is how petty these petty little thiefin bitches are. take notes sheeple. no money for UG if jagdeo, ashni, shambollywood and co. don’t get their hands on the norway loot

The Office of Climate Change (OCC) and Project Management Office (PMO), within the Office of the President are currently abnadoning efforts towards moving forward with activities as part of Guyana’s climate initiatives and the LCDS.

At the multilateral level Guyana has been an active participant and advocate in the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change negotiations participating at the recently held Conference of the Parties Meeting in Durban last December which produced some positive outcomes, including an agreement in principle for a second commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol, albeit with a reduced number of participants; the establishment of a process to achieve a legal global agreement on climate change that includes all Parties (the Durban Platform); the establishment of the Green Climate Fund, and a decision on REDD Plus financing options. Agreement was also reached on the establishment of the Adaptation mechanism and Technology Transfer mechanism.

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c/o Sham or Malisa Nokta
Shiv Chanderpaul Drive,Georgetown

Navin Chandarpal back in the money – ppp crime family rolls on

what did we say about navin and komal chand and they lil pissing contest with sultan jagdeo? snakes in the fighting grass

Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon at a post-Cabinet press briefing at the Office of the President said advisors that have been appointed include those who were there before: Gail ‘shit talkin’ Teixeira, Odinga ‘negro hitman’ Lumumba, Reepu Daman Persaud and Shyam ‘bollywood’ Nokta; however, Navin Chandarpal has been appointed as advisor on sustainable development and science and technology.

shyam nokta and malisa basdeo wedding photo

shyam nokta reportedly ‘missing’ in Guyana? where have you gone porn star?

shyam nokta and malisa basdeo wedding photo

slow rising porn star shyam nokta and former propaganda press agent malisa basdeo on their wedding day.

word reaching propaganda press is that sham bollywood is ‘missing’
shambo has been behaving strangely since we reported about his whoring about with robert billionaire persaud. but they can now run bigger rackets out of office of the fraudulent president since a special ministry has been created for bhar.rat jagdeo’s environmental rackets to continue.
anyone with information please contact the nearest police station.