Guyana Special Organised Crime unit infiltrated with PPP spies

The Caribbean Financial Action Task Force forced PPP crime family to establish SOCU, however, Bharrat Jagdeo never intended to give SOCU any powers so it was under the supervision of PPP agent Paul Ghir. With the change of administration Ghir was removed as FIU Head but James now has to report tothe corrupt narco criminal commissioner of police Seelall Persaud.

All attempts by James to go after certain PPP criminals are being halted by Seelall Persaud. Additionally two of James top lieutenants are known criminals in Police Uniforms. They have been sent by Seelall Persaud to frustrate the efforts of SOCU. Continue reading


Dean Hassan is a monster protected by Guyana police, army & legal fraternity

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Dean HASSAN aka Shiekh S Hassan aka Shahabudeen Hassan aka Shahabudeen Ahmad and owner of over 20 companies and businesses in Guyana -claims to have dual citizenship if guyana and Canada. Robbed the owners of North American Resources and forced the company into bancruptcy. Currently using commissioner sellall and commander Ramsey to do his dirty work . Terrorizing small miners in the Konawaruk mining area. Burning down their camps, shooting up their equipment, shooting persons, robbing miners. They are being protected by the mahdia police who is the most corrupt set of police. They arrest women and lock them up and rape them upstairs for days. They threaten any miner that complains against Dean hassan of TESOURO resources.

Dean Hassan has been doing this for years without any problems, he is good friends with Sam hinds and it said to be a gay. His brother Sean Hassan is also gay along with his chief accountant RAY BEHARRY. Ray Beharry is a member of the rifle association that is how Dean hassan gets all of his guns. Continue reading

Andrew Yarde CANU officer, whoring, drunk driving and killing with Government vehicle. :updated

Updated: CANU Officer  Andrew Yarde attended  court on friday May 15 and was placed on $185.000 Guyana dollars bail a slap on the wrist for this kind of action, in a society where others are remanded to prison for less than this, he’s Free to go he has 4 charge against him

let’s see how this one plays out, we hope the family of Shameer Mangal demand full justice, let’s stomp out corruption.

Police close to the investigation into the death of 57-year-old Shameer Mangal disclosed that Andrew Yarde the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) officer driving the vehicle that struck Mangal was

Death of 57-year-old Shameer Mangal by the hands of Andrew Yarde

Death of 57-year-old Shameer Mangal by the hands of Andrew Yarde

under the influence of alcohol as usual.

Dead: Shameer Mangal On Sunday, around 22:15hrs, Mangal was struck down and fling in the gutter like a stray dog and not a human being on the De Kinderen Public Road, West Coast Demerara and left there to die. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the Leonora Cottage Hospital.

Police indicated that the culprit Andrew Yarde is “expected” to face court today 15 May 2014, 🙂 “expected” But if not, he will be released from custody by today ( as expected ) May 15.

Someone from CANU made contact with the family of the deceased and offered to assist with the expenses as a form of inducement to shut up.

Police investigations revealed that Mangal was walking along the roadway when he was struck down. Andrew Yarde was driving a CANU vehicle which he was using for his personal activity after the accident he did not render any assistance; also he abandoned the Government vehicle.

CANU Government vehicle. paid for by tax payer

CANU Government vehicle. paid for by tax payer

The vehicle was found in the wee hours of Monday morning at Bushy Park beach.
Andrew Yarde the CANU officer, whose badge was found in the vehicle, initially went into hiding but later turned himself in.

Andrew Yarde was not the only occupant of the vehicle at the time of the accident. He was with a female whose name we won’t publish as yet, but let’s say it wasn’t a relative or anything it was a fuck buddy.

A son of the deceased, Safraz Mangal, said that his father was hurled into the drain and left to die. He said that his family is seeking justice because “my father coulda be alive, if he (Andrew Yarde and the driver fuck buddy) did stop, pick he up, and carry he to the hospital”.

Andrew Yarde is the same CANU officer that beat Abdool Gafoor the Canadian-based Guyanese with the silver smith and Wesson pistol in his head and robbed him and absolutely nothing happened to him.

Our source at CANU said that, Yarde is another corrupt CANU officer who likes to talk name and do James Singh dirty work “this officer has a lot of secret for James Singh”

Our source went on to say that “since James Singh took over CANU it cross and the unit takes live, before James Singh came here no CANU officer ain’t die only Vibert and Duncan was killed but since he take over every year is death and accident, if is not a CANU officer who dies, it’s death by a CANU officer, even right in front of the unit on the road takes live, you see the cross in front the unit.” Yarde is one of James Singh favorite as he is part of his corrupt empire so let’s see how this one will be covered up”.

22 years of murder & human rights violations – guyana police force under the ppp govt

two well known criminals. minister of home affairs clement rohee & daughter rima rohee-paul

Stabroek News Editorial
On Wednesday night, a 15-year-old boy, Alex Christopher Griffith was shot in his mouth allegedly by a policeman who at last word was under close arrest. The Guyana Police Force has so far not provided an alternative story and that will be difficult considering that the boy had been marched off by a group of policemen, shortly before the shooting, without him being accompanied by one of his relatives.
It is more than likely that the alleged shooter will end up before the court on a charge of attempted murder or perhaps a far lesser charge if past experience is anything to go by. Even if the shooter is slapped with the most serious charge possible and there is a successful prosecution – another process fraught with numerous loopholes and weaknesses – no one in society should be feel even the slightest measure of comfort. For, Alex Griffith undoubtedly came within a whisker of dying that very night, will now face lengthy and costly rehabilitation and will be scarred forever by the events of last Wednesday.
Apart from that tragic reality, there is another that starkly faces both the police force and the general public: the barbaric and inhumane culture that law enforcement is steeped in shows no sign of waning notwithstanding the endless streams of hifalutin rhetoric from the Home Affairs Ministry and the force itself. There is a chronic culture of backwardness and brutality in the police force that will not be extirpated unless the entire force is fundamentally reformed. This common sense demand by the public has been denied by the PPP/C since 1992 with the result that the malignancy of cruelty is now endemic and hopelessly so.
Just days after the Annual Police Officers Conference with its lofty aspirations and hints at redemptive action, the new acting Commissioner of Police, Seelall Persaud has a perfect opportunity to critically examine the dark behaviour of the force and to decide how to begin rooting it out.
What is the impetus that drives any policeman or woman, alone or in the company of others, to descend on the home of an alleged 15-year-old robbery witness in the dead of night and to demand his presence by the utterance of a nickname?
What is it that inspires any part of the force to descend en masse – 12 at a time based on Alex Griffith’s mother’s account – for the purpose of demanding to speak to a witness to a robbery? This was no drug lord’s lair except that the police are apparently unable to search for witnesses in these areas.
What moves any member of the force to demand that a supposed 15-year-old witness should accompany him/her in the dead of night to who knows where?
What twisted thinking enables any one member of the police force, let alone around a dozen, to march off with a 15-year-old, no matter how brave the teenager is, without the permission of his guardian and, in this case, after duping her into believing that she would be able to accompany her child?
What seizes policemen to brutalize a 15-year-old “witness” in his own yard and in front of his mother and then casually tell the mother to collect her child at the Brickdam Police Station?
Crucially, what is the mindset in any group of police that would permit one of their number to draw a weapon and fire it at a 15-year-old “witness” to a robbery just moments after being taken from the protection of his home and clearly not being a threat to anyone?
The sequence of events is unimaginable and utterly reprehensible. Given the now high expectations that the government, Minister Rohee and the police directorate have created in the public as a result of the hype over reforms, there should be commensurate seriousness applied to this probe and it shouldn’t be conducted by the police or the Office of Professional Responsibility. Perhaps, the government should importune one of the commissioners in the Rodney probe to spend half a day getting to the bottom of this abomination.
So far the police have spoken about one of their number being under close arrest. From any reading of the events as related by the mother and so far uncontested, each and every one of the policemen and women who were on that mission on Wednesday night should be the subject of this investigation and questioned exhaustively on what transpired before they begin trying to cover for each other and the whole investigation descends into farce.
The grievous assault on the 15-year-old is far from being the exception over the years in relation to allegations levelled at the force over the treatment of youth and the avoidance of protocols related to juveniles. None of the human rights education or the entreaties for professional policing seem to be percolating through the force. It was only days before this heinous shooting that the police force was lectured by human rights activist Mike McCormack about the need for more humane policing with the needs of communities – like that of the 15-year-old boy – being place at the centre of the force’s operations as opposed to antagonizing them.
McCormack told the police officers “Human rights and democratic practice can no longer be viewed as an ‘add-on’, they are central to modern policing. All aspects of policing – investigations, arrest procedures, use of force, recruitment and relations with communities – have to be reviewed from the new perspective of democracy and human rights. The wide-ranging implication of a shift to democratic policing extends to recruitment and the need to screen out elements which are hostile or unsuited to this new approach to policing.”
He had also stressed how important it was for the police to cultivate a positive image in communities.
“Everyday contact with the police in villages and neighbourhoods more defines the image of the police than what they see on TV or read in newspapers. The aged or the person with disabilities, the person lost and in need of direction – particularly if she is female – presently do not look to the police to assist them. As for … emergency calls, the less said the better. Small, everyday encounters shape opinions of the police force as a whole and determine the degree of cooperation the police can expect from citizens. The ‘bad apple’ explanation of corrupt policing is only believable against personal experience of good policing. Conversely, if personal experience of policing is negative, we are disposed to believe all police are that way inclined”, he argued.
Clearly, the officer under whose command the policemen from Wednesday night’s shooting came under was unable to impart this message to his charges.
Twenty-two years of PPP/C governance has thrown up cases of outright murder, the grossest violations of human rights and innumerable other obscenities compliments of the disciplined services. Notwithstanding the enormous challenges that policemen and women face, these outrages cannot continue. The government and the legislature must be pressed to take decisive action to end this scourge.

leroy brumel sent home, seelall persaud guyana police commissioner. negro out negro in


look at brummy all dressed up in his top hat and suit. rohee the devil cant help himself as he got two criminals he push at two police agencies. james singh @canu and seelall @police
ramotar is clueless as he ever was.

new police commissioner and old have one common thread that binds. they both brutalise women. isnt that so george vyphuis?

guyana police team meeting regularly about propaganda press identified

an update
march 6 2013 –  uncovering members of guyana police force monitoring propaganda press
from an agent deep behind enemy lines
we’ve got three members of the guyana police force meeting regularly and planning to bring down propaganda press
fourth man from freedom house also meet with them
names and fotos coming soon

there a 4 man team meeting regularly at the Criminal Records Office regarding propaganda press. our intel so far has led us to positively identify three of the four. we know seelall is collaborating with minister of home affairs and ceo of ppp crime family clement rohee on this

  1. crime chief seelall persaud – wife beater, next comissioner of police and involved in previous hacking of propaganda press
  2. assistant superintendant of police trevor reid – well known for sexual assaults, burning genitals, electrical shocks etc of ‘suspects’
  3. Senior Superintendent edgar thomas – a pioneer who just invented finger printing
  4. so far unknown ppp crime family agent from freedom house – he wears a lapel pin with a guyana and american flag

“The opportunity to secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.”
Sun Tzu (Chinese General and Author, b.500 BC)