guyana prime minister sam hinds impregnates woman, wife moves out state house

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Yvonne Hinds recently packed her bags and moved out of the main street residence after catching prime minister sam in the cookie jar.
the prime minister is pregnant with an east indian woman named____________ __________
sam is guilty of cheating on his wife and having unprotected sex. did he carry home any STDs?

the last time we caught up with Yvonnand crazy nicky were orchestrating the kidnapping of a baby in Pennsylvania. nicky is back in Guyana now and might do some jail time soon for beating up an18 year old girl and threatening to shoot her

sam told a friend that having a black wife is like dead weight.
“I done wid black women!”
it’s hindering his vertical mobility and lateral pilfering in ppp crime family. so he thinks.

nickolai hinds trying to play daddy

guyana prime minister’s son assaults woman & threaten to blow her brains out

nickolai hinds trying to play daddy

nickolai hinds trying to play daddy

this chap has been crazy a long time. with the help of his mother and the guyana embassy he escaped justice in pennsylvania and kidnapped the child

Police Prosecutor Renetta Bentham told the Court that Hinds grabbed the woman by her hair and pushed her to the ground then stampeded her in the face before dragging her on the ground and beating her with a cane. He then pulled out a gun, cranked it and threatened to blow her brains out.


ppp crime family calling for early elections in guyana

narco gangster bharrat jagdeo. head of ppp crime family inc

narco gangster bharrat jagdeo. head of ppp crime family inc

a note sent to propaganda press by a ppp crime family mole

During the dark years when all Guyanese were shackled by under-development and abuse, there was always the enduring hope by the party of shaping a better and brighter future for the Guyanese nation, but this current dispensation in the National Assembly has made President Ramotar’s developmental strides seem as though he is walking in a bog, mired in opportunistic grandstanding and theatrical comedy of errors, which no-one finds humorous, because the resultant somersault in Guyana’s developmental trajectory would have tragic consequences for this entire nation.
The patriots and martyrs of the freedom struggle transcended every divide. The gains and transformative demographics since general elections of October 1992 were nothing short of miraculous, but the dark forces of unpatriotic, opportunistic glory-hunters seem to be prevailing, and to all it seems that the only solution to this impasse that is stymieing and reversing national development would be early elections, so that the quicksand impeding social development and economic growth would gradually recede into clearer waters, where developmental endeavours and initiatives can flow freely into the clear waters of peace, progress and prosperity.

david granger & APNU sell out Linden for TV license & other perks


vanessa de people seh gon gie we a tv station an plenty moe tings. we gaffuh tek wuh we get as we get it. people in linden gotta tek wuh we giv dem dats how politics does wuk

Stabroek News: Government and the APNU have agreed that with regard to Linden, the elimination of the subsidy and the alignment with GPL tariffs are necessary.
Reporting on the ongoing discussions between the government and APNU, Prime Minister Sam Hinds told the National Assembly this afternoon that the talks focused on Linden and disclosed that in relation to electricity tariffs, it was further agreed that the first stage of the tariff adjustment this year would be implemented “along the lines outlined and in a manner that would ensure adherence to the allocation provided” in the budget.
The Prime Minister Sam Hinds also told the National Assembly that government plans to grant television broadcast licences all over Guyana, including at Linden.

Jermaine Springer brutalised by Guyana Police

brutal facts guyana – speak the truth & speak it ever

can you spot sam hinds?

We are voices of unrepresented Guyanese crying in the wilderness. We witness with disbelief the continued moral, social and economic decay in our beloved country, Guyana. We believe that all races in Guyana are equal and thus should have equal access to all opportunities in Guyana regardless of race, creed or color. We believe that Afro Guyanese have been marginalized and discriminated against. We believe that poor Indians are being used for their votes and continue to have their issues sidelined and ignored by the PPPC. We believe that the PPPC government cannot be trusted and is inherently corrupt. We believe that the opposition has been largely weak and that the people have been demoralized.

We view with guarded optimism the new development of an opposition majority in parliament and we look forward to a new Guyana where taxpayer dollars will go towards fighting crime, education, encouraging entrepreneurship, developing infrastructure and efficiently running the government in a manner consistent with taxpayer expectations.

We are willing to work for peace and unity with all individuals and organizations but we refuse to cower or apologize for outright, racist lies about Guyana’s history. We all have suffered. We believe that former president Jagdeo was a corrupt man who cavorted with drug dealers; who was complicit in the death of 400 young mostly AfroGuyanese and who stole from the taxpayer treasury in order to secure a vast store of wealth for himself and we will not rest until he returns his stolen bounty to the Guyanese treasury and pays for his nefarious activities.

We believe that Guyanese women are largely demoralized and diminished and relegated to positions of no consequence in most organizations. We abhor the fact that women are routinely sexually coerced by powerful men in exchange for jobs, promotions or money. We find it loathsome that underaged girls and children are routinely sexually molested by males in their communities. We look forward to the day when domestic violence against women is considered the scourage that it truly is by every man, woman and child in Guyana. We will work tirelessly to expose the purveyors of such evil and we forewarn them to end their evil activities forthwith.

We believe that there are members of the Guyana government like Robert Persuad, Odinga Lumumba, Leslie Ramsammy, Edghill, Rohee, Mc Coy and Teixeira and numerous others who have exploited and stolen from the Guyanese people and they must be called to account. We are horrified that Roger Luncheon and Sam Hinds could sit in the front row of the horrible destruction and demoralization of the AfroGuyanese community for 20 years and feel no pang of cultural compassion, no guilt, no anger. History will not be kind to this recreant enemy duo.

Our goal is a sensible free market democracy in Guyana, a democracy where there are sufficient regulations in place to protect our natural resources and our nation’s wealth, while allowing for the responsible development of our nation’s capital. We believe that all motivated Guyanese deserve access to land, claims and loans without regard to race, creed or color. We believe that government is about service, not about “getting rich”. If a politician wants to be wealthy, we believe they should start a business. We believe that communication should be open and free and that the current government restrictions are communist and evil.

We are Guyanese, standing with Guyanese, against oppression. We are for equal opportunity for all and we ask you to stand with us in our struggle for liberation from the racist and oppressive PPPC regime in Guyana.

sam hinds bharrat jagdeo varshnie and sams wife yvonne

guyana govt crimes under parliamentary microscope – amaila falls, airport expansion, supernaam stelling…

Photograph of Sam Hinds Sam_Hinds_2006.jpg

negroe sam aka bo

Stabroek News: Prime Minister Sam Hinds is to answer in writing a question from AFC MP Khemraj Ramjattan over the proposed construction of a terminal at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri. Controversy erupted here on November 18, 2011 after Stabroek News reproduced on its website a report from the Jamaica Observer that the Chinese company CHEC was to build a new terminal.

No statement had been made locally on the project up to that point and it was only later that day that the Government Information Agency released a statement on the matter. The pattern was the same in relation to the recent disclosures about ANSA McAl’s interest in a biofuel farm here.

In relation to the airport project, GINA had said that Cabinet had approved a US$138M design and construction contract with CHEC. Construction is to commence this year and is expected to take a total of 32 months, GINA noted. The government had later said that the financing was made available by China contingent on the selection of a Chinese firm for the project.

Ramjattan is to ask the PM to provide copies of the agreement with China Harbour Engineering Company to design and build the terminal.

Ramjattan is also to query Minister of Works Robeson Benn on the contract documents for the controversial Amaila Falls Access Road project and the payments made to date. The government recently spectacularly fired Fip Motilall from the project after months of charges that he was not qualified for the task.

The AFC MP is also to ask Minister of Finance Ashni Singh for a copy of the agreement between the government and the China Shanghai Construction Group for the building of the long-promised Marriott hotel. Ramjattan is also to ask for a copy of the MOU/agreement for the holding company associated with the project, Atlantic Hotel Inc. He is also to ask if feasibility studies and environmental impact assessments were done. He is also to quiz the minister on the financing structure and whether there is a government guarantee to any of the stakeholders.

On another controversial topic, AFC MP Catherine Hughes is to ask the Prime Minister for a list of all persons/businesses who have been approved for radio licences. Several names of persons close to the government have been approved while others have been rejected without reasons provided.

Ramjattan is also to ask the Minister of Works to provide copies of the report of the independent engineers on the defects of the Supenaam Stelling. Years after the report was commissioned it has not been made available.

APNU MP Amna Ally is to ask the Minster of Education a series of questions on the rehabilitation of juveniles, the pilot project to improve the teaching of Math and English and on the condition of the Uitvlugt and Paramakatoi secondary schools.

The Prime Minister is also down to move a motion setting out the government’s position on the composition of parliamentary committees. The government has also at the same tine gone to court to challenge the opposition’s domination of these committees on the ground that it violates the relevant standing orders.

nickolai hinds trying to play daddy

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Bharrat Jagdeo, president of Guyana.

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