propaganda press secures interview with Guyana muslim terrorist roshan khan.


In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.
All the praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the ‘Alamin (mankind, jinns and all that exists).

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Roshan Khan, muslim financier of terror & money launderer rising fast in Guyana

This six story building at the corner of Robb & camp street belongs to Roshan Khan, CEO of RK Security Services.

Roshan was a member of the Phantom squad headed by federal inmate #03651-082 Roger Khan. The phantom crew is responsible for murdering 400 – 600 guyanese that we know of.

propaganda press has not been able to confirm, but a source believes the two Khans are related.

RK’s primary business is watch-manning govt buildings and properties. His other hustle is selling garbage death trap vehicles and gadgets from china.

Until recently Khan was complaining about being impoverished (see article below from the govt controlled guyana chronicle).

Propaganda press looks forward to an interview with this terrorist. We would like to ask him where he amassed hundreds of millions to buy prime real estate and build this structure.

Roshan Khan is neck deep in illegal activities and financing of terrorism with his acolytes in the central Islamic organisation of guyana.

We know you read propaganda press Roshan contact us for that interview and let’s get to the bottom of your empire.

RK’s Security sees layoffs coming from higher wage bill – Roshan Khan says he’s not against a new minimum wage but requires higher service charges
July 11, 2013

IMPLEMENTATION of the new minimum wage will lead to several security guards at RK’s Guyana Security Services losing their jobs, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Mr. Roshan Khan said yesterday.

The government which is the main customer also will consequently lose RK’s security services unless it helps the company to cushion higher wage costs associated with the new minimum wage.

During a media conference yesterday, Khan said the company was facing an economic crisis, particularly since most of its contracts were associated with government locations and since government has not yet indicated how it will help the company to stay afloat with the higher wage bill for its services.

He said the new minimum wage had created a very grave situation for security services generally, particularly those serving government agencies.
“At the start of the year we were contracted by government and a certain sum was approved for us. Then government raises the minimum wage suddenly on us, how will we be able to accommodate that increased cost of operations?” he asked.
He charged that government has, to date, not yet addressed this matter of increased costs to be borne by the company. The new minimum wage took effect from July 1 last.

Speaking about the impending layoffs, he said: “I have to terminate the services of workers because it would be economically nonsensical for me as a businessman to continue working for the rates which existed prior to the new minimum wages.”
He said: “Even if the government gives us an additional $60 an hour it would not be adequate because there is overtime to be catered for, the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) ceiling goes up. When you raise the guard’s minimum wage the supervisors and the managers also looking out for something more on their salaries.”

Khan said his company will have to receive increases of 50 to 60% more than it currently receives in order to pay the new minimum wages and remain afloat.

He said that he had written to government officials letters terminating the security services at several government locations with effect from July 15th.

He said that another 40 RK staffers are likely to be laid off within seven days after that.

“We have to give up the contracts since government has not yet agreed to give us the requisite increase to help keep us afloat.”

The private customers will also feel the squeeze.
“Since the increased wages many of them cannot afford our consequential increased charges. They are trying to negotiate the increase, to give us something now, something later but we are looking at a situation which can result in a very serious loss to the company taking it even to the point of bankruptcy.”

Also present at the media briefing was a senior member of another security service, GEB, which Khan said was also adversely affected by the current state of affairs.

Layoffs for similar reasons are likely to occur in other security firms as well, Khan said.

He said that he was not against a new minimum wage but hoped that the government will move to resolve the current problem before the layoffs and other negative consequences take effect.

Labour Minister, Dr Nanda Gopaul announced the new minimum wage in May last, disclosing that more than 31,000 persons in Guyana will benefit from the $35,000 minimum wage standard slated to take effect from July 1.
He disclosed that employers who pay their staff below the national minimum wage will be prosecuted and if found guilty, would pay a fine of $35,000 for the first offence. The second offence will result in a fine of $75,000 and one month in jail.
The local private sector organisation, the Private Sector Commission, recently said that while it welcomed the new wages, given the implications for businesses, it wanted to request more time beyond the July 1 implementation deadline.


Guyana’s top drug dealers & money launderers, the who is who of cocaine

20140327-084300.jpgFormer phantom hit squad member Roshan Khan doing his poor Yasser Arafat impression

@propagandapress we’re reviving our list of guyana’s top drug dealers and money launderers just in time for Easter.

names you can expect to see: Captain Gerry Gouveia, Paul Daby, Buddy Shivraj, Minister of Natural Resources Robert Persaud, Minister of Finance Ashni Singh, Minister of Housing & Tourism Irfaan Ali and many more.

One name you didn’t expect to see that will be there: Roshan ‘buffoon’ Khan, CEO of RK Security.

roshan khan

Roshan Khan & friends bribe guyana govt for exclusive security contracts

roshan khan master buffoon

hey roshan khan master buffoon raise yuh head up

Chief Executive Officer of RK’s, Roshan Khan, whose company was one of the bidders referred to by GAPSO said that they were not only tarnishing his company’s name but that the contract was advertised in the Chronicle and he had read it. “I am very angry that they would be saying things about a collusion or conspiracy…It is probably due to the current management of GAPSO for thinking something so ludicrous …I read it and bid they need to read the … papers”, Khan declared.

Security companies cry foul over huge regional contracts
The umbrella body for security organizations today said its members were unaware of a major contract awarded for the provision of security services in the regions and raised concerns that the process was being manipulated.

The Guyana Association of Private Security Organisations (GAPSO) also lamented the manner in which government tenders were being advertised in one particular section of the media, the Guyana Chronicle.

“Who buys the Chronicle? …Big contracts like these should be put in other newspapers nobody buys the Chronicle. I think that it is put there knowing that the wider public won’t see it. We talking about billions of dollars here. You mean big money contract like that and three people alone bid?” queried GAPSO Secretary, Retired Colonel George Gomes.

Gomes slammed the tender process for the provision of security services throughout regions 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 which saw companies submit billion-dollar bids and which were opened on January 22nd 2012. There were also bids for the provision of security services in regions 1, 7, 8, and 9 and for the security of the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development. All the tenders saw bids from three companies: Strategic Action Security, Home Safe Security and RK’s Security Service.

“None of the companies that attended GAPSO’s monthly meeting (January 31, 2013) knew of any publication in any newspaper or government website requesting tenders for these projects…It is strange to think that with over twenty contract security companies in Guyana only three would be interested in such large projects”, a release from GAPSO stated today.

Gomes said that he checks government’s eprocure site daily and this contract was not one advertised. He complained that “every time is something with that site”.

Bidders for government contracts had expressed concerns in the past that they would miss notifications of contracts if there was not adequate coverage in the print media or online. They had also argued that the uneven publicizing of contracts works in favour of some bidders. The eprocure website was meant to have all of the ads that are being run in the Guyana Chronicle but this is not the case.

A visit, by Stabroek News recently, to the Government’s eprocure website at reveals that there is little effort at updates to the online portal, meant to be a hub for persons to see all requests for proposals, invitation for bids to supply goods and services and vacancies. Many of the posts on the site are dated 2011.

Chief Executive Officer of RK’s, Roshan Khan, whose company was one of the bidders referred to by GAPSO said that they were not only tarnishing his company’s name but that the contract was advertised in the Chronicle and he had  read it. “I am very angry that they would be saying things about a collusion or conspiracy…It is probably due to the current management of GAPSO for thinking something so ludicrous …I read it and bid they need to read the … papers”, Khan declared.

GAPSO says that they feel that bidding for security services for the regions is grouped to deter the small security companies from bidding as they would require large sums as bid bond security.

“We have noted the attempt this year to separate the coastal regions from the interior regions. This is probably due to the inability of one company to serve the entire country as was the case with Strategic Action last year. It would be even better this year if each region’s requirements could be tendered for individually rather than as a block. With this method, a smaller … company would stand a better chance of being awarded a contract”, GAPSO’s press release stated.

“When they go to Parliament they ask for money as per region yet when it is tendered they put seven regions together. Why? Put it as individual regions because small companies sometimes cannot afford the bid security needed to go with contracts of that large sum of money”, Gomes explained.

Further, he stated that there are times when tenders are advertised and the deadline is too short to meet since many companies are unable to get together the relevant documentation such as compliance and bid bonds. “They give you three days to prepare. You can’t do that in three days. When you are giving big tenders like that you have to give at least two months…It takes, at minimum, one week to obtain the relevant National Insurance Scheme and Guyana Revenue Authority compliance”, he said.

The organization’s secretary informed that they have written to government to revise the tender process and in that letter they highlighted problems facing bidders. That letter was copied to the opposition, Minister of Home Affairs and Minister of Local Government Ganga Persaud.

Over the years there have been numerous complaints about the national tender process and whether it is fair and can withstand scrutiny. The government’s use of only the Chronicle and the eprocure website has also been severely criticized and seen as way through which limited information is available to the public on tenders.

roshan khan

roshan khan & ppp crime family inc. fighting over million$ in region 3

roshan and his daughter natasha email asked that this be published for them

ROSHAN KHAN,CEO/Founder,RK’s Security
WE WRITE on the above with much annoyance and frustration towards the Region 3 Administration of Julius Faeber. A few ranks (seven to be precise) of, about, 180 security personnel protested at our office, and were quite vociferous in their demand for payments for the month of February, 2012, for certain sites in the Region Three Administration. It will be useful to note that we no longer serve these locations or any in the Government’s Regional Security System.Indeed they were not paid up to the time of writing (for a period we had served before being relieved) due to the fact, and as usual, the Region 3 Administration was late in its payment. It is now past the middle of March 2012, and we have not been paid for January, 2012. As a result we were forced to borrow millions to pay our workers for January and February 2012, all at expensive bank interest. Our workers in the Region are quite poor people, who use this work to supplement themselves and families. This is most unfair, Region Three needs to get its act together in order to ensure the ranks are paid.
Of course, they should have made contact with us, and together we, inclusive of the undersigned would have gone to the Region Three Administration and protested together, and also to the Ministry of Local Government.
The Region Three Administration, the REO and its operations seem addicted to late payments, and seem to enjoy frustrating workers. Many times one cannot get the relevant officers, especially the current REO to discuss matters. These honoured officers in their honourable offices of the Region Three Administration have to understand, the people in the Security Industry are very poor people, and they need to be paid in a timely manner. Due to usual delays, we calculated and arranged to pay the workers on a special day, with their approval to facilitate the Regional Administrations, anything beyond this is inhuman, unreasonable and unfair. While we are no longer serve these regions, including Region Three, it will be unfair to the new service providers to suffer the same faith of late payments.
The workers, hence, have a right to be frustrated and annoyed, even though the few may vent their feelings against the wrong people, we in this case, I am prepared to protest with them against the REO’s Office of Region Three and the Ministry of Local Government.
In the meantime this is a special note to the GRA and NIS scheme: RK no longer serves the Regional Administration in Regions 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. As a result our contributions in taxes and NIS will diminish. Our VAT, PAYE and NIS contributions have been properly remitted for the years we served. Both entities are welcomed to check our records again and verify.
Certain security entities tendering for Government Contracts are known to take the VAT and NIS for themselves, contrary to law. The various revenue entities should ensure that all persons awarded Government contracts, should make the relevant contributions.

roshan khan

roshan khan mr. cocaine hitman investigating prison break out!!

roshan khan master buffoon
hey roshan khan master buffoon raise yuh head up

[clement rohee] said another Board of Inquiry has been established to enquire into the circumstances in which Prison Officer Orlando Jaundoo has been charged for illegally escorting convicted prisoner Krshna Doerga to Nickerie, Suriname on Saturday June 4, 2011.
The Board Members are Chairman Mr Seelaal ‘wife beater’ Persaud aka lindo creek DSM- Assistant Commissioner –Law Enforcement; Deputy Director of Prisons, Lt Col. Malcolm McAndrew, and Mr Roshan Khan- Member of National Commission on Law and Order (NCLO).

this is what we mean abt these criminals. the govt puts roshan khan on a law and order board. roshan never saw a law he didn’t break