Roger Luncheon

roger luncheon collapses after heart attack @ guyana office of the president

Roger Luncheon

negroe hitman & narco criminal roger luncheon

dart vader had a heart attack this morning while performing his evil duties.
propaganda press understands luncheon was planning for the end of ppp crime family in office and the upcoming no confidence motion.
he was rushed to the heart institute where he remains
stay tuned for funeral & burial arrangements


Guyana presidential spokesman Azeem Khan stole $1 million from tenant

queen azeem and roger luncheon at office of the president last week

queen azeem and roger luncheon at office of the president last week

Azeem Khan, an assistant to Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon, and a staff member at the Office of the President (OP) should be heading to the court today.
Khan, who was in police custody at the Kitty Police Station up to last night, is accused of stealing items worth in excess of $1M from a general store some time last week.
According to information received, the R & D Variety Store owned by Rudolph Dyal is attached to the OP staffer’s apartment. It is believed that Khan entered the store through a connecting door several times last week and removed the items.
One police rank claimed that the young man had “gone shopping after hours”.
He was arrested on Monday after he failed to repay Dyal for the articles or to return them.
In the absence of Kwame McCoy, Khan would assist Dr. Luncheon during his weekly press conferences.

Dear Freedom House, Sara Bharrat writes ppp crime family inc.

sarah bharrat, insurgent

borrowed from demerara waves

Dear Freedom House:

I am anti-corruption, anti-abuse, anti-violence and many other things. I am not anti-government nor anti-PPP. I am not pro-government or pro-PPP either so do not get your hopes up. However, I am pro-truth and you do not intimidate me.

On this note then, I think it’s time we had a talk because it seems that my peers are either too afraid or too blind or too pro-PPP to tell you the truth. Now, do not mistake my frankness for anger. Consider yourself lucky that there are still a few of us who are willing to tell it to you like it is. Continue reading

guyana govt spokesman roger luncheon threatens us ambassador brendt Hardt

brent hardt us ambassador guyana

“go ahead, make my day” – us ambassador brent hardt aka big whiteman about town

Dear Editor,

I have noted the statements in the media about the USAID project that was disapproved by Cabinet.

I have particularly noted the US Ambassador reportedly stating the US intention to implement the project notwithstanding Cabinet’s disapproval.

I have also noted the insistence of the US Ambassador that the Government of Guyana was consulted on the project.

I have also noted the political opposition supporting the US Ambassador’s line that the government had no good reason to object to the project. Continue reading