CANU allowed Roger Khan to operate freely in Guyana – Barry Dataram


Peter Morgan back in the Guyana cocaine business

Peter Morgan who is supposedly still under CID surveillance is back in the Guyana cocaine trade. Morgan was recently deported after serving time in US Federal prison.

Morgan made more than 70 trips to the US before he was caught. His sister Subrina Budhram and his brother in law Arnold Budhram were also convicted and jailed.

In the photo above from left to right are Peter Morgan, Varsha Sharma (of gizmos sister of Mahender Sharma), Rupie’s wife, Ravi Prashad and Dawn Ouditt (wife of Vic Oditt)
Vic Oditt sold his ranch to Roger Khan. A few years ago an Ecuadorian plane outfitted with extra fuel tanks was found on Vic Odit’s Pirara Ranch. No one was ever charged.

¶10. (C) Khan is reportedly in negotiations with former GUYSUCO Chairman Vic Oditt to purchase a 200 square mile ranch at Pirara in the Southern Rupununi region. The ranch has a large airstrip, and Khan is believed to be acting at the behest of Colombian or Panamanian narco-interests.

Greek Police Arrested Greek and Guyanese National Involved with Drug Cartel

Investigation regarding a cocaine cartel that was dismantled last Friday by Greek police which is still ongoing, while officers are looking through phone call transcripts to find the masterminds behind the criminal organization.

A famous Greek baseball player, who was part of an Athenian team with acquaintances in high society circles was arrested for participating in the circuit. The 38-year-old baseball player – along with his accomplices- had undertaken the mediation task in order to transfer large quantities of cocaine from Latin America to the Greek capital.

According to Greek Police the cartel had chosen the athlete and former model as the middle-man, who would push the drug to the right business and social circles, as a product of high quality.

The US Drug Enforcement Agency in Athens received information that 27 kg of cocaine were being transferred to Athens and informed Greek authorities. The prosecutor immediately gave the green light so that police could activate a bug that had been placed on the phone of several cartel members. The 38-year-old athlete appeared ready to receive the cargo, which would arrive to the port of Piraeus and would end up in a warehouse in Aspropyrgos.

Police also arrested a 48-year-old Guyana national at a central Athens hotel, who was described as the transfer supervisor and a major member of a Dutch cartel.

The police officers handling the case estimate that 38-year-old Greek man had acquaintances who helped him push the illegal substances in Athens. The investigation is currently focused on determining which of his contacts were friendly and which concerned drug dealing.

Greek authorities will continue the investigation in the coming days in cooperation with security agencies in the Netherlands and Guyana in order to uncover the people who were working abroad with the cartel, Guyana have never convicted any major Drug Dealer and lacks the well to do so, the current head of the Anti Narcotics Unite (CANU) was and still is associated with major drug dealers.

guyana courts settling roger khan & harry rambarran cocaine property disputes

cocaine roger aka shortie former ppp crime family boss now chilling in california

cocaine roger aka shortie former ppp crime family boss now chilling in california

¶2. (U) Khan, Shaheed Roger; AKA Khan, Roger; Male; Marital Status: Unknown; DOB:13 January 1972; POB: Guyana; Passport Data: A028178; Physical Description: Race: Black Height: 64 Weight: 128 Eyes: Brown Hair: Black; Current Occupation: Director of Classic Development Inc. and Dream Works Developers, both construction concerns, also controls
Aurelius Inc.

¶4. (S) Khan has established connections with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and has acted
as a middleman in cocaine for arms transactions. In such instances, Khan has smuggled guns into Guyana and then exchanged them with the FARC for cocaine. There are strong indications that Khan was deeply involved in a December 2005 shipment of weapons to FARC in Columbia. FARC continues to be listed as a designated foreign terrorist organization.

¶5. (S) Khan also threatened the lives of the Ambassador and the then RSO when DEA developed a plan in 2004 to establish a counternarcotics operation in Guyana.

sanjeev datadin another Guyana cocaine syndicate attorney

sanjeev datadin another Guyana cocaine syndicate attorney

Roger Khan company, Harry Rambarran in court battle over Willems Timber
-Baishanlin seeking buyout
Willems Timber Trading Company Limited (WTTC) at Kaow Island remains at the centre of a legal battle between convicted drug dealer Roger Khan’s company Aurelius Inc and auto dealer Harry Rambarran, who is claiming full ownership of the timber concession and has been collecting profits from a supply deal with controversial logging company Baishanlin.

Before his incarceration, Khan through Aurelius Inc, agreed to buy the company from Rambarran for US$2.8 million Rambarran had later taken Khan to court for some US$1.1 million that he was owed on the sale. He was granted judgment for that litigation but claims that he is still to receive the sum.

¶9. (U) Khan acquired Kaow Island in the Essequibo River from  local entrepreneur and suspected drug dealer Harry Rambarran in February 2005. Once owned by the now bankrupt Willems Timber, Kaow Island has a wharf for ocean going vessels, an airstrip, access to Guyana’s bush roads that radiate out from Bartica, and a 136,000-acre timber concession. In September 2005, Rambarran sued Khan for defaulting on a USD 1.1 million  promissory note made in partial payment for the island.

Khan’s operations on Kaow Island had raised eyebrows among United States officials here, who had regarded it as a strategic drug transshipment point and money laundering business for him.

“Aurelius’ principal is Roger Khan and he is in prison. So, they took advantage of the situation,” attorney for Khan Sanjeev Datadin told Stabroek News yesterday.

Senior Counsel Rex McKay and attorney Neil Boston represent Rambarran.

Datadin, hired by Khan’s family, moved to the court and filed an injunction against Rambarran preventing him, his servants, agents or others from entering upon any of the properties, locations, offices, timber concessions or other property of Willems Timber Trading without the written consent of Aurelius.

This was until the hearing and determination of a summons held on August 29 this year.

At that hearing, Rambarran declared that he was the Chief Executive Officer of WTTC and that he has also been the sole owner of one hundred per cent of the company at all material times.

He also filed an ex parte application seeking to have Aurelius’ injunction discharged.

He contends that he believes that the overriding requirement for the grant of an injunction is that the applicant must have a cause of action in law entitling him to substantive relief but that this was not established by Aurelius.

Datadin said that Khan, through his brother Rafeek, wants the matter to be settled so that Aurelius can begin executing its rightful ownership duties. “My client wants it… I am absolutely certain he [Khan] knows what is happening and has been advising his brother,” Datadin stated but he noted that he himself has not spoken to Khan.

He said too that a Joint Venture between Willems Timber and Baishanlin, known and referenced by the Guyana Forestry Commission, is illegal as Khan has never endorsed such an agreement. “We have only heard of that agreement with Baishanlin… we never entered into any agreement with Baishanlin, that was Rambarran,” he said.

The Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) has stated that prior to the new Forests Act of 2009, there was no requirement for companies to seek their approval before entering into joint venture arrangements as was done by Willems Timber. “Joint ventures which occurred around the same period involved WTTC (Willems Timber)/Shaheed Khan and Nagasar Sawh Limited/ Clayton Hutson,” the GFC stated. Datadin claims that all monies collected by Willems Timbers from Baishanlin and other businesses has been done by Rambarran. “He wants judgement and to rescind the contract but you can’t have both,” Datadin posited.

Sources have told Stabroek News that Rambarran wants back ownership of Willems Timber as that company receives lucrative sums from its deal with the Chinese company and that it recently received a sale proposal made by Baishanlin for more than five times the price that Aurelius agreed to pay for the company.

Others have pointed out that Khan’s family is beginning to put his assets into perspective from now in preparation for his release in July of 2019.

Rambarran has placed notice in some sections of the media declaring that he was the owner and that no one was authorised by him to conduct business on the company’s behalf. “This serves to advise the General Public that Guyana Lumber and Timber Company Ltd is the sole owner of Willems Timber and Trading Co Ltd… No individual, individuals, partnerships or company can make any claim or claims purporting to represent Willems Timber and Company Ltd,” the notice reads.

“Be advised that no other individual or company is allowed to conduct any business for or on behalf of Willems Timber and Trading Company Limited,” it adds.

Datadin said that the placement of the advertisement, declaring ownership, while the matter is still in court was wrong and that he will use the ad as evidence when the matter comes up for determination on October 15 this year.

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Roshan Khan, muslim financier of terror & money launderer rising fast in Guyana

This six story building at the corner of Robb & camp street belongs to Roshan Khan, CEO of RK Security Services.

Roshan was a member of the Phantom squad headed by federal inmate #03651-082 Roger Khan. The phantom crew is responsible for murdering 400 – 600 guyanese that we know of.

propaganda press has not been able to confirm, but a source believes the two Khans are related.

RK’s primary business is watch-manning govt buildings and properties. His other hustle is selling garbage death trap vehicles and gadgets from china.

Until recently Khan was complaining about being impoverished (see article below from the govt controlled guyana chronicle).

Propaganda press looks forward to an interview with this terrorist. We would like to ask him where he amassed hundreds of millions to buy prime real estate and build this structure.

Roshan Khan is neck deep in illegal activities and financing of terrorism with his acolytes in the central Islamic organisation of guyana.

We know you read propaganda press Roshan contact us for that interview and let’s get to the bottom of your empire.

RK’s Security sees layoffs coming from higher wage bill – Roshan Khan says he’s not against a new minimum wage but requires higher service charges
July 11, 2013

IMPLEMENTATION of the new minimum wage will lead to several security guards at RK’s Guyana Security Services losing their jobs, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Mr. Roshan Khan said yesterday.

The government which is the main customer also will consequently lose RK’s security services unless it helps the company to cushion higher wage costs associated with the new minimum wage.

During a media conference yesterday, Khan said the company was facing an economic crisis, particularly since most of its contracts were associated with government locations and since government has not yet indicated how it will help the company to stay afloat with the higher wage bill for its services.

He said the new minimum wage had created a very grave situation for security services generally, particularly those serving government agencies.
“At the start of the year we were contracted by government and a certain sum was approved for us. Then government raises the minimum wage suddenly on us, how will we be able to accommodate that increased cost of operations?” he asked.
He charged that government has, to date, not yet addressed this matter of increased costs to be borne by the company. The new minimum wage took effect from July 1 last.

Speaking about the impending layoffs, he said: “I have to terminate the services of workers because it would be economically nonsensical for me as a businessman to continue working for the rates which existed prior to the new minimum wages.”
He said: “Even if the government gives us an additional $60 an hour it would not be adequate because there is overtime to be catered for, the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) ceiling goes up. When you raise the guard’s minimum wage the supervisors and the managers also looking out for something more on their salaries.”

Khan said his company will have to receive increases of 50 to 60% more than it currently receives in order to pay the new minimum wages and remain afloat.

He said that he had written to government officials letters terminating the security services at several government locations with effect from July 15th.

He said that another 40 RK staffers are likely to be laid off within seven days after that.

“We have to give up the contracts since government has not yet agreed to give us the requisite increase to help keep us afloat.”

The private customers will also feel the squeeze.
“Since the increased wages many of them cannot afford our consequential increased charges. They are trying to negotiate the increase, to give us something now, something later but we are looking at a situation which can result in a very serious loss to the company taking it even to the point of bankruptcy.”

Also present at the media briefing was a senior member of another security service, GEB, which Khan said was also adversely affected by the current state of affairs.

Layoffs for similar reasons are likely to occur in other security firms as well, Khan said.

He said that he was not against a new minimum wage but hoped that the government will move to resolve the current problem before the layoffs and other negative consequences take effect.

Labour Minister, Dr Nanda Gopaul announced the new minimum wage in May last, disclosing that more than 31,000 persons in Guyana will benefit from the $35,000 minimum wage standard slated to take effect from July 1.
He disclosed that employers who pay their staff below the national minimum wage will be prosecuted and if found guilty, would pay a fine of $35,000 for the first offence. The second offence will result in a fine of $75,000 and one month in jail.
The local private sector organisation, the Private Sector Commission, recently said that while it welcomed the new wages, given the implications for businesses, it wanted to request more time beyond the July 1 implementation deadline.


letters from guyana police detective part 2 – ppp crime family 24/7 surveillance systems

Senior Superintendent of Police Edgar Thomas, a negroe gun for hire

Senior Superintendent of Police Edgar Thomas, a negroe gun for hire

Dear propaganda Press, it is important to note that our civil rights are being trampled here in Guyana. the Senior police officer THOMAS who is in the papers today 3/3/2014. should be executed for being a major part of this. He knows that our rights are being trampled and he is a willing player. what ever happened to serve and protect?

Black Guyanese will now be framed at a very high rate just to cause the PPP to look Good and win a re election.

he is a part of a master plan which is in place to spy on Guyanese emails and track IP addressed down to locating your home addresses. the freedom of speech in Guyana is no longer there. we are a Russian/Cuban type controlled state. [alexi ramotar toys behind castellani house will process all this data collected]

guyana central intelligence agency behind castellani house

guyana central intelligence agency behind castellani house

highlights from the kaieteur news article on thomas

He has several other gadgets at his disposal, from devices that can track kidnappers and visitors entering and leaving Guyana, to a $7M piece of software that can enhance blurred surveillance camera images. There are also other gadgets for ‘covert operations’ that even his colleagues have no clue exist.

“We cracked a lot of cases using technology, but if I expose that technology it would not do us any good.”
He spoke glowingly of the Forces’ recently-acquired Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), which is helping to crack cold cases. [this technology is so new it came into use internationally 1999!]

Last week, Deputy Police Commissioner (Law Enforcement) Seellal Persaud confirmed that the fingerprinting technology has helped police to arrest a suspect in the 2011 unsolved murder of drug store proprietor Harold Rachpaul.

“I am also certain that when that message gets out (about this technology), the criminals will try to protect themselves, but we know the saying that ‘a criminal can’t leave the scene of a crime without leaving some sort of evidence’, and that is a proven theory. We know that somewhere along the line we will have fingerprints.” [thomas depends o finger prints to crack crimes!]

“I am also certain that when that message gets out (about this technology), the criminals will try to protect themselves, but we know the saying that ‘a criminal can’t leave the scene of a crime without leaving some sort of evidence’, and that is a proven theory. We know that somewhere along the line we will have fingerprints.”

“Very shortly, we will have computers placed in vehicles; you will be able to stop a person in the road, and go through that database at ICIS, and know if that is a person of interest. But we are not in a position to do that as yet.” [really!?]

We also know who is coming into our country before they arrive…from the time that a passenger boards a plane we have that information; we don’t have to wait on the manifest. At this moment we are upgrading our system in keeping with international standards.”

roger khanPhone-tracking devices and $7M image-enhancing software
According to the Force’s Information technology head, since the 2003 -2008 ‘crime wave’ era, the Guyana Police Force has significantly improved its methods of track monitoring criminals and tracking suspects. One of these is through Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and “some covert devices,” which Thomas declined to identify. [this is the gadgets leslie ramsammy ordered for roger khan]

wikileaks guyana secret cable – leslie ramsammy & roger khan spy equipment
09GEORGETOWN418 2009-07-31 20:51 2011-08-30 01:44 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Georgetown
¶1. (SBU) SUMMARY: Testimony in the U.S. trial of a Guyanese
drug kingpin,s lawyer alleged that the Minister of Health
(and AMCIT) Leslie Ramsammy gave narco-trafficker and death
squad leader Shaheed ‘Roger’ Khan the necessary permission
from the GoG to purchase sensitive eavesdropping equipment in
Florida. In response to the revelation, opposition members
organized a walkout in Parliament and protested the GoG,s
continued refusal to investigate allegations related to Khan.
This latest accusation against Ramsammy comes two weeks
after the Ministry of Health burned down in an arson attack
amid rumors of an impending accounting investigation. Both
of these events attest to the depth of corruption in the GoG
and its inability or unwillingness to address it. END

must read
Guyana Ministry of Health fire was cover for leslie ramsammy & ppp govt fraud

minister of agriculture & fisheries leslie ramsammy signed off on roger khan purchases

minister of agriculture & fisheries leslie ramsammy signed off on roger khan purchases

C) the American officials in Guyana got wind of this and informed the international body which had contributed the bulk of the monetary assistance to the ministry.
D) the then minister of health LESLIE RAMSAMMY was called to order on the missing funds. In a document obtained by my office, the minister had thirty days to respond.
E) he , the minister, consulted legal affairs. Legal affairs [mobster charles ramson]  advised not to respond.
F) a meeting of the minds was called by the central party members of the ppp. a decision was taken to control the damage. the result was///////////////// the burning of the ministry of health/////////////

why aren’t guyana govt officials mandated to disclose overseas travels?

ppp crime family members are frequently traveling overseas under the guise of diplomatic immunity.
these travels are almost never publicised.
propaganda press is calling on the members of parliament to look into these clandestine activities.
gold, diamonds, currency, weapon and cocaine are spme of the commodities that go in and out on these diplomatic jaunts

bharrat jagdeo and bobby ramroop lear jet run to florida is a classic example of ppp crime family abusing diplomatic privileges for criminal activities.

a federal informant revealed how leslie ramsammy as minister of health ordered spy equipment for narco-terrorist roger khan. ppp crime family never seized the assets of this jailed criminal and leslie ramsammy is under going a makeover at ministry of agriculture.

for an example of how these things are handled right here in caricom see jamaica
Tourism and Entertainment Minister, Hon. Dr. Wykeham McNeill, is to attend the International Tourism Exchange (ITB) in Berlin, Germany
Minister McNeill will be accompanied by Director of Jamaica Vacations Limited (JAMVAC), Paul Pennicook; Chairman of the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB), Dennis Morrison; and Director of Tourism, John Lynch.

Minister Falconer said that the Minister will convene meetings in London with tour operators and other strategic partners. The approximate cost of the travel is $4.2 million, she informed.

Meanwhile, Minister of Health, Dr. Fenton Ferguson will also be away from March 3 to 7, attending the board meeting of the Global Fund in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Information Minister said Cabinet has approved the overseas travel for

Dr. Ferguson, who will be accompanied by the director of the HIV/AIDS Programme in the Ministry of Health.

She further informed that Minister Ferguson is the Alternate Board Member for Latin America and the Caribbean on the Global Fund, and that expenses for the Minister’s travel are being met by the Fund.

The Global Fund provides funding support for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria projects around the world.

can anyone say what irfaan ali is doing overseas?
when did he leave?
when will he return?
where is he going?
what for?
who else is in his posse?
what is the cost the people of guyana must bear!