my last will and testament – johnny a. welshman


(This is my last will and testament)

I devise and give banquet of my whole Estate in the event of my death to the following.

My Unit Trust Corporation insurance which total to US. 20,000.00, I devise to the following to My mother Mrs Alisa Maria Collymore I leave Us. 10,000.00, To my brother Mark Welshman and Sisters Felicia Collymore and Tamisha Cummings I leave US. 1000.00 Each.

To my ex JP don’t want to mention name for security reasons I leave US.5000.00

And to Kerry Pantin I leave Us. 2000.00 to cover legal fees.

My personal belongings is to be divided between my brother and my Ex JP.

I leave my Cellular phone and personal emials information to my mother but she is to Surrender it to Kerry Pantin and associates on request.

I leave my Nikon 20 Megapixels digital Camara to my ex JP which Includes the memory card and case.

I leave all my Nursery Graduation Certificate and frame to my said Ex JP.

I leave my safe deposit to my mother Mrs Alisa Collymore.

Mom there is some other things upon searching fully through my belongings you will find fit to give to my ex Jp.

A. I was rape/molested,abuse by Mr. Raphael Trotman aka Uncle Raphael, Mr. Colin Wilson and Johnny Terry Welshman Sr.

B. I have never collected any some of moneys or was never promise any some of moneys by Hon Member of Parliament/Presidential adviser on Governance. Mrs Gail Texiara or Attorney-at-Law Jaya Manickchand anyone claiming otherwise are to provide the necessary financial statements.

C. I have never meet with (Hon) Attorney General Mr. Anil Nandalal or have I had any discussions or business with him.

D. I apologies to everyone that I have hurted or mistreated especially you Jase.
Mark hay bro.. We always use to fight but as we got older learned to appreciate each other, Love you.

Fee hay sis..We also use to fight younger lol.. I am sorry for that day when johnny Terry Welshman Sr assulted you that day in yarrowkabbra.
You have three adorable kids Namely your First born Brandon, Jada and Yourayan. Please promise me you will be a better mother and save and be the best you can be. I love you.

Tamisha I love you darling and don’t worry our father will reap what he sow..
Wish I could hug you.(you and my Ex Jase resembles me alllot you should meet him one day if he allows it and forgived me.

Mom I am sorry for all that I have ever done to you, I am sorry for ever hurting you in any way being Physically,Emotionally or Spiritually, I am sorry please forgive me. I love you mom l.

Jase (aka) Jp you loved me and cared for me so much and I took advantage of your love..Please forgive me.
I am sorry for all the lies I told you I am sorry for all the arguments etc.
I love you.

Kerry Melissa Pantin thanks for sharing all your wisdom and advise in life, I am proud of you over coming the last battle with you know who before I left..
I wish you the best in your Law Practice its been over 4 years since we are friends and I appreciate your friendship.

Tamara Sylvester..I appreciate your friendship also and do wish you the very best in your law practice.

In life we all go through something bad that scars us for life, Its how we deal with it that counts for me I created a fairy land that I would go when I am depress sadly that fairy land is no more and the pain is to unbearable..
I tried everything I tried Counseling, Visting the psychiatrist..I tried Cymbalta an anti depression..I tried Sleeping tablets etc and the pain remainded..I tried drinking buying friendship etc. I even confronted my abusers and they denied it etc.. expecting my father he can’t deny it cause his own family can testify to his behavior and there are criminal records of him.

To my aunt who helped me allot she know herself I love you so much..I have never hurted you in anyway if I did I am sorry.

To my aunt Mitchell and Cuz Robert and Romichelle Brumell thanks for being there for me in my lowest time Love you Guys.

Jase I had really hoped that we could have curved our difference etc..I wish you the best in your Masters and in your Doctrate in the future..I love you so much..

I do hope justice takes it course in the CCJ and I do hope that the DPP lay charges..

LGBT Alliance Trinidad I will miss you ..
I love you guys.

I leave Kerry Pantin Attorney-at-Law as my executrix.

This is my last will and testament made before our lord on the 19th November, 2014.

I wish to be cremated and my ashes to be scatter in Chaguramas and Maracas Jase knows where. LOVE YOU.

Signed; Johnny A Welshman

Love always especially Jase you ment allot to me.

anil nandlall and his wife Sharia Yasin-Bacchus aka hessaun yassin-bacchus

anil nandlall sent johnny anthony welshman to jaya manickchand

General Secretary of the Party, David Patterson told the news conference that the AFC is in receipt of information that Johnny Welshman – the 22 – year – old who alleged that Trotman raped him ten years ago – was directed by a “senior government official” to seek the representation of Attorney – at – Law and PPP Guyana Elections Commissioner, Jaya Manickchand.

the plot thickens
stay tuned

Johnny Antony Welshman
12 mins ·
I am asking for justice!! These people are so nasty that they will tarnish a prominent attorney at law name the AG ..I am asking for an injunction against AFC and The parties.

jaya manickchand orchestrated plot to destroy & extort guyana speaker raphael trotman

“Raphel, good afternoon. I need to speak with you urgently re: Jonny Welshman, who sought my services. In your interest and that of your family’s I think this matter should be settled quickly and discreetly.” – Jaya Manickchand

Attorney sought settlement from Trotman, before denying representing accuser – court papers
Although attorney Jaya Manickchand has denied representing Johnny Antony Welshman, the man who has made abuse allegations against Speaker Raphael Trotman, court filings show that she sent text messages lobbying for a settlement on his behalf.

The four text messages have been labelled as an exhibit in legal proceedings filed on Monday by attorney Nigel Hughes on behalf of Trotman, who has secured an injunction against Welshman, barring him from publishing any material relating to the allegations in the print or electronic media.

Trotman, who has denied the allegations, is seeking damages in excess of $50 million for libel contained in statements made by Welshman and published in the Stabroek News, Guyana Times and on Welshman’s Facebook page.

In his Ex Parte Affidavit in support of his application for the injunction, Trotman says he feared that various elements in the political arena are attempting to smear his name and threaten him in an attempt to impact upon the discharge of his responsibilities as Speaker.

According to the affidavit, on September 19 Trotman received several texts from Manickchand, who informed him that she had been contacted by Welshman and that there was a matter that should be settled quickly in the interest of his family.

According to the exhibit, the first message was sent at 5:27 pm last Friday.

It reads, “Raphel, good afternoon. I need to speak with you urgently re: Jonny Welshman, who sought my services. In your interest and that of your family’s I think this matter should be settled quickly and discreetly.”

The second message, which was sent two minutes later, said, “If a settlement cannot be reached I will recuse myself from the matter… I think that you have young daughters who need protection from a mean press and you have your reputation at stake.”

Stabroek News called the number from where the text messages originated and Manickchand answered. However, she declined to comment. “I don’t have a comment on the matter madam,” she said.

Manickchand, who is sister of Education Minister Priya Manickchand, had previously served as a nominee of the ruling party on the Guyana Elections Commission (Gecom).

Welshman had told Stabroek News that Manickchand was representing him but on Sunday, shortly after both Trotman and his party the Alliance For Change had sent out separate statements condemning the allegations being made, she said she had not been retained by him.

Manickchand, who had refused to comment on the issue when initially contacted, had subsequently explained that Welshman had approached her office on Friday last while she was out and she later contacted him via telephone and he made certain allegations.

She said she advised him to approach the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) since she was not the person from whom to seek legal advice. She acknowledged that she had spoken to him on more than one occasion between Friday and Saturday but made it clear that she had not been retained by him.

According to the affidavit, after receiving the texts from Manickchand, Trotman called her and denied the allegations and also advised that the man should report the matter to the police. Further, the document said, Trotman was not prepared to enter into any discussion about a settlement for something that he did not do. It was thereafter that Trotman immediately contacted his attorney, who conducted a search on Facebook for the defendant’s page. As a result of what was discovered, he said he immediately became concerned that Welshman was part of an orchestrated political smear campaign intended to discredit him by publishing an interview with him on NCN, “a known government news agency.”

Trotman’s party, the AFC, yesterday said it was evident from the text messages that Manickchand acted extensively on behalf of Welshman and was deeply involved in representing his interests.

“The AFC calls on Ms Manickchand, a former PPP nominated Gecom commissioner, to frankly admit her full role. The party believes that any attempt whether by Ms Manickchand, her representatives or agents or anyone else, to create a public impression that she has not been acting on behalf of Mr Welshman would be disingenuous, wicked and false,” it said in a statement.

It also reiterated its position that they were party to a plot to entrap Trotman in an attempt to derail the impending no-confidence motion before the National Assembly.

“Once again the AFC condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the reprehensible exploitation of such a heinous crime against minors, for political purposes and calls on Ms Manickchand to fully acknowledge her role in acting on behalf of Mr Welshman in this process…,” it added.

In the affidavit, Trotman admitted that he had been familiar with Welshman for several years as he is the son of one of his friends, Johnny Welshman senior.

He also recounted that on August 13, 2014, while at his office at the firm of Chapman and Trotman, his secretary informed him that a man named “Johnny Welshman” was outside to see him. He subsequently met the man, who introduced himself as the man’s son and said that he needed reference. Trotman said that given his general nature, he did provide the reference.

Trotman added that Welshman subsequently appeared at his chambers and said that he had applied for a job at a city hotel and that he needed Trotman to call and put in a good word for him. However, Trotman said he indicated that he was unable to assist in this regard.

He said later, on or about September 8, while he was out of the jurisdiction, he received an email from his office informing him that Welshman had appeared accompanied by a police officer and was attempting to serve process on his father who he could not locate. Trotman, the affidavit said, instructed his staff not to accept service of any documents for Welshman’s father. It was subsequent to this that he received the text messages from Manickchand about a settlement.

The court has granted an order directing Welshman to forthwith remove from his Facebook page all material and publications relating and or referring to the plaintiff in relation to the issue of sexual assault. A check of Welshman’s Facebook page revealed that he himself had removed all posts relating to the issue.

Raphael Trotman injunction silence johnny anthony welshman & his attorney jaya manickchand

like magic all the allegations johnny was making disappeared from his facebook page. jaya who was leading his legal team has since distanced herself from johnny.

Stabroek News: A day after denying allegations of sexual molestation, Speaker of the National Assembly Raphael Trotman yesterday secured an injunction barring his accuser from publishing any material relating to the allegations in the print or electronic media.
Trotman has also sought damages in excess of $50 million for libel contained in a statements allegedly made by Welshman and published in the Stabroek News, Guyana Times and on Welshman’s Facebook page.
The AFC statement also expressed the party’s unequivocal support for Trotman, its co-founder in face of the recent “spurious and unfounded allegations leveled against him.”

Lil Johnnie > bellflower • 13 hours ago
Look who is the top negotiator……
After seeking legal advice, the young man was told that it was an “unreasonable” sum. “Miss [JAYA] Manickchand who was negotiating on behalf of me called me and asked what would be the least amount I would accept, I told her five million; she said ‘would you accept anything below that’? I made it clear no,” he said. According to him, Trotman was willing to settle the matter for $2.5 million and a verbal apology, contending that any written apology would implicate him further.

“Uncle Raphael Trotman, Colin & dad raped me” – Johnny Antony Welshman #guyana

updating: Johnny Antony Welshman claims he was raped by Speaker of the National Assembly Raphael Trotman 10 years ago. He’s back from Trinidad and Tobago to wage war on behalf of?

Johnny Antony Welshman
3 hours ago
There is always gonna be a battle..But if you have jesus on your side its a climb, sometimes they will knock me down but I have to be strong an show them that I am not gonna give up.

I want Justice!!Mine was taken away from me when I was only a child by people who suppose to protect me.
Uncle Raphael and Dad I am not god but you guys really need to seek my forgiveness because hell as two seats with your names on it. — feeling positive with Sharon Stacy Vanlewin and 29 others.

Johnny Antony Welshman
4 hours ago
Got a disturbing call!!May Jehovah cover me with is blood.. I am not a fraid to tell the truth an if its a media frenzy uncle Raphael and my father wants all three of them will get it.
I will not forget what they did to me..They took my innocence away from me when I was a child ķnow that they are exposed they want to play the innocent and political card…To god be the glory whats in the dark eventually comes out. — feeling blessed with Felicia Collymore and 40 others.

Johnny Antony Welshman
12 hours ago
TO GOD BE THE GLORY. — feeling blessed with Annalise Appleton and 95 others.

Johnny Antony Welshman
Tell uncle Raphael Trotman that you people don’t know what I have endure Uncle Raphael an my father is nasty and more to be exppsed in few hour no more comments.
Mr Glendon Greenidge you all should have advise him earlier in negotiations know you all qants to live in denial!!Well I am ready to expose you all JAIL JAIL JAIL!! Hon: Kamla Persuad-Bessesier famous words its JAIL FOR THEM.

Johnny Antony Welshman
14 hours ago
Uncle Raphael one of my abuser made a statement how I am trouble and unstable an mentally challenged and only 5 week ago he did a recommendation ..Uncle Raphael God will deal with you Colin and my father you really need to come better than that. — feeling positive with Annie John and 90 others.

raphael trotman

raphael trotman working with the ppp, threatens ramjattan

raphael trotman

war break? house negroe of the year front runner raphael trotman

reported by john
date 2013-03-13 @ 11:36:09 PM
online crime reporting system
It has been made clear that Raphael Trotman has been offered a position as a judge within the PPP government if he continues with favorable rulings for the PPP. Nigel Hughes is not amused and most pissed off by this recent development where Trotman in email exchanges with Ramjattan is declaring that he will not allow any budget cuts to take place.

date of crime Recently
type of crime Sell out
location Parliament
additional information stay tuned

on february 15th 2013 propaganda press nominated raphael trotman house negroe of the year. for the year 2013

APNU declares war on guyana speaker raphael trotman & his inaccuracies

raphael trotman

war break? house negroe of the year front runner raphael trotman


Georgetown, Guyana
Monday 25th February 2013

For Immediate Release


A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) considers the document, being circulated in the Media, as purporting to be a Ruling of the Speaker of the National Assembly, since it is unprecedented for a Ruling by the Speaker of the National Assembly to be publicly released before it is made to the National Assembly.

The document is, unfortunately, replete with inaccuracies, of doubtful legal soundness and contradicts the documented positions previously taken by the Speaker.

The document claims that the Speaker was of the view that the National Assembly wanted to inhibit the Minister of Home Affairs from performing his Ministerial functions. The reality is that, as a consequence of his dismal performance and failures over the last six (6) years, the Majority in the National Assembly passed a Motion of No Confidence in the competence of the incumbent to be responsible for the security of the Nation.

The Speaker claims that, on Thursday 7th February 2013, the Minister wanted to make a statement on the security sector. However, the Leader of the Opposition and his colleagues, who were, at the time, meeting with the Speaker, were informed that the Minister wanted to make a statement on the attack, by well armed bandits claiming to be Police, on the General Secretary of the PNCR. The Leader of the Opposition did not agree to this. In any event, the Minister, on being allowed to speak, made no such statement!

It is evident that the document prematurely anticipated the awaited decisions of the learned Chief Justice and the conclusion of the deliberations of the National Assembly Committee of Privileges.

A Partnership for National Unity
Office of the Leader of the Opposition
61 Cross & Hadfield Streets