Fired Guyana Police Officer Franz Paul planning to murder Mark Benschop & attorney Dexter Todd

Former cadet officer Franz Paul who shot fifteen year old Alex Griffith in his mouth has made a pledge to his former Guyana Police Force colleagues and friends that he will kill Dexter Todd and Mark Benschop.

According to Franz version of events, it is they who made him lose his job. Not his shooting an innocent 15 year old child in the mouth.
We are demanding an investigation of this matter by the Guyana Police Force immediately. Franz Paul is a dangerous criminal who should have never been in the Police Force to begin with.

Franz is responsible for torturing and shooting Griffith.


OAS commission on human rights found Jagdeo, Gajraj, Fraser & Lewis culpable for kidnapping & disappearance

REPORT Nº. 80/01

PETITION Nº 12.264



October 10, 2001

I.            SUMMARY


  1. This Report concerns a petition presented to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (hereinafter referred to as “the Commission”) by letter dated March 21, 2000, by I. Kamau Cush, Chairman for Economic Empowerment, Guyana, (hereinafter referred to as “the Petitioner’) against the State of Guyana, on behalf of Mr. Franz Britton, aka Collie Wills (hereinafter referred to as “Mr. Britton”). The Petitioner alleges that the State of Guyana had violated the rights of Mr. Britton as set forth in the American Declaration on the Rights and Duties of Man (hereinafter referred to as “the Declaration”).

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Dean Hassan is a monster protected by Guyana police, army & legal fraternity

Submitted on 2015/08/13 at 10:28 am

Dean HASSAN aka Shiekh S Hassan aka Shahabudeen Hassan aka Shahabudeen Ahmad and owner of over 20 companies and businesses in Guyana -claims to have dual citizenship if guyana and Canada. Robbed the owners of North American Resources and forced the company into bancruptcy. Currently using commissioner sellall and commander Ramsey to do his dirty work . Terrorizing small miners in the Konawaruk mining area. Burning down their camps, shooting up their equipment, shooting persons, robbing miners. They are being protected by the mahdia police who is the most corrupt set of police. They arrest women and lock them up and rape them upstairs for days. They threaten any miner that complains against Dean hassan of TESOURO resources.

Dean Hassan has been doing this for years without any problems, he is good friends with Sam hinds and it said to be a gay. His brother Sean Hassan is also gay along with his chief accountant RAY BEHARRY. Ray Beharry is a member of the rifle association that is how Dean hassan gets all of his guns. Continue reading

Courtney Crum-Ewing ‘killer’ Rajput Nadine worked for Anil Nandlall & ppp crime family

Rajput and irfaan ali

Rajput and irfaan ali

NewsSource: The former bodyguard of former Attorney General Anil Nandlall has been arrested as the police widen their probe into the March 10, 2015 murder of political activist, Courtney Crum-Ewing.

The former bodyguard has been identified as Rajput Narine. Although he worked as the bodyguard for the former Attorney General, he has been in the employ of the Guyana Revenue Authority since the May 11 elections.

Narine was arrested late yesterday afternoon as the police continue to question its main suspect, Regan Rodrigues aka Grey Boy.

Police investigators believe that the former bodyguard may have been the one to hire the hit-man who executed Crum-Ewing. Investigators are convinced that the hit-man was Reagan Rodrigues aka “Grey Boy”.

ntn guyana anand persaud financed courtney crum-ewing murder – shawn hinds

May 26th, 1966 was a historical day in our Country…an era where our Country gained Independence from Britain, thus ‘British Guiana’ was renamed ‘Guyana’.

Television seemed almost impossible.
However, a very flourishing and vibrant entrepreneur the Late Mr. Ganga Prasad who was the Grandfather of NTN’S Managing Director opened the doors of entertainment with the  DELUXE CINEMA in Diamond
E-N-T-E-R-T-A-I-N–M-E-N-T for the Late Mr. Ganga Prasad along with his three sons extended to Georgetown when  they acquired ownership of the STRAND DELUXE and PLAZA CINEMAS.  The next great strike of Ganga Prasad & Sons Limited was when they became the Distributors of WARNER BROS PICTURES/ORION PICTURES, COLUMBIA PICTURES and  FLAMBOUYANT FILMS.
A cousin of NTN and deemed the great ‘showman’ of the clan, the Late Mr. Jack Persaud and Mrs. Chandra Naraine, sister of Anand took control of the Film Distribution and were assigned Area Managers. From Burbank, California to GT they both took ultimate pride in advertising, releasing and distributing movies throughout Guyana.  Movies such as ‘DJANGO’ – ‘JOHNNY YUMA’ –  ’ENTER THE DRAGON’ – ‘DEATH WISH’ – ‘ST. IVES’ – ‘MAD MAX’ – ‘SERPICO’ – ‘DIRTY HARRY’ – ‘MAGNUM FORCE’ – ‘THE EXORCIST’ – ‘THE TOWERING INFERNO’ – ‘I’LL DIE FOR MAMA’ – ‘SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS’ – ‘ABBA’ – ‘SPARKLE’ – ‘ANGELA’ – ‘BLAZING SADDLES’ – LETS’ DO IT AGAIN’ – ‘DIE HARD’ – ‘GANDHI’ – ‘DR. NO’ – ‘FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE’ followed by the other James Bond movies were amongst so many listed as great releases at THE STRAND  – THE CINEMA IN COMMAND.  ’CHALTE CHALTE’ & ‘KASAUTI’ created quite a stir at the PLAZA.
The Persauds continued to work together in the field of entertainment where Chandra, Anand and Brahma saw no limits as to their affiliation with live shows out of India.
In the 1980s the STRAND DELUXE CINEMA was modernised with new seating and crisp
surround-sound, however, there was a downfall in the cinema world due to piracy of movies thru video and later dvd thus causing many cinemas worldwide to close – almost all in Guyana. Hopefully with advance technology the Persauds would once again be only too excited to see the STRAND DELUXE in its magnificent glory of screening movies.
By the year 1997,  approximately 46,000 Guyanese had televisions using video players.
Anand saw the opportunity to once again entertain Guyana.  Thanks to the Government as in October 1997, NATIONAL TELEVISION NETWORK – Channel 18/Cable 69 was launched.
Again always thriving to bring the best in E-N-T-E-R-T-A-I-N-M-E-N-T-  NTN was the first Television Station to broadcast LIVE the Guyana’s Annual Diwali Motorcade from the LBI Community Center on November 7th, 1999.
NTN promotes multi-religion and multi-ethnic culture.  NTN embraces family oriented values with open and non-discriminatory policies.  NTN specializes in all types of programs ranging from Bollywood to Religion and Sports.
‘SA-GE-GA-MA’ – one of NTN’S original program was founded by Anand who enjoys the simplicity of old classical Indian songs.
6 Years ago (2007) NTN-TV Inc signed an ongoing deal with Sportsmax Jamaica. Sportsmax, originated out of Jamaica and is solely a sports cable company, broadcasting Cricket, Soccer, Boxing, Olympics etc. NTN deemed well known as the cricket channel of Guyana, airing IPL series, West Indies, India, Australia, Pakistan etc
In February 2013 another event will unfold…. The launching of NTN RADIO – 89.1 FM
makes the Persauds once again very proud as they have done it again in the field of
E-N-T-E-R-T-A-I-N-M-E-N-T upholding the same values and keeping up with traditions and events as they unfold.
NTN RADIO – 89.1 FM offers a portfolio of programs for listening pleasure ranging from Talk – Music – News – Religious – Sports – Health – Beauty etc as we keep our Community at heart.
Let NTN TV and RADIO bring to you…..

Guyana cocaine update : Steve Merai puts hit on US Attorney Kurt. R. Saccone

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Former Guyanese police officer Steve Merai , the suspected head of a once feared black clothes death squad is again embroiled in planning a hit. This time around he is seeking revenge on United States Attorney Immigration Attorney, Kurt. R. Saccone, once his partner in crime, according to an intelligence source in Georgetown. The source is part of an investigation by the new Guyana Government into allegation of a death squad in Guyana purportedly run by the past Bharat Jagdeo Government. US- born Kurt was recently fingered in the local press for carrying a Guyanese passport which was obtained through a forged Guyanese birth certificate. It was reported that former Home Affairs Minister facilitated the issuance through a bribery scheme. During his frequent visits to Guyana, Kurt helped Merai to smuggle Guyanese into the US for huge sums of cash, Continue reading

Courtney Crum-Ewing murder suspects identified in guyana

Guyana Police Force investigators have two prime suspects in the Courtney Crum-Ewing murder, attorney general Anil Nandlall and boy rapist Kwame McCoy.
Political intervention at the Crime Chief’s Office has caused two black youths to be arrested and tortured. Look for forced confessions & murder charges against them soon