Mark Benschop contesting Guyana electons with Independent Party

Dear Editor,

mark benschop independent partyLed by Jagan, Burnham, D’Aguiar and others too many to mention, Guyana embarked on nationhood with purpose, talent and a firm belief that service to the people came before the enrichment of self. This competent, selfless cadre of patriots has over the years given way to cabals of the corrupt, incompetent and visionless. Through all this negative change, Guyanese who benefited from the efforts of our early patriots have mostly chosen to sit on the sidelines. Mostly appalled at the destruction of the Land of Many Waters, few have embraced the effort needed to create a better tomorrow for our children. After working in and out of Guyana on the edges of politics and social service, and after my deeply tragic experience of the senseless brutality of the system, I have decided to stand up. As I have stood up, so have many compatriots, young and old; Amerindians, Africans, Indians, Chinese, Portuguese, Mixed Race and others; rich and poor – everywhere Guyanese are standing up, but more need to stand up! Continue reading


blind guyana govt agent approach mark benschop for hitmen

guyana govt agent who approached mark benschop

blind guyana govt agent asking mark benschop to find hitmen. hiw ‘wife’ holding her head in background

A Parika man and his wife have been taken into police custody after they approached Political activist Mark Benschop to hire “hit men”.

Speaking to News Source just after receiving word of the arrest, Mark Benschop said he does not know why complete strangers would go to him seeking persons to execute other people. He said he asked “Lochan” several times who sent him, while the man dodged answering that question, he could be heard on the recording saying that he was told that Benschop could be the person to “help him out”.

Cheryll Nosia Kwitshanna, south african ‘lost’ in guyana gulag

Coming up at 9pm (Guyana time) “Straight Up” on UK based South African mother cries for justice for her jailed daughter in Guyana – the woman claims that the Government of Guyana, the police and other politicians have done nothing to defend her daughter’s Human Rights.

benschop radio live again & loaded wid dynamite

big dougla rohee and his cyber crew have failed again. is back online

Find out on
(1) Why the PPP wanted the Canadian (dead) who got shot on the day Recardo Rodriques was killed
(2) Why Clement Rohee is defending certain drug lords
(3) What Donald Ramotar knows about the Phantom Killing Squads etc….TUNE in at 9pm (10pm Guyana time)

benschop radio & guyana observer hacked by clement rohee & seelall persaud

ppp crime family inc tryin a thing again with mark benschop. this is the works of minister of home affairs clement rohee & crime chief seelall persaud. same two jumbies tried their hacking skills on propaganda press. we know how well that worked out

rima & clement rohee

rima & clement rohee – she collects fat salary from office of the president. job state secret. he child rapist, hacker, killer, visa scam artist etc

Our sites: Hacked
Benschop Radio and Guyana Observer News have been hacked by Operatives of the PPP regime – with the assistance of some House Slaves in the Opposition.
We’re currently working on restoring both sites, as Guyanese around the world are thirsty for the truth….nothing half baked or politically slanted.