Bai Shan Lin & Asian loggers plundering Guyana forests – Janette Bulkan

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janette bulkan

warrior princess janette bulkan has more intellectual firepower asleep that the entire Guyana govt

Full marks to Kaieteur News whose front-page photograph of a convoy of containers of logs bound for China eloquently conveyed more than a thousand words could (‘Bai Shan Lin circumvents Guyana’s logging laws…Ships Billions $$$$ of high priced logs monthly’, 7 August 2014).
Your newspaper’s interpretation was that the Asian loggers have now so thoroughly corrupted the relevant politicians that the Asians are effectively exempt from legal controls on forest harvesting and export, but at the same time are allowed to claim substantial foreign direct investment (FDI) tax concessions. That interpretation is supported by the more than 10 per cent increase in roundwood-equivalent volume produced in 2013 compared with 2012. This is also an increase of more than 10 per cent above the baseline production limit (average of years 2003-2008) agreed for the Norway-Guyana MoU.
There are no functioning controls on the import and use of Asian-origin workers by the Asian loggers, and no requirements to train or employ Guyanese. Barama continually declares that it is making no profits which are taxable in Guyana, and it is probable that the other Asian loggers are similar tax-avoiders.
The deal appears to be that the GFC keeps away from the Asian loggers, but is allowed to harass and penalise the Guyanese chainsaw operators and small loggers’ associations, including Amerindians – as revealed by the GFC annual reports 2005-2012 delivered to the National Assembly in November 2013.
Norway and other donors are currently paying the GFC ‘in the region of US $500,000 per year’ for Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) work on forest carbon assessment, on top of the US$3 million received by GFC for MRV to date (see: 2013 Report of LTS International, Ecometrica, Indufor Oy, and Chr. Michelsen Institute. Real-Time Evaluation of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative. Contribution to Measurement, Reporting and Verification, pages 47 and 57).

two so.called communist criminal gangsters

two communist criminal gangsters parceling off Guyana. jagdeo & the Chinese ambassador

The question Guyanese could well be asking: why is the GFC not monitoring, reporting and verifying (MRV-ing) the haemorrhage of high-value logs by Bai Shan Lin, and the other Asian log traders, with none of the local processing and in-country value-addition required by parliament-approved national policy?
None of the Norway-commissioned auditors appears to notice the volume of analysis and comment on the (mis)management of natural resources, such as the giveaway/firesale of Guyana’s logs, published frequently in the independent Press.
Meanwhile Bai Shan Lin and the rest of the Asian loggers rightly hold all Guyanese in contempt for not valuing our national patrimony, while logging of natural forest has been considerably restricted in China since 1998. The Asian loggers merrily carry on log exporting, while the GFC is MRV-ing and people in the Ministries, the GRA and other government agencies look the other way or become amazingly wealthier than their official salaries can explain.
Janette Bulkan


Corruption has left Guyana among the poorest countries

thumb_Anti Corruption


The impending economic and political crisis in Guyana is not an accident; it was caused by an out of control and corrupt, political Stalinist oligarchy that controls the ruling party.

Since November 2011, the failure of the minority PPP regime to accept that they continue to bleed politically, has led to a series of desperate acts of political bullyism, spiteful actions and the reckless squandering of taxpayers’ money, that have exacerbated the financial hardship of the masses.

The Jagdeo/Ramotar cabal has and continues to close deals, using the resources of the people like if they are running a cake shop. Why is the PPP playing politics with the lives of hard working Guyanese? Why is the PPP offering these workers slave-like wages as if they are plantation workers? We have concluded that the cabal is only concerned with their own well-being.

Each day brings another damaging corrupt scandal from controversial back-room deals that will never stand the scrutiny of any proper procurement process.  If one is to observe all the PPP-led deals they have common traits – no competition, a family member or a friend of the party gets the deal, and a Continue reading

the bu$ine$$ of climate change economic$ – $hyam nokta dialing for dollar$ in Guyana

Capacity building on climate change economic$ in Caribbean commence$ Office of Climate Change, UN ECLAC, CCCCC host two-day work$hop

Georgetown, GINA, June 14, 2011
The impact of climate change on agriculture, health and coastal and human settlements will be presented in a report which Guyana ppp crime family inc. will include in a regional study on the economic$ of climate change in the Caribbean. [the same ppp crime family inc. that building more and more human settlements on the mudflats]
The report will be compiled at the end of a two day workshop ho$ted by the Office of Climate Change ($ham nokta, his wife, jagdeo and 3 other joker$) in collaboration with the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (whitey) and the Caribbean Climate Change Centre (silly negroes).
The workshop began today at Cara Lodge joining the list of other$ in the Caribbean to build capacity in the Region and a core team of in-country technician$ who can in the future work on the economic$ of climate change.
Among the facilitator$ of the workshop are Economics Affairs Officer of ECLAC Dillon Alleyne, Environmental Economist Mark Bynoe, UN ECLAC Consultant Elizabeth Alleyne and University of the West Indies Consultant Claremont Kirton.
Over the two days the consultant$ will be facilitating training with focus on the climate scenario as determined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), demonstrating the application of $elected methodology in e$timating the co$t of climate change and discu$$ing the result$ of the analyse$ and the interpretation of the result$ within the context of the recommendation$ made and their impact on policy. ZERO!
Head of the Office of Climate Change $hyam Nokta explained that the workshop as timely given its importance in finding appropriate answer$ to tackling climate change and brain$torming $ome of the methodologie$ associated with climate modelling in the region.
He also believe$ that it fit$ into Guyana’s ppp crime family inc. ongoing effort$ at adaptation planning and re$ponse within the context of the country’s pp pcrime family inc. Low Carbon Development $trategy (LCD$), arguing the ca$e that climate change require$ $everal important factor$ to be con$idered.
“More importantly it require$ u$ to have a full under$tanding of not only the type of intervention$ we are required to make but how do we try to put a co$t to climate change and its event$,” Nokta said.
Projection$ by the IPCC about the global $cenario show $ea level and temperature ri$e$, water $carcity, defore$tation and extreme weather event$ and Nokta alluded to the recent flood$ in Region Nine and Ten as the latest example$ of manife$tation$.
He, however, opined that current climate change model$ while successful in building confidence in the production of global changeS for extended period$, have had low confidence level$ for $mall region$ $uch a$ the Caribbean due to low ca$h flow$ from the north.
“Both the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and Professor Stern, through the Stern Review have recognized the need for further re$earch and modelling at a regional level so we can better under$tand what are the impact$ and the co$t of climate change,” Nokta said.
Recent projection$ on climate change in the Caribbean show that a US$22B co$t will be incurred by 2050 and by the year 2100, US$46B.
The Caribbean has been recoginsed as among the most vulnerable to climate change and President Bharrat Jagdeo, an avid climate change is bu$ine$$ activi$t, has on several occasions argued the case for vulnerable states to be given the adaptation and mitigation financial $upport pledged to them in the Copenhagen accord.

jud lohmeyer

Guyana one laptop per family program – strike two! by jud lohmeyer

Toshiba T3200 laptop

toshiba t3200 - Image via Wikipedia

Strike Two – OLPF

Strike one, in case you missed it, was the refusal by the Chinese to fund HE‘s “transformational” ICT laptop scheme. This should have been game over but blatant election politics makes it impossible for HE to allow himself to look impotent in the face of the refusal of the Chinese to fund OLPF.

HE already can’t get the LCDS money out of Norway and the World Bank or get Amaila Falls Hydro funded. Sadly, Guyana is in no position to afford such a lavish ICT project. Mark my words, after the election, if there is one, fiscal reality will crash the gates of election politics and the GoG Treasury will be in serious trouble.

OLPF represents a few percent of the national budget of Guyana. There will be some serious cut backs in other areas to cover this little election ploy, after the election, of course.

Strike two is the rejection of the tender responses for laptops. This is no surprise if you are familiar with the ICT industry. Writing the specifications for a laptop tender is a very detailed process of creating a matrix that very narrowly defines the hardware and software required for the project. This is not something to be left to a couple outsiders winging it. Each specification must be boxed in by a series of other specifications to ensure that the bid equipment meets the project requirements. This didn’t happen. Creating their own new laptop drop specification and neglecting critical secondary specifications only demonstrated the ineptitude of the team assembling the tender.

The second challenge that the OLPF project faces is that there is no single organization in Guyana that can fulfill the requirements of such a large ICT project. The capability simply doesn’t exist in Guyana.

Our approach was to work with several suppliers to craft a complete solution across multiple organizations. This would spread revenue across multiple Guyanese companies and reduce the risks for both GoG and suppliers. You can create a hundred tenders but you can’t fill the capability gap. Again, experienced ICT staff would recognize this challenge and build a solution with what exists in Guyana not what they wish existed, if they even recognized the problem in the first place.

Strike three really should be the Office of the President’s resident pedophile using laptops insexchange. Here we all thought HE just wanted to get the PPP re-elected. It appears some of his team have other ideas on how to capitalize on the laptop distribution. While this is a personal and legal problem with HE’s staff, one HE has refused to address in the past, it does demonstrate how staff and party members plan to use the great laptop give-a-way to their personal advantage.

We can only hope that this latest set-back finally shuts down Huey and Duey in the Project Masquerade Office before they spend Guyana into insolvency.

bharrat jagdeo threatens norway with defore$tation if he doe$n’t get hi$ money

update – listen to this shallow thinking gutter rat
“If they (whiteman. norway for now) can’t be responsible then … there will be temptation on the part of many countries … who have a lot of poor people … (to) earn more by cutting the trees and planting soya beans or … rice or doing cattle,” Jagdeo said. (Reuters) [this is as far as his mind expands. chop down the forest. plant two three, mine two cow and plant soy beans. keep yuh suits ready ppl. it’s getting closer. we’re gonna have to deal with these enemies.]


HALL OF COLUMNS, MOSCOW. President Putin with ...
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They made it clear that they are not happy with the financial assistance received from developed nations so far, as expressed by Guyana’s President Bharrat Jagdeo, who was appointed by the summit to act as roving ambassador for the three tropical forest basins.
“In the Copenhagen accord, $10bn ($6bn) was pledged per annum,” he said.
“The developed world, in their interaction with us, is saying ‘this money is being disbursed’. For us, we don’t see any evidence of this disbursement. [this is not what this ass & his fellow asses says at home. we thought you got the money!!] So where is this money going?” [we ask you criminal joker, where is our money going in Guyana?]

absolutely unrelated – President Bharrat Jagdeo Thursday announced that within 10 days, the first tranche of the US$30M from Norway will be deposited in the Guyana Redd + Investment Fund

guyana’s traveling dictator bharrat jagdeo & robert ‘anchor babies’ persaud go home to Africa

THE KREMLIN, MOSCOW. With President of the Coo...

dictator 2 dictator - russian economist meets russian kgb head - Image via Wikipedia

update: well well well. according to a release [see below] issued by the occupying govt the team is dictator and his nephew in law anchor babies. they call it a ‘high level team’ high is the right word 🙂 [He [dictator] is accompanied by Robert Persaud, Minister of Agriculture with responsibility for forests.]

which set of crooks and conmen joined dictator on this trip we’re not certain yet. but you can always count on shambollywood nokta to be in on the money

Georgetown, GINA, May 11, 2011

President Bharrat Jagdeo departed on Tuesday for the Republic of Congo to tout Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) and share his expertise at a special summit for forest cover countries.

The engagement follows a special invitation brought by Minister of Sustainable Development, Forest Economy and Environment of the Republic of Congo Henri Djombo on behalf of Congolese President Dennis SassoNguesso.

The invitation was extended during Minister Djombo’s last visit to Guyana at the time of the installation of the new Secretary General of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) Maria Emma Majia Velez.

Today Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon said the Guyanese Head of State was specially selected given his astute leadership in biodiversity and ecosystems management which earned him the Champion of the Earth Award, and Guyana’s lead role internationally in promoting the role of forests in the climate change fight.

On May 10, the Congolese Forestry Minister met officials of the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) to discuss ways in which they can cooperate particularly in the area of forestry, signalling interest in Guyana’s chainsaw milling project and the forestry training center.

The Congolese Minister said that he was very impressed and encouraged by the forestry related initiatives of the Government of Guyana noting that the local chainsaw project is the kind of initiative that should be encouraged in his country given its prospects in providing access to markets.

The use of chainsaw in Congo to convert logs to lumber for the domestic market and poor segments of the population has never been explored resulting in high prices for wood and wood products.

Last July, Minister Djombo and team were on a three-day fact finding mission to Guyana and were introduced to Guyana’s LCDS.

News Top Story High level team to discuss climate change and sustainable development

High level team to discuss climate change and sustainable development

Written by [anchor babies? we’re unable to confirm but we’re told robert persaud wrote this release]

Friday, 03 June 2011 02:40

– … in Republic of Congo

PRESIDENT Bharrat Jagdeo is leading a team to the Republic of Congo for the Heads of States and Government Summit on the three Tropical Forests Basins of the World (Amazon, Congo, Borneo-Mekong). He is accompanied by Robert Persaud, Minister of Agriculture with responsibility for forests.

The summit began Monday and concludes today, in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, and is organized by the Republic of Congo and other international partners.

President Jagdeo and team’s visit is at the specific invitation of the Minister of Sustainable Development, Forest Economy and the Environment, of the Republic of Congo, Henri Djombo, who recently visited Guyana as part of the ongoing co-operation between the two forest-rich countries.

Some of the main objectives of the summit are to inform governments and international stakeholders about the actual forest resources conditions of these basins, and to conclude a cooperation treaty, consultation and exchange platform regarding matters linked to forest and global climate.

The summit will also adopt a common statement on tropical forest, climate change and sustainable development in the perspective of future negotiations and accord on climate at Durban, Republic of South Africa, and in preparation for Rio +20 summit in 2011, in Brazil.

The Government of Guyana and the Republic of Congo are also finalizing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) highlighting cooperation on sustainable utilization and forest conservation between the two nations; Minister Persaud will further discuss this MOU during this visit.


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money for nothing – jud lohmeyer

Money for Nothing by Jud Lohmeyer

Jagdeo’s whole hearted adoption of the Mckinsey MBA whiz kids strategy of getting paid to watch trees grow extends beyond Guyana. The Jagdeo government has extended the doing nothing for money to Brazil Telecom. Guyanese are paying, for the last six month and years into the future, the Brazilian Telephone company for the Internet capacity that may one day be available via the Providence to Brazil fiber cable. This is capacity Guyana does not need with the new GT&T undersea cable which is expected to have more then enough capacity for the foreseeable future and two back up cables for redundancy. Guyana will not go without dial tone anytime soon. The Providence to Brazil cable scheme was developed to create leverage over GT&T during the liberalization negotiations. Now Guyanese are stuck with the us15 million dollar bill for an unnecessary cable. So today GoG is building a cable to no where that the country doesn’t need and will be instantly obsolete once a new road to Lethem is constructed. The cost to lay the cable under a new Lethem road is one tenth the cost to lay a cable under the existing road.

The Telecom Liberalization legislation was pulled at the last minute at the end of 2010 Parliamentary session as Jagdeo got the concessions HE wanted from GT&T. Allowing the renewal of the GT&T monopoly for another 20 years means Guyana remains economically uncompetitive as it is burdened with a 20th century monopoly telecommunications arrangement for another two decades. The liberalization concessions Jagdeo squeezed out of GT&T? HE got them to agree to allow data services to be offered by private companies from the GoG coastal fiber cable. Then HE gave those franchises to his PPP political cronies at eNetworks and Broadband Satellite. Makes one wonder who Jagdeo is serving, Brian Yong or Guyanese? But this is transformational!

Who is running this boondoggle white elephant? None other then the PPP Presidential candidate’s son, Alexi Ramotar. So now we have the PPP Presidential candidate and his son on Jagdeo’s payroll. This starts to look a bit like a sweet campaign contribution from the Guyanese taxpayers to the PPP candidate. Who ever heard of a Presidential candidate being hired as a Presidential Advisor AFTER he becomes the Presidential candidate, usually one resigns when one runs for office. I warned several months ago that Jagdeo had no intentions of leaving office and would likely find a weak puppet candidate.  I never imaged HE would be so obvious in his tactics. I find it quite telling of HE’s view of Guyanese. HE believes the people don’t get it. Offer them a laptop election day bribe and they will walk to the polls deaf, dumb and blind to vote PPP/L(laptop).

So today no cable, no Internet but monthly Internet payments. What a deal HE cut. If you are a doubter that the GoG can build, run and maintain an extremely sophisticated fiber optic networks that requires lasers and uninterpretable power supply at Providence, Mabura, Iwokrama, Bina Hill and Lethem, stay tuned. (Stop laughing, this is transformational!) If any site looses power, the entire cable goes dark. The road to Lethem under which the cable is being laid is another unlimited source of challenges. If the road washes out so goes the cable. Do you recall a year when the road didn’t wash out? You don’t get a couple of boys from CCM to run over and fix it. You have to reconstruct the cable bed, re-lay the cable, splice each of the individual glass fiber threads, secure protecting armor insulation then conduct extensive testing before returning the cable to service. No down and dirty quick fix to get the cable operating. Splicing fiber optic cable is not your every day project in the middle of the rain forest on a washed out road. But then Guyana don’t need the cable other then providing high speed Internet to the above mentioned sites. So no one along the coast may notice that the cable is broken. But the good news is, regardless of the status of the cable or even if the cable capacity is used, Guyana is still paying for the Internet capacity!! Along with the father and son team aiming to be Guyana’s next President and heir apparent. It’s your tax dollars hard at work!