Guyana Police & Army officers paid to ignore Yurupukari Cesna

Guyana Police and Army Officers stationed in Lethem are aware of prolonged illegal aircraft activity in Region 9.
Regional officials have provided propaganda press documents and information implicating senior army and police officials.
The aircraft is using registration details of an aircraft currently in Colorado.

1978 CESSNA 441
Fixed wing multi engine
(10 seats / 2 engines)
Serial Number

Current Location
Blake Field, Delta Colorado


Assistant Commissioner Balram Persaud was a corrupt Guyana Police Officer

propaganda press will wait for the family of Assistant Commissioner Balram Persaud to mourn, but he was no saint as he is being portrayed.

Assistant Commissioner Balram Persaud had his finger on many things, from cocaine to gun running on the Lethem/Linden corridor.

On October 1st last year, police raided a house that belonged to King at Tabatinga, Lethem and found four automatic rifles along with four magazines and 389 rounds of 7.62×39 calibre ammunition; six M-16 rifles along with two magazines and 74 matching rounds; two shrapnel hand grenades; one Icon VHF radio set; one Icon hand-held radio set; and one roll of camouflage material.

a week after this discovery, ricardo rodrigues was dead.


guyana govt engineer rapes & impregnates 15 yr old amerindian girl in lethem

an engineer working for guyana water inc has impregnated a 15 year old amerindian girl in lethem.
guyana water inc is headed by a notorious sexual deviant shaik baksh.
it was only last week one of baskh drivers killed a man with a GWI vehicle and disappeared. but not before parking it at GWI head quarters
baksh was former minister of education and before that minister of housing.
at ministry of housing under baksk it was common for girls being exchanged for houselots.
guyana water inc falls under the purview of minister of housing irfaan ali of babaa
the whoring about and murderous connections of irfaan ali have been well documented

shaik baksh

John Macedo paid Guyana Police $250k after raping teenager in Lethem

Lethem businessman John Macedo was placed on station bail yesterday as police continue their investigation into allegations of rape made by a 17-year-old schoolgirl after paying crime chief seelall persaud $250,000
Macedo was arrested on Tuesday, four days after the rape was committed.

kaieteur news front page of lethem airport flooding

Guyana criminal govt Lethem emergency rescue plan in high gear

study the second and third pictures carefully. one man want be de next president of Guyana so he can continue ppp crime family inc. rape and plunder. the other has been a good loyal______________ for 19 years.
figure out who you think is the jack and who is de ass. when yuh done get out yuh whip and beat both uh dem

guyana govt lethem flood relief

here you can see three guys loading a couple bags on the back of a truck. well two. the other one counting. this is guyana criminal govt lethem emergency flood relief for lethem. well...for somewhere cause that truck ain't making it nowhere close to lethem anytime soon

donald ramotar and his handler anchor babies minister robert persaud in lethem

donald ramotar and his handler anchor babies minister robert persaud in lethem

sam hinds delivering water in lethem

we saved this one of negroe sam for last. he's delivering water and sugar we think. see how he smilin?

ok all right. one moe. looks like the negroe police is suicidal since he cant vote and about to ride in de water and drown heself

kaieteur news front page of lethem airport flooding

click on image to enlarge. to the right of course is the site of lethem super international airport. brought to you by ppp crime family inc.