leslie ramsammy believed close to death in Guyana

Leslie Ramsammy has resigned as Minister of Agriculture after suffering massive heart failure.
The end is near

leslie ramsammy and his baby girl

leslie ramsammy and his baby girl lisa doll


letters from guyana police detective part 2 – ppp crime family 24/7 surveillance systems

Senior Superintendent of Police Edgar Thomas, a negroe gun for hire

Senior Superintendent of Police Edgar Thomas, a negroe gun for hire

Dear propaganda Press, it is important to note that our civil rights are being trampled here in Guyana. the Senior police officer THOMAS who is in the papers today 3/3/2014. should be executed for being a major part of this. He knows that our rights are being trampled and he is a willing player. what ever happened to serve and protect?

Black Guyanese will now be framed at a very high rate just to cause the PPP to look Good and win a re election.

he is a part of a master plan which is in place to spy on Guyanese emails and track IP addressed down to locating your home addresses. the freedom of speech in Guyana is no longer there. we are a Russian/Cuban type controlled state. [alexi ramotar toys behind castellani house will process all this data collected]

guyana central intelligence agency behind castellani house

guyana central intelligence agency behind castellani house

highlights from the kaieteur news article on thomas

He has several other gadgets at his disposal, from devices that can track kidnappers and visitors entering and leaving Guyana, to a $7M piece of software that can enhance blurred surveillance camera images. There are also other gadgets for ‘covert operations’ that even his colleagues have no clue exist.

“We cracked a lot of cases using technology, but if I expose that technology it would not do us any good.”
He spoke glowingly of the Forces’ recently-acquired Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), which is helping to crack cold cases. [this technology is so new it came into use internationally 1999!]

Last week, Deputy Police Commissioner (Law Enforcement) Seellal Persaud confirmed that the fingerprinting technology has helped police to arrest a suspect in the 2011 unsolved murder of drug store proprietor Harold Rachpaul.

“I am also certain that when that message gets out (about this technology), the criminals will try to protect themselves, but we know the saying that ‘a criminal can’t leave the scene of a crime without leaving some sort of evidence’, and that is a proven theory. We know that somewhere along the line we will have fingerprints.” [thomas depends o finger prints to crack crimes!]

“I am also certain that when that message gets out (about this technology), the criminals will try to protect themselves, but we know the saying that ‘a criminal can’t leave the scene of a crime without leaving some sort of evidence’, and that is a proven theory. We know that somewhere along the line we will have fingerprints.”

“Very shortly, we will have computers placed in vehicles; you will be able to stop a person in the road, and go through that database at ICIS, and know if that is a person of interest. But we are not in a position to do that as yet.” [really!?]

We also know who is coming into our country before they arrive…from the time that a passenger boards a plane we have that information; we don’t have to wait on the manifest. At this moment we are upgrading our system in keeping with international standards.”

roger khanPhone-tracking devices and $7M image-enhancing software
According to the Force’s Information technology head, since the 2003 -2008 ‘crime wave’ era, the Guyana Police Force has significantly improved its methods of track monitoring criminals and tracking suspects. One of these is through Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and “some covert devices,” which Thomas declined to identify. [this is the gadgets leslie ramsammy ordered for roger khan]

wikileaks guyana secret cable – leslie ramsammy & roger khan spy equipment
09GEORGETOWN418 2009-07-31 20:51 2011-08-30 01:44 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Georgetown
¶1. (SBU) SUMMARY: Testimony in the U.S. trial of a Guyanese
drug kingpin,s lawyer alleged that the Minister of Health
(and AMCIT) Leslie Ramsammy gave narco-trafficker and death
squad leader Shaheed ‘Roger’ Khan the necessary permission
from the GoG to purchase sensitive eavesdropping equipment in
Florida. In response to the revelation, opposition members
organized a walkout in Parliament and protested the GoG,s
continued refusal to investigate allegations related to Khan.
This latest accusation against Ramsammy comes two weeks
after the Ministry of Health burned down in an arson attack
amid rumors of an impending accounting investigation. Both
of these events attest to the depth of corruption in the GoG
and its inability or unwillingness to address it. END

must read
Guyana Ministry of Health fire was cover for leslie ramsammy & ppp govt fraud

minister of agriculture & fisheries leslie ramsammy signed off on roger khan purchases

minister of agriculture & fisheries leslie ramsammy signed off on roger khan purchases

C) the American officials in Guyana got wind of this and informed the international body which had contributed the bulk of the monetary assistance to the ministry.
D) the then minister of health LESLIE RAMSAMMY was called to order on the missing funds. In a document obtained by my office, the minister had thirty days to respond.
E) he , the minister, consulted legal affairs. Legal affairs [mobster charles ramson]  advised not to respond.
F) a meeting of the minds was called by the central party members of the ppp. a decision was taken to control the damage. the result was///////////////// the burning of the ministry of health/////////////

why aren’t guyana govt officials mandated to disclose overseas travels?

ppp crime family members are frequently traveling overseas under the guise of diplomatic immunity.
these travels are almost never publicised.
propaganda press is calling on the members of parliament to look into these clandestine activities.
gold, diamonds, currency, weapon and cocaine are spme of the commodities that go in and out on these diplomatic jaunts

bharrat jagdeo and bobby ramroop lear jet run to florida is a classic example of ppp crime family abusing diplomatic privileges for criminal activities.

a federal informant revealed how leslie ramsammy as minister of health ordered spy equipment for narco-terrorist roger khan. ppp crime family never seized the assets of this jailed criminal and leslie ramsammy is under going a makeover at ministry of agriculture.

for an example of how these things are handled right here in caricom see jamaica
Tourism and Entertainment Minister, Hon. Dr. Wykeham McNeill, is to attend the International Tourism Exchange (ITB) in Berlin, Germany
Minister McNeill will be accompanied by Director of Jamaica Vacations Limited (JAMVAC), Paul Pennicook; Chairman of the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB), Dennis Morrison; and Director of Tourism, John Lynch.

Minister Falconer said that the Minister will convene meetings in London with tour operators and other strategic partners. The approximate cost of the travel is $4.2 million, she informed.

Meanwhile, Minister of Health, Dr. Fenton Ferguson will also be away from March 3 to 7, attending the board meeting of the Global Fund in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Information Minister said Cabinet has approved the overseas travel for

Dr. Ferguson, who will be accompanied by the director of the HIV/AIDS Programme in the Ministry of Health.

She further informed that Minister Ferguson is the Alternate Board Member for Latin America and the Caribbean on the Global Fund, and that expenses for the Minister’s travel are being met by the Fund.

The Global Fund provides funding support for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria projects around the world.

can anyone say what irfaan ali is doing overseas?
when did he leave?
when will he return?
where is he going?
what for?
who else is in his posse?
what is the cost the people of guyana must bear!


New Socco Enterprise canning cocaine for italian mob in Guyana

  • DAILY MAIL: The FBI and Italian investigators intercepted email messages between mobsters in Italy and the New Socco Enterprise fruit canning company in Georgetown, Guyana.

ppp crime family is now in bed with the Gambinos

Who are the Gambinos?
The Gambino crime family is one of what is widely referred to as ‘The Five Families’ of Italian organized crime operations in New York City and other parts of the United States. The Gambino’s rise to become one of the most powerful mafia families in America started in 1957, when the family’s namesake, Carlos Gambino – an Italian immigrant – orchestrated the murder of Albert Anastasia, who had organized a collection of Italian gangs into what now would be considered a ‘crime family.’ Gambino headed the organization until 1976, when he handed power over to his brother-in-law Paul Castellano. Like other mafia families, the Gambinos took their methods from the crime families in Italy – La Cosa Nostra – and were involved in illegal activities like loan-sharking, extortion, prostitution, gambling and money laundering – as well as the frequent assaults and murders associated with those types of business ventures. In 1985, Gambino ‘capo’ John Gotti orchestrated the murder of Castellano to become the most publicized boss of the family. Gotti’s reign came to an end when his underboss, Sammy ‘The Bull’ Gravano agreed to testify against him and other members of the family in a 1992 RICO trial. Since Gotti’s downfall, the Gambinos – and other mafia families – have lost much of the power they once had over politicians, judges and labor unions. It is believed that the family is now headed by Domenico Cefalu, who lives in Brooklyn.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2556914/Notorious-Gambino-crime-family-linked-international-drug-trafficking-ring-authorities-bust-gangsters-advanced-stages-BILLION-dollar-cocaine-deal-Italian-mobsters.html#ixzz2t7ctuwro
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How come there is no evidence to convict Guyana drug lords? – Mark Dacosta

Guyana Drug LordsDear Editor,

It appears, every time the Minister of Home Affairs makes a public statement, his pronouncements are so full of shaky positions, fallacious assertions and indefensible claims, that if one wants to take issue with them, one must choose some tiny aspect of the statement with which to argue. Otherwise, one risks writing a whole book.

On January 27, 2014, when Minister Rohee presented the 2012 National Drug Report, he stated that Guyana had no strong evidence that may lead to the conviction of drug lords. Minister Rohee also appeared to question whether such drug lords exist.

The Minister’s positions are untenable for numerous reasons. So far, the most well-known Guyanese drug lord remains Shaheed ‘Roger’ Khan, arrested in Suriname in June, 2006 and sentenced to fifteen years in prison in New York in 2007. However, Roger Khan was a known criminal even before his final arrest. He had been arrested in Maryland, USA, in 1992. He was again arrested, this time in Vermont, on a firearms charge, in 1993, after which he fled to Guyana, expanded his drug empire and started laundering the proceeds through logging and construction businesses. Who can forget the infamous spy computer reportedly supplied to Khan by officials, or Khan’s public claim that he assisted the regime during the crime spree of 2002-03?

Peter Morgan was another Guyanese drug lord jailed for ten years in the USA. Morgan confessed to trafficking narcotics from Guyana and laundering the money through his well-known auto sales business in Guyana.

Can we ever forget David Clarke, of the GDF, or his accomplice Hubert Clark who skipped bail in the US and returned home to Guyana, or Alex Mingo sentenced to seventeen years in the US for cocaine trafficking?

How is it that the Minister of Home Affairs does not have evidence to convict a single drug lord in a Guyanese court?

Mr Rohee has been in charge of the Home Affairs Ministry since September, 2006. Before that, he was Minister of Foreign Trade for six years. He has been in charge of one ministry or the other since 2001. Who better to have evidence against drug lords?

Since Minister Rohee took over Home Affairs in 2006, has he not ordered the collection of evidence? Has he not done anything to improve the investigative capacity of law enforcement agencies? What has he been doing? How can he not have evidence?

Has Minister Rohee done anything to increase the monitoring of hinterland waterways or landing strips? Has he tried to solicit counter-narcotics assistance from overseas, or pressure the developed countries to assist Guyana in the drug fight? Has he tried to set up a witness protection programme? Has he recommended that persons be investigated for acquiring unexplained wealth? (like James Singh who is head of CANU and buy 3 lots of land behind his house with current value of over $24 million dollars guess James Singh will say it’s not his)

Even as Minister Rohee makes his inexplicable statements, more drug runners are being caught.

Gorden Allen, a deportee, was remanded to prison on December 15. Godfrey Gordon was caught in Port Kaituma on December 19, both with cocaine. And the list goes on and numerous amount of cocaine intercepted overseas from Guyana

Is Minister Rohee not directing the police to investigate, collect the strong evidence and place the drug lords before the courts?

Yours faithfully,
Mark DaCosta

Guyana suicide rate on record pace – 20 dead in 2014

GEORGETOWN, Guyana (CMC) — Since the start of the year, 20 people have committed suicide, while several others are recovering from failed attempts.

Health Minister Dr Bheri Ramsaran met with Chief Medical Officer Dr Shamdeo Persaud and chief psychiatrist Bhiro Harry to discuss the issue of “mental health” saying afterwards that suicide is not only a mental health problem, but a cultural issue as well.

The Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) in a statement Sunday said it was “extremely perturbed over the incidents of suicide“.

It said that suicide seems more prevalent in the East Berbice region (Corentyne) and that it believes “this warrants interventions of national magnitude and calls on the authorities to declare the current situation of suicide a national priority.

Dr Persaud said the Ministry of Health was strengthening the “Gate Keepers Programme” to build capacity among faith-based organizations and other with emphasis placed on suicide-prone communities.

The Gate Keepers Programme was established by former health minister, Dr Leslie Ramsammy.

Among those who have committed suicide since the start of the year were Toneisha Edwards, 19, a student of the University of Guyana, who drank poison and Nandranie Oudit, 32, of who also ingested a poisonous substance.

The woman committed suicide five weeks after her 16-year-old son, a third year secondary school student, killed himself over a sour love affair.

Over the weekend, 15-year-old Leah Grant, a student of the Brickdam Secondary School, died at the Georgetown Public Hospital after ingesting a poisonous substance at school on Friday.

Guyana Ministry of Health fire was cover for leslie ramsammy & ppp govt fraud

five ministries and all records have been destroyed since ppp crime family came into office

five ministries and all record$ have been burned to the ground since ppp crime family came into office

Dear Propaganda Press,
I wish to inform you of the following
A) a re trial and re investigation of the arrest and subsequent imprisonment of the Guyanese citizens accused of burning the Ministry of health should be under taken.
B) why??….there was a massive fraud at the Ministry of Health which the then minister [leslie ramsammy] was involved in.
C) the American officials in Guyana got wind of this and informed the international body which had contributed the bulk of the monetary assistance to the ministry. Continue reading