Guyana govt fires child rapist kwame mccoy

  June 13, 2015 By GuyanaTimes
Election Day violence victim…
– while on sick leave for injuries following rescue by Granger, Harmon
By Michael Younge

Press and Publicity Officer attached to the Office of the President now Ministry of the Presidency, Kwame McCoy has been dismissed by Government even though the officer is still on medical leave after receiving serious injuries from an attack which occurred on Election Day, May 11 this year.

This followed McCoy having to be rescued by then Opposition Leader, now President David Granger and Minister of State Joseph Harmon from a belligerent mob at a polling station at St Sidwell’s Primary School in Georgetown while he was performing his duties on behalf of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) on Election Day. After the two A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) officials left the scene and Mc Coy was being driven away, missiles were thrown by supporters of APNU and the Alliance For Change (AFC) coalition at McCoy which connected with his mouth and other parts of his face. He suffered lacerations and serious injuries to those body parts, and is now wearing a metal bracer in his mouth. He was hospitalised at the Georgetown Public Hospital and his injuries were clear in a photo published in this newspaper.
The letter, written and signed by Harmon, who is also Head of the Presidential Secretariat, was dated June 8, 2015.

It stated that McCoy was being dismissed for not reporting for duty since May 12, 2015.

“Your dismissal will take effect from 31 May 2015. As a result of your dismissal, all of your emoluments are forfeited,” the correspondence said.


McCoy in response to Harmon’s letter acknowledged its receipt, but reminded the Minister that he was injured and hospitalised since May 11, 2015.

“…and a message about my hospitalisation was communicated to the Office of the President and subsequently two weeks’ sick leave certificates were delivered to the Personnel Department covering an initial seven days and a subsequent 28 days,” McCoy said.

He also advised Harmon that his sick leave ends on June 16, 2015.

“I, therefore, ask that you review your position as my circumstances do make me eligible for benefits,” McCoy appealed in his response.

He also advised Harmon that he was sending a copy of his response to the Head of the PPP/C Transition Group.

When contacted by Guyana Times on Friday, McCoy said that he felt that he was being targeted and victimised.

“Mr Harmon and the Administration at the Office of the President are fully aware of my situation. This dismissal letter is unfair, null and void and vexatious,” he argued.

He said that he was concerned that all of his benefits were ripped away despite him upholding the tenets of his contract.

Efforts to contact Minister Harmon for a comment proved futile.

So far, several Government functionaries, officials and Permanent Secretaries have been dismissed after the new Administration came into power.

This is despite the fact that President Granger said that there would be no witch-hunting and his Government was not interested in settling political scores.


Courtney Crum-Ewing murder suspects identified in guyana

Guyana Police Force investigators have two prime suspects in the Courtney Crum-Ewing murder, attorney general Anil Nandlall and boy rapist Kwame McCoy.
Political intervention at the Crime Chief’s Office has caused two black youths to be arrested and tortured. Look for forced confessions & murder charges against them soon

romel roopnarine comes out the closet at Guyana Office of the president

romel roopnarine is the communications coordinator of ppp crime family inc and the right hand of boy rapist Kwame McCoy at office of the president

Guyana presidential spokesman Azeem Khan stole $1 million from tenant

queen azeem and roger luncheon at office of the president last week

queen azeem and roger luncheon at office of the president last week

Azeem Khan, an assistant to Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon, and a staff member at the Office of the President (OP) should be heading to the court today.
Khan, who was in police custody at the Kitty Police Station up to last night, is accused of stealing items worth in excess of $1M from a general store some time last week.
According to information received, the R & D Variety Store owned by Rudolph Dyal is attached to the OP staffer’s apartment. It is believed that Khan entered the store through a connecting door several times last week and removed the items.
One police rank claimed that the young man had “gone shopping after hours”.
He was arrested on Monday after he failed to repay Dyal for the articles or to return them.
In the absence of Kwame McCoy, Khan would assist Dr. Luncheon during his weekly press conferences.

rape & sexual abuse of boys & girls rampant @ guyana govt juvenile facilities

propaganda press recently caught up with Minister Anthony and his friend Kwame McCoy, a well known boy rapist / sexual predator. frank anthony is married and allegedly a father of a teenage girl

the recent escape of female residents of the New Opportunity Corps has shined the spotlight on rape and sexual abuse at govt controlled detention facilities.
rape and abuse is rampant in the adult facilities, but rarely do we hear from the juveniles.
girls are complaining of being raped by govt workers and other inmates.

Minister of Youth Sports and Culture in an invited comment said, these are loose girls we talking about here, we don’t need to investigate their allegations.

Located at Onderneeming, the New Opportunity Corps functions primarily for adolescent offenders and wanderers between the ages of 10 and 18 sent by the Courts for a period of training and social rehabilitation. the maximum time that can be spent there is 3 years, the minimum being 1 year.
Full-time training for youths in a correctional setting is the primary focus at NOC. Vocational skills Training is available in the following areas:
Electrical Installation
Information Technology
Tailoring and Garment Making
Welding and Fabrication

The New Opportunity Corps offers psycho-social support to the youth in order to help them improve their self esteem and self worth. There is an academic programme that allows them to be exposed to schools within the community. They also receive the opportunity to participate in football, cricket, track and field, cycling and swimming championships through the Ministry of Education Sports Programmes. The NOC also has the capacity to do non-residential skills training for young people between the ages of 16 and 25 who live in close proximity to the New Opportunity Corps.

kwame mccoy grandmother $700,000 wake paid for by guyana tax payers


Georgetown, Guyana – April 4, 2014: Sources close to Presidential Advisor Kwame McCoy revealed that he has been boasting that he was reimbursed $700,000 GY for expenses associated with the wake he hosted for his grandmother’s passing.

Independent investigations by BrutalFactsGy confirmed that indeed the accounting office in OP was instructed to make the reimbursement. Although we sympathize with McCoy over the death of his grandmother, this revelation begs the question why the people of Guyana were forced to pay for this personal and extravagant event which included dozens of McCoy’s personal friends who were guzzling bottles of Johnny Walker Black whisky like water.