investigate new building society guyana & the director of public prosecutions

nanda kishore gopaul and bharrat jagdeoMORE SHOCKING REVELATIONS ON VIDEO BELOW – at Sep 8, 2007 NBS meeting called by NBS members but vewers must FIRST read about the SINISTER plot concoted by the EVIL conspirators and the limits they will go to save certain criminals AND to to get their hands on NBS funds! :
THIS VIDEO IS A PORTION OF THAT MEETING! The “Strategy” used by MC Doom and Vice Chairman (VC) Gopaul – although ILLEGAL as was subjudice- is that Mc Doom will provide to all members thru spin Doctor Kit Nascimento,a 4 page document lambasting the CEO & 2 Managers (we will post that entire report later with comments refuting the LIES and DECEIT state therein!): Then, instead of discussing what was on the Agenda, Mc Doom proceeded to read that document with the hecklers preventing the members from raising what was on the Agenda i.e. the wrongful charge and the ILLEGAL dismissal of the CEO & 2 Managers.
– It all started Nov 2006, ONE day after Dep CEO Nizamodeen Mohamed proceeded on leave (so that his “fingerprints” wont be on any documents ) when the POA was presented for the first withdrawal from Bib Shamila Khan’s account.
– Mohamed later confirms that on Jan 19, 2007, Dr Zinool Safi told him that his wife Bibi Shamila Khan did not authorise G$32 M (cheques CEO Arjoon authorised) of $69M withdrawn by a POA
– Instead of advising the NBS CEO, next day Mohamed went to CIOG at a meeting with Safi, Moen Ul Hack (CEO of CIOG) and his wife (Shalimar Hack, the DPP!) Continue reading


204 million criminal payouts to guyana govt agents – names & amounts

steve grin aka lips

steve grin aka lips

Office of the President Advisor Kevin Hogan ($13 million)
former head of the One Laptop Per Family (OLPF) office Sesh Sukhdeo ($3.8 million)
Office of the President Advisor Steven Grin ($15 million)
Kapil Mohabir ($12 million)
Kit Nascimento ($1.3 million)
Dario McAlmon, Public Relations Officer at the OLPF office ($ 3.6 million.)

cheddi berret jagan II ??
rima rohee [daughter of clement] ??
charles ramson jr ??
lil boy rapist kwame mccoy ??
serial rapist reepu daman persaud ??

‘legal’ fees
Robin Hunte $400,000
Jaya Manickchand, sister of priya $600,000

stay tuned

Barakara falls destruction by criminal friends of Guyana govt halted

the destruction of barakara falls by criminal friends of the Guyana govt began in earnest then came the justifications after the backlash. now they’ve backed off completely in order to hold on to their low carbon development scam and earth champion mystique.

Stabroek News: Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) yesterday ordered BK International to cease all quarry operations in the Barakara Falls area, halting plans by the company to blast the falls site.
BK International Public Relations Representative [and former CIA mole] Kit Nascimento confirmed the cease order saying last night that the sustained protest from Wonderland Tours was likely responsible for the move. He said the company has agreed to restore the area by landscaping it; basically undoing the damage which has been done to the environment.

Barakara Falls destruction justified by criminal friends of Guyana govt

to show how upside down the world is, kit nascimento a wanna be white man who worked for the CIA as a member of the PNC govt. is BK top smokescreen consultant. yes! kit boy was one time minister of misinformation under the PNC! kitty is now drinking PPP Crime family soup whenever he can. kit and his wife gem madhoo-nascimento are members of the tourism hospitality association of Guyana! but now they’ve fully realigned their mouths to catch ppp crime family soup over at the Guyana Tourism Association they own a resort name hurakabra close to Bartica. so you would think that at least this fool would object to BK destruction of the falls? hell no! kitty boy boy is a royal soup drinker.

Stabroek News: Tiwari said the Mazaruni area has “thousands of falls” which tour operators can easily adopt and field tours to. He said Barakara was a man-made falls “which emerged from quarry operations,” declaring that many other such structures are likely spread across the area because of the existing quarry operations dating back decades.
“Now that we are ready to do our work people are suddenly claiming this falls, owning it and saying we cannot work. We have permission to do our work,” said criminal mastermind brian tiwari