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Kaieteur News reporter Dale Andrews died today in Guyana

Dale, 47, passed away yesterday morning following a brief illness that was due to prolonged heart-related complications.
Dale was no stranger to ranks and officers of the Guyana Police Force. He was no stranger to Ministers, past and present, of Public Security—formerly Home Affairs. He was definitely no stranger to the media fraternity. Kaieteur News was not prepared for the day when he would have become just a memory.


Guyana Water Inc network sabotaged by PPP agents

Kaieteur News:According to the company yesterday, Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Richard Van West-Charles and the management of GWI, have launched an internal investigation following the discovery by its ICT personnel of a device which compromised GWI’s ICT network.The discovery was made on Friday December 4, when GWI’s ICT Department received an unusually high number of complaints from internal users of its network, at GWI’s Corporate Complex on Vlissengen Road and Church Street, Bel-Air Park, Georgetown.

These complaints ranged from reduced connectivity to the complete loss of the network connection.

“Following a scan conducted by the ICT Department a ‘hidden wireless device’ was discovered. Efforts are being made to locate

Guyana Pandit Vishnu Sharma caught raping ‘sick’ girl in corentyne

Pandit caught raping ‘sick’ girl
July 9, 2015 | By KNews | Filed Under News

A Pandit of No. 60 Village, Upper Corentyne, is now in hot water after he was caught, literally, with his pants down and having sex with a young woman who was seeking his assistance after she fell ill.

According to information the young lady fell ill on Sunday and her parents being concerned, summoned the Pandit of No. 60 Village to ‘Jaray’ her and help nurse her back to health. Continue reading

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15 year old girl raped by son of guyana govt official

February 1, 2015 | By KNews | Filed Under News
A 15-year-old schoolgirl has told police that the son of a prominent official sexually assaulted her after luring her into his car under the pretext of taking her home.
The incident allegedly occurred last Tuesday at a desolate spot on the East Coast of Demerara.
Kaieteur News understands that the teen has submitted a statement as well as a medical document to police. She reportedly also took photographs which show bite marks that were allegedly inflicted during the assault.
This newspaper understands that the 24-year-old suspect has denied that he raped the teen and that the sex was consensual.
Kaieteur News was also told that the man and his father visited the Cove and John Police Station. According to police sources, the teen’s alleged assailant was briefly detained, but it is unclear whether he will be charged.
The teen said that a mutual acquaintance introduced her to her alleged assailant in October, 2014. The acquaintance also reportedly gave the man her cell phone number.
According to the teen, she had told the man that she was participating in a pageant and was seeking sponsors.
“He said no problem…he would get me whatever I needed,” she said.
She said that last Tuesday, the
man contacted her while she was in school, and promised to pick her up that afternoon to discuss his sponsorship for the pageant.
They reportedly met after school at a Vlissengen Road establishment at around 17.00 hrs, and the man took her to Thomas Street in his tinted Mercedes “to pay his workers.”
She claimed that when he returned, they headed to her East Coast Demerara home, and the young man began to indicate that he wanted them to have a relationship.
“I said no, I have exams, I have to settle down’, and he said ‘I could give you whatever you want, even a car for US$6,000,’ and he said that his dad has two houses in Canada, and I keep saying no,” the teen said.
She said that while directing him to her home, the man suddenly drove to a desolate road on the East Coast of Demerara where he parked.
“I look at him and ask what he doing here and he start to pull at my clothes and bite me, and he said that is what he does to women who don’t want to give him sex. I started to scream and he covered my mouth.”
She said that the man then pulled down her underwear and sexually assaulted her. He then dropped her off a short distance from her home, while promising that he would get her everything she wanted for the pageant.
According to the girl, on arriving home, she contacted the male relative who had introduced her to the individual who had assaulted her.
According to the teen, she also confided in her mother.
Kaieteur News was told that the alleged victim and her mother visited the Beterverwagting Police Station the following day. She said that while at the station, the alleged assailant contacted her by phone.
“He said that somebody send him a (phone) message saying that I rape a schoolgirl, and if you do that to me you will damage my character.
“I ask him why he do it and he say he didn’t rape, he only bit me. He say that his father is a (political) candidate and that he (the father) would disown me.”
She also claimed that a rank at the station recorded the conversation on a cell phone.
Kaieteur News understands that the police visited the man’s home but saw no sign of his vehicle, which indicated that he was not there.
The teen and her mother reportedly visited the Cove and John Police Station the following day, and were subsequently sent to the Brickdam Police Station. There, a police medical doctor examined her and she was also given a medical document to take to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.
The teen alleged that another young woman subsequently contacted her by phone and claimed that she narrowly escaped a similar fate after the man lured her into his car under the pretext of wanting to chat with her.
There are reports that the man was recently also accused of physically assaulting a former girlfriend and posting nude photos of the woman on the internet.

lisaveta ramotar daughter of the president new boss at Guyana Gold Board

Lisaveta Ramotar and donald ramotar
January 3, 2015 | By KNews | Filed Under News
The Guyana Gold Board (GGB) has a new General Manager (GM) -Lisaveta “Lisa” Ramotar, daughter of President Donald Ramotar.
Ramotar was hired on a one-year contract after 15 applications were received. The post became vacant late last year after former GM, Anantram Balram, resigned amidst investigations of fraud at the Bartica, Region Seven branch of the GGB.
A Government official with close relations to the Board confirmed that Ramotar, one of the Head of State’s three children, started work yesterday.
She was reportedly interviewed by GGB’s Chairman, Dr. Gobind Ganga and Board Member, Jeffrey Thomas.
Kaieteur News understands that the choice for the position came down to Ramotar and former Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company, Dr. Yog Mahadeo.
GGB as the Government buyer for gold has taken on extreme importance in recent years as gold prices went up, placing the metal as the country’s highest foreign currency earner.
The new GM holds a Masters Degree in Finance and Investment from the University of York in the United Kingdom and a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from the University of Toronto in Canada. She also has 12 years working experience, including at the World Bank.
Last year, Ramotar said she wanted a fair chance like every Guyanese.
“There was never a question of if I’ll return home, because I never had the idea of living abroad. Guyana is home. I left to go out there and develop myself so I can come back and build a life here… in my country… around the culture that was embedded in me.”
Back then, Ramotar was worried that should she be able to obtain a job suitable for her ability, some people might point fingers at her, as they did her brother, Alexei Ramotar, who is currently the Manager of the E-Governance Project. That project is in deep trouble now.
“That’s why I am worried, because Alexei is very qualified. He got his Masters at one of the best universities and now just because our father is the President, people are not thinking about the fact that he has a skill that can aid in the development of Guyana…rather, some are deliberately spreading lies about a super salary to discredit him and my dad. But the bottom line is that he is qualified to do what he does.”
Ramotar had said that it is a fact that she and her brothers began studying to pursue jobs within their respective fields long before her father became President.
She was of the firm belief that being the children of the President and First Lady, should not stop them from being given equal opportunities to go after their dreams.
“We are Guyanese, and this is our home, and we have equal rights to build our lives here, and that is what we want…for people to judge us on our capabilities, and not our affiliation to the President.”
The former World Bank employee added that even though her father is the Head of State, she still drives her old car and does the same things she used to do before. These include jogging, baking goodies and also eating them.

Guyana govt multi billion fibre optic project is dead – ceo alexi ramotar silent

minister of finance ashni singh defends alexi ramotar incompetence
january 13, 2014
Ashni Singh: It is not by coincidence that Harmon and his party chose to publicly question the merit of Mr. Ramotar. This was strategically done because Alexei Ramotar is the son of President Donald Ramotar. Alexei Ramotar was hired in 2010, prior to his father’s run for Presidential Office and was deemed the most qualified for the job at that time. Today he remains one of the PPP’s most qualified in his field, with a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, over a decade of work experience where he led numerous projects in his field, and several academic awards and publications.

Brazil/Guyana fibre optic cable project collapses
December 10, 2014 | By KNews | Filed Under News
More than four years after an agreement was signed between Guyana and Brazil for a fibre optic cable to link Government facilities, the project appears to have collapsed because of technical issues. It would appear certain now that billions of dollars have gone down the drain, unless Government finds a way to rescue the venture.
According to a Government source close to the project, continuous breakage to the cable has left the project in limbo. Time and again the deadlines have been pushed back. The cable passes through difficult terrain along the Linden/Lethem trail. Logistics have reportedly caused major headaches for contractors.
It was indicated that initially little thought went into the project as Government itself reported that cables not of the correct lengths were ordered. Independent supervisors hired to monitor the project were reportedly fired.
Physical works for the laying of 560 kilometres of cable began in April 2011. Poor weather conditions and the absence of appropriate equipment were cited for the slothfulness of contractors. Several of them were fired. Government had even reportedly resorted to foreign help in moving the cable project forward.
On the Brazil side, Globonet, a sidsidiary of Oi, the largest telephone company of that neighbouring country, had landed the fibre optic cable.
Under the agreement, Guyana was reportedly paying US$150,000 annually for internet connectivity. It is unclear what is happening to these fees now that the project remains incomplete.
The more-than-US$32M project is headed by Alexei Ramotar, son of the country’s President. There has not been any update coming from the project director in recent times.
The E-Government project was touted to feature a data centre, a transmission network and data network. The data centre, or control centre, is to be housed in the compound of Castellani House, in the same building that is used for the Central Intelligence Agency.
Under the US$32M project to link Government offices and facilities, the transmission network stretches from Moleson Creek on the Corentyne Coast to Charity on the Essequibo Coast, reportedly using fibre optic cable of the Guyana Power and Light Inc. The Brazil cable is part of the network too. Some 54 towers have already been built.
By way of the access network, all major Government facilities in the coverage areas are intended to be connected via fibre optic and/or 4G wireless Cellular services.
Government had announced that the connection would have allowed for, in addition to connectivity, a range of services such as “E-Health” allowing for video consultation, movement of information from one health centre to another and tracking disease outbreaks.
Regarding security, the project would allow quick transmission of information including video and data between police stations.
In education, the project would set up an “E-library” which would allow for access to textbooks and other teaching aids that can be used by students and schools, thereby lowering cost.

Anil Nandlall must go now! – Guyana Bar Association and the Guyana Association of Women Lawyers

Statement by the Guyana Bar Association and the Guyana Association of Women Lawyers on the Attorney-General’s recorded conversation

The Guyana Bar Association and the Guyana Association of Women Lawyers wish to express their concern their consternation at the recorded conversation between the Attorney-General and a member of the media. Everything done and said by the Attorney-General since the disclosure of the conversation invites us to draw every and all reasonable inferences therefrom. The statements made by the Attorney-General point to serious legal and moral infractions on his part having regard to his standing as one of the highest legal officers in our country. In the recording the Honorable Attorney-General offered in vulgar and obscene language, knowledge of actual and planned illegal activities. Even in private conversation the comments are deeply troubling and inappropriate and their candid nature, unbridled by the conventions of public discourse, calls his character and professionalism into question.

We are most concerned that the Attorney-General appeared to be acknowledging that the use of deadly violence against the media was an acceptable reaction to frustration where public officials and other citizens are offended by what is reported about them. He also referred to making restitution of funds used by him for some purpose which he did not want the press to report about. The President of Guyana is said to have participated in conversations with a defendant in extant criminal prosecution to have same discontinued in return for less critical reporting by her co-defendant. Equally disturbing is his persistent objectification of the unidentified woman, which conduct flies in the face of the Government’s obligations and commitments regarding respect for women.

Freedom of the press and freedom of speech are essential to the rule of law and political democracy. These freedoms result frequently in the publication of true information which may be offensive or embarrassing to some persons. But the Attorney-General needs no lecture on such matters. His Government is well acquainted with the perils of a society where the media must be “well-behaved” or otherwise risk being killed or intimidated.

Public officials are given wide powers and great responsibility to make thousands of important decisions many of which never see the light of day. We expect in return for the privilege of office, that they demonstrate good character and judgment. Where they demonstrably fail to do so either by public action or by private conduct which bears on their fitness for office, as the Attorney-General has done, such public officials should be removed from office.

As leader of the Bar, the Attorney General mindful of the honour, dignity and integrity of his office should resign immediately. If he does not resign he should be removed. Any other result would be an endorsement of the Attorney-General’s conduct and an admission by the Executive that the highest moral and legal standards are not applicable to the State.

31st October 2014

For further information please contact Ronald Burch-Smith, Christopher Ram or Simone Morris-Ramlall