guyana taliban irfaan ali detained for secondary interrogation by US immigration

irfaan ali of baba & leonora

irfaan ali of baba & leonora

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ali baba the fat thief from west coast and one of barrat bugga batty gang was pulled over on the 6th of august as he entered floridafor secondary interrogation hhe spent almost 2hours with immigration officials there


clement rohee, irfaan ali & robert persaud stole millions of fuel from Guyana govt

MINISTER of State, Joseph Harmon confirmed yesterday that an investigation has been launched into the reported abuse of fuel from the state owned Guyana Oil Company (GuyOil). The Minister stated that the facility was being abused by former Government officials Irfaan Ali, Clement Rohee and Robert Persaud and others, along with their relatives, were still abusing it and as such a decision was made to ensure they are no longer able to access the facility. Continue reading

Park Vue Hotel Guyana owned by ppp bandit irfaan ali?

Details are falling into place. Park Vue hotel was ‘built’ and fronted by Robin and Sharon Persaud. Exactly one year after it opened, it was ‘sold’ to Fazil Mira who promised to re-launch it. Rumours have long circulated that Bibi Shaddick, another CIOG mafiosi, was the real owner. Irfaan Ali who is a key money man in the ppp mafia also owns a hotel in the interior fronted by Ronald Gadjie (look for this story soon) More details will soon emerge on the 3 billion ‘loan’ Irfaan and the ppp were trying to force GGMC into signing.

A close friend and confidant of irfaan ali is ed ahmad. They are from the same village
park vue hotel guyana 2
Irfaan on the original opening back in 2012

Park Vue Hotel guyana

who paying propaganda press to write lies about irfaan ali?

June 17, 2015 at 4:47 pm
fan mail
I have been reading your blogs about Irfaan Ali and I wonder who is paying you to write these lies. When you people write scandals about others, don’t your conscience bother you. You are always talking about his mansion which by the way is an old renovated house and exaggerate so much about it and I have seen so many others with better than that. It seems as if your mission is to destroy this young man but remember that there is a God who sees and knows everything. Your time will come. The wedding that was kept at his home which you mocked about was done from the goodness of his heart for some poor neighbours but you would not understand that. I will continue to pray for this young man because I see that he has lots of enemies and I will pray too for those who seek to destroy him.

happy Ramadan Shariman and don’t waste your prayers.