hotel tower guyana sale deal off – cocaine salim azeez still in charge

Metro sexual Salmi and his purse

Metro sexual Salmi and his purse

the sale of hotel tower collapsed as salim azeez and his white savior Michael mosgrove wrangled over the details.
over the weekend we visited the hotel and a few persons were on the complex trying to clean up the place.
mosgrove is back in Canada as he ran out of money while drinking beers and faring about Guyana. Janelle Williams is the ‘hotel manager’ retained by mosgrove 🙂


new thriving triad group buys out salim azeez & hotel tower guyana

from a ppp crime inc. family insider
the chinese have demonstrated once again who’s boss in guyana. the new thriving triad group have come to the rescue of cocaine salim azeez and canal investments inc. by buying hotel tower and all related assets.
salim azeez and crew are claiming a mysterious investor out of florida bought hotel tower. given US law and guyana current blacklist status for failing to have effective anti money laundering and countering terrorism laws this is laughable.
look out for the Chinese to consolidate power on main street and drive manniram prashad and palm court into the ground.
new thriving group also controls the yog mahadeo complex on camp and lamaha.
with their cousins bai shan lin controlling all parking on lamaha street, the chinese triads have effectively encircled the georgetown commercial zone.
check your maps. the chinese control main st, lamaha st and regents. mandela ave with the chinese embassy is their easterly limit FOR NOW.
the chinese triads leased Celinas for a brief period but have since abandoned that location. Celinas is currently broke and up for sale with no takers.
more to come
stay tuned to propaganda press

salim azeez surface in guyana wearing a purse – hotel tower workers still not paid

Demerara Waves: The management of Hotel Tower on Wednesday began discussions with the Labour Ministry about paying off and sending home workers ahead of moves to sell off the decades-old hospitality landmark. Continue reading

salim juman azeez dead in guyana?

we heard salim azeez was found dead in #2 canal with a tilapia in his mouth
if true, this would be a lightening speed decline for cocaine salim.
first new line aqua collapse then castle burn down then guyana power and light disconnect the lights at hotel tower

hotel tower guyana press release – we had to close, we have no money!

It is with regret that The Management of Hotel Tower Inc. wishes to inform the general public that the Hotel was forced to close its doors for business as of the 24th day of May 2014.
This decision was a last resort, especially given the number of employees that were likely to be affected.
In recent times, the Hotel has seen a dramatic decline in business and despite the best efforts of management; the hotel was still unable to meet certain financial obligations.
While the Hotel remained asset rich, there was insufficient liquid cash available to Management to finance the day to day operating expenses of the hotel.
Tower Hotel’s electricity supply was suspended by the Guyana Power and Light Inc. which forced Management to close their doors for business. Alternative arrangements were made for the guests who were staying in the hotel to facilitate the closure on such short notice.
Management wishes to express its gratitude to the employees of the hotel, who have all served loyally and with dedication throughout their employment. Management is aware that the employees have families and dependents to provide for and sincerely regrets any hardship caused by the decision to close the hotel.
Management did not have the liquid cash to cover the payroll and as a result employees’ salaries were not paid. Management wishes to express our sincerest and heartfelt thanks to all the dedicated workers who still showed up for work weeks after Management was unable to pay salaries.
Steps are being taken to liquidate assets to cover these outstanding salaries owed to employees within a month.

the owner of hotel tower salim azeez blazing one up

hotel tower guyana closed – salim azeez cocaine $$ dries up

turn off the lights. oh wait, guyana power and light already took care of that.
salim azeez cocaine dollars run out pretty fast. old people does seh, a fool and his money will soon part.
the fish farm got 3 pacu, 7 hassar, 13 tilapia and 16 arapaima.
more to come but you can close the book on this one.