Flashback : Guyana Police Commissioner Henry Greene, Accused of Rape – Victim’s Testimony

Flashback : Guyana Police Commissioner Henry Greene, Accused of Rape – Victim’s Testimony


guyana police force rape culture

the Guyana Police Force rape culture is alive and well. stay tuned for the evidence

clement rohee health update – the end is near

clement rohee and grand daughter
from an agent deep behind enemy lines
Clem Rohee has high blood sugar which resulted in his kidneys and liver being affected. that’s why he is out sick. His vision was blurred and and he was getting very tired and unable to walk for more than half hour. Seem he will end up like Dr. Jagan. The sore on his left side feet is also affecting him. Continue reading

guyana govt minister clement rohee understands men who kill their wives


henry greene & clement rohee - photo taken at the narco criminals, rapist & sexual predators ball

dead man henry greene & clement rohee – photo taken at the narco criminals, rapist & sexual predators ball

here’s a man who not only killed his wife but abused many other women and girls. of course he UNDERSTANDS

“You have people going into the interior, making a living and when they come out, they find their wife with another man or woman, sleeping in bed and you know what?…domestic violence,” the Minister of home affairs said.
“What is a man to do, who having gone into the interior, make all these months of sacrifice, return home to find himself being replaced by someone else? He has made the sacrifices, but is partner has not. I’m not justifying his actions, but this is perhaps a problem that we have to address.”

The Thomas Carroll Affair – a peek into Guyana’s underworld

thomas carroll2013-06-24 @ 2:00:27 AM
fan mail

I have finally made public a book on “The Thomas Carroll Affair.” It is researched. I believe it is an important (missing) piece of the history of Guyana. And although it has been difficult to get out to Guyana, I now have it on Amazon. If you would send me an email, I can send you a picture or two if you like. Justice. Justice. I am a very small voice trying to get the word out. Prof. Casavis, author of The Thomas Carroll Affair

who told you about propaganda press Had to look for you… what I have to say is… revealing

¶4. (C) When Charge arrived at the Office of the President,
Luncheon had him read 23 pages of documents including a seven
page anonymous letter to acting Commissioner of Police Henry
Greene containing allegations against Senior Superintendent
of Police Steve Merai. (Note: the notoriously corrupt Merai
was commander of the Target Special Squad (TSS). Merai and
the TSS were involved in extra-judicial killings dating back
to the early 1990s. Later the TSS acted as enforcer for
corrupt U.S. Vice Consul Thomas Carroll’s visa selling ring.
After it was disbanded in 2002, many TSS officers ended up in
the formal employ of narco-trafficker and “phantom” death
squad leader Roger Khan. End Note.)

ricardo rodrigues LEGALLY allowed to carry guns in Guyana

somebody please ask seelall persaud, henry greene, clement rohee, bharrat jagdeo, donald ramotar, leslie ramsammy, anil nandlall, charles ramson jr & sr how ricardo still carrying guns LEGALLY in Guyana. try apply fuh one an see if yuh ever get it.

until his death ricardo ignatius rodrigues was a LEGALLY LICENSED to carry firearms in Guyana

henry greene funeral – guyana govt celebrates a rapist & narco gangster

henry greene the rapist

so long fat bastard hope it was painful to the end

Former rapist, narco gangster and Police Commissioner Wilfred Henry Greene will be buried on Sunday september 16 2012 following a funeral service and celebration at the National Cultural Centre.

viewing of violent serial rapist will be held at Merriman’s Funeral Home from 09:00 hrs to 10:00 hrs. narco gangster will then be pulled to cultural centre for viewing from 11:00 hrs to noon; flowing tributes will be read from noon to 14:00 hrs followed by a guyana govt celebration. the pig will then be dropped in a hole at Golden Grove Cemetery, East Coast Demerara.