GUYSUCO runs out of money again, unable to pay staffers

we not sure if this is the one he got under he bed

we not sure if this is the one he got under he bed

Guysuco runs out of cash to pay office staffers
July 1, 2014 | By KNews | Filed Under News

…Workers plan to take matter in hand if no word forthcoming
The beleagued Guysuco Sugar Corporation (Guysuco) is heading for a crisis with staff not being paid and workers not too sure when and if they will be paid.
According to information, as is the custom and practice the workers are usually paid at least by the last Thursday of the month.
On Thursday, the workers and their representatives were called by management to an emergency meeting and told that they would not be paid by the specific date, because Guysuco do not have any money. The workers who made up the staff component of the ailing Sugar Corporation are mainly represented by NAACIE.
The workers were told that it is not known if and when they would be paid. Now with the end of the month there is still no word as to if and when the workers will be paid.
Workers of the Rose Hall and Albion Estates decided to take some limited industrial action, but now at the end of the month and no word forthcoming, the workers are considering taking serious industrial action.
One representative stated that according General Secretary of the National Association of Agricultural Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE), Kenneth Joseph, both Guysuco Deputy CEO Paul Bhim and Human Resources Director Jairam, indicated that Guysuco just does not have any money.
However it was learnt that weekly paid workers received their wages last week end.


ppp crime family inc. has stolen two decades from the lives of Guyanese – Craig Sylvester

ppp crime family inc.

ppp crime family inc.

Dear Editor,
Having served as an economist at the Bank of Guyana in the eight years to January 2008, many of the analyses and interpretations from the various reports by the Bank, including work which I privately pursued, have remained with me, so that my recent articles (KN Nov 05/13, KN Jan 10/14 & SN Jan 10/14) were written in broad sketches with minimal recourse to numbers, which tend to belabor readers.
This does not however restrict my engaging in social commentary on various topics for which statistical data are unavailable, which I consider of paramount concern to many Guyanese.
I wish to acknowledge the, at times empathetic, distilled thoughts of Dr. Clive Thomas, in particular, and also the contributions made by Mr. Granger, the Honorable Leader of the Opposition (if I may), in another section of the media (SN Jan 19, 2014).
They have undoubtedly witnessed first-hand, more than myself, the extent and prevalence of poverty throughout Guyana.
I would like to pause to remind our readers of the deeply held sentiments of Dr. Clive Thomas regarding Guyana’s thrust for a better life for us all.
It takes tremendous moral courage to step out of the secure role of a professional, to stand up and actively engage in political opposition with the government we should all be serving, to speak out against the social injustices and wanton corruption endemic in our society, to struggle with government to take that path which we should be taking, the one we know will lead to the fulfillment of our dreams as a nation where everyone has a fair share in the wealth, income and prosperity that we all strive for, versus the wanton (massive budgets are not the solution), self-serving ideas served annually as the national budget.
I imagine the difference between Dr. Thomas and the rest of Guyana’s politicians is that while they all know that many things are wrong about how our country is run; only he knows the sure path to economic prosperity. We still have a chance to try his ideas. It sure beats reading how it should be accomplished.
The problem with previous national budgets was that none of them in a comprehensive, cohesive and structured manner addressed the basic questions that need to be answered. These are, very simply, higher incomes and jobs.
Our economic woes are the unfortunate outcome of the choices we have made at our general elections for the last two decades. The PPP’s supporters allowed themselves to be blinkered and fed with the poison of race and ethnic fear of the PNC.
For this, the entire country has had to bear the strain of the PPP’s seemingly limitless instances of corruption, from gross manipulation of the procedures for the issuance of government contracts for capital and other works which result in the reissuance of government contracts to the businesses of its cronies, who make a mess of projects which result in the waste of hundreds of millions, probably billions, of dollars, a lot which was borrowed and has to be repaid by us, to shoveling money to its friends and associates through over-priced projects, to controlling the media through grossly unfair, uncompetitive practices.
This latter tact is part and parcel of the PPP’s brainwashing mechanism, its attempt to control what we think, which I have previously highlighted.
The supporters of the PPP will not forget the mess made of GUYSUCO, and the economic chaos inflicted upon the families dependent upon the existence of GUYSUCO. One can hardly imagine the distress and suffering of the children of these families.
That GUYSUCO will very likely be wound up as a result of the PPP’s failure to grasp, among other things, the tide of change which would have resulted from the EU’s adjustments to its preferential arrangements, would be among the most unremarkable events in its tenure in government. What will happen to these families still remains to be answered.
The PNC for its part has proven that it is not at all the monster envisaged by the PPP, but a party for all Guyanese, with a plan for all Guyanese, a plan which is blind to the issues of race and religion.
The PNC promotes democratic values and is capitalist-oriented in economic policy, meaning that the Private Sector (business, not excessive government spending) is the engine of economic growth and prosperity.
Government’s role is as a facilitator and promoter of economic growth, and as a provider of the necessary laws, accompanying regulation and judicial system to safeguard both the business environment and the general society.
The AFC includes those former supporters who became fed-up with the PPP’s corruption and have made themselves available as an alternative to the PPP’s supporters in particular, and the wider population, knowing that at the very least, they could handle the country’s business a whole lot better than the PPP.
These gentlemen literally grew old in the PPP’s organization. Listening to Moses Nagamootoo recently, I was struck by the absolute frustration of the gentleman with the PPP. Both he and Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan serve as sterling examples of what the PPP’s character should be, but is not.
Everyday Guyanese continue to look forward to more and better paying jobs while every day the PPP continues to feed its friends and associates. The PPP has stolen in excess of two decades from us. How many more years will we give up?
I shall not even comment on the public nonsense over LEAD Project offered by the Embassy of the United States, except to say that probably even our pets have more diplomacy than our current government.
We look for a change. That change can only come from us.
Craig Sylvester

girls, corruption & chaos @ Guysuco Uitvlugt Sugar Estate

Geeta Singh-Knight sitting at the Guysuco table with the boys

Geeta Singh-Knight sitting at the Guysuco table with the boys

2013-04-04 @ 2:03:10 PM

fan mail
I write to show my disappointment of what is happening at Uitvlugt Sugar Estate.There is a huge problem in the factory.One key section of the filtration is broken and there is no news in the papers about this.Over 50 million gone down and no one is been prosecuted.One of the crystallizer give away because of poor maintenance. The factory Manager is Parmanand and Estate Manager is Victotrine,The estate manager is more concern with sporting with the girls from the wages and finance office ,rather that looking after the factory.Can you share and ask the news paper to get a story about this. Concern Guysuco Worker Uitvlugt Estate

who told you about propaganda press friend

GuySuCo still stuck in bankruptcy – 219000 tonnes for 2012

leslie ramsammy and his baby girl

leslie ramsammy and his baby girl lisa doll

Production target 265,000 tonnes
Revised target 236,000 tonnes
Actual production 219,000

Sugar production to date is about 219,000 tonnes and the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) will not meet its revised 2012 production target of 236,000 tonnes, Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy says.

vic oditt, a guyana original narco gangster

another member of ppp crime family inc  and the CIOG 666 mafia. vic used to be the chairman over at GUYSUCO
we got you covered vic

¶10. (C) Khan is reportedly in negotiations with former GUYSUCO Chairman Vic Oditt to purchase a 200 square mile ranch at Pirara in the Southern Rupununi region. The ranch has a large airstrip, and Khan is believed to be acting at the behest of Colombian or Panamanian narco-interests.

skeldon sugar factory closed for major overhaul – bharrat jagdeo $200 million baby

Guodong Zhang, Vice President of CNTIC, holds a sample of the first batch of $US200 million sugar from the Skeldon II Sugar Factory. this was what we said nov 3 2008

Mere two years after commissioning…US$200M Skeldon factory set for major overhaul
April 3, 2012 | By KNews | Filed Under News
Just two years after launching the country’s most expensive project to date, the government yesterday announced plans to begin a major overhaul of the Skeldon factory.
The US$200M factory, on which Guyana has been pinning its hopes to revive a struggling industry which is the country’s biggest employer, has been plagued with problems.
These problems were there since the sugar factory was commissioned in August 2009, raising questions whether Guyana had received its value for money.
Government has been blaming the “hiccups” on teething problems with accusations that the Chinese contractor had failed to deliver. Even former President Bharrat Jagdeo had promised to “personally” intervene in a project that went wrong in the construction phase.
According to the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) yesterday, it will now be gearing to re-engineer the bagasse feed system, re-design the cane conveyors, drill a new well and replace a five-megawatt alternator to a power engine.
These were all handed over and suppose to have been fully working within months of the August 2009 commissioning, plus or minus a few defects.
It will also be modifying the problematic punt dumpers, build a section of all-weather road, upgrade the drainage and water management system and convert additional lands for mechanized harvesting.
While the GuySuCo statement yesterday did not immediately say where the money will be coming from to carry out the “major rehabilitation” as the works were described, last week’s National Budget of $192.8B had earmarked a $4B allocation for the sugar industry.
It is unclear whether that $4B will be used to facilitate these works but Agriculture Minister, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, is yesterday quoted as telling the government’s NCN that GuySuCo faced a deficit of $2M last year. To meet the 265,000 tonnes of sugar target for this year, it is more than likely much more than the allotted $4B would be needed, NCN reported.
According to GuySuCo yesterday, in keeping with a plan approved by its Board of Directors, GuySuCo has begun to implement plans to undertake several major rehabilitation projects at Skeldon Estate during the upcoming out of crop period -June 2012 to August 2012- as part of its efforts to “turn the industry around”.
“Working wíth reputable international engineering experts and technical professionals in the area of diffusion technology together with agricultural specialists, GuySuCo identified the major factors that are preventing the estate from reaching its full potential and design capacity.
As such, it will undertake several major projects in both the factory and cultivation at Skeldon Estate,” the Corporation said in the statement.
GuySuCo disclosed that in an effort to enhance the cooperation and communication among the major stakeholders in the industry, it’s Board, management and the unions (GAWU and NAACIE) and workers’ representatives recently met and discussed a number of issues including bolstering production and the rehabilitation projects at Skeldon estate.
Production increase
“GuySuCo anticipates that additional projects will be undertaken during 2013 resulting in a significant increase of production.”
The construction of the Skeldon factory was part of a modernisation plan by GuySuCo that involved expanded cane cultivations, the establishment of a refinery, and the co-generation of electricity for the national grid.
Guyana had lost the preferential prices offered by its biggest customer in Europe, losing around $10B annually in revenues.
In 2008, the sugar industry directly sustained some 18,000 jobs. Sugar exports account for as much as 20 percent of the country’s annual revenue. Therefore, the survival of the industry is seen as crucial to the country’s economic and social stability.
The new factory was intended to increase national production to more than 450,000 tonnes. It was to be the most modern sugar factory in the Caribbean.
The factory also uses bagasse (the waste of the sugar cane) as fuel part of the co-generation power section of the factory that would have provided most of the daily base load power requirement for Berbice.
The factory was constructed with a combination of self-generated funds and loans from the Caribbean Development Bank, the People’s Republic of China and the Government of Guyana. The Project Engineer was Booker Tate, UK Ltd and the Contractor was CNTIC Ltd, the Chinese company.
Government fired Booker Tate saying it failed to supervise the construction of the factory properly. Several millions of US dollars were reportedly withheld.
The Chinese contractor, CNTIC was supposed to fix several defects plaguing the factory and while some were fixed, many of them were still outstanding. That amount is unclear.
It is also unclear how many still have to be fixed as the defects liability period- the time in which the contractor has to fix problems- has already elapsed.
GuySuCo’s officials remained unavailable for comments yesterday.
Skeldon factory has been failing to meet its production targets since the commissioning two and a half years ago.

ralph ramkarran another dangerous criminal stalking Guyana & GUYSUCO

propaganda press will break down how ralph ramkarran is profiteering off GUYSUCO as the corporation sinks deeper into bankruptcy

stay tuned

ralph like all ppp crime family inc members has his own racket and get rich schemes approved by the family. [the nokta’s [harripersaud, son sham and malisa wife of sham] got environment rackets and fraud, the rohees got visa rackets, gun licenses and selling citizenship, the ramotar boys got IT in Amerindian areas, daman persaud son got fibre optics, BMWs and cable tv, the prashad boys got cars and cocaine etc etc]