Guyana national Zebeda Permaul charged in Schnectady arson for profit


just in from our schnectady correspondent

Daily Gazette: A Schenectady woman accused of arson-for-profit in a fire where a woman had to be rescued won bail Friday, despite a prosecutor indicating that charges could be upgraded. Judge Guido Loyola set bail for Zabeeda Permaul at $100,000 after a brief hearing. She had been held without bail. It was unclear if she would be able to meet that number. Several family members and friends attended the hearing. She remained in custody Friday evening. Defense …

zebeda permal

By: WNYT Staff
A suspect is charged with arson in connection with a February fire on State Street in Schenectady.
Police say Zabeeda Permaul set fire to 1414 State Street, Charlie’s Indian Bakery and Restaurant.
One person was inside at the time. They were not hurt.
In addition to arson, Permaul also faces a reckless endangerment charge.


the people will overthrow the guyana govt – david granger

spot the enemy of the people?

spot the enemy of the people?

“I want a different government. Nobody has to inspire me or organise any sort of programme to overthrow the government. The people will do that when the time comes,” he said.

Saieed Khalil ignores facts about Guyana is his one sided, biased article

the jokey author in question, saieed khalil junior member of ppp crime family

the jokey author in question, saieed khalil junior member of ppp crime family inc.

December 27, 2013 at 9:06 am
fan mail
This is in respond to article “Guyana’s largely commodities-based economy sees quiet revolution : –thanks to dynamic emerging sectors” dated December 22, 2013 in the Guyana Chronicle – your article is bias and one sided.[written by a UG student name Saieed Khalil]

If you are going to write about the positive things you should also cover the negative. As a Guyanese, who over the past 10 years has being in Guyana almost every month I see the very negative side to all the people now in Guyana from India, China, Brazil and more. Continue reading

Homosexuality is a perversion of Guyanese creole culture

sex murder and corruption in bharrat jagdeo officeGuest Column
A MOST disgraceful trend of things is sweeping across Guyana, and believe you me, it’s homosexuality. In this once colourful country, fragrant with the innocence of bare-footed country folk and merriment of calypso rhythms, a dark shadow is now creeping into the daily activities of the locals.

Maybe, it is in the name of modernisation, maybe perversion or just plain presumption. The fact is, someone has to speak out. The mullahs, priests and pandits have to take the platform and address this most disgraceful state of affairs. In times of crisis those vested with power need to draw the line between decent folk and uncultured and loose people.

If not, what have we become then? Is it okay if a man is whistling or blowing kisses at a passer-by? Even if the passer-by is of the same sex! Is it right that a total stranger just drives his vehicle and squeezes upon the back of your vehicle when there is parking space? Many such
indecency and ‘passes’ are being made upon innocent and unassuming citizens. Continue reading

Guyanese association of Barbados

Introduction, Goal and Objectives of GABI


The Guyanese Association of Barbados Inc. (GABI) was formed in April 2004.

GABI was formed in response to the yearnings of the Guyanese community to remain in contact with each other and to celebrate Guyana’s major holidays such as Mashramani, Phagwah, Independence Anniversary and Christmas. Such occasions allow Guyanese to come together in maintenance of our culture – crafts, arts, music, cuisine and festivals peculiar to Guyana.


The goal of GABI is to promote harmonious relations between Guyanese and Barbadians.


  • To preserve and exhibit Guyanese culture in the Barbadian society
  • To provide resource information to newly-arrived Guyanese
  • To share information about Guyana with the community at large thereby fostering greater understanding
  • To on occasion provide financial assistance to Guyanese in need
  • To create social and economic networking among Guyanese in Barbados by organizing celebrations around Guyanese national events such as Mashramani and Independence, thereby sustaining the social and cultural aspects of life of Guyanese in Barbados
  • To execute special projects in support of charitable causes and organizations in Guyana and Barbados


Types of GABI Members

There will be three types of membership. Currency is in Barbados dollars. (US$1.00 = $Bds $2.00):

  • Ordinary Members $20 per year or Life Membership at $150.00.
  • Organizations e.g.. Companies or Associations -$50 per year
  • Honorary Membership voted by GABI Executives: No Charge

GABI Fiscal year memberships: October 1st to September 30th.


GABI Speaks…. Newsletter

GABI Speaks… is the newsletter of GABI available online. The objectives of the GABI Speaks… are:

  • To reach out to Guyanese in Barbados and provide a point of reference for members and prospective members of GABI to communicate.
  • To make announcements and provide information on GABI’s events and projects to Guyanese living in Barbados and potentially to a larger regional and worldwide audience.
  • To solicit the participation of GABI members in various GABI philanthropic projects in Barbados and Guyana that are focused on youth and older persons who need such support.
  • To provide updates on important Guyanese and Barbadian news that is mostly positive and uplifting; highlighting both present and historical subjects that could interest Guyanese living in Barbados, Barbadians, Guyanese in the wider diaspora and possibly other persons worldwide.
  • To be a repository or provide appropriate links to information on GABI, plus national symbols, music, culture, personalities and natural resources of Guyana.

What Guyanese are saying about Cheddi Berret Jagan, II, Esq., bogus ‘attorney’

cheddi jagan III - posing as an attorney

cheddi jagan III – the fake attorney

2012-12-17 @ 10:43:54 AM
online crime reporting system
What the people are saying about Cheddi Berret Jagan, II, Esq., unlicensed attorney working at the OP on Facebook

date of crime
type of crime
location Office of the President Guyana
additional information
Cheddi Jagan II responds to the person questioning his qualifications.
“And when, as I, a vastly qualified individual returns home to share my knowledge, training and expertise in expectant culmination of making Guyana a better place, ingr…See more Ingrates, maggots and mental-midgets should not question my qualifications The home of Guyana’s Premiere Online Newspaper 2Like · · Share 14 people like this.

Nakisha Allen Lmao dis country is like TBS “we know drama” 13 December at 10:18 · Unlike · 5

Safraz N Barakat Ruel wah u stressing early morning fah bai let we go drink a half 13 December at 10:22 via mobile · Unlike · 3

Deslyn Griffith OMG! Ruel you serious?! I got to go check this out…damn! 13 December at 10:23 · Unlike · 2

Colin King I think his daddy would have spanked him for this one. 13 December at 10:32 · Unlike · 4

Pradeep Singh And now we shall annoint Cheddi B. Jagan Jr. the II, Esquire, Attorney-at-Law, Idol, with his many doting followers including some “ingrates, maggots and mental-midgets,” the incomparable, esteemed, superlative, smartest Guyanese ever, greatest legal luminary, and Lord over all Guyana. Bwhwhahahahaha. 13 December at 10:45 · Like · 4

George Bobb Cheddi Jagan 11;behaving like a spoilt brat in the Cooperative Socialist Republic of Guyana;and like it is his GrandFathers’ estate.He is like an ordinary Citizen,and deserves no better position over any other.His language is that of the gutter people and maybe was amongst the mendicants in New York.Ever one has a right to question his qualifications ,who does he thinks he is.Life in that part of the world is too tough for them,so they return here to Sponge off the State.He better mind his ways,or adapt to the conditions of the Country. 13 December at 10:48 · Unlike · 5

Yondessa Welcome As Brilliant as he be may, he clearly lacks character. Where’s the humility? I’m certain there is a much better way to articulate a response to one’s detractors/questioners without being so repulsive 13 December at 10:55 · Unlike · 14

Leroy Nelson Maybe this character surprised with his own success… 13 December at 11:03 · Unlike · 2

Dorcy Allicock Chronicle gone getto! 13 December at 11:12 · Unlike · 5

Thomas Hardy I never thought of failing an exam as an achievement before … those idiots that passed the exam really f***ed it up for him 13 December at 11:27 · Like · 4

Abeeda. Gaffar Politics,always a nasty game 13 December at 11:44 · Unlike · 2

George Bobb Yondessa.You given him credit .His grandfather had a problem expressing himself;even his father turned out being a rogue.Unworthy to tread the Corridors of Power.Mendicant.We have better that left these shores ,who are acclaimed as Scholars ,and are African descendants 13 December at 12:14 · Unlike · 4

Pradeep Singh dem Guyanese lawyers prob deh pon de sidelines skinning dem teeth…dis jagan jr shoulda gone into comedy, he woulda done well there 13 December at 12:40 via mobile · Like · 3

Pradeep Singh to top it off, looks like even the Guyana chronicle trying to subtly sabotage him. watch which sentence dem choose to headline the letter too nah. bai just stoked a fire…raising an ants nest. shoulda just keep quiet. 13 December at 12:43 via mobile · Like

Derek Gomes the boy has issues with his ego, of that there is no doubt….felt sorry for him when i saw him at his grandfather’s funereal……but now he behaving like a puerile scunt. and engllish is not his strong suit. tell he derek seh suh 13 December at 12:57 · Unlike · 3

George Bobb I was awaiting the Master.,and you have Crowned him appropriatelty.!!! 13 December at 12:59 · Unlike · 3

Derek Gomes i would like to see him debate ulelle burnham or allisa trotz. they would chew him up and spit him out 13 December at 13:02 · Unlike · 4

Derek Gomes but seriously, yuh mean joey couldn’t spell he father middle name………berret???? they name the boy after a french cap. smfh 13 December at 13:05 · Unlike · 5

Yolo Jay Success breeds enemies….nuff said. SMH haters! 13 December at 13:11 · Edited · Like · 1

Yohhahnseh Cave I never questioned his qualifications Ruel. I never heard of this person. But, given his arrogance and sense of entitlement he has all the qualifications one needs to work at the Office of the President. I never met a true intellectual who felt the need to advertise that he or she was an intellectual. 13 December at 13:10 · Unlike · 11

Derek Gomes i am an intellectuall dammit, look at me , listen to my words of wisdom..and so on and so forth………..please ppl there is a difference between an acaademic and an intellectual. one is taught and the other thinks 13 December at 13:21 · Unlike · 3

SaintJohn Milton Fraser i have never ever written a letter to the newspapers about myself and then pretend to respond to it. EVER!! so i dont know why u ppl are accusing me of doing it. i am famous as it is!!! lmao 13 December at 13:28 · Unlike · 1

Deon Johnson Derek?? Smh!! 13 December at 13:35 via mobile · Unlike · 1

Gordon Moseley He has returned to continue Cheddi’s work in a duty free Porsche that cannot drive into the backdams of the Corentyne. Grandfather Cheddi must be very proud of how far lil boy Cheddi has come. you think he kay. 13 December at 13:36 · Unlike · 8

Gordon Moseley Actually I suspect that the letter to Kaieteur might have actually been written by another young gun in that group who is also an attorney who likes to place all the dots and commas behind his name but is still to find favour with the party top brass. session pun de dam. 13 December at 13:38 · Unlike · 6

Khemroy Budhram lol… training in the american system applicable to our system? That being said, the above letter is pretty childish for “a vastly qualified individual” who passed “the hardest exam in the world” lmao 13 December at 13:48 · Unlike · 4

Derek Gomes anyway, we should all back down, the lil boy seeking validation…leff he alone 13 December at 13:48 · Unlike · 1

Balwant Persaud and they refused to grant me a duty free consession for a motor vehicle as a remigrant. 13 December at 13:55 · Unlike · 1

Derek Gomes are you the grandson of cheddie or relative or friend of someone from the party executive, are u ‘vastly qualified’ and working at OP………..then SHADDUP…u don’t deserve it 13 December at 14:17 · Unlike · 2

Pradeep Singh i want duty free porsche too. wah me gat do to get one? 13 December at 14:18 · Unlike · 2

George Bobb Balwant .Listen to Derek.If you not part of the Cabal or a Cronnie ,you would not be able to share in the Spoils.? 13 December at 14:18 · Unlike · 2

Derek Gomes marry into the families of the above 13 December at 14:19 · Unlike · 2

Balwant Persaud So why are they advertising for Guyanese to return home? Are there two types of Guyanese? 13 December at 14:22 · Unlike · 2

Derek Gomes lawd boy like u head hard, of course they got two kind of guyanese, dem wuh got and dem wuh ain got 13 December at 14:24 · Unlike · 3

George Bobb I believe what is happening to Balwant ,looking lkie them .He believes he qualifies.It’s beyond that.Even Minister Robesen Benn is qualified ,his father was fouder member of the PPP. 13 December at 14:28 · Unlike · 2

Pradeep Singh the amazing thing is that only in guyana can things like this happen and nothing will be done. Aunty Gail gon guh pun TV and buse down APNU/AFC and blame dem and say how dem picking pon the brilliant Jagan Esq. II, and how he gotta be paid a decent salary for his vastly superior intellect…and not a scunt else would be done. Not a mention about what services he’s providing to Guyana, just like how no one talks about the services Kwame provides, except Freddie & Mark Anthony Benschop when they talk out the odda kinda services Kwame does provide (ahem…). And not a peep about how the position Jagan occupies was advertised, where it was advertised etc., cause the truth is that it wasn’t advertised. he beg lil bit, and got a handout. enough said. and excuse my cussing, me ain’t got vastly superior esteemed education like Jagan. 13 December at 14:33 · Like

Chaka Aderemi “if money was my foremost interest, I would have ever returned to Guyana? Do you not realise that the salary I am paid at Office of the President is a mere fraction of what I could earn in the U.S. right now without being a fully licensed attorney?”…….if this is so,then serving a fatherland for free would not be too much a sacrifice, at least that monthly pay could have gone into putting some orderliness at the stabroek market……Lol 13 December at 14:36 · Unlike · 1

Ruel Johnson That’s bullshit – what he should have done is start earning that theoretical supersalary that he would have been making in the US, and then sacrificed it to come to make a fraction of it in Guyana. So far, since his salary was zero, he should be receiving a fraction of exactly that right now. 13 December at 14:40 · Unlike · 4

Ruel Johnson …also, with that attitude of entitlement, plus driving a Porsche, I’d say that young Jagan is hung like a pigeon. 13 December at 15:00 · Unlike · 3

Pradeep Singh bwhahahaha. dying with laughter. owww….. this too funny. “hung like a pigeon” rofl…..hahaha 13 December at 15:04 · Like

Ruel Johnson … by which I mean he has a needle dick, a twilly, a microphallus. 13 December at 15:06 · Unlike · 2

Pradeep Singh only ruel johnson would say what everyone else is thinking but don’t want to write…. 13 December at 15:07 · Unlike · 4

Ian Smith I feel you brother. I am 100% sure that kwame does not have university education and is ranking and waving in highly qualified people face. only in Guyana!!! 13 December at 15:11 · Unlike · 1

Ruel Johnson Pradeep, I am nothing if not the Hank Moody of Facebook. 13 December at 15:14 · Unlike · 2

Abeeda. Gaffar Most Guyanese are always afraid to say what’s on their minds or do something about it, that’s why we have so much corruption here. U have to be strong to stand for what u believe in 13 December at 15:22 · Unlike · 4

Brian Motilall Hahahaha 13 December at 15:33 · Unlike · 1

Derek Gomes hey hey hey hey hey Ruel Johnson, leave the lil boy twiddle alone, besides i might also be accused of that, so hush, and by the way, if i am not wrong…he is cheddi jagan III, his father was II, joey is just a call name. so please in future, refer to his majesty in the numerically correct manner….nuff said 13 December at 17:43 · Edited · Unlike · 2

Abeeda. Gaffar I always thought that women can talk a lot(needle dick) wow!!! but men beat we ha ha ha 13 December at 17:54 · Unlike · 1

Derek Gomes and also what is of greater concern to me is the poor structure, grammar and misuse of some ‘big’ words in this essay. i would think a writer of your stature would have addressed this first….tsk tsk 13 December at 17:56 · Unlike · 3

Derek Gomes instead u prate in freudian terms on the man’s cocktail stirrer 13 December at 17:59 · Unlike · 1

Derek Gomes please ignore my remark Friday at 00:39 · Unlike · 1

vanisha seenauth was victimised by a guyanese monster

fan mail
2012-11-23 @ 7:23:10 AM
Hello, I am quite surprised at some of the comments I’ve been seeing on this blog concerning Robeson Benn JR and his victim. Some people claim he’s not a violent boy, which is utterly untrue taking into consideration all the women he hit. But worse yet I see people commenting nastily of the young woman he beat up.

I am extremely disgusted to know that among fellow Guyanese citizens, some men still believe that some reasons would justify what he did to her. No reason justifies such a cause, none. Were he in a true democratic country, he would have already been behind bars. Worse yet, not only is he responsible for murder he was premeditating murder before the victim defended herself and propbably eliminated any future possibilities of her becoming a mother.

It is a sad thing to see people denying the facts when hard proof is available. When I see the sickening insults regarding Ms. Seenauth, it seems to portray the mentality and precarious situation of women in Guyana who are not only are suffering from sterotypes and frustrating community pressure, but are portrayed as inferior to the opposite sex. (Since when is interacial dating forbidden by the way?)

I tell you, that as long as there are people to support corruption and criminals such as Robeson Benn Jr., as long as Guyanese find it normal that an unmarried women get’s beaten nearly to death, as long as corruption remains a norm in the mind of the population, there will never be true democratie, there will never be any significant change.

There will never be change if people continue to hide their heads under the sand (or mud!). Anyway, cheers to your blog, may Press freedom continue.

Best regards,