Dr. Nanda K Gopaul has many properties across Guyana

Dear propaganda press
SOCU needs to investigate nanda Gopaul. He has several huge properties- 2 houses and a swmiming pool in Happy Acre, One in LBI, One in Agriculture Road where he bullied some poor people for that land and took in the reserve, One in Hope which he gave to a low life who has a daughter for him , another huge mansion in Mahaica Creek along with several others. U can try to get the facts and then post it.
Facebook User
Facebook User
He uses the government contractor to build these houses.

dale andrews kaiteur news reporter

Kaieteur News reporter Dale Andrews died today in Guyana

Dale, 47, passed away yesterday morning following a brief illness that was due to prolonged heart-related complications.
Dale was no stranger to ranks and officers of the Guyana Police Force. He was no stranger to Ministers, past and present, of Public Security—formerly Home Affairs. He was definitely no stranger to the media fraternity. Kaieteur News was not prepared for the day when he would have become just a memory.

Skywest Charterers using “mail bag” to smuggle gold past Guyana tax man

May 29, 2016 at 5:36 pm

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Skywest Charterers uses their so called “mail bag” as a means of helping gold miners smuggle gold past GGMC at Ogle. This bag goes from their office padlocked straight into the aircraft on departure which only they know what is in it and when the aircraft returns from the interior locations their agent collects it and take it straight to their office. It does not pass the relevant authorities at the terminal.

type of crime Tax evasion(Non declaration of gold)
location Ogle International Airport

Skywest Charter Service
53 David St. Kitty
225 4206
Open 24 Hours

Guyana cocaine update : CANU mobster James Singh replies to Barry Dataram

propaganda press received the following statement from James Singh via email.
James Singh has already been asked to resign and the DEA has made it clear to the Guyana govt that James Singh as CANU CEO is a non starter.

CANU vehemently denies all allegations of impropriety levelled against the Unit by the Dataram family. The very Troy Dataram who now alleges impropriety on CANU’s Ranks’ behalf saw his concerns being investigated by a relevant body disconnected from CANU. Continue reading

Barry Dataram reveals CANU dirty secrets – James Singh is a cocaine merchant

“CANU, them is the most corrupted, rogue security force in this country. They are the biggest drug dealer this country has. The same drug that they seize, half of it goes back on the street,” he said on HGPTV Channel 67’s Nightly News.

Barry Dataram sees the writing on the wall and has confirmed what propaganda press has been saying all along. check out the james singh archives. Dataram is expected to be extradited to the US in the latter part of the year.

Peter Morgan back in the Guyana cocaine business

Peter Morgan who is supposedly still under CID surveillance is back in the Guyana cocaine trade. Morgan was recently deported after serving time in US Federal prison.

Morgan made more than 70 trips to the US before he was caught. His sister Subrina Budhram and his brother in law Arnold Budhram were also convicted and jailed.

In the photo above from left to right are Peter Morgan, Varsha Sharma (of gizmos sister of Mahender Sharma), Rupie’s wife, Ravi Prashad and Dawn Ouditt (wife of Vic Oditt)
Vic Oditt sold his ranch to Roger Khan. A few years ago an Ecuadorian plane outfitted with extra fuel tanks was found on Vic Odit’s Pirara Ranch. No one was ever charged.

¶10. (C) Khan is reportedly in negotiations with former GUYSUCO Chairman Vic Oditt to purchase a 200 square mile ranch at Pirara in the Southern Rupununi region. The ranch has a large airstrip, and Khan is believed to be acting at the behest of Colombian or Panamanian narco-interests.

Guyana Special Organised Crime unit infiltrated with PPP spies

The Caribbean Financial Action Task Force forced PPP crime family to establish SOCU, however, Bharrat Jagdeo never intended to give SOCU any powers so it was under the supervision of PPP agent Paul Ghir. With the change of administration Ghir was removed as FIU Head but James now has to report tothe corrupt narco criminal commissioner of police Seelall Persaud.

All attempts by James to go after certain PPP criminals are being halted by Seelall Persaud. Additionally two of James top lieutenants are known criminals in Police Uniforms. They have been sent by Seelall Persaud to frustrate the efforts of SOCU. Continue reading