Guyana Times fires GM Daniel Singh – Ravi Dev scams unravelling

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Guyana Times rapist General Manager Daniel Singh has been fired for thieving. It is not clear how much money he stole but the amount is said to be in the millions. Old cocksucktant Ravi Dev has been caught in the scam. He is not fired as yet, but Guyana Times is awaiting his resignation and patience might run out. Through a company accountant, reliable sources say he stole close to $40 million. Enough money for retirement pension.

Ravi is such a disgraceful thief that he had his wife and daughter jumping on plane in and out of Guyana as passengers joining and leaving a minibus. This was from money earned by the company to pay staff.

Every month staff continues to be paid the first week in the new month. Ravi in his greed cut meals allowance for staff, and when they complain he said the company has too many hand to mouth people. The truth is Ravi at 70 had to seek employment to avoid selling his house to keep things afloat.

Ravi is an old fraudster. Since he came back to Guyana in 1989, he has been posing as Hindu/Indian leader to attract financial support from unsuspecting people. ravi devMany of whom were defrauded. During the elections campaign, he was a media consultant for the PPP and was paid over $15 million from a slush fund to paint Moses Nagamootoo, Khemraj Ramjatan, Glenn Lall and David Granger as thieves, bullies, murders, criminals, fools, gays and geriatrics.

The source of the money he earned in consultancy should be investigated. And on top of that, he was given duty free concession. The purpose of the award remains a mystery. Many young and enterprising, especially black employees were falsely accused by Ravi and Daniel for various misdemeanors and were fired. For the black employees, was asked, he bold told an Indian manager that black people mind is black as their skin.

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July 5, 2015 at 3:28 pm


Ravi Dev not paying Guyana Times staff & stealing

more trouble in the camp at Guyana behind the Times

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March 30, 2015 at 9:47 pm
ravi devRaavi Dev, an old useless fucker who use to cuss Jagdeo is a low, heartless and bare face thief. Every fucking month this Indian dog paying Guyana Times staff late, and even tell Nigel when they complain that the place gat too much hand to mouth people. He should look at himself, he is not only a hand to mouth who beg Jagdeo for a job at Guyana Times, he is a lowly cock sucker. If you support the PPP, you are a supporter, but if you are opposition and you change all of a sudden and without a cause, you are a cock sucker. This is Raavi. Jagdeo know he old skunt was an enemy but now he hungry and want help. So what King Jagdeo did? He put a hook through Raavi old batacake and connect it through his nose, and is dragging he ole skunt through a muddy shit trench. This is what you do to shit eaters. The shameless fucker is thieving money through the accountant, who is his relative to pay for his daughter education and then cussing the staff through their supervisors when they complain Continue reading

bharrat putin jagdeo plotting to remove & replace guyana ‘president’ donald ramotar


mob boss Ranjisinghi Ramroop aka boobie, jagdeo's girlfriend and rackets partner

mob boss Ranjisinghi Ramroop aka boobie, jagdeo’s girlfriend and rackets partner

guyana times owned by bharrat jagdeo and his girlfriend bobby ramroop have been floating the idea that jagdeo should be president of guyana again.
they’r so desperate, they made up a whole story with an imaginary poll saying jagdeo is the most formidable ppp crime family candidate.

the same day the guyana chronicle said Jagdeo is the one most favoured ppp crime family candidate. the mobster running the chronic mark ramotar is the nephew of donald but he is in with the jagdeo faction of the crime family.
propaganda press was informed that ramotar is off on leave but called in to make sure the story made it into the papers.

putin meets little putin

putin meets little putin

donald ramotar has taken a beating since ppp crime family lost the general elections in 2011. this in turn has slowed down the rackets jagdeo set up to take him to trillionaire status – amaila falls, marriott hotel, airport extension, norway free money.

after talking it over with luncheon, gail and rohee, the editorial staff of the guyana chronicle were called into office of the president yesterday for interrogation and disciplining by team ramotar but it’s all over now. bharrat putin jagdeo will soon make his next move to fully neutralise donald donald ramotar as Guyana goes into election mode.

propaganda press called ralph ramkarran for a comment on the current infighting. he said ‘good news’ laughed and hung up

propaganda press guyana most read website in 2014?

dear friend, welcome to the right side of history. we've been waiting for you

dear friend, welcome to the right side of history. we’ve been waiting for you

thanks to our fans & supporters globally and the agents working behind enemy lines.
propaganda press will soon be the most read Guyana blog / website.

no surprises here on who’s rounding out the bottom of the pile.

alexi ramotar turns to michael younge for a fluff & makeover

michael younge would put a ron jeremy fluff girl to shame. alexi was featured prominently on mob boss ramroop tv and now in the mobsters newspaper. so much rubbish here we don’t know where to begin but we saving it cause we know the tune gon change again jus now. the more alexi talks the more you learn how incompetent this prima donna really is. the photos below dont lie

Alexei Ramotar charts future course of e-governance project



The $32 million e-government project which is being piloted and implemented by the government of Guyana is on track and is scheduled to be completed by April this year before officially being handed over in August, despite several challenges faced at various levels of the advance stages of its roll-out.
In fact, the minor setbacks have resulted in Guyanese being able to benefit from a highly technological and advanced e-governance project that will revolutionise the manner in which government offers critical services to the public, while reducing tremendously the time associated in accessing information and doing business with the government.
This is the position of the project manager Alexei Ramotar, who also fended off several attacks and misinformation being spread about the project and his competence to carry it to completion.
Personal attacks
Ramotar in an exclusive interview on Television Guyana’s (TVG 28) flagship Current Issues and Analysis show, explained that he had no problems with questions being asked about the project by any stakeholder in society, including parliamentarians.
He did, however, express disappointment at what appeared to be personal attacks being made on his credentials and a project which would advance the information communication technology sector of Guyana.
“We have had a few delays in which we have changed technologies,” he explained, stating that other challenges to this component of the overall project ranged from adverse weather conditions and the “usual project issues”.
“We have pushed it back, the handing over to August 2014. However, we expect all the parts to be finished by April 2014, we are on track for that and the April to August period is where we will be doing a lot of testing, and optimisation of the network and so forth. These are very standard things that happen in telecoms,” he stated.
Asked whether that decision was expected to cost the taxpayers of Guyana any additional funds, he responded in the negative, stating that the project was well within its budget. He opined that there appears to be a lack of understanding about the project, its design and the overall complexities that implementing such a diverse project would entail, on the part of some critics.
Ramotar said the type of technology being utilised should also be taken on board, arguing that back in 2009 when he started working on the design, they were looking at WIMAX abd EVIDEO, which are technical terms for access network.

the billionaire fibre optic neophyte

the prima donna alexei ramotar, ceo of e-gov

“So we looked at those and we were gonna implement that, however, as technology grew and so forth, we came to a conclusion that WIMAX abd EVIDEO will become niche market technologies…. in that case what happen is operational costs in the future will go up to buy terminal equipment, to fix issues… it is behind because it is only in the niche market, so we decided to make the switch to long-term evolution which is 4G cellular technology, it’s the same thing that’s being implemented in many parts of the world,” he explained.
According to Ramotar, this allowed the project to save money because there would have been the need to have two core networks, but only one was in place. He said that initially the project would have only seen about 30 sites being constructed but now Guyanese will benefit from 54.
“…so I think it worked out. The delay in that case was only by a month because we had to renegotiate with Norway on the technology and we had to go out and do new testing, new soil testing and so forth, the new sites, 24 additional sites we would have put in. So it’s not, that’s not, a major issue, as a matter of fact that delay was for the betterment, because, we have more, better technology, 4G is a better technology. And we also have, a larger part of the population can have access to it,” he said.
Minor challenges
Meanwhile, Ramotar has revealed that there is another component to the overall project which is the dense wavelength division multiplexing aspect that comes at a cost of US$5 million. Some setbacks were experienced with this part of the project, and the shortcomings are currently being addressed. This component of the initiative aims to provide Internet access.
He said that there was no problem with the overall design of this aspect of the project but rather there were some challenges experienced in the roll out, mainly the laying of the fibre-optic cables in some communities. Ramotar explained that when those problems were noticed, swift action was taken to ensure that they were corrected and advice sought on possible remedies that would not impact the expected completion of the initiative significantly. A third-party consultant from Venezuela, who worked in DWDM fibre projects has also given expert advice on the design of the project.
“The installation of the cable was the major issue,” he remarked, noting that the two local firms, Dax and Dynamic engineering nonetheless did “satisfactory” work. He reported that a supervisor who was hired for the project was fired after it was found out that he was not properly supervising the work. Much of the problems encountered had to do with the type of equipment that was being utilised, Ramotar also admitted.
“I think the case was the capacity of the contractors to the do the actual installation, the DWDM equipment has been installed and we didn’t have a problem with that,” he stated.
The Venezuelan consultant, he disclosed, is expected to come up with recommendations on solutions that after working through the November to December period on the project.
Experience, qualification
Ramotar, who appeared fully knowledgeable of all aspects of the project he is managing, said he was competent to complete the job. He is the holder of master’s degree in computer science from the University of Waterloo and also has a first degree from the University of Guyana.
Additionally, he has extensive experience in the field, having worked at the Guyana Sugar Corporation and Digicel Guyana.
He has since denied being the recipient of a $3 million salary per month and revealed that while that type of salary is offered to man similar projects in the developed world, he gets $650,000. There are no additional benefits and entitlements that come with the job.
“It’s a lie being peddled for the same reason as attacking me personally through what they call delays, and so forth. It’s obviously to make people believe that’s there so much amount of money involved, the salary is so big and so forth and its nepotism and all this nonsense. But, no that’s not true, I don’t make no $3 million a month.”
Ramotar has not objected to any of the questions asked by the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) in Parliament, but offered that the project is fully transparent and open for all to see.
“I believe it’s pretty obvious that it’s because I am the son of the president, they see it as an easy target to attack the president through me… and so they picked the project that is delayed due to reasons that are new reasons sort of, but they don’t look at the fact that one of the projects, the much bigger project is actually on schedule, and will be completed and that project is actually much more important to Guyana’s development than the other one. It’s pretty much expected, I guess, considering that I am the son of the president. I think that’s their reason why they’re going after it,” he asserted.

nigel williams & avenash ramzan collateral damage in guyana times internecine warfare

kristen and leslie @ dinner - thanks bibi

kristen and leslie @ dinner – thanks bibi

upon further investigations we’ve found out that nigel williams and avenash ramzan are collateral damage in the internecine wars taking place at guyana times and the other govt controlled newsrooms. we wish them well and a speedy recovery from these bruising battles

You know when you throw a stone in a pig pen, the one who squeals loudest is the one who the stone hits. Well, Kristen McKlingham is the person who sent the email about the girls who were fired sleeping with others. Continue reading