Guyana Police & Army officers paid to ignore Yurupukari Cesna

Guyana Police and Army Officers stationed in Lethem are aware of prolonged illegal aircraft activity in Region 9.
Regional officials have provided propaganda press documents and information implicating senior army and police officials.
The aircraft is using registration details of an aircraft currently in Colorado.

1978 CESSNA 441
Fixed wing multi engine
(10 seats / 2 engines)
Serial Number

Current Location
Blake Field, Delta Colorado


Assistant Commissioner Balram Persaud was a corrupt Guyana Police Officer

propaganda press will wait for the family of Assistant Commissioner Balram Persaud to mourn, but he was no saint as he is being portrayed.

Assistant Commissioner Balram Persaud had his finger on many things, from cocaine to gun running on the Lethem/Linden corridor.

On October 1st last year, police raided a house that belonged to King at Tabatinga, Lethem and found four automatic rifles along with four magazines and 389 rounds of 7.62×39 calibre ammunition; six M-16 rifles along with two magazines and 74 matching rounds; two shrapnel hand grenades; one Icon VHF radio set; one Icon hand-held radio set; and one roll of camouflage material.

a week after this discovery, ricardo rodrigues was dead.


Enmore / Logwood neighborhood Police buying stolen items from thieves

Jan 11, 2016 @843an to @propagandapress

online crime reporting system
There is a neighborhood Police woman by the name of Keisha who is stationed at the Enmore Police Station and lives in Logwood , Enmore as well, she is well known to be buying stole articles from thieves and in some instances she bullies the thieves as well and the thing is that the entire Enmore Police Station ranks knows about this.

type of crime Buying stole articles
location Enmore, E.CD

18 million cocaine returned by Guyana Police to traffickers shipped to Suriname

Five policemen including Assistant Superintendant T. Browne are under close arrest.

propaganda press was informed that cocaine belonging to Daby/Big Head was seized at Whim headed for Suriname. After negotiations, the cocaine was released the next day and the police on the patrol and their seniors paid off.
Browne was immediately transferred and the junior ranks are on close arrest.

Stay tuned

President’s College principal calls police after corruption expose

Instead of stopping her corrupt practices, principal Carlyn Canterbury called the Guyana Police Force to intimidate staff members.

propaganda press will continue publishing documents and details of ongoing corruption and thievery at PC under Carlyn Canterbury.
As we speak, instead of repairing the bus engine at about $300,000, the admin manager is proposing buying a new engine from one of his friends.

The principal has agreed to this.

Cocaine cop Ravindradat Budhram heads Guyana Police F Division

Ravindradat Budhram is well known to run in cocaine circles. Years ago under Commissioner Brummel he was caught allowing drugs and guns to move through police road blocks. As a result, Budhram was immediately transferred.
Budhram is also known to offer aid and comfort to narco-traffickers.
Under Commissioner Seelall Persaud, Budhram has been given new life. He now heads a division which is the division that covers ALL interior locations. Budhram now has free reign over the gold and diamond mines, logging concessions, trafficking in persons and cocaine routes.

OAS commission on human rights found Jagdeo, Gajraj, Fraser & Lewis culpable for kidnapping & disappearance

REPORT Nº. 80/01

PETITION Nº 12.264



October 10, 2001

I.            SUMMARY


  1. This Report concerns a petition presented to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (hereinafter referred to as “the Commission”) by letter dated March 21, 2000, by I. Kamau Cush, Chairman for Economic Empowerment, Guyana, (hereinafter referred to as “the Petitioner’) against the State of Guyana, on behalf of Mr. Franz Britton, aka Collie Wills (hereinafter referred to as “Mr. Britton”). The Petitioner alleges that the State of Guyana had violated the rights of Mr. Britton as set forth in the American Declaration on the Rights and Duties of Man (hereinafter referred to as “the Declaration”).

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