cotton tree village under siege by bandits & robbers Guyana Police Force

online crime reporting system
there is a lot of crime going on in my village and everybody is so scard for there life an there family so i am asking you if there is anything you can do to help this village
date of crime aug 12 2015
type of crime attempt robbery
location cotton tree village
August 13, 2015 at 7:26 pm


Beepat Taijram & the criminals in the Guyana Police Force by Yvonne Sam

Dear Editor,
Beepat Taijram The recent execution style slaying of ex-policeman Beepat Taijram, while it is a dastardly and savage act, besides being viewed as a homicide should also be a wake-up reflective call to the law enforcement agencies in Guyana. The deceased was formerly one of their own, prior to his dismissal from the Force. The former employee of the Force, a seeming representative of law and order, had a past so sordid that he could effortlessly become a poster child for the Mob. Continue reading

vishnu jagnarine singh – rapist son of guyana govt official

vishnu jagnarine singh another guyana rapist

Vishnu Jagnarine Singh born December 20, 1991 raped a 14 yar old school girl last week. He has deleted his facebook page for reasons only he can explain. Propaganda Press received a recovered image from his profile page.

A 14-year-old schoolgirl has told police that the son of a prominent official sexually assaulted her after luring her into his car under the pretext of taking her home.
The incident allegedly occurred last Tuesday at a desolate spot on the East Coast of Demerara.

Vishnu is the son of Jagnarine Singh, General Manager of the Guyana Rice Development Board. Six years ago he was featured in Kaieteur News as a special person

Coming from humble beginnings, where his father sold fish for a living, Singh grew up as a contented lad attending the Vryheid’s Lust/Montrose Government School, then later earned passes to Cummings Lodge Secondary

Vishnu is claiming he had consensual sex with a minor. He and the Guyana Police officers protecting him obviously have no idea what the age of consent is in Guyana.

guyana police force SWAT team training complete

THE BOYS OF SWAT with Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee (seated second right); FORMER Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell (right); TEG Director, Ambassador Dennis Hays (second left) and Training Officer, Senior Superintendent Paul Williams (left)

THE BOYS OF SWAT with Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee (seated second right); FORMER Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell (right); TEG Director, Ambassador Dennis Hays (second left) and Training Officer, Senior Superintendent Paul Williams (left)

Commissioner of Police (Ag) Seelall Persaud announced that training under contracted overseas consultants for the Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) unit has been completed.
He made the announcement yesterday during his address at the police force’s annual end of year awards ceremony.

Mohamed F Khan (MFK) Missing

Months after a recent execution attempt, popular city businessman Mohamed F Khan (MFK) is missing and relatives are holding their breaths and praying that nothing bad has befallen him.

MFK Missing
Khan’s disappearance comes a few weeks after he survived an apparent execution attempt while he was visiting Guyana, a few months ago.

The businessman has been residing in neighbouring Venezuela for the past few years after closing down his popular business on Hadfield Street, Georgetown.
The missing person report was first made to the Guyana Embassy in Venezuela by Khan’s Venezuelan wife who last saw him on August 21st, when he left the Spanish speaking country for Guyana to contact his attorneys who were handling some business arrangements for him.
Relatives in Guyana have not heard from him since and did not suspect anything much since Khan also has business transactions in the interior and would sometimes spend time there.
Missing: Mohamed F Khan displaying his bandaged abdomen following the execution attempt in July.
However, after close relatives did not receive a call or any information pertaining to Khan’s whereabouts, they became suspicious.

“He came over here to meet his lawyer and to check on some business stuff, since then nobody can get in contact with him. When he came, he met some friends and did his business and since then nobody could have gotten in contact with him. Everybody was trying to contact him and call all his friends and people he would go by, but nobody seems to know anything,” a close relative lamented.

“The thing is, he has a wife in Venezuela and three small kids he was supposed to come to Guyana and then return to Venezuela in five days, so when his wife did not see him, she tried contacting everyone she knows that can trace his whereabouts. People he normally deals with said they saw him months ago.”
Khan, 54, survived an execution attempt on July 9 last when was shot in his abdomen by a lone gunman at La Grange, West Bank of Demerara. He had disclosed back then, his suspicions of a business associate who had threatened him over a sour property deal.
Khan had also disclosed that he believed the gunman was either a serving or former member of the Guyana Police Force, giving rise to his suspicions that his business associate is using his well placed “connections” to MFKescape justice.

In an exclusive interview with Kaieteur News back then, Khan related that his bout of troubles stemmed from the sale of one of the many properties he owned in the city. He said the buyer was trying to rob him of several million dollars which is owed to him from the sale of a prominent city business.
“I keep asking him for my money and at first he was always making excuses and then he started threatening me. He threatened me that if I come back to Guyana he will take me out.” He had stated.
Khan, who was a staunch advocate of the Buy Local campaign, said that he learnt from his underworld connections that there was an $11M bounty on his head.
Last month, police discovered a headless decomposed body at Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara after being alerted by workers attached to the Ministry of Public Works, who were clearing a cemetery in the community.

Meanwhile, police noted that the badly decomposed body that was discovered hidden in a clump of bushes, was that of a man. A few yards away a human skull and a pair of blood-stained shoelaces were found in a black plastic bag. There was also some amount of “heavy duty” tape wrapped around the bag.
Several other bones which appeared to be human where scattered around the scene by dogs which had begun to devour the remains. Police sources have said that a plastic handcuff along with a car mat was found in the bushes close to the body.

Khan’s relatives said they had visited the Lyken Funeral Home to investigate if it was him. However, an attendant in the morgue had told them that there was a ponytail attached to the badly decomposed head, creating doubts in the relatives’ minds.

Khan who was a former television talk show host on the popular CNS Channel 6, had been out of Guyana for the past six years, claiming that he fled the land of his birth because of death threats he had been receiving.
He is no stranger to controversy, having had major differences with a former top government official, which he claimed forced him to sell his business and flee Guyana.
Khan had declared that he would have returned to invest in Guyana soon, claiming that he has big plans to erect a state of the art supermarket.

Guyana Police Stations & outposts closed for business after dark

As part of a recently held Citizens Security Program we monitored the following Guyana Police Stations and outposts:

  1. Kitty Police Station
  2. Stabroek Market Outpost
  3. Water Street Outpost
  4. Agricola Outpost
  5. Albertown Police Station
  6. East Ruimveldt Police Station
  7. East La Penitence Police Station
  8. Prashad Nagar Police Outpost

All the locations monitored locked their doors after dark and some even padlocked the gates.

Guyanese Citizens are aware that the Guyana Police generally do not perform their duties during daylight hours but after dark the message is closed for business.
Police were observed in two locations taking complaints through the locked gate and window. more to come

Marvin Cumberbatch dies after being removed from ambulance by Guayna Police

marvin cumbermackThe Guayna Police Farce is not known for brilliance

Marvin Cumberbatch was shot multiple times. Eyewitnesses said an ambulance was about rush the man to a hospital when police arrived and ordered that the injured man be taken out and placed on the road.
Investigators said their instructions were based on the fact that it was a crime scene.