Christopher Harmon must come clean about the murder of Cadet Officer Amar Rajcumar

Christopher Harmon

Christopher Harmon

Online crime reporting system: its time Christopher Harmon come clean about Cadet Murder seven (7) years

I saw Joseph Harmon was making a presentation to the resident of Parfaith Harmony on 2014-02-03

This was also broadcasted on National Television on 2014-02-03 One of the person in the audience was Christopher Harmon, Christopher Harmon did not want to put his face on the television why Christopher? Are you trying to hide your Guilty face from the public?

cadet amar rajcumarBecause he knew that the General Public would recognize him because he was one of the suspects in the Cadet murder seven (7) years ago in the Army He is still a security member of the army, who is loyal to the Opposition.

Joseph Harmon is Christopher Harmon uncle it’s time he come clean and tell us about the killing of de Cadet officer I am asking you people to get his photo for us and expose it know that you people expose nuff people photos who do bad things

Please expose the crime; People say that you people will never publish this because it’s a APNU person time will tell.

date of crime

About 7 years ago


type of crime


Killing of a cadet officer Base Camp Stephenson, Timehri




Base Camp Stephenson, Timehri.


additional information


How I know about you, the boys was talking about you (propaganda press)


guyana murders up 11%, 154 dead 2013. no crisis declares rohee

  • clement james rohee, the dougla bike thief turned enforcer for ppp crime family

    clement james rohee, the dougla bike thief turned enforcer for ppp crime family

    Clement Rohee last night made it clear that “there is no security crisis in Guyana” while noting that good examples where real security crisis currently exists are in countries like Turkey, Iraq, South Sudan and Syria.

  • Rohee rejects the characterisation of the internal security situation as false on the ground that current data does not support it.

This is in comparison to 139 murders for 2012, an 11 per cent increase. Of the 154 murders in 2013, 61 were of the disorderly type, 24 were committed during armed robberies, four were execution type, and 24 were domestic related, while the other 41 are so far undetermined.
The total number of reports of serious crimes made between January 1 and December 31, 2013 was 4007, compared to 3760 for 2012. Continue reading


 CAROL ANN LYNCH  Wanted By INTERPOL Nationality :Suriname

Nationality : Suriname

Wanted by the judicial authorities of Guyana for prosecution / to serve a sentence

Identity particulars

Present family name :


Forename :


Sex :


Date of birth :

12/08/1973 (40 years old)

Place of birth :


Language spoken :


Nationality :


Physical description

Height :

1.6 meter

Colour of hair :


Colour of eyes :


Charges Published as provided by requesting entity

Charges :