Dynamic Airways Guyana service CANCELLED by US aviation authorities on August 6 2014!

dynamic airways irfaan ali donald ramotar gerry gouveia and  Senior Vice President Business Operations Dynamic Airways Tom Johnson

dynamic airways irfaan ali donald ramotar gerry gouveia and Senior Vice President Business Operations Dynamic Airways Tom Johnson

Jerry Gouveia, Irfaan Ali & Donald Ramotar bluffing Guyanese. The Department of Transportation cancelled Dynamic Airways Guyana service weeks ago.

List of Public Charters
Charter Report – 2014 Prospectuses
Updated: Friday, August 15, 2014

Charter Operator : Dynamic Airways (Direct Sales)
Carrier : Dynamic Airways
Origin : JFK-BDL
Destination : GEO
Beginning date : 6/20/2014
Ending date : 6/14/2015
Remarks : PROGRAM CANCELLED effective 8/6/14
Total # of flights : 274
Type of aircraft/number of seats : B767-200 w/235sts

This information is listed on page 9 of 14

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs
Office of the Undersecretary for Policy
1200 New Jersey Ave, SE
Washington, DC 20590
United States
Phone: (202) 366-8822
TTY/Assistive Device: (800) 877-8339

Business Hours:
8:30am-5:00pm ET, M-F

Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings | U.S. Department of Transportation | 1200 New Jersey Ave, SE | Washington, DC 20590
Air Travel Complaint/Comment Form

Aviation Consumer Protection and Civil Rights Requirements
Consumer protection compliance and enforcement activities relate to areas such as unfair and deceptive practices and unfair competition by air carriers and travel agents, deceptive airline advertising (e.g., fare, on-time performance, schedule, code sharing, etc.), and violations of rules concerning denied boarding compensation, ticket refunds, baggage liability requirements, and charter flights.
The Office is also very active in civil rights enforcement. The Department is charged with prohibiting discrimination by airlines and has committed to protecting consumers in this regard. The Office focuses on ensuring that individuals with disabilities obtain nondiscriminatory access to the air transportation system and that the public is not subjected by airlines to unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin or sex during the course of their air transportation.
Where appropriate, the Office pursues enforcement action, which may be in the nature of warning letters or more formal action, such as consent orders or administrative litigation to impose cease and desist provisions and civil penalties on those who violate Department regulations or orders and statutes enforced by the Department. It also can seek injunctive relief in U.S. District Courts.


dynamic airways suspends guyana operations – the end is now

we received the following message from our colleague and friend. and we’re speaking of Dynamic Airways front man Capt.Gerry Gouveia.

we hate to say we told you so but on june 4 2014 we said

EZ Jet Guyana lives again in Guyana under the name Dynamic Airways. propaganda press is hereby advising Guyanese to boycott this airline. EZ Jet and the Guyana govt still has not repaid outstanding tickets when they went belly up.

34 days later, dynamic airways is dead.

Due to operational difficulties with securing time slots at JFK airport for the month of July, we are announcing temporary suspension of JFK – GEO service until August 8th 2014.
Dynamic Airways will operate flights on July 8th , July 11th and July 15th and transport passengers which already started their travel. We are currently protecting all passengers which started their travel and are impacted by this temporary suspension. All passengers traveling in period July 17th – August 8th will receive full refund plus compensatory voucher for future purchase on Dynamic Airways network. All passengers will be contacted by Dynamic Airways directly or by their respective travel agents.
This temporary suspension will allow us to secure time slots at JFK airport, organize better ground handling and check in process as well as secure schedule integrity which Dynamic Airways is well known for. All flights starting from August 8th are not impacted by this change and will be operated as displayed on our website, and in our reservation system.
We are very sorry for the inconvenience this change might have caused and thank you for your patience while we are processing refund requests and protecting our passengers impacted by this temporary suspension.

EZ Jet reborn as Dynamic Airways in Guyana – stay away from this scam

dynamic airways guyana

EZ Jet Guyana lives again in Guyana under the name Dynamic Airways. propaganda press is hereby advising Guyanese to boycott this airline. EZ Jet and the Guyana govt still has not repaid outstanding tickets when they went belly up.

dynamic airways irfaan ali donald ramotar gerry gouveia and  Senior Vice President Business Operations Dynamic Airways Tom Johnson

the dynamic airways boys – irfaan ali formerly of ez jet, cocaine all-star gerry gouveia, Donald ramotar and Senior Vice President Business Operations Dynamic Airways Tom Johnson


The two journalists went into detail on Minister [big dougla] Rohee and Commissioner Greene’s criminal ties as well as those of the chairman of the Private Sector Commission, Gerry Gouveia. (NOTE: All three men have either had their U.S. visas revoked or would not be eligible because of these ties.)

8th December 2011
Richmond Hill, NY US

EZjet’s B767 non-stop flights from Georgetown – New York approved

Guyana’s newly appointed Cabinet today approved the public charter program operated by EZjet Air Services of Guyana and Florida.

US Department of Transportation also approved the EZjet charter program, as PC 11-188.

EZjet will begin its B767 wide body flights on the evening of 15th December, providing Guyana passengers from and to New York with spacious seating, a generous baggage allowance, and a complimentary in-flight meal and beverages.

Flights will operate six days each week, except Wednesday, departing New York JFK at 10:45 pm and arriving Georgetown at 05:15, then departing Georgetown at 06:30 am arriving New York JFK at 10:30 am.

The operating airline is Dynamic Airways of the US, whose parent, Dynamic Aviation, operates more than 100 aircraft and has been providing air services around the world for the past 75 years.

EZjet stands by its motto “We’ve made it even better for you!’ as its commitment to providing an excellent and dignified service to its Guyana passengers.

Special fares are available for Christmas and New Year’s holiday travelers.
To book seats online, go to http://www.ezjetgt.com, or call 718-644-7435 or contact your local travel agent.

Guyana’s top drug dealers & money launderers, the who is who of cocaine

20140327-084300.jpgFormer phantom hit squad member Roshan Khan doing his poor Yasser Arafat impression

@propagandapress we’re reviving our list of guyana’s top drug dealers and money launderers just in time for Easter.

names you can expect to see: Captain Gerry Gouveia, Paul Daby, Buddy Shivraj, Minister of Natural Resources Robert Persaud, Minister of Finance Ashni Singh, Minister of Housing & Tourism Irfaan Ali and many more.

One name you didn’t expect to see that will be there: Roshan ‘buffoon’ Khan, CEO of RK Security.

How come there is no evidence to convict Guyana drug lords? – Mark Dacosta

Guyana Drug LordsDear Editor,

It appears, every time the Minister of Home Affairs makes a public statement, his pronouncements are so full of shaky positions, fallacious assertions and indefensible claims, that if one wants to take issue with them, one must choose some tiny aspect of the statement with which to argue. Otherwise, one risks writing a whole book.

On January 27, 2014, when Minister Rohee presented the 2012 National Drug Report, he stated that Guyana had no strong evidence that may lead to the conviction of drug lords. Minister Rohee also appeared to question whether such drug lords exist.

The Minister’s positions are untenable for numerous reasons. So far, the most well-known Guyanese drug lord remains Shaheed ‘Roger’ Khan, arrested in Suriname in June, 2006 and sentenced to fifteen years in prison in New York in 2007. However, Roger Khan was a known criminal even before his final arrest. He had been arrested in Maryland, USA, in 1992. He was again arrested, this time in Vermont, on a firearms charge, in 1993, after which he fled to Guyana, expanded his drug empire and started laundering the proceeds through logging and construction businesses. Who can forget the infamous spy computer reportedly supplied to Khan by officials, or Khan’s public claim that he assisted the regime during the crime spree of 2002-03?

Peter Morgan was another Guyanese drug lord jailed for ten years in the USA. Morgan confessed to trafficking narcotics from Guyana and laundering the money through his well-known auto sales business in Guyana.

Can we ever forget David Clarke, of the GDF, or his accomplice Hubert Clark who skipped bail in the US and returned home to Guyana, or Alex Mingo sentenced to seventeen years in the US for cocaine trafficking?

How is it that the Minister of Home Affairs does not have evidence to convict a single drug lord in a Guyanese court?

Mr Rohee has been in charge of the Home Affairs Ministry since September, 2006. Before that, he was Minister of Foreign Trade for six years. He has been in charge of one ministry or the other since 2001. Who better to have evidence against drug lords?

Since Minister Rohee took over Home Affairs in 2006, has he not ordered the collection of evidence? Has he not done anything to improve the investigative capacity of law enforcement agencies? What has he been doing? How can he not have evidence?

Has Minister Rohee done anything to increase the monitoring of hinterland waterways or landing strips? Has he tried to solicit counter-narcotics assistance from overseas, or pressure the developed countries to assist Guyana in the drug fight? Has he tried to set up a witness protection programme? Has he recommended that persons be investigated for acquiring unexplained wealth? (like James Singh who is head of CANU and buy 3 lots of land behind his house with current value of over $24 million dollars guess James Singh will say it’s not his)

Even as Minister Rohee makes his inexplicable statements, more drug runners are being caught.

Gorden Allen, a deportee, was remanded to prison on December 15. Godfrey Gordon was caught in Port Kaituma on December 19, both with cocaine. And the list goes on and numerous amount of cocaine intercepted overseas from Guyana

Is Minister Rohee not directing the police to investigate, collect the strong evidence and place the drug lords before the courts?

Yours faithfully,
Mark DaCosta


 CAROL ANN LYNCH  Wanted By INTERPOL Nationality :Suriname

Nationality : Suriname

Wanted by the judicial authorities of Guyana for prosecution / to serve a sentence

Identity particulars

Present family name :


Forename :


Sex :


Date of birth :

12/08/1973 (40 years old)

Place of birth :


Language spoken :


Nationality :


Physical description

Height :

1.6 meter

Colour of hair :


Colour of eyes :


Charges Published as provided by requesting entity

Charges :


michael singh, sasha, jerry gouveia & dave persaud – guyana cocaine untouchables?

michael singh paladin security services aka paladin defence inc

Michael singh

fan mail from topdog
October 7, 2013 at 11:06 am
Micheal Singh has a woman name Sasha who works with Rorima Airways at the Timerhi airport and together the two of them along with Jerry who own Rorima will ship tons and tons of cocaine untouched because they all have direct access. It is the same Micheal Singh that was with a certain businessman Dave Persaud when he was killed at Palm Court and you don’t have to go to university to figure out what they were discussing at the time of Dave,s death.

Gerry gouveia

Gerry gouveia

Roger Khan placed bomb in TV, DVD player destined for Buxton
July 31, 2009 | By KNews | Filed Under News
By Ron Elcock with additional reporting by Enrico Woolford in New York.
As to the killing of Dave Persaud at Palm Court, Vaughn testified that an individual named “Ninety” St. Hill killed Persaud, as directed by Roger Khan.
In February 2006, according to Vaughn sworn’s testimony, after Sean Belfield’s daughter was kidnapped, the “Roger Khan Gang” kidnapped an unidentified woman who supposedly had information as to the whereabouts of Belfield’s daughter, and brutally tortured her from 7:30 pm until the “wee” hours of the morning.
He claimed it was only after he said to Khan that he believed what the woman was saying (she didn’t know), did they end the torture session.