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The suicide of Reepu Daman Persaud secretary in Guyana by Freddie Kissoon

brothers an sisters i am a despicable rapist too. please forgive me

brothers an sisters i am a despicable rapist too. please forgive me

Dear Editor,
The wife of a prominent lawyer made contact with me. She said her aging aunt in London eagerly reads the daily newspapers and came across something last week in one of my columns and would like more information, but she hasn’t got an e-mail address or phone number for me.
The something is a reference to the 1995 suicide of the secretary of the then Minister of Agriculture, Reepu Daman Persaud (deceased). I have made several references to this death in past columns, so the aunt must have missed it. I was told that the aunt was a fervent young parishioner of Minister Persaud when he was the officiating Hindu priest at the Seaforth Street mandir in Campbellvile. She would like to know about this suicide.
The death was reported in the Chronicle. I got to know this young lady, weeks before she took her own life. She told me her name was Shanti and she lived at Cornelia Ida. I have never written about what is to follow below but here it is now. After the PPP came into power in 1992, I thought I would like to leave UG and go into farming.
I was never attracted to the idea of a long career in academia, and country life was curious to me since I felt, as an urban boy my whole life, I needed a change of environment. All my wife’s cousins, aunts and uncles were rice-growing people. I wanted to try my hand at rustic life.
At the time the new PPP Government of Cheddi Jagan had advertised for application for state land. I applied. At the time, Mr. Datadin was the head of Lands and Survey. It was a lengthy process and I had to be back and forth at Mr. Datadin’s office and that of Minster Persaud. That is how I come to know Shanti.
As I typed this letter, Shanti is right in front of my eyes – petite with sand brown complexion, flowing black tresses and kind of short in stature with a definitely winning smile. I would put her age at about twenty one. At the time, the Minister would have been roughly forty years her senior.
For the short months I knew Shanti, she opened up to me about her sexual relation with Minister Reepu Daman Persaud. The problem was not her sexual affair which to me she showed no particular disapproval of. It was the Minister’s failure to secure her a visa that he sincerely promised to get her.
I had no particular words of advice for Shanti, because it was clear to me she liked the Minister, trusted him and was just waiting for her visa. But Shanti was depressed because the visa wasn’t coming. The last time I saw her, before I got the land, she told me she wanted her passport to be returned because she felt she had enough of the Minister’s promises.
Mr. Datadin eventually assigned a plot of land to me at Mahaica and I was instructed to go to Minister Persaud for him to sign. The Minister was not there but Shanti was in a terrible state of depression. It was clear she needed counseling immediately. She told me the Minister tore up her passport and she pointed to her replacement in the office that the Minister had brought in. It was clear to me that the Minister had used Shanti and had now moved on. That was the last I saw of this tragic young woman. The next week the Chronicle reported her suicide.
Almost forty years, yes forty years before Shant took her life, I had urged my mother not to attend the mandir where Reepu Daman Persaud preached. I told my mother that he was a total snob of ordinary Hindus and that he only conducted private services (like durga pat’ jandhi, yags) for rich Hindus.
At the time, the competitor of Reepu Daman Persaud was Gowkarran Sharma, a Minister in Forbes Burnham’s Government. He was a Hindu priest with his own mandir at Camp and Quamina Streets. He was my mother’s first cousin (his sons still carry on their father’s tradition at that very mandir which would make them my second cousins) but my mom was an ardent supporter of the PPP, so she preferred to worship at the temple of Reepu Daman Persaud.
The other side of Reepu Daman Persaud is well known in Guyana and it certainly is not flattering. I will leave that for another discussion on this most controversial Hindu pandit who died several years ago. I hope these notes satisfy the lady in London. I hope it has opened her eyes. In the academic world, we call it, revisionist history.
Frederick Kissoon


Why I am boycotting the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry by Freddie Kissoon

Everything about the evolution and shape of the Walter Rodney Commission is wrong. The human rights community, the anti-dictatorship society, the independent media, independent commentators, trade unions and the opposition parties will be disappointed. As for the opposition parties, they can clearly see what is coming.
The PNC has to be crazy to participate. The inquiry will turn out to be an inquisition against the PNC. If critical minds like David Granger (he is a bright academic) cannot see what the intentions were behind the shape from the beginning, then he opens for questioning his leadership qualities.
Before APNU or the PNC decides on giving evidence, I will urge the PNC leader to consult far and wide. The list includes past stalwarts like Haslyn Parris and people like Aubrey Norton, Vincent Alexander etc.
First, the Guyana Government consulted the Rodney family only. This was suspect from the beginning. A commission into the death of a national hero should not be determined only by what the family wants. Rodney was a national figure who belonged to a national movement.
Just as the ANC was consulted on the affairs of Mandela, the Government should have dialogued with the WPA on the nature of the commission. It did not.
It was stated by the Government in the press that the Rodney family objected to the WPA being consulted. The family has not denied this to date. If so, the family was unreasonable and unfair. Rodney was great, but the WPA made him greater.
Too many WPA personnel sacrificed so much for Walter and gave so much to Walter, for the Rodney family to think that because they are Walter’s family, the WPA should not have been asked for its input.
The Rodney family was wrong to have taken that course. This columnist knows of the many mistakes the WPA has made since the PPP came to power that would have exasperated the Rodney family, but that does not mean that the family should refuse to see the bigger picture.
The WPA takes the high ground on many occasions forgetting that many of its personnel have been, and are in bed with the PPP. I recall on one occasion on Walter’s death anniversary, I took the microphone to protest the continued invitation of Sam Hinds to the yearly event, only to be denounced on the platform, with Vanda Radzik reserving her wrath for me.
The speaker after me (not a WPA member) denounced me and praised Jagdeo as a democrat to loud applause.
No one supported my position, only Mark Benschop, who did so publicly and for which I will always thank him. WPA high-ranking member, Stanley Humphrey of Linden, months after met me at a TUC symposium and with a smile as broad as the three great rivers of Guyana said, “Freddie, I agree with wuh yuh said about Sam Hinds.” I turned to him and said, “But Stanley I did not see or hear you clapping me.”
The two main organizers of the yearly Walter Rodney anniversary are Vanda Radzik and Jocelyn Dow.
At the time of writing, I don’t know if they still retain their contracts with the Office of the President as consultants to the LCDS. Both traveled with President Jagdeo in that capacity to Copenhagen in 2010.
The late David de Caires once told me that the best column I have ever written for his newspaper was the one on strange bedfellows in Guyanese politics ( see my article in the Stabroek News of Sunday, August 11, 1991, “All ahwe is one family or the new game of sucking up to both sides.”)
The second evolutionary fault in the birth of the commission was the nature of the Terms of Reference. It includes the intelligence operations of the Burnham presidency. That is madness and it is equal madness for the PNC to accept that propagandistic vulgarity of the commission’s work.
What will happen is that PPP officials will testify on the type of intelligence work against the opposition the Burnham presidency did in the seventies and eighties.
The PPP will coerce former PNC officials who are now indebted to them (notably the rich man with the African first and last names) to go to the hearing and testify to the so-called horrible things the Burnham presidency did to the people of Guyana, including the PPP and WPA.
The PPP will then show the world what a horrible government the PNC administration was and will tell its supporters that these are the people the WPA has joined with. Missing will be the most horrific things the PPP Government has done to this nation that make Mr. Burnham look like Mother Teresa.
In case you didn’t know, I was a critic of Burnham and he never tried to kill me.I almost lost my life three times since the PPP came to power. Maybe I have more lives than a cat.

the last words of joseph o’lall by freddie kissoon

joseph o'lall, field negroe

joseph o’lall, field negroe

  • “Jagdeo has to be stopped because he is going to destroy this country; he has already destroyed the PPP.”
  • [O’lall] thinks once there is a credible opposition with a good Indian name, the PPP will lose in 2011. [ppp crime family inc. did fall nov 2011]

Freddie Kissoon – The last words of Joseph O’Lall
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rima rohee gang issues new threats to freddie kissoon & propaganda press

rima & clement rohee

rima & clement rohee – she collects fat salary from office of the president. job state secret. he child rapist, hacker, killer, visa scam artist etc

fan mail
Dear Sherlina Nageer, Tarott, Freddie Kissoon and other operators behind Propaganda Press, Expect court orders to be sent to your website so we can retrieve the IP addresses of yourselves and the users so we can prosecute each and every one of you in Guyana law. We don’t take slander and run mouth easy. Why are you are running your blasphemous mouth on hardworking Guyanese it’s none of your business. I would be happy to find out who all of you bloggers are so we can force a CEASE and DESIST on your libellous comments. Continue reading

freddie kissoon

freddie kissoon attacked by guyana govt hitman last night


freddie kissoon

field negroe – freddie kissoon

Stabroek News: Newspaper columnist and social activist Freddie Kissoon was last evening attacked on High Street near Parliament Buildings  by a man who later fled in a black SUV parked a short distance away.

joseph o’lall, murdered by the guyana govt four years ago

joseph o’lall, field negroe

four years ago joseph o’lall was murdered by the ppp

Freddie Kissoon: First, Mr. O’Lall desired the PPP to remove Mr. Jagdeo as President. It was the first time in the interview that I felt he was becoming too emotional and too irrational. His eyes were wild, gesticulations canine, body language intemperate. He raised his voice so loudly that two young persons who were in the house upstairs ran down the steps to see if I was murdering him.

He looked at me with the visage of a mad man and said: “Jagdeo has to be stopped because he is going to destroy this country; he has already destroyed the PPP.”

freddie kissoon

David Dabydeen is a fool & a charlatan – freddie kissoon

david dabydeen -, fool, charlatan, conman, queen bee and more

I refer to David Dabydeen’s letter in the Feb 2 edition of KN (“Modernization of the UG Library should be our top priority.” I never liked David Dabydeen, seeing him as someone who puts political sycophancy in front of scholarship (not that I think Dabydeen is any outstanding Guyanese scholar).

I never thought Dabydeen was made of any substance and that was later confirmed to the entire Guyanese population when he recommended then President Bharrat Jagdeo for the Nobel Peace Prize then the publicly denied it. He forgot at the time he had sent an e-mail to a journalist at KN, Nadia Guyadeen, detailing his recommendation of Jagdeo. At the time Guyadeen shared the e-mail. She probably never thought that Dabydeen would have denied his own submission. I enclosed the e-mail with this letter
In his Feb 22 letter, David Dabydeen has only exposed himself as a superficial thinker and someone utterly foolish to publish what he did in his mail.

Dabydeen is more of a politician than a scholar. Really what is Warwick University doing with this political pretender?

Seeking to justify the under-funding of UG by his political masters in Guyana, he writes that many British universities are facing cutbacks. The asininity in that argument is that the UK has hundreds of universities. Guyana has one only Dabydeen urged me to seek support from UG scholars about upping my research. Yet he didn’t name one. He couldn’t. They probably would have replied and embarrass him.

Here is more asininity from Dabydeen. He tells readers that my UG salary is funded by sugar workers and labourers. So is his Warwick University salary. It is funded by British workers.

He forgot to mention that as a Guyanese, he turned his back on his country a long time and work in the UK earning a salary higher than British labourers, UK nurses, UK teachers and other British workers.

Dabydeen has to be one of the biggest fools in the world to say that as a university lecturer, I receive more than a canecutter. Isn’t that so in every other country in the world, including Dabydeen’s adopted country? At least, I never thought of leaving Guyana. Dabydeen isn’t coming back to Guyana like his friend Compton Bourne, UG Chancellor who openly told Stabroek News that he has settled in Trinidad. But Dabydeen is happy to become Guyana’s ambassador to China and flies to Paris often with Guyanese taxpayers’ money to attend UNESCO meetings.

Surely, we have our own Guyanese scholars here who should be our UNESCO ambassador rather than someone who flatly refuses to work in his own country

Here now is Dabydeen in his own words. When you read the nonsense this man writes, then you understand how some scholars are charlatans and politicians masquerading as academics. I quote Dabydeen; “In all the furore about providing more taxpayers’ resources to UG, there was no mention of the need to enhance the stock of the UG Library, which is the core of the institution of learning… the library prepares Guyanese for a learned and scholarly future… for what it’s worth, I think the modernization of the UG Library should be our top priority.”

The obvious question is where did Warwick University get this fool from. Here is a man in the same letter telling UG lecturers that they must do research and in the same breath tells us that UG does not have a modern library and having one should be UG’s top priority. A fool like Dabydeen cannot see the asinine contradiction in his thinking. But he writes as a politician not an academic.

If you can do research at a university without a modern library then why do you need a modern library? Thank God, Dabydeen teaches poetry at Warwick and not sociology, political theory, philosophy and International Relations. Think of what his students would have been taught.

Dabydeen goes on to tell us that he and his colleagues would gladly donate computers and hundreds (his word) of books to the Library. But where are these computers and book coming from when Daydeen told us that British Universities are cutting back like hell. Where is Dabydeen going to get the money from to send down books and computers to UG. I guess from the British taxpayers who pay Dabydeen to engage in politics in Guyana.

I hope all students at UG read the nonsense this man wrote and judge for themselves some fools that masquerade as scholars