guyana govt has investigated ZERO money laundering & suspicions transactions

paul geer the tootless poodle at the financial intelligence unit

paul geer the tootless poodle at the financial intelligence unit

[director of public prosecutions shalimar ali-hack] said since the [Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act 2009] came into force, the toothless poodle Financial un-Intelligence Unit has only sent one such report via letter dated December 21, 2011, from the Director of the FIU. “The DPP, by letter dated January 9, 2012, responded to the letter stating that the information contained in the report was insufficient and requested that documents and statements in support of the information in the report be provided to the DPP. To date, the DPP has not received any response,” Ali-Hack said.


investigate new building society guyana & the director of public prosecutions

nanda kishore gopaul and bharrat jagdeoMORE SHOCKING REVELATIONS ON VIDEO BELOW – at Sep 8, 2007 NBS meeting called by NBS members but vewers must FIRST read about the SINISTER plot concoted by the EVIL conspirators and the limits they will go to save certain criminals AND to to get their hands on NBS funds! :
THIS VIDEO IS A PORTION OF THAT MEETING! The “Strategy” used by MC Doom and Vice Chairman (VC) Gopaul – although ILLEGAL as was subjudice- is that Mc Doom will provide to all members thru spin Doctor Kit Nascimento,a 4 page document lambasting the CEO & 2 Managers (we will post that entire report later with comments refuting the LIES and DECEIT state therein!): Then, instead of discussing what was on the Agenda, Mc Doom proceeded to read that document with the hecklers preventing the members from raising what was on the Agenda i.e. the wrongful charge and the ILLEGAL dismissal of the CEO & 2 Managers.
– It all started Nov 2006, ONE day after Dep CEO Nizamodeen Mohamed proceeded on leave (so that his “fingerprints” wont be on any documents ) when the POA was presented for the first withdrawal from Bib Shamila Khan’s account.
– Mohamed later confirms that on Jan 19, 2007, Dr Zinool Safi told him that his wife Bibi Shamila Khan did not authorise G$32 M (cheques CEO Arjoon authorised) of $69M withdrawn by a POA
– Instead of advising the NBS CEO, next day Mohamed went to CIOG at a meeting with Safi, Moen Ul Hack (CEO of CIOG) and his wife (Shalimar Hack, the DPP!) Continue reading

Guyana Muslim Inc. member list – terrorists, rapist & other affiliated criminals

English: A woman smoking crack from a glass pipe.

a ciog member sampling the crack pipe

this is a very short list that will grow as we comb the archives

  1. shalimar ali-hack – current director of public prosecution
  2. roger khan – former cocaine hustler & phantom ppp leader recently gang raped in prison
  3. bobby ramroop – jagdeo front man at guyana times, new gpc, quail atlantic etc
  4. farouk razack – the swiss house money launderer.
  5. farouk kalamadeen – cocaine hustler found with his head chopped off
  6. moen ul-hack – husband of shalimar, boss of boy raping mufti nazeem ali
  7. nazeem ali – boy raping mufti protected by moen ul-hack and cocaine islamic organisation of guyana
  8. shaik baksh – former minister and prolific rapist of young women
  9. manzoon nadir – former minister and prolific accumulator of great wealth
  10. manniram prashad & sons – former minister of imaginary tourist. father of navin killer of rajendra jailall. owner of palm court, bought with taxpayers money
  11. salim juman azeez – cocaine hustler, visa criminal and owner of hotel tower and new line aqua farms
  12. irfaan ali of baba & leonora – billionaire minister of housing and prolific whore chaser
  13. edul ‘ed’ ahmad – friend and family? of irfaan of baba. the real estate fraudster who destroyed richmond hill
  14. roshan the buffoon khan – phantom hitman and bandit
  15. natasha khan – the lawsuit talking daughter of roshan still on the warpath
  16. neaz subhan – another devil

serial rapist henry greene says no one in guyana can charge him

Greene gets injunction to block rape charge
– says sexual encounter was consensual, no gun used
Substantive Police Commissioner Henry Greene on Tuesday secured a temporary injunction prohibiting acting Police Chief Leroy Brummel and Crime Chief Seelall Persaud from charging him for rape, arguing that the advice given by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is “irrational, unreasonable and unlawful”.
Greene sought the orders Certiorari and Prohibition to quash the advice tendered by the DPP on or about February 3, 2012 to Brummel and Persaud to institute a charge of rape, and to prevent both from acting on the said advice of the DPP. The named parties are to make a court appearance on February 20 where they are expected to contest the injunction filed before acting Chief Justice Ian Chang.
In an affidavit in support of his motion, Greene, 57, who has proceeded on leave to facilitate the investigations admitted to having sex with the woman, but noted that it was consensual. He also said he was not armed nor did he force the woman to sleep with him. It is the first time Greene’s side of the story has been made public since the allegations surfaced last year. He had refused to comment on the issue when approached by the media, only saying on one instance that “God will be my judge”.

Greene is being represented by Senior Counsel Rex McKay and attorneys Neil Boston and Bettina Glasford.

henry greene will be charged with rape – forced to resign

Police Commissioner, Henry Greene could be charged with alleged rape if the force from which he is on leave is to go by the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).
Well-placed sources told Demerara Waves Online News…

Shalimar Ali-Hack, the criminal thug DPP of Guyana

Guyana Director of Public Prosecutions demand police release boy raping imam

Shalimar Ali-Hack, the criminal thug DPP of Guyana

Shalimar Ali-Hack, DPP & criminal Talibanic thug

in case people forget talibans do bugger young boys and call it kosher. and we’re talking about so-called christian talibans, so-called hindu talibans and so-called muslim talibans.

see how quick the Guyana muslim mafiosis came together to protect one of their own?

propaganda press advise all parents to deal with anyone who has violated your children. pastor, imam or pandit. deal with dem and deal wid dem good. DO NOT WAIT FOR JUSTICE IN THE KANGAROO COURTS OF GUYANA. YOU WILL NOT GET IT.

Demerara Waves: A senior official [SHALIMAR ALI-HACK] of the
Chambers (DPP) had sought to secure the premature police release of the Islamic scholar who is implicated in sexually assaulting three brothers, shortly after he was arrested.
Well-placed police sources say the official had called at least one high ranking officer at the East Coast Divisional headquarters, asking that the Mufti be released about one hour after he had been detained Wednesday midday.

sean hinds pp pcrime family inc negroe hitman

Guyana govt hitman Shawn Hinds freed by DPP & kangaroo court

Photograph of Clement Rohee Clement_Rohee_2006.jpg

clement rohee - self hating negroe, minister of home affairs, wife killer, rapist, psycho & underworld boss

The prosecution informed the court that the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) had ordered that the charges against Shawn Hinds be withdrawn. Hinds, 41, a former policeman and taxi driver, resides at Lot 552 East Ruimveldt.

shawn hinds, clement rohee and seelall persaud sat in rohee’s office plotting the hacking of a certain blog. after seelall and hinds threaten to rape the IT guys wife because he disobeyed orders they fled to canada and got refuge status.


this little negroe hitman got guns and clement rohee and henry greene [two rapists] deny legitimate business people who want to protect themselves gun permits