Marvin Cumberbatch dies after being removed from ambulance by Guayna Police

marvin cumbermackThe Guayna Police Farce is not known for brilliance

Marvin Cumberbatch was shot multiple times. Eyewitnesses said an ambulance was about rush the man to a hospital when police arrived and ordered that the injured man be taken out and placed on the road.
Investigators said their instructions were based on the fact that it was a crime scene.


mobster anil nandlall wants 30 million from kaieteur news for these two columns


anil nandlall and his wife Sharia Yasin-Bacchus aka hessaun yassin-bacchus

mobster anil nandlall and his wife Sharia Yasin-Bacchus aka hessaun yassin-bacchus at kaieteur – thanks satish

Nandlall wants the High Court to award damages in excess of GUY$10 million for libel contained in an article captioned, “Tax Dollars Going to Sleep-In”, published by the Defendants of the issue of Kaieteur News newspaper on the 28th day of February, 2014; damages in excess of GUY$10 million for libel contained in an article captioned, “Ah Kneel Deh Pun A Hustle”, published by the Defendants of the issue of Kaieteur News newspaper on the 2nd day of March, 2014  and aggravated or exemplary damages in excess of GUY$10 million.

Dem boys seh…Tax dollars going to Sleep-In February 28, 2014 | By | Filed Under Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, News

There is an old saying—no tricks, no living. De big boys continue wid dem wicked ways trick. Is all about enriching dem self, and this thing start wid Jagdeo. He use to find ways to keep out people when he want to share contracts wid friends and family.
He actually give Courtney Benn a contract fuh lay pipeline fuh de Marriott and tek it way and claim how Guyana ain’t got de skills fuh lay pipelines when in fact he give he friend.
He give Fip a road contract which now worth US$40 million when Fip never build a wood bridge. He use to use tricks fuh give people state assets when dem had hire tender like Duke Lodge. Jagdeo friend Gerry get that one.
Most state functions use to keep at Pegasus, but that stop when Gerry open Duke Lodge.
Is de same scampish ways give Bobby a whopping $3 million a month fuh broadcast de Learning Channel. Bobby get de whisper bout de Learning Channel and he buy de satellite uplink. When de Ministry of Education approach NCN that was only a sham. Is Bobby pocket dem want full.
Bobby did get another whisper bout drug purchase, suh he build a drug warehouse. Dem boys seh that he get so much whisper that he tun Twa Twa.
After he build that,Jagdeo mek that fat crook Brazzy put in a clause that seh all who want to tender fuh de drug contract – and dem boys ain’t talking ‘bout cocaine—must have adequate warehouse. That is how Bobby get de monopoly fuh almost twelve years.
That was some of de ways dem was creating conditions and clause fuh full dem pocket and dem wardrobe. De nation was watching while Donald was sleeping. Ah Kneel was watching too.
Now he gone in government and doing de same thing, because he learn from de best. He trying de same tricks. He got a simple presentation of law volumes that he coulda use any boardroom. He coulda ask Donald fuh Office of de President. He coulda even come to de Waterfalls paper wheh he woulda get space fuh free.
Instead de man decide to go to Sleep-In.
Dem boys seh that he and de Sleep-In man got de same relationship like Jagdeo and Bobby. Is how much tax dollars gun foot this Bill?
Talk half and keep you eye pun dem cockish ways.

Dem boys seh… AH Kneel deh pun a hustle March 2, 2014 | By | Filed Under Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, News

It’s better to keep your mouth shut and let people think yuh stupid than to open yuh mouth and remove all doubt.
When de Sanata Complex story buss out Jagdeo seh how he ain’t had nutten fuh do with the decision. He seh that de man is he best friend Bobby Ramroop and he nah want he name call so he get up and walk out of Cabinet and lef he colleagues fuh mek de decision fuh give away de complex.
He den tell de nation how Guyana gun benefit from de deal. But people ketch he lying because he seh how thousands of people gun get nuff wuk. You nah got fuh ask how much people wukking deh. Dem boys can count dem pun one hand.
De place sell to Ramroop fuh next to nutten. Guyana ain’t know up to now how much Ramroop really pay. What dem boys know fuh sure is dat de place does get all government wuk and that de property worth nuff millions, in Uncle Sam money.
Days before he lef de wuk he give Bobby five radio and cable licence, secretly. De man suh brazen dat he mandate dat he best friend Bobby must get telecommunication licence, too, fuh put GT&T out of business.
When dem boys use to question why de government selling de 20 per cent shares in GT&T, Jagdeo and de fat crook, Brazzy keep dem mouth shut.
Now de picture clear why de government sell out de shares. It was to clear de way fuh Bobby come in and tek over de telecommunication industry.
De list of wha Brazzy, Jagdeo and Bobby do together suh lang dat this paper ain’t got enough pages fuh document it.
Jagdeo really think dat this nation suh stupid to believe that he ain’t got no business interest wid Bobby.
Ah Kneel was he friend, too. He was Jagdeo lawyer. Dem boys know he is a liar. Ah Kneel learn from Jagdeo and now wan try de same thing wid this nation.
Dem boys seh Ah kneel make he PS tell lie. He go to Sleep Inn Boardroom fuh do a presentation and when dem boys talk how he enriching heself wid tax dollars he get he PS fuh write an seh dat is she choose de place and how dem get de boardroom fuh free.
She try fuh pull a Jagdeo stunt. If she don’t know, dem boys want tell she dat she boss, Ah Kneel, and Cliffy does have lunch together six days a week at dat same Sleep Inn. And is not dem boys seh suh; is all de workers at de hotel tell dem boys that. De day when dem don’t meet dem does call one another and talk pun de phone fuh hours. De workers seh suh too.
Dem Boys want ask de PS which two man does sit down and have lunch six days a week and just share a normal friendship.
Just to correct she, Cliffy tell de boss man fuh de Waterfalls paper that he nah charge fuh do boardroom; that dem jus gaffa pay fuh de food.
Dem boys seh if dat PS got any sense she wud know dat Cliffy include the fee fuh de boardroom in de food and is she gun gat fuh take tax dollars and pay fuh um.
Just how government continuing to pump millions of tax dollars in the Hard Times paper wha nobody does read, Ah Kneel now trying he hand fuh get a small piece.
Talk half and sorry Cliffy.

propaganda press guyana most read website in 2014?

dear friend, welcome to the right side of history. we've been waiting for you

dear friend, welcome to the right side of history. we’ve been waiting for you

thanks to our fans & supporters globally and the agents working behind enemy lines.
propaganda press will soon be the most read Guyana blog / website.

no surprises here on who’s rounding out the bottom of the pile.

Joseph Johnson, another shoting @ palm court guyana


bollers ferguson and manniram prashad

the cocaine boys rawle ferguson & kerwin bollers are officially sponsored by the govt of Guyana. here they´re hanging out with then minister of tourism manniram prashad. another ppp crime family inc gangser. the cocaine boys are also into murder of course just search the name Nicholas Hoyte on this site

manniram prashad and sons are keeping up the tradition of palm court as a drug infested, gun crazy night spot. go there if you ready to die

Demerara Waves: A son of the owner of Nigel’s Supermarket was early Saturday morning shot and seriously injured.  Police confirmed that the incident occurred during the pre-dawn hours outside Palm Court, Main Street, Georgetown.

guyana police officer video taped raping man in presence of other senior police


george the vicious ppp viper vyphuis

george the vicious ppp viper vyphuis

  • Demerara Waves: The Guyana Police Force earlier Wednesday said an “incomplete” investigation by ‘A’ Divisional Commander, George Vyphuis has been handed over to the police force’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR).
  • The policeman who allegedly committed the act and video recorded it on his telephone has been placed under close arrest and a number of others who were with him have been transferred to other stations.

Guyana Parliament to investigate alexi ramotar, ceo of e-governance

the billionaire fibre optic neophyte

the prima donna alexei ramotar, ceo of e-gov

Demerara Waves: The suitability of one of President Donald Ramotar’s sons for the installation and management of Guyana’s long-delayed E-Governance Project is coming under scrutiny by the opposition coalition A Partnership for National Unity (APNU).

That parliamentary grouping wants government to provide the resume of Alexi Ramotar as it relates to his prior experience with fibre optic cable installations, designing and managing a project of this complex nature.

guyana govt using ez csi to monitor “enemies of the state” & other “dissidents”

secret agent rima rohee-paul

secret agent rima rohee-paul

from one of our agents deep behind enemy lines
this is the program the guyana govt is using to monitor propaganda press and other ‘enemies of the state’. be careful.
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