michael singh, sasha, jerry gouveia & dave persaud – guyana cocaine untouchables?

michael singh paladin security services aka paladin defence inc

Michael singh

fan mail from topdog
October 7, 2013 at 11:06 am
Micheal Singh has a woman name Sasha who works with Rorima Airways at the Timerhi airport and together the two of them along with Jerry who own Rorima will ship tons and tons of cocaine untouched because they all have direct access. It is the same Micheal Singh that was with a certain businessman Dave Persaud when he was killed at Palm Court and you don’t have to go to university to figure out what they were discussing at the time of Dave,s death.

Gerry gouveia

Gerry gouveia

Roger Khan placed bomb in TV, DVD player destined for Buxton
July 31, 2009 | By KNews | Filed Under News
By Ron Elcock with additional reporting by Enrico Woolford in New York.
As to the killing of Dave Persaud at Palm Court, Vaughn testified that an individual named “Ninety” St. Hill killed Persaud, as directed by Roger Khan.
In February 2006, according to Vaughn sworn’s testimony, after Sean Belfield’s daughter was kidnapped, the “Roger Khan Gang” kidnapped an unidentified woman who supposedly had information as to the whereabouts of Belfield’s daughter, and brutally tortured her from 7:30 pm until the “wee” hours of the morning.
He claimed it was only after he said to Khan that he believed what the woman was saying (she didn’t know), did they end the torture session.