Dr. Nanda K Gopaul has many properties across Guyana

Dear propaganda press
SOCU needs to investigate nanda Gopaul. He has several huge properties- 2 houses and a swmiming pool in Happy Acre, One in LBI, One in Agriculture Road where he bullied some poor people for that land and took in the reserve, One in Hope which he gave to a low life who has a daughter for him , another huge mansion in Mahaica Creek along with several others. U can try to get the facts and then post it.
Facebook User
Facebook User
He uses the government contractor to build these houses.


Guyana Energy Agency CEO Sharma promoted girlfriend Kiran Mattai verbally

The same applies for Ms. Kiran Mattai, Head of Legal and
Licencing Division and Mr. Holder, Head of Fuel Marking
In addition, we have not seen any documentation to support
the promotion of Ms. Mattai from Legal Officer to Head of
Legal and Licencing Division.

more details at guyana_energy_agency forensic audit

mahender sharma is married to marcia nadir sharma

Guyana Energy Agency senior officials assisting fuel smugglers & undermining staff

propaganda press is concluding a year long investigation into the Guyana Energy Agency.
We spoke to dozens employees and former employees of the agency and poured over numerous documents, agency files and leaked memos.

Based on our findings, CEO Mahender Sharma and his deputy Bill Holder might be leading the most corrupt agency in Guyana
, and this is no small feat.

Our investigations have uncovered:

  • Large scale theft and sale of fuel marker.
  • Theft of three field test machines.
  • The Fuel Marking division is completely compromised with fuel marker and field testing machines in the hands of smugglers.
  • Fuel smugglers are actively using markers and the stolen field test machines.
  • CEO using agency vehicle, fuel and drivers for election campaigning (Sharma was a PPP candidate for elections 2015).
  • Venezuelan boats being allowed into the Demerara channel and permitted to off load illegal fuel.
  • Fishing companies actively engaged in fuel smuggling with full knowledge of the CEO and his deputy.
  • Senior management endangering the lives of junior staff.
  • Senior officials alerting smugglers and delaying raids.
  • Agency officials failing to notify police of smuggling and other illegal activities.
  • and much more

We will be releasing our findings over the next weeks. 

CEO Mahender Sharma will not survive the internal audit launched by the APNU AFC govt., and could find himself eligible for prosecution based on our investigations.

Guyana Energy Agency officer arrested after fuel smugglers’ complaint


mahender sharma is compromised

 A senior officer of the Guyana Energency Agency was today arrested and interrogated at criminal investigations head quarters based on the allegations of a fuel smuggler.
A well connected Leguan smuggler was caught with fuel marker stolen from the agency. The smuggler escaped from lawful custody in the vicinity of the Parika Police station.
After speaking to his lawyer, he filed a bogus claim against the GEA officer.
Guyana Energency Agency which has two lawyers on staff refused to defend the officer or inform him of his pending arrest.
The CEO of GEA Mahender Sharma, a PPP candidate in elections 2015, has a long history of collaboration with fuel smugglers and other illegal operators.
TransPacific which has an illegal gas station in Lethem was tipped off and given time by the CEO based on information received by propaganda press.

We are concluding an investigation on massive fraud and collusion by the CEO and other senior officers at GEA.
Today’s arrest was a demoralising blow tomthe junior staff who daily put their lives on the line battling smugglers and other illegal activities.

Thieving @ President’s College on propaganda press only tip of iceberg

Principal, carolyn canterbury

Fan mail
About that Present,s College senora.The thieving mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg .Guynaz is in collusion with Caudete Shultz ,they are supplying expired goods and is overpricing them and supplying over the weekend when the office is closed for the weekend.

President’s College principal calls police after corruption expose

Instead of stopping her corrupt practices, principal Carlyn Canterbury called the Guyana Police Force to intimidate staff members.

propaganda press will continue publishing documents and details of ongoing corruption and thievery at PC under Carlyn Canterbury.
As we speak, instead of repairing the bus engine at about $300,000, the admin manager is proposing buying a new engine from one of his friends.

The principal has agreed to this.