did anil nandlall’s father-in-law Mohamed Fazloor Yasin commit suicide as reported?

anil nandlall and his wife Sharia Yasin-Bacchus aka hessaun yassin-bacchus

mobster anil nandlall and his wife Sharia Yasin-Bacchus aka hessaun yassin-bacchus at kaieteur – thanks satish

Kaieteur News: Mohamed Fazloor Yasin, the Administrator of the Palms, committed suicide at his East La Penitence home yesterday.
Yasin, who was also a former manager of the Lotto Company, was found dead at around 16:30 hrs on the floor of his study with a gunshot wound to the head.
His licenced .32 revolver was in his hand.
It is believed that Yasin took his own life at around 14:00 hrs, since residents reportedly heard a sound like gunshot around that time.
The 59-year-old Yasin was the father-in law of Attorney-at-law Anil Nandalall, who told reporters that Yasin had been ailing for some time and was suffering from depression.
According to Mr. Nandalall, Yasin had been suffering from a painful kidney and bladder problem since 2006. Continue reading


clement rohee, irfaan ali & robert persaud stole millions of fuel from Guyana govt

MINISTER of State, Joseph Harmon confirmed yesterday that an investigation has been launched into the reported abuse of fuel from the state owned Guyana Oil Company (GuyOil). The Minister stated that the facility was being abused by former Government officials Irfaan Ali, Clement Rohee and Robert Persaud and others, along with their relatives, were still abusing it and as such a decision was made to ensure they are no longer able to access the facility. Continue reading

U.S Federal agents find 268 kilos of cocaine inside shrimp from Guyana

It is Time for James Singh to Go!

It is Time for James Singh to Go.

A drug-sniffing dog noticed something fishy about the shipping container full of shrimp.

Federal agents have discovered a new delicacy from Guyana — shrimp coketail.

A drug-sniffing dog noticed something fishy about a shipping container that arrived at the Red Hook Terminal from Guyana last week and hunted down 268 kilos of cocaine stuffed inside frozen shrimp, according to a complaint unsealed Wednesday in Brooklyn Federal Court. Continue reading

Guyana cocaine corruption continues @ canu with james singh

James Singh, (on Right side) highly Controversial Head of the Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) Guyana seen here, with Guyana, Former minister of Justice.

James Singh, (on Right side) highly Controversial Head of the Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) Guyana seen here, with Guyana, Former minister of Justice.

June 23, 2015 at 10:11 am
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James Singh still in canu? Well I hope the new Minister of Home Affairs shut down canu aka the money making unit or dismiss James Singh the same man that use to work for Roger Khan, and his team, sanjay shew the snake that sit in the office all day with a dry face and taping officers phones in the day and at nights he’s at 704 with his sweet woman, Andrew yarde aka drunking whore, Continue reading

Vindhya Persaud Criticises PPP Crime Family Incompetence

vindhya is the daughter of dead raperman pandit reepu daman persaud and sister of the bandit vishook persaud.

PPP may picket Parliament today
-former MP Vindhya Persaud not in favour
The People’s Progressive Party was yesterday contemplating picketing the opening of the 11th Parliament at which President David Granger will be in attendance to address the Members of Parliament.
However, up to press time it had not stated whether it would do so and there were said to be dissenting views among its former MPs. The PPP/C will not be represented in Parliament today as it did not submit a list of MPs for gazetting. It won 32 of the 65 seats in the assembly.
Former President Donald Ramotar and General Secretary Clement Rohee among others met yesterday to discuss the party’s strategy for today while also contemplating to resume their protest at the Guyana Elections Commission (Gecom) calling for a total recount of votes and the resignation of Gecom Chairman Dr Steve Surujbally following the recently held elections. The party claims the elections were rigged and it was cheated.
The party is still to compile its list of parliamentarians while Gecom has approved the 2015 General and Regional Election results inclusive of the government’s list of MPs to be gazetted.
Rohee told Stabroek News yesterday that the MPs list was still not finalised and gave no indication that the party will be compiling the list within a specified time frame.
Stabroek News spoke with Ramotar briefly yesterday at which point he also stated that he had no comment on the party’s picketing agenda.
PPP/C MP in the 10th Parliament, Vindhya Vasini Persaud in an email to several of her colleagues opposed the plan to picket and said that the party should take up its seats in parliament even as it pressed ahead with a planned election petition.
In her email seen by Stabroek News, she said:
“I would like to advise against the picketing exercise planned for June 10th. My response comes against a backdrop of recent happenings.
“- Our Party has engaged in similar activity over the last few weeks and has gained minimal support from the public and its support base throughout the country. I would suggest this was due to the party’s failure to present to the public concrete evidence or convincing information in support of its claim that there was significant rigging that could have changed the results.
“I think the points of recount and lack of transparency have all been made by now. The protest actions have not yielded the desired results. In addition, positive responses from the international community and rights groups have not at all been forthcoming. To continue in this vein, emphasizes the fact that we have no influence in these quarters. Instead, we are perceived as disgruntled. This is demoralizing to our 200,000 + support base! I feel that the proposed exercise will harm us in more ways than it could possibly help.
“There is dynamism in the climate and we must demonstrate our readiness to ascertain the mood of persons out there and develop new, aggressive initiatives and strategies to preempt and when necessary to counter developments.
“- I strongly urge, as I did previously at our meeting, that we go to Parliament and represent our support base as a formidable opposition. We need to demonstrate a positive and united approach as a party and represent Guyanese at the highest level holding the de facto Government accountable for their actions. Their many actions taken since their ascendancy require our scrutiny, objection and rejection. In the height of rigged elections, Dr. Jagan went to Parliament as Opposition- he understood that the party’s voice needed to be heard and recorded at that level.
“We need to have an end game with multiple paths to same. While we may go ahead with our petition and pressure on GECOM, we must simultaneously take our seats in parliament continuously reminding APNU of their illegitimate occupation of their offices. We must prove that we are capable of being the opposition that we demanded of APNU while consistently articulating their every failure.”
Proposing that former Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh be supported as the new Opposition Leader, Persaud, the daughter of the late PPP executive Reepu Daman Persaud, also cited areas where the party had fallen down in the pre-elections and elections period.
She said:
“We are still reeling from the elections and pre-elections debacles; the Anil tape, the Bheri issue, the middle-finger (a reference to an election day pose by Rohee) and corruption at various levels. The recent instances of corruption, mismanagement and poor judgement from candidates and party members have further eroded our support.
“- The issues of the campaign billboards being charged to GWI/ Ministry of Housing and using Ministry of Tourism monies for flights to NY for campaign purposes – clear misuse and abuse of taxpayers monies. These validate the allegations of corruption that have dogged us.
“- The fact that one of our candidates, Raj Singh, publicly stated that Guysuco will not be able to pay salaries and will be closing down if it did not get the required funding just mere days after Guysuco would have been under our control was irresponsible and damaging. Would it not have been more favorable for our own PR if we had indicated the same while providing a solution where financing could have been acquired and demanding that current Government immediately put this in place and for sugar workers to be paid. Our sugar base would have immediately been grateful to the PPP for looking out on their behalf. We have instead created the opposite where the de facto Government has rescued the Corporation and chalked up its short comings to PPP/C incompetence.”
She also cited the pardoning of a child murderer. This was one of the last acts by Ramotar before demitting office

Clement Rohee physically abused & strangled his wife Radai

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April 8, 2015 at 12:08 pm
Hi Guys, I love PP and what you are doing to help liberate Guyana from this bunch of tapeworms. Please do not publish my name! This concerns Clement Rohee. His wife’s name was Radai. She belonged to the village of La Bagatelle (Sand-Top), in Leguan Island. She always used to complain that he used to beat her. Her father’s name was Kaisa, Mother Parbattie, brother Likka, Passo, and Kumar. One sister was called Chan and one called Daata. She was a very poor girl. Rima is a fatter uglier version of Radai.

who told you about propaganda press I found you on the internet by accident.

suicide by strangulation

 Rohee strangled his wife with his bare hands to death during a heated argument. Dr. Leslie Mootoo’s Post Mortem revealed that she was strangled by the throat. Insiders said they found her hanging but she was dead before the rope was placed on her neck. Rohee arranged the whole thing to look like a suicide by hanging. The neck was not broken as with normal hanging, she was suffocated to death. Check the Post Mortem report, it should be still available unless it is destroyed by Rohee. The people who knows about this murder are Laurie Lewis, Hoyte, Majeed of the OP then and Dr. Mootoo.