Goolzar Namdar of central islamic organisation of Guyana sexually abusing women for zakat

letter from a sister from metem meer zorg masjid
Why is this man allowed to give zakat to young women, when it is well known that these poor women must first be sexually abused by him in his bus at open parcels of land in West Demerara? Why is it that the leaders of CIOG are not addressing this situation? When the women refuse sex, he withholds the zakat money, this is money that is donated by Muslims for the poor. CIOG is complicit in the perpetual rape and plunder under the guise of Islam. I call on Minister Volda Lawrence to investigate this urgently and to please please rescue the young girl who is living at the home of this man. I ask Minister Lawrence to rescue the young man who works tirelessly from 4 am to 10 pm, 7 days per week in this man’s shop. I beseech the people of Guyana to speak up, and to assist vulnerable women, children and the disabled from this CIOG thug. I am calling on Fazil Feroze and Moen ul Haq to show that they believe in justice. This is nothing new to them, it is time to make a change. Minister Lawrence, once again I ask you to intervene. Thank you.

Subject Goolzar Namdar of CIOG
July 2, 2015 at 10:20 pm

goolzar namdar on left and the other ciog usual suspects plus Carolyn Rodrigues @ metem meer zorg islamic complex opening October 2014

goolzar namdar on left and the other ciog usual suspects plus Carolyn Rodrigues @ metem meer zorg islamic complex opening October 2014

Guyana Times: The Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) on Sunday commissioned a newly-reconstructed Masjid and multi-complex at Meten-Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara.
The project was sponsored by the Zakat House of Kuwait, an international aid organisation which provided a whopping $90 million for the construction of the multi-complex. Zakat House was established in 2009 to support and work with new and growing charities to make the charity sector sustainable and efficient. This is done by offering affordable office space and office services and resources to support these charities.


Sheikh Safraz Bacchus of CIOG accused of sexual harassment & abuse

sheik safraz bacchus ciog

sheik safraz bacchus addressing the faithful & ppp crime family @ the national cultural centre in 2012

this is not the first case of sexual perversion from the sheiks and muslim scholars over at central islamic organisation of Guyana. nezaam ali is presently before the courts for raping a number of poor BLACK boys from Sophia. his lawyer is nigel hughes, chairman of the alliance for change so called African freedom fighter

online crime reporting system
The present Imam of Masjid Al Abidin and former CIOG Shaykh and payroll imam should be noted for the above. Sheikh Safraz Bacchus
date of crime 4/3/2011
type of crime Sexual Harassment and Abuse
reported September 25, 2013 at 3:43 am
location Guyana

shaykh bio on Caribbean muslim
Safraz is a graduate of The Faculty of Islamic Law of Al Azhar University (1993-2004) in Cairo, Egypt. Diploma in Arabic and Islamic Finance. He is currently employed with the Central Islamic Organization of Guyana (CIOG) as the Assistant Director of Education and a member of the Orphan, Zakaat and Halal Committee.

cocaine islamic organisation of guyana

cocaine islamic organisation of guyana

more good works of the C.I.O.G
06GEORGETOWN112 2006-02-01 13:37 2011-08-30 01:44 SECRET Embassy Georgetown
¶8. (S) R[Roger] Khan has a business relationship with Farouk Razac of Swiss House Cambio, a big money laundering operation, to
launder his narco-trafficking proceeds. According to RNAS,  Khan’s drug proceeds have also funded mosques and sent
Muslims to study abroad.

investigate new building society guyana & the director of public prosecutions

nanda kishore gopaul and bharrat jagdeoMORE SHOCKING REVELATIONS ON VIDEO BELOW – at Sep 8, 2007 NBS meeting called by NBS members but vewers must FIRST read about the SINISTER plot concoted by the EVIL conspirators and the limits they will go to save certain criminals AND to to get their hands on NBS funds! :
THIS VIDEO IS A PORTION OF THAT MEETING! The “Strategy” used by MC Doom and Vice Chairman (VC) Gopaul – although ILLEGAL as was subjudice- is that Mc Doom will provide to all members thru spin Doctor Kit Nascimento,a 4 page document lambasting the CEO & 2 Managers (we will post that entire report later with comments refuting the LIES and DECEIT state therein!): Then, instead of discussing what was on the Agenda, Mc Doom proceeded to read that document with the hecklers preventing the members from raising what was on the Agenda i.e. the wrongful charge and the ILLEGAL dismissal of the CEO & 2 Managers.
– It all started Nov 2006, ONE day after Dep CEO Nizamodeen Mohamed proceeded on leave (so that his “fingerprints” wont be on any documents ) when the POA was presented for the first withdrawal from Bib Shamila Khan’s account.
– Mohamed later confirms that on Jan 19, 2007, Dr Zinool Safi told him that his wife Bibi Shamila Khan did not authorise G$32 M (cheques CEO Arjoon authorised) of $69M withdrawn by a POA
– Instead of advising the NBS CEO, next day Mohamed went to CIOG at a meeting with Safi, Moen Ul Hack (CEO of CIOG) and his wife (Shalimar Hack, the DPP!) Continue reading

massive fraud ongoing at central islamic organisation of guyana

Shaikh Moen-ul-Hack

Shaikh Moen-ul-Hack tell us what you know

exactly one year ago an agent in the field reported that zakat money was being used to pay the debts of a child rapist

Dear Editor,

I would like to bring to your attention that there is a fraud at the CIOG. The fraud in itself should be newsworthy as this is a very large non-profit organization in our country. However, what concern me most at this time, is the way the investigations and subsequent actions have been executed, and the information that it has revealed.
The behavior of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) during the period of investigation, and just after, has left much to be desired. It also exposed the character flaws and incompetence of the main actors.
Upon learning of one particular action taken, the replacement of the General Manager by a person referred to the police by the Auditor General, I asked by email, copied to stakeholders of the CIOG, the rationale of hiring a character of questionable integrity, especially at a time when a fraud has just been discovered.
Are they trying to set that individual up for a fall? After the fact, they can then claim it was this guy who did it all, just check his records.
My email was belatedly answered by one filled with lies and cover-ups, as an interim investigative report that pre-dates their response, and that I have managed to secure, proves.
The character assassination also began with terms like “scurrilous” being used to describe my query, and lies being peddled, aimed at hurting my reputation. It may be important to note also, that I have seen a statement that gives credence to my charge of fraud.
What we would like to see happen is the reorganization of the CIOG redounding to the benefit of all mankind in general, and the poor and needy in particular, by: Having the current administration of the CIOG resign en bloc; letting the Imams of this country then select an interim management committee (IMC) consisting of Imams only; having the IMC then revisit the constitution, operating protocols and policies of the CIOG.
Resignations of people in charge when fraud is uncovered is nothing new, actually it is the honorable thing to do. Is it too much to expect Muslims to be Honorable?
Mr. Editor, I would not like to take up more space in your newspapers without adequate notice. So please be advised that I’ll be sending a full exposé, detailing the problems and explaining why I think the solutions proffered above are justified.
Shazadh Khan

farouk razack murder probe leads to central islamic organisation of guyana

farouk razack

farouk razack – the former cocaine paymaster of roger khan & co.

more updates to follow. farouk got caught in the new building society $69 million fraud & was taken out by his friends

we want this shit solved! how can the only other adult person be in the house on the same floor and dont know somebody was murdered? Absurd! If this was random she would have been killed as well!

YOUGONNALOSECHEATERS someone’s been listening to your cries. Dr Zainul Safi you have a right to maintain counsel. stay safe carolan

farouk razack. roger khan. bharrat jagdeo. cocaine. new building society. middle east terrorists. ciog. ring around the roses

All praise is for Allah, Lord of the worlds; peace and blessings upon our Holy Prophet and his faithfull followers.

farouk razack

farouk razack memorial @ CIOG strangled five years ago today

´i´m sorry but i can´t go back to jail´

it’s been five years since somebody put roger khan paymaster aka farouk razack to sleep.

carol ann is still on the run and we’ve not heard from her since she sent us her side of the story

the central cocaine islamic organisation of guyana will be holding a memorial service on the first floor of swiss house cambio water street today. time 3pm. all are invited to attend.

All praise is for Allah, Lord of the worlds; peace and blessings upon our Holy Prophet and his faithfull followers.