propaganda press protecting Joseph HarmonLing!

APRIL 11, 2016 AT 7:00 PM
So how come no posts abt Joseph HarmonLing? PP ur slip is showing.


Guyana Police collecting bribes, ignoring dope & noise @ stone ave & 5th st.

online crime reporting system
Selling of drugs by men, women and young children.Police are doing nothing.They collect their bribe and gone.Loud music and suspicious individuals who the law might be interested in.
date of crime everyday and every night
type of crime drugs selling and noise nuisance.
location corner of fifth and stone avenue,campbellville.(cool down hut).

August 4, 2015 at 8:08 am

Business as usual @ stone & 5th

Business as usual @ stone & 5th

Hola Guayana, CCTV CH27 now Studio Universal Spanish?

Hola Guayana, CCTV CH27 now Studio Universal Spanish?

Hola Guayana, CCTV CH27 now Studio Universal Spanish?

Recent checks of CCTV CH27 China Spy Base hub79, one will notice that CCTV China is now broadcasting a English Spanish specking movie channel name Studio Universal

A recent article about China using Guyana as a Spy Base and CCTV part of it a motive for this

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China Spy Base HUB 79 located in Guyana, with the PPP Gov, Blessings.

China Spy Base HUB 79 located in Guyana, with the PPP Gov, Blessings.

The Caricom-related nations of Guyana and Jamaica are probably the Caribbean’s leading benefactors of Chinese investments, and arguably the region’s principal users of mostly counterfeit technology out of Beijing.

Chinese Embassy and Spy Base Georgetown Guyana.

Chinese Embassy and Spy Base Georgetown Guyana.

But few would realize that their respective relations with China are mostly a by-product of something more sinister and dangerous that even mere common sense would not be able to comprehend.
From the computer units used by every Government department, to Guyana’s One Laptop Per Family Project, the Chinese Government-planted Hubber Spy Worm has certainly given China a firm clandestine hold on every single keystroke, email, and communication emanating from the Guyanese Government, and even that of its citizens.

One more idea for thieving and spying no?

One more idea for thieving and spying no?

This spy tool, along with a Chinese dedicated misinformation news channel broadcasting from Georgetown, on CH27 has now given Beijing a firm grip over the national security, social, economic and diplomatic affairs of Guyana; and by extension, a larger section of the English speaking Caribbean Community.

While a greater number of other Caricom member states also trade with Beijing and use their Government-funded gadgets, their dependency on Chinese technology is way lower than Guyana or Jamaica. Hence their ICT security risk is somewhat reduced, though not insulated.
But by itself, Guyana is probably China’s main regional economic playground, communication harvesting hub, and largest but unwitting host of HUB 79; – a Chinese Government-backed cyber-army in the Caribbean.

Strangled by accusations of rampant corruption, a parallel underground economy and political nepotism, Guyana opportunistically became the ideal candidate for the Chinese Government regional spy hub and an epicenter for information harvesting, more than five years ago.

According to Rabin Seth, a retired Israeli intelligence officer whose Government has been busy uncovering a map of China’s cyber warfare hubs; – the primary objective of Hub 79 (in Guyana) is to dig into the computers of Guyanese Government officials, the Caricom secretariat, diplomatic missions, media houses, journalists, politicians, diplomatic officials, military personnel, and similar units, to retrieve all information that can advance China’s economic, trade, security, and military interest.

He added that the Chinese government-funded Datang Group purchase of shares in Guyana’s main telecommunication service provider, GT&T, was no accident, neither is the presence of Huawei Technologies in that country’s eGovernance Project a coincidence.

Saieed Khalil ignores facts about Guyana is his one sided, biased article

the jokey author in question, saieed khalil junior member of ppp crime family

the jokey author in question, saieed khalil junior member of ppp crime family inc.

December 27, 2013 at 9:06 am
fan mail
This is in respond to article “Guyana’s largely commodities-based economy sees quiet revolution : –thanks to dynamic emerging sectors” dated December 22, 2013 in the Guyana Chronicle – your article is bias and one sided.[written by a UG student name Saieed Khalil]

If you are going to write about the positive things you should also cover the negative. As a Guyanese, who over the past 10 years has being in Guyana almost every month I see the very negative side to all the people now in Guyana from India, China, Brazil and more. Continue reading