george doodnaught convicted of sexually assaulting 21 women in canada

thanks to our agent king george for this update from canada. in guyana doodnaught would’ve been one of the raper boys of ppp crime family. right bherri ramsarran, neas subhan, clement rohee, shaik baksh and others?

TORONTO (AP) — A Canadian anesthesiologist convicted of sexually assaulting 21 sedated women during surgeries was sentenced Tuesday to 10 years in prison. Ontario Superior Court Justice David McCombs said Dr. George Doodnaught, 65, exploited the extraordinarily high degree of trust the patients placed in him and his conduct “did enormous damage and was reprehensible in the extreme.” “The profound psychological impact of the physical violations has been compounded by the victims’ deep feelings of betrayal — that these offenses were committed during surgery, by a medical doctor, in an operating room, a place of ultimate vulnerability and trust,” McCombs said in sentencing Doodnaught. Many of Doodnaught’s victims were in the courtroom and wiped tears from their eyes as the sentence was read. Their victim impact statements at an earlier sentencing hearing told of “debilitating” feelings of anger and bitterness, shame, panic attacks, loss of self-worth, distrust of doctors and an inability to form intimate relationships, McCombs said. The judge said that in several cases Doodnaught “compounded his victims’ sense of violation and humiliation by manipulating them to try to make them believe they were somehow responsible — that they had initiated sexual contact or had engaged in sexually explicit conversations.” Though Doodnaught was sentenced to 10 years, he may not spend much time in custody. Doodnaught intends to appeal his convictions, and the Court of Appeal for Ontario is set to hear an application Wednesday to let him out on bail pending the appeal. One of his victims — the woman who sparked the investigation — clapped as he was led away in handcuffs. Outside court she said the prospect of more court hearings as Doodnaught proceeds with his appeal is “devastating,” but she will keep attending and fighting to be heard. “At this point I’ve come this far and I need to show my children how to do the right thing and how to stand up (against) what’s wrong and this is so wrong on so many levels and I need to do that for them,” she said with her husband by her side. The woman, who can’t be identified due to a publication ban, went in for a hysterectomy in 2010. During the surgery Doodnaught fondled her breasts, kissed her and put his penis in her mouth, the court found. When she was in the recovery room, Doodnaught leaned in close to her and said, “As soon as you were out, the first thing you reached for was my…(penis),” the court found. Doodnaught declined the opportunity to make a statement before he was sentenced. Doodnaught’s lawyer, Brian Greenspan, said his client was “disappointed” with the sentence. “He continues to enjoy widespread support not only with his family but amongst his colleagues, patients,” Greenspan said outside court. When Doodnaught was convicted in November, McCombs found the doctor relied on his three decades of operating room experience to avoid detection as he sexually assaulted the sedated women while concealed only by a surgical drape from other medical staff. The first six assaults were spread over 3 1/2 years and 15 others in the last six months before he was stopped. All but one of the assaults happened at North York General Hospital in Toronto. During his trial, most of the 21 victims, between the ages of 25 and 75, took the stand against Doodnaught. They gave generally similar accounts of being kissed and fondled by him, and of having his penis placed in their mouths or hands. The women testified they were conscious enough to be aware of what was happening, but were not able to move their limbs. An anesthesiologist since 1981, Doodnaught had worked at North York General for 28 years.



Explain this, Calls to USA and CANADA from Guyana $12 minute, Call to Guyana from Guyana $27 Per Minute.?

Explain this Shit why do we have to pay more to call locally than to call the USA and CANADA to call those country USA and CANADA from Guyana its $12 Guyana dollars per minute off Peak from both networks in Guyana GT&T Digicel.

Whiles back home in Guyana it is as much as $27 Guyana Dollars per minute to call Guyana from Guyana

All rats approved by our loving Guyana Public Utilities Commission

call rates USA Continue reading

A Letter from A CANU Officer, Corruption and more Corruption at CANU (Pt 1.) 2013

James Singh  Head of Customs Anti Narcotic Unit (CANU)  sweating like a Bitch.

James Singh Head of Customs Anti Narcotic Unit (CANU) sweating like a Bitch.

My deepest Sympathy to the PPP/C Government, their own dogs are reporting to the US DEA/other officials.

The Head of CANU is reporting that the PPP/C Government is Corrupted and do not want to fight the drug trade and money laundering of the big players that is why he can’t touch them.

Currently I am very skeptical about giving out such information, because I have seen other officers lost their job for less than this, everybody that James Singh dismissed he blame it on corruption and information he received  from the DEA and instructions from the Minister of Home affairs  Clement Rohee.

Some officers say they do not believe it is true, he received information from the DEA and instruction from the Minister of Home affairs Minister Clement Rohee to fire officers. When these officers ask what the information is, James Singh

bulletproof vest marked CANU

bulletproof vest marked CANU

has nothing proper to tell them.

 However, whatever James Singh says about officers to Minister Rohee, The Minister believes and acts on it by agreeing with what James Singh says and recommend, most of those officers were dismissed from CANU.

The Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) is not what it used to be since James Singh began as Head of CANU on 1st of October 2008. CANU had just over 35 staff members when he took Office and he replaced almost 20 of them with what most officers say is his Continue reading

PPP Guyana Government is obviously hiding something criminal from its people and the world.

Nicole Giles  Beautiful, talented and UNCORRUTED   Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana

Nicole Giles
Beautiful, talented and UNCORRUPTED
Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana

The very absence of the freedom to criticize against your own government is all the more a reason to loudly shout-out for democracy!

If that is wrong, then We would rather be wrong than to be numbered among the majority of the so-called righteous people whose only mandate seems to be to stay in power, condone corruption and benefit from its precedes.

If a government is against its people and foreigners expressing themselves, then that government is obviously hiding something criminal from its people and the world, and it is therefore afraid of being exposed and losing whatever power it has.

Clement Rohee Minister of Home Affairs, Propaganda Press if while I am here at de Ministry, I have to make it one of my top priority to get you people I will, I promise you that mark my words.

Clement Rohee Minister of Home Affairs, Propaganda Press if while I am here at de Ministry, I have to make it one of my top priority to get you people I will, I promise you that mark  my words.

This which we must say is blatantly obvious in this instance of the PPP controlled Guyana Government.

One may want to wonder if an High Commissioner  to Guyana can be chastise and ridicule  for making a statement about fighting corruption in Guyana,

what will and can happen to the ordinary Guyanese making such observations and remarks?, or even have the courage to come forward with any evidences.

In addition, to make matters worse, the same PPP controlled Guyana Government is talking about a whistleblower legislation? Can we even for one moment think that this  PPP controlled Guyana Government is or will ever be seriously determine to address corruption or to even Endeavour  to fight it?  It is highly unlikely that anyone will feel comfortable, safe or protected under any whistleblower legislation or any other fancy and convincing names the PPP Government may come up with for such.

Take yet  another example, Fly Jamaica executive, Roxanne Reece voiced her concern about Drugs at the  Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA),  getting on Fly Jamaica flights out of Guyana and rightly so, when those shipments of Cocaine are intercepted overseas mostly USA or Canada any fines or penalty will be against Fly Jamaica, not the PPP Guyana government or the Drug dealers or there facilitator, but instead of  her being praised she is receiving public criticism from the PPP Guyana Government and there agent, Chief Executive Officer of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), Ramesh Ghir.

The question(s) now is how long will the people of Guyana and the international community take this Political corruption from the PPP Government.

Gail Teixeira AKA Wilkinson razor blade, (not even duck tape can fix her stupid.)

Gail Teixeira AKA Wilkinson razor blade, (not even duck tape can fix her stupid.)

We at Propaganda Press have been very outspoken about corruption in the past and will continue to do so.

If you are thinking that Propaganda Press are allowed to criticize, the PPP Guyana Government freely you are wrong, quite often state resources are use to bring Propaganda Press and whoever is behind it down by any means necessary with directive  from the Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee and his operative law enforcement agencies, but we are very cautious and watchful every second of the day.

So it’s very pleasing  that the Canadian High Commissioner can publicly voice concerns about corruption in Guyana,  so we at Propaganda Press  thinks we will be in order, if we take this opportunity to welcome
Nicole Giles, Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana, Madam Ambassador, welcome to Guyana.

canadian high commissioner nicole giles biography

canadian high commissioner nicole gilesNicole Giles, Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana
BA Honours [Political Science and History], Queen’s University, 1998;
MPhil [International Relations], University of Oxford, 2001;
DPhil [International Relations], University of Oxford, 2005
worked as a retained lecturer at the University of Oxford’s Wadham College prior to joining Foreign Affairs Canada in 2005.
Ms. Giles has worked as a program officer and deputy director with the Nuclear and Radiological Security Division and as director of the Global Partnership Program.
She has also published on missile defence and nuclear strategy. Most recently, Ms. Giles was director of the Capacity Building Programs Division. She is married to Brian Giles, and they have one son and one daughter. Ms. Giles replaces David Devine.

High Commission of Canada in Guyana
Young & High Streets
Georgetown, Guyana

Mailing Address:
P.O Box 10880
Georgetown, Guyana

Telephone: 592-227-2081
Fax: 592-225-8380

gail teixeira demands apology from canadian high commissioner nicole giles

barry the rat gettin lil feelup from double agent gail

barry the rat gettin lil feelup from double agent gail

Presidential Advisor, american informant and Canadian citizen Gail Teixeira did not refrain from expressing her deep disappointment over comments attributed to Canada’s newly-accredited High Commissioner to Guyana, Nicole Giles, on concerns about corruption in Guyana”.
expressing the Guyana government’s position, Teixeira said, “Giles has sacrificed the level of goodwill she would need to faithfully serve her government and the Canadian people with competence and integrity, as a consequence of her totally uncalled for intervention about perceptions of corruption in Guyana.”
Teixeira contend that while Giles “is free to her opinion, and the opinion, I assume of her government, I feel the way in which it is presented is an unfortunate one in terms of Guyana/Canada relation. if she doesn’t apologise she will catch hell here”
Teixeira further added that Giles, “needs to make an effort to correct an error in her judgment.”

canadian high commissioner Nicole Giles will catch hell in guyana – govt official

Uncorrupted - Nicole Giles, Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana (Uncorrupted High Commissioner is on the right …….just so we get that clear.)

Uncorrupted – Nicole Giles, Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana (Uncorrupted High Commissioner is on the right …….just so we get that clear.)

the newly installed Canadian high commissioner to Guyana Nicole giles “will catch hell”. this has been confirmed by a Guyana govt official.

giles statements on corruption and the funding of transparency international Guyana chapter by a Canadian organization is being considered a slap in the face by PPP Crime family.

more later