minister of finance ashni singh sits down with propaganda press

photo of drunk ashni singh before he fled crime scene

photo of drunk ashni singh before he fled crime scene

minister of finance ashni singh sits down with propaganda press. rush transcript

pp: good evening
as: same to you
pp: please look into the camera and state your name for the record
as: what?
pp: please look into the camera and state your name for the record
as: am i here for an interview or a deposition
pp: what should i call you? minister? dr. singh? ashni?
as: i prefer dr. singh
pp: ok ashni please look into the camera and stateyour name for the record so we can begin
as: ashni singh
pp: are you married?
as: yes
pp: what’s your wife’s name?
as: gitanjali. gitanjali singh. this interview is about me alone right?
pp: yes it is. where does your wife work?
as: with me. no, no i mean at the audit office
pp: what’s her position at the audit office?
as: chief auditor
pp: does she have the requisite qualification for this job?
as: that question is irrelevant
pp: ashni, you don’t get to decide what is and isn’t relevant in this interview. is your wife qualified for this position
as: technically no, but she has been functioning well in the position
pp: why didn’t you say that the first time?
as: well…because…ok doan worry
pp: what ministry oversees the operations of the audit office?
as: the ministry of finance
pp: where is your wife’s office located?
as: at the ministry of finance
pp: where do you work?
as: i am the minister of finance. you already know that
pp: so the audit office audits the ministry of finance as well?
as: technically i suppose you can say that
pp: and your wife is the chief editor?
as: yes
pp: ok thank you. no furhter questions on that subject
as: no wait i gotta explain a few things
pp: that portion of the interview is over ashni
as: no. hold up. i got a few things to day
pp: sir we are pressed for time we can’t entertain that
as: what?
pp: we cannot entertain that. we have other questions for you
as: i could already see this interview…you tryin fuh mek me look bad?
pp: you’ve been seen in the company of male prostitutes
as: i am not a prostitute
pp: you’re not listening. i said you’ve been seen in the company of male prostitutes
as: ok i thought you said i was a prostitute
pp: do you have sex with men?
as: that’s a ridiculous question
pp: is that a yes or a no?
as: i’m not answering that
pp: ok i’ll put that down as a yes
as: no.unless i tell you yes you can’t put down yes
pp: so what’s your answer
as: i don’t have to answer that
pp: ok. yes.
as: i did not say yes
pp: you were in an accident recently?
as: no. yes
pp: two people were injured in that accident?
as: i don’t know
pp: were you driving?
as: yes
pp: were you drinking before you got in that vehicle?
as: depends on what you mean by drinking
pp: alcohol. rum. vodka. beers. were you drinking?
as: i tek a lil something with the boys earlier on. after all it’s masharamani day
pp: so you got drunk
as: i was drinking. i didnt say i was drunk
pp: but you did drink alcohol
as: yes
pp: there was a cooler full of alcoholic beverages in the back of your vehicle
as: i dont know about that
pp: why did you run from the scene of the accident?
as: i didnt run nowhere
pp: ok you were driven away from the scene in a ministry of agriculture vehicle
as: yes
pp: how did brian yong reach the accident scene so fast?
as: i called him
pp: what type of relationship you two share?
as: we’re not together
pp: you were together before?
as: what?
pp: you didnt hear the question?
as: why you asking me bout brian?
pp: it’s relevant
as: no it’s not
pp: remember. you dont get to decide that
as: you waan i dont this interview now?
pp: am asking you about your relationship with brian yong, a well known male prostitute
as: brian is not no whore
pp: dr. singh you’re speaking with a lot of authority on this subject but the facts don’t support you
as: you challenging me?
pp: listen, brian yong showed up to negotiate with the victims after your disappeared. he showed up to pay their hospital bills. is he acting in capacity of your wife?
as: wuh scunt in this i hearin now?
pp: why didn’t your wife deal with these personal matters on your behalf
as: look i thought i come here for a serious interview
pp: this is not serious enough for you?
as: this is a complete waste of my time
pp: few more questions before you and your big hair run off
as: you mekkin fun of my hair now
pp: china. do you know public officials are executed for corruption in china?
as: what’s your point?
pp: you do a lot of under the table business with the chinese
as; everything i do is above board and transparent
pp: tell me about the airport expansion deal
as: i cant talk about that
pp: tell me about amaila falls
as: we’re not going to go there today
pp: who bought the shares in GT&T?
as: that’s a private and confidential business matter
pp: who’re the other ghost investors in the marriot hotel?
as: details of those contracts will be revealed in due time
pp: do you know public officials are executed for corruption in china?
as: what’s your fucking point? eh? eh?
pp: jus letting you know in some countries corrupt officials are routinely executed
as: you threatening me with execution
pp: are you a corrupt public official?
as: you threatening me with execution
pp: are you a corrupt public official?
as: answer me. you threatening me with execution
pp: we believe execution is a good solution for corrupt officials
as: well you know is done this interview done
pp: as you wish. remember what happens in china
as: i in guyana and we run things hey
pp: who’s we?
as: yuh gon find out if yuh ain done know
pp: ppp crime family you mean?
as: we run things hey. remember i tell you suh. me ashni seh suh
pp: thanks for your time
as: fuck you assholes


ashni singh drunk driving & flees scene of accident

it’s getting better. stay tuned for more

minister of finance ashni singh was driving drunk. after crashing his vehicle into a car he fled the scene of the accident.

brian yong later showed up to take the place of ashni singh

alexi ramotar complete resume – woefully unqualified to lead guyana e-gov

the billionaire fibre optic neophyte

the prima donna alexei ramotar, ceo of e-gov

Alexei Ramotar’s Summary

Application Developer, Database Administrator, and Project Manager in a wide variety of business applications. Particular strengths are
Programming: VB.Net,,, C++, Java, Silverlight, MS SQL, and strong problem solving ability.

Mobile telecom: smartphone application development, VAS development using SMS, GPRS, GPS and USSD technologies. Blackberry infrastructure deployment and solution development. WiMax system design.

Optical Network: Designing Optical DWDM networks, fusion splicing and testing using OTDR.

I am a strong believer in open source solutions especially as they relate to Operating Systems. I am a fan of Fedora and Knoppix. Familiarizing myself with Slackware. Continue reading

brian young setting up 4G mobile network in guyana without legislation in place!

brian young

brian young aka brian yong

Government friend Brian Yong is given the ok to set up his 4g network for mobile usage in december although the legislation has not been passed. Pictures of his set up are available.
November 6, 2013 at 4:02 pm

nanda gopaul, bharrat jagdeo & broadband guyana laundering money @ new building soceity

nanda gopaul received over one million from broadband guyana. for what exactly?

bharrat jagdeo and co. are able to collect millions undetected because new building society now cashes checques to ficticious names and no IDs are needed nanda gopaul goes to NBS he run to Nizam Mohamed. Mohamed then calls downstairs and tells one of the cashiers to bring the cash as he already approved it. as you can see in this case no ID was presented. the cashier wrote all that down and the name of the person she gave the checque to NANDA GOPAUL. mohammed has now ordered all cashiers to stop putting the names of the person they gave cash to on the vouchers. all info is kept in his office.

stay tuned
brian young

marquis tech holdings shares plummet 36.36% now trading at $0.0007

brian young
brian young aka brian yong

add this to your Guyana plunder update files. right up there with $300 milion fraud with the barber shop turned ministry of education preferred computer vendor

as one of our astute observers in the field noted, this company’s stock is no longer open to the public. in other words, marquis tech holdings is living on borrowed time

Last Trade: 0.0007
Trade Time: 11:14AM EDT
Change: Down 0.0004 (36.36%)
Prev Close: 0.00
Open: 0.00