Louise Bouyea: Prime Player In PPP Laundering Guyana govt. revenue in USA

Subject Louise Bouyea: Prime Player In Money Leaving Guyana For The USA: Former Administration

margaret cummings

margaret cummings

[propaganda press!] write for us
Ms. Louise Bouyea has been one of the prime players of embezzling the states resources under the PPP. She is responsible for bringing money out of Guyana for various fictitious reasons and the new government should investigate her immediately. She is in close communication with the now embroiled, former public service minister and her associate margaret cummings.(cummings and Westford stole over $600 million between 2012 & 2014 from the treasury with help from Louise bouyea)

Bouyea and cummings’s husband work very closely at the ministry of finance, where the latter oversees the networking and IT resources of the ministry. A position that he is not qualified for. The two run a racket with what is supposedly, a secure network and internet connection between the ministry and other agencies. The ministry’s networking and internet contracts need to be revised as there is a very high internet bill. Cummings’s husband went from being an office assistant at the PSM to becoming the IT Admin of the MOF, an obvious case of nepotism at its best. The position, assured by Bouyea, offers a very high remuneration and of course duty free concessions. Continue reading


guyana govt takes steps to ‘seize’ pradoville 2 – asset recovery unit called in

– NICIL oversaw transaction, kept CH&PA in dark

former president & dictator bharrat jagdeo

former president & dictator bharrat jagdeo

The Ministry of Housing has asked Government’s newly established State Assets Recovery Unit (SARU) to look into the ‘Pradoville Two’ deal
The transaction is quickly evolving into a scandal which at first glance speaks of abuse of state resources by the previous administrations under the People’s Progressive Party.
At the very least, Government officials said, the deal was improper.
The matter is being examined under forensic audits being carried out at both the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) and National Industrial Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL).

Guyana second most corrupt country in caribbean, edged out by haiti

ppp crime family inc.

ppp crime family inc.

Country’s corruption rating worsens
July 1, 2014 | By KNews | Filed Under News
…Haiti first, Guyana second

President Ramotar, after nearly three years as President, still cannot pronounce on the NCN report. The Marriott Hotel project still has more questions than answers.
This year, the Finance Minister has spent $4.5B without the approval of the National Assembly.
Then there was the Internal Auditor with the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority who was sent packing, because he unearthed fraud and recommended that the Chief Executive Officer, Lionel Wordsworth, be sanctioned.
These are some of the things that have contributed to the findings by Transparency International which rates Guyana as one of the most corrupt countries in the world.
The Corruption Perceptions Index compiled by Transparency International for 2013 has found that Guyana has slipped lower than the previous year giving rise to a perceived increase in corruption under the Donald Ramotar Administration.
Of all the countries of the world: Out of a score of 100 Denmark and New Zealand scored the best in the world with a score 91 each.
Somalia was perceived to be the most corrupt of the 177 countries across the world that was surveyed.
In the Caribbean region Barbados is rated 15th with a score of 75 while Jamaica and Trinidad are tied at 83rd with a score of 38.
Guyana, however is tied with Bangladesh, Kenya, and Ivory Coast at 136th with a score 27. In 2012 Guyana had scored 28 points.
Guyana remains the second most corrupt country in the Caribbean according to the report, just above Haiti which scored 19.
The Corruption Perceptions Index ranks countries and territories based on how corrupt their public sector is perceived to be.
A country or territory’s score indicates the perceived level of public sector corruption on a scale of 0 – 100, where 0 means that a country is perceived as highly corrupt and 100 means it is perceived as very clean.
A country’s rank indicates its position relative to the other countries and territories included in the index.
According to Transparency International no country has a perfect score, and two-thirds of countries score below 50.
“This indicates a serious, worldwide corruption problem…The world urgently needs a renewed effort to crack down on money laundering, clean up political finance, pursue the return of stolen assets and build more transparent public institutions.”

Guyana auditor general office corruption & nepotism exposed by whistleblower

April 24, 2014 at 10:39 am

Deodat sharma unqualified Guyana auditor general

Deodat sharma unqualified Guyana auditor general

Fanmail Auditor General Office – Corrupted I hope you can forwarded the ideas of these comments to PAC or publish some do not copy the extracts for the information is accurate and the source must remain anonymous.

The Auditor General Office currently as you know has an unqualified Auditor General (AG) [deodat sharma is not a qualified accountant] and all managers and Supervisors expect one has the ACCA. [that one is geetanjali Singh wife of minister of finance ashni singh. But she is also unqualified for the post she holds]

The AG runs this office has his personal cake shop and decisions made by his friend and Manager (ag) of the Fraud Unit/ Project Co- coordinator Mr. Dhanraj Persaud.

There is also nepotism within the office at various levels the following are the list: Related to Staff Comments

Auditor General Son and Chaffer His son receives an IT technician salary PLUS tax free Chaffer allowance and works as he feels like in excess of $100,000 and he has NO QUALIFICATION

Audit Director – Geetanjali Singh Sister Mona Singh Audit Supervisor – No QUALIFICATION – just years of service [this woman is sister in law of the minister of finance]

Audit Manager – J Dillon Niece – Natasha Kam Audit Supervisor – ACCA used to cover up Audits example GRA/ NICIL others ( SINCE RESIGN heading for the Islands)

Audit Manager- C samaroo Daughter- Sarah Samaroo Senior Audit Clerk – promised supervisor position this year if competed ACCA

Audit Manager – C James Daughter Audit Clerk

Finance Head H – Gendon Daughter Audit Clerk-

employment persuasion Satar Boss GRA SON IT Programmer has access to confidential files Mr. Persaud seems to be his right hand person in command and personal benefits he attains on the job since the formation of the section is as follows: His substantives position is a Audit Supervisor but receives a Manager Salary ( I am sure that PAC did not approve); he has no professional qualification, he uses the IDB project money to finance his education such as attaining certificates in fraud courses.
He is acting Manger and receives the salary of same and he has no qualification as it relates to project coordination yet he is receives a tax free allowance to perform duties in excess of $150,000.
Also, there is the trips to the interior for Auditing purposes where the cost is inflated in order to receive a kickbacks.
Also, there are only certain Audit officers that perform these Audits due to draw backs and perks that emerges and fillers up to superior.

Natasha Kam has since resigned she was used as the NICIL cover up and GRA among others. She has left for the islands and she plans to cover up her taxes owed ( $1M)on the purchase of her car ( via duty free concession) which she boughtn recently on duty free.
AG had conspired to propel her to Manger but she screwed him on the recent trip to Barbados where she sought employment elsewhere.

The Ag also promises two Acca final year students that he will promote them to Audit Supervisor once they attained the qualification regardless they fail in experience. Also, the Office had recent promotions internal to Audit Superviors in which non of those persons selected did not meet the professional requirement with matching years of service.

The personal manager has since resigned with his deputy following suite shortly after.

I think PAC should swash this previous decision and appoint professionals. Example: a staff with less than two years experience was promoted to Audit Supervior Aniesh Wicham and the remaining 80% lack even the CAT certificate.

Who told you about propaganda press friend

additional reading – audit office woefully under qualified
In his presentation on Tuesday last in his capacity as President of Transparency Institute (Guyana) Inc., Goolsarran lambasted the fact that the current Auditor General, Deodat Sharma, is not a qualified accountant.
He said that Dr Singh’s wife is also the de facto head of that Audit Office and is directly responsible for the audits of entities such as the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) of which Dr Singh is the chairman.

minister of finance ashni singh sits down with propaganda press

photo of drunk ashni singh before he fled crime scene

photo of drunk ashni singh before he fled crime scene

minister of finance ashni singh sits down with propaganda press. rush transcript

pp: good evening
as: same to you
pp: please look into the camera and state your name for the record
as: what?
pp: please look into the camera and state your name for the record
as: am i here for an interview or a deposition
pp: what should i call you? minister? dr. singh? ashni?
as: i prefer dr. singh
pp: ok ashni please look into the camera and stateyour name for the record so we can begin
as: ashni singh
pp: are you married?
as: yes
pp: what’s your wife’s name?
as: gitanjali. gitanjali singh. this interview is about me alone right?
pp: yes it is. where does your wife work?
as: with me. no, no i mean at the audit office
pp: what’s her position at the audit office?
as: chief auditor
pp: does she have the requisite qualification for this job?
as: that question is irrelevant
pp: ashni, you don’t get to decide what is and isn’t relevant in this interview. is your wife qualified for this position
as: technically no, but she has been functioning well in the position
pp: why didn’t you say that the first time?
as: well…because…ok doan worry
pp: what ministry oversees the operations of the audit office?
as: the ministry of finance
pp: where is your wife’s office located?
as: at the ministry of finance
pp: where do you work?
as: i am the minister of finance. you already know that
pp: so the audit office audits the ministry of finance as well?
as: technically i suppose you can say that
pp: and your wife is the chief editor?
as: yes
pp: ok thank you. no furhter questions on that subject
as: no wait i gotta explain a few things
pp: that portion of the interview is over ashni
as: no. hold up. i got a few things to day
pp: sir we are pressed for time we can’t entertain that
as: what?
pp: we cannot entertain that. we have other questions for you
as: i could already see this interview…you tryin fuh mek me look bad?
pp: you’ve been seen in the company of male prostitutes
as: i am not a prostitute
pp: you’re not listening. i said you’ve been seen in the company of male prostitutes
as: ok i thought you said i was a prostitute
pp: do you have sex with men?
as: that’s a ridiculous question
pp: is that a yes or a no?
as: i’m not answering that
pp: ok i’ll put that down as a yes
as: no.unless i tell you yes you can’t put down yes
pp: so what’s your answer
as: i don’t have to answer that
pp: ok. yes.
as: i did not say yes
pp: you were in an accident recently?
as: no. yes
pp: two people were injured in that accident?
as: i don’t know
pp: were you driving?
as: yes
pp: were you drinking before you got in that vehicle?
as: depends on what you mean by drinking
pp: alcohol. rum. vodka. beers. were you drinking?
as: i tek a lil something with the boys earlier on. after all it’s masharamani day
pp: so you got drunk
as: i was drinking. i didnt say i was drunk
pp: but you did drink alcohol
as: yes
pp: there was a cooler full of alcoholic beverages in the back of your vehicle
as: i dont know about that
pp: why did you run from the scene of the accident?
as: i didnt run nowhere
pp: ok you were driven away from the scene in a ministry of agriculture vehicle
as: yes
pp: how did brian yong reach the accident scene so fast?
as: i called him
pp: what type of relationship you two share?
as: we’re not together
pp: you were together before?
as: what?
pp: you didnt hear the question?
as: why you asking me bout brian?
pp: it’s relevant
as: no it’s not
pp: remember. you dont get to decide that
as: you waan i dont this interview now?
pp: am asking you about your relationship with brian yong, a well known male prostitute
as: brian is not no whore
pp: dr. singh you’re speaking with a lot of authority on this subject but the facts don’t support you
as: you challenging me?
pp: listen, brian yong showed up to negotiate with the victims after your disappeared. he showed up to pay their hospital bills. is he acting in capacity of your wife?
as: wuh scunt in this i hearin now?
pp: why didn’t your wife deal with these personal matters on your behalf
as: look i thought i come here for a serious interview
pp: this is not serious enough for you?
as: this is a complete waste of my time
pp: few more questions before you and your big hair run off
as: you mekkin fun of my hair now
pp: china. do you know public officials are executed for corruption in china?
as: what’s your point?
pp: you do a lot of under the table business with the chinese
as; everything i do is above board and transparent
pp: tell me about the airport expansion deal
as: i cant talk about that
pp: tell me about amaila falls
as: we’re not going to go there today
pp: who bought the shares in GT&T?
as: that’s a private and confidential business matter
pp: who’re the other ghost investors in the marriot hotel?
as: details of those contracts will be revealed in due time
pp: do you know public officials are executed for corruption in china?
as: what’s your fucking point? eh? eh?
pp: jus letting you know in some countries corrupt officials are routinely executed
as: you threatening me with execution
pp: are you a corrupt public official?
as: you threatening me with execution
pp: are you a corrupt public official?
as: answer me. you threatening me with execution
pp: we believe execution is a good solution for corrupt officials
as: well you know is done this interview done
pp: as you wish. remember what happens in china
as: i in guyana and we run things hey
pp: who’s we?
as: yuh gon find out if yuh ain done know
pp: ppp crime family you mean?
as: we run things hey. remember i tell you suh. me ashni seh suh
pp: thanks for your time
as: fuck you assholes

shaik baksh driver kills claude mcpherson with govt vehicle & disappears

another hit & run from within the ranks of ppp crime family inc as we’re still dealing with ashni singh

shaik baksh driver ran over claude mcpherson with a guyana water inc pick up and kept on going.
the gwi pickup dragged mcpherson for a few hundred feet and disappeared

mcpherson’s family not the police, found the pickup parked in guyana water inc compound on vlissengen road

guyana water inc falls under the ministry of housing [irfaan ali]
the ceo shaik baksh is a notorious sexual predator and former minister of housing and education