APNU AFC gov hire 2 PPP criminals – nanda gopaul & robert persaud

Two big criminals of the PPP have been offered lucrative contracts by the APNU AFC govt.
nanda gopaul and robert persaud are now working for david granger.
propaganda press reported in march persaud was talking to apnu afc about joining the coalition.
gopaul was present at granger’s swearing in and is responsible for defrayding new building society and using monies for his personal gain.


Why is Mahender Sharma still running the Guyana Energy Agency?

Dear Editor,
First let me start this letter with a congratulatory note to his Excellency Brigadier David A. Granger and his cabinet Members. Secondly as my question stated, why is Mahender Sharma still running the Guyana Energy Agency?
Mahender Sharma is a known candidate of the now opposition party and who is still running the Guyana Agency to date, this man openly spoke at rallies condemning the now Government of wrong doings and taking the country backwards, which was captured in the Guyana Chronicle dated May 10th 2015, yet this man still holds public office both at the Guyana Energy Agency and at the Guyana Power &Light. Mahender Sharma has no scruples, no respect for worker. He has over the years placed a lot of people out of jobs.
Mr. President, we cannot condone these people any longer. put this Agency in the hands of capable, honest law abiding citizens who are qualified and who will have all employees’ interest at heart and not just some. We have waited 23 years for a new Government, one which we can take our concerns to and it can be heard, one who is just and have the Guyanese people at heart a Government for all and not just for some. Party members of the now opposition have gained so much over the years because of favoritism and wrong doings.
Mr. President you need to get rid of such people from office and in so doing a thorough audit should be carried out at this Agency for it is my belief a lot of wrong doings have taken place over the years.
Looking forward to seeing change.#itistime!!!
Michael Mars.


Guyana gov’t considering disbanding CANU

James Singh  Head of Customs Anti Narcotic Unit aka the cocaine czarina

James Singh Head of Customs Anti Narcotic Unit aka the cocaine czarina

Breaking News
One proposal being seriously considered by the new Guyana gov’t is disbanding CANU and merging drug enforcement back into the Guyana Police Force.
CANU and it’s CEO James Singh have been embroiled on one scandal after the other from murder to gun running and cocaine smuggling.
Another option with lesser support is firing most of the current agents and rebuilding the agency ftom the ground up. Either option would see the end of James Singh and his sidekicks like Sanjay and Yards.

bharrat jagdeo & ppp executives face arrest for public unrest in guyana

bharrat jagdeo at freedumb house disputing eections 2015 results

bharrat jagdeo at freedumb house disputing eections 2015 results

Security officials have indicated that Bharrat Jagdeo, Donald Ramotar and other members of the PPP face arrest for any disturbances to the public order or riotous speech.
The People’s Progressive Party is refusing to concede defeat with both Bharrat Jagdeo and Donald Ramotar making outlandish statements to the press.

“We are convinced that these elections were rigged,” Ramotar told reporters.

Jagdeo went further by insinuating a grand conspiracy, “We need to get over this process of victory and the PPP wants that to happen but one thing we will not do, we will not give up the right of the people who voted for us…there is a systematic attempt …plot to change results in GECOM itself and to tabulate those results in favor of the APNU+AFC.”

David Arthur Granger is scheduled to be sworn in as the new President of Guyana soon and security officias have indicated that no disturbances will be allowed.

APNU AFC victorious in Guyana Elections 2015

President David Granger & Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo

President David Granger & Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo

Based on information propaganda press has received from our GECOM sources, APNU AFC has won Guyana elections 2015 and will form the new government.
Congratulations to President David Granger and Primer Minister Moses Nagamootoo.

stay tuned for final numbers

Guyana Defence Force and Police have been notified of election results

flashback to 2001 – ppp crime family has lost Guyana elections 2011
our GECOM insider is telling us that prelimainary counting ppp crime family inc has lost Guyana elections 2011. what they announce afterwards is anyone’s guess but that’s from the inside and we here at propaganda press sticking with that. only certain people are allowed in the counting area and it’s a big top secret zone.

Robert Persaud talking defection to APNU AFC Coalition before Guyana elections

Minister of Natural Resources Robert Persaud has been informally communicating with the APNU AFC coalition about joining the team. He is not being taken seriously by leading members due to his close relationship with Bharrat Jagdeo.
The ministry of natural resources was created months before Jagdeo left office and placed in the hands of Persaud. He recently made a spectacular bid to control the rare earth minerals in New River Triangle, and has been at the centre of many shady deals in every sector that falls under his control.
Persaud remains unapologetic.

“We will be venturing in new areas and I make no apology for this, absolutely no apology for this in looking at new areas and looking at new activities. They can say what they want, as long as things are done in a legal and in a transparent way.”

Persaud who is the nephew-in-law of Bharrat Jagdeo and was once touted as the man to replace Jagdeo. He ascended the ranks from a nobody from St. Josephs High School to Minister of Agriculture. With his fake MBA he gained credibility amongst the uninformed and unlike most members of PPP Crime Family he can actually hold a conversation.
Robert Persaud downfall is his inability to navigate the murky waters of freeumb house as fast as mobsters like Irfaan Ali, Frank Anthony, Charles Ramson Jr. and Anil Nandlall.
He’s well liked at the American Embassy and once indicated to an American official that he is willing to testify against Bharrat Jagdeo for immunity.

His wife Kamini has a Guyana diplomatic passport and twice went to the USA to deliver Persaud’s two merican anchor babies.

Four years ago Persaud threatened to sue propaganda press for publishing photos of his anchor babies. Someone talked him out of further embarrassing himself and he let it drop.
Persaud was the campaign manager of Donald Ramotar’s first presidency. He has been conspicuously absent and silent as election 2015 kicks off. Unless he was hiding, we didn’t see him on stage when PPP Crime Family launched its campaign in Kitty.

Propaganda Press has been reliably informed that under no circumstances will Moses Nagamootoo accept Robert ‘billionaire’ Persaud into the APNU AFC .