Courtney Crum-Ewing ‘killer’ Rajput Nadine worked for Anil Nandlall & ppp crime family

Rajput and irfaan ali

Rajput and irfaan ali

NewsSource: The former bodyguard of former Attorney General Anil Nandlall has been arrested as the police widen their probe into the March 10, 2015 murder of political activist, Courtney Crum-Ewing.

The former bodyguard has been identified as Rajput Narine. Although he worked as the bodyguard for the former Attorney General, he has been in the employ of the Guyana Revenue Authority since the May 11 elections.

Narine was arrested late yesterday afternoon as the police continue to question its main suspect, Regan Rodrigues aka Grey Boy.

Police investigators believe that the former bodyguard may have been the one to hire the hit-man who executed Crum-Ewing. Investigators are convinced that the hit-man was Reagan Rodrigues aka “Grey Boy”.


Courtney Crum-Ewing murder suspects identified in guyana

Guyana Police Force investigators have two prime suspects in the Courtney Crum-Ewing murder, attorney general Anil Nandlall and boy rapist Kwame McCoy.
Political intervention at the Crime Chief’s Office has caused two black youths to be arrested and tortured. Look for forced confessions & murder charges against them soon

Courtney Crum-Ewing assassinated in Guyana

courtney crum-ewing assassinatd in guyanaCaribNewsDesk: The man, who protested for several days outside Attorney General Anil Nandlall’s office, was Tuesday night gunned down at Third Street, Diamond while urging people on a loud hailer to go out and vote.

He was identified as Courtney Crum-Ewing, a former soldier, who had led a one-man crusade against Nandlall outside his office on Carmichael Street, Georgetown.

Crum-Ewing’s family lawyer, Nigel Hughes, told Demerara Waves Online that he and his client would be demanding that the autopsy be conducted by an international pathologist and that the police investigation be shadowed by a team of international investigators.

guyana mobster anil nandlall’s wife considering divorce

a ppp crime family source has indicated to propaganda press that mrs. anil nandlall is talking divorce talk. chatree bai might drink gramaxone soon
propaganda press readers would remember that it was anil nandlall is bharrat jagdeo’s lawyer and it was he who evicted varshnie singh jagdeo from state house. see loveless, stressful & abusive – my fake marriage to jagdeo

Anil Nandlall must be fired by Guyana president for criminal intent – Trinidad Express

Perilous times for Guyana free press
Story Created: Nov 1, 2014 at 10:13 PM ECT
Once again in Guyana, relations between a private media house and the ruling administration have hit rock bottom, or lower. And once again, regional voices must be raised to register concern about the persistence of entrenched negative predispositions in official quarters against the free and independent media in Guyana.

In line with a policy tradition common to both parties which have formed the government, print and broadcast entities owned, operated and controlled by the State have continued to be fixtures of the media landscape. It’s against this background that Guyanese private interests have invested in making real and vibrant a diversity of media voices, giving effect to freedom of expression guaranteed by the constitution of the republic and related international conventions.

The ruling administration has not hesitated to utilise State media in advancing its political “line” and policy emphases, and alternately to reply to criticism. The operations of privately owned media legitimately to challenge official pronouncements, to question and to investigate have proved to be risky and costly.

Stabroek News, privately owned, had suffered extended state advertising boycotts as punishment for publication of news and opinion deemed unfavorable to the Government. Stabroek News, having heroically come into existence amid the harsher scorched-earth policies against private media enforced by the former Forbes Burham regime, bounced back.

Disingenuously, the government placed its ads with the other privately owned daily, Kaieteur News, justifying the decision on alleged economic grounds. Now, it’s the turn of Kaieteur News, to be targeted with rhetorical and other attacks by the government. Publisher Glen Lall has been facing prosecution on tax-related charges. Such matters should duly and properly be settled before the Guyana courts.

But meanwhile, Mr Lall and his newspaper have found reason to believe in the existence of no-holds-barred antipathy in government circles, especially connected with the Attorney General. Kaieteur News took the extraordinary step of releasing the recording of a private conversation between a Kaieteur News reporter and the Guyana Attorney General.

In the recording, the AG was heard issuing dire warnings of what sounded like impending physical retaliation against the newspaper. The AG also urged the reporter to quit the paper ahead of such attacks.

president donald ramotar sexually assaulting a womanKaieteur News, in 2006, underwent the horrific experience of the multiple murder on its plant one evening of its pressroom staff. The paper survived that hit, to the extent of never ceasing publication.

Understandably, now, however, Kaieteur takes seriously any threatening noises by the AG suggestive of physical harm threatened to its premises and personnel. Now that such apparent threats have been made public, President Donald Ramotar’s government should go beyond denouncing the secret taping. The region waits to hear him make clear his total repudiation of violent attacks, threatened or planned, against Kaieteur News.

Statement of Leonard Gildarie – living in fear of Guyana govt & police agents

leonard gildarieStatement of Leonard Gildarie, Senior Journalist
On behalf of myself and family, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the many who called and lent support over the past few days.
It has indeed been an extremely challenging period for us.
By now, my fellow Guyanese would have learnt of the telephone conversation last Saturday between myself and the Attorney General , Anil Nandlall.
As Guyana knows, the call is now the subject of a criminal complaint filed by Kaieteur News to the Police.
On the advice of my legal counsels, I am restrained from commenting on the details.
However, I am not restrained from expressing deep fears for my safety and that of my family.
I am also, because of a series of developments, deeply concerned over the impartiality of any probe, for a number of reasons.
I have seen the numerous statements from the local NGOs and other international bodies expressing condemnation.
I have also noted laughable news reports that I have been on the run from the police.
To the contrary, over the week I have been in contact with police officers, including Mr. Kingston from Brickdam. As a matter of fact, the said officer even called me on a phone number that belonged to a family member, strange enough. I had indicated to him that a written statement is being prepared.
Much to my surprise, they issued a statement Thursday that I am showing reluctance to make contact.
On Friday, I delivered a written statement to the Police and again today, Saturday, I was present with my lawyer in which the police had some additional questions. We are in the processing of submitting the answers.
In closing, I would insist that I am a born Guyanese with a deep love for this country. I do believe that the future remains bright. There is an opportunity for us to make this country great.
May God bless Guyana!

Anil Nandlall must go now! – Guyana Bar Association and the Guyana Association of Women Lawyers

Statement by the Guyana Bar Association and the Guyana Association of Women Lawyers on the Attorney-General’s recorded conversation

The Guyana Bar Association and the Guyana Association of Women Lawyers wish to express their concern their consternation at the recorded conversation between the Attorney-General and a member of the media. Everything done and said by the Attorney-General since the disclosure of the conversation invites us to draw every and all reasonable inferences therefrom. The statements made by the Attorney-General point to serious legal and moral infractions on his part having regard to his standing as one of the highest legal officers in our country. In the recording the Honorable Attorney-General offered in vulgar and obscene language, knowledge of actual and planned illegal activities. Even in private conversation the comments are deeply troubling and inappropriate and their candid nature, unbridled by the conventions of public discourse, calls his character and professionalism into question.

We are most concerned that the Attorney-General appeared to be acknowledging that the use of deadly violence against the media was an acceptable reaction to frustration where public officials and other citizens are offended by what is reported about them. He also referred to making restitution of funds used by him for some purpose which he did not want the press to report about. The President of Guyana is said to have participated in conversations with a defendant in extant criminal prosecution to have same discontinued in return for less critical reporting by her co-defendant. Equally disturbing is his persistent objectification of the unidentified woman, which conduct flies in the face of the Government’s obligations and commitments regarding respect for women.

Freedom of the press and freedom of speech are essential to the rule of law and political democracy. These freedoms result frequently in the publication of true information which may be offensive or embarrassing to some persons. But the Attorney-General needs no lecture on such matters. His Government is well acquainted with the perils of a society where the media must be “well-behaved” or otherwise risk being killed or intimidated.

Public officials are given wide powers and great responsibility to make thousands of important decisions many of which never see the light of day. We expect in return for the privilege of office, that they demonstrate good character and judgment. Where they demonstrably fail to do so either by public action or by private conduct which bears on their fitness for office, as the Attorney-General has done, such public officials should be removed from office.

As leader of the Bar, the Attorney General mindful of the honour, dignity and integrity of his office should resign immediately. If he does not resign he should be removed. Any other result would be an endorsement of the Attorney-General’s conduct and an admission by the Executive that the highest moral and legal standards are not applicable to the State.

31st October 2014

For further information please contact Ronald Burch-Smith, Christopher Ram or Simone Morris-Ramlall