Misleading numbers: The Case for Separating Land and Fossil Based Carbon Emissions

captain planet aka earth's rightful ruler

captain planet aka earth’s rightful ruler

FERN: The word ‘carbon’ appears with relentless ubiquity in the news and in government policy and legislation. It is discussed as if it were a simple, almost abstract and easily quantifiable substance. However, like many ubiquitous words or concepts, the term ‘carbon’ needs some unpicking. The report outlines that accounting for land use carbon emissions is imprecise, costly and resource intensive, and the word ‘accounting’ — which implies real numbers — is misleading.

In reality, terrestrial emissions and removals are estimated figures meaning that policy makers must recognise their limitations and focus on how to reduce emissions from fossil fuels whilst establishing incentives for sustainable land use.

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clement rohee blames opposition for Guyana’s poverty, not govt corruption

This is a whole new ball Game @#$*^%$

This is a whole new ball Game @#$*^%$

GUYANA has recorded an average five per cent growth in the economy, the highest in the Caribbean Region; and General Secretary of the PPP Crime Family Inc., Mr Clement Rohee, yesterday congratulated the Government on attaining this level of growth in the face of global economic realities and regional and local factors.

The PPP General Secretary, however, slammed the Opposition as the “greatest impediment to economic development and social progress” in Guyana. Continue reading

Nick Dmitriev biography

Nick Dmitriev graduated from Moscow State Technical University (MHTS) with an M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering. He worked as a research scientist and a Ph.D. post-graduate student in his native Russia before moving to Canada in 1990. Author of 3 patents and more than 10 scientific publications, he has been influential in the development of Canadian LiDAR technology and as a consultant to academia.

died in guyana plane crash

Pierre Angiel & Nick Dmitriev dead in guyana plane crash

Pierre Angiel & Nick Dmitriev

Pierre Angiel & Nick Dmitriev

victims of plane crash yesterday

pilot Pierre Angiel, 71, of Florida
Nick Dmitriev, 54, Canadian
supposedly in guyana conducting survey of the Amaila Falls access road to nowhere


shyam nokta and malisa basdeo wedding photo

amaila falls hydro project may never happen – no feasibility study done


who’s came up with the idea of destroying this again?

Dear Editor,

As reported in SN of October 31, the Government stated that “preparations for construction of the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project (AFHP) are moving full steam ahead with steps being taken to procure key services.” The progress made thus far suggests otherwise as key benchmarks are yet to materialize.

Financial closure, the key element to get this project started is still in the doldrums. Earlier this year the Government stated that a significant loan would have been made available by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in July but this date was later changed to September. With no firm financial commitment by the IDB in sight, Sithe Global, AFHP Financial Coordinator expressed concern that without a substantial financial component from the IDB financial closure of the AFHP will be difficult to achieve.

In a SN Article of Oct 23, the IDB Country Representative in response to questions clarified the Bank’s procedure in providing finance for this project. She clearly stated that IDB had started a due diligence process for the AFHP which will finally determine whether or not the Bank finances the Project. Further, a decision will only be made after Sithe Global provides the IDB with a feasibility study on AFHP to enable its Specialists to review and appraise the project from many perspectives to determine its economic and financial viability. In other words AFHP has to show that it can generate enough revenue to service its debt, grow the economy and not become another Government ‘sinkhole’ like the Skeldon Factory.

The mandated Feasibility Study which the Bank’s Specialists will review to ensure that Guyana’s limited resources are put to their best possible use will be the hallmark on which the IDB’s Board of Directors make their decision as to whether the AFHP qualifies for a loan and this crucial decision can very well go one way or the other since AFHP perspectives to be examined will include GPL’s management, technical capacity and its ability to reduce electricity losses from thefts and system inefficiencies. This has been a tall order for GPL to achieve over the years as GPL’s customers from Lethem to Upper Corentyne can attest to its continuous poor performance in these areas.

Therefore no firm commitment to finance AFHP is likely under five years while certain assurances may have to be complied with before loan disbursement if any is made.

The access road to the AFHP construction site should have been completed nearly two years ago and is now unlikely to be completed before Yr 2014 given the number of bridges to be built and a complex segment of the road finished in Section 7 (from the Kuribrong River to the AFHP Site). Unfortunately the access road now under construction is useless without completion of the Kuribrong Bridge/Section 7 to get materiel to site and the tenders to construct this Bridge was only opened a few days ago. Therefore by the time an award is made and construction of the Bridge/Section 7 completed and becomes operational, it will be Yr. 2015 given the Government’s penchant for generous time extensions to contractors.

Finally, it appears that the Government has not finalized what AFHP including Power transmission to the coastland will cost and where the money will come from. Because of this vagueness they have no idea of the AFHP construction starting date and when it will be completed and nothing as claimed is moving full speed ahead. They probably should be forthright and just say that AFHP is evolving and they are taking it one day at a time.

Yours faithfully,
Charles Sohan


amaila falls a big con job – AFC explores arrests & jailing ppp crime family members

moses nagamootoo

moses nagamootoo, field negroe

Kaieteur News: The Alliance For Change (AFC) is currently examining the country’s laws to explore the possibilities of impeaching government officials for wrongdoings.
Speaking during the party’s weekly press briefing on Wednesday, Moses Nagamootoo, a former top executive member of the ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP), also signaled a hard line stance on corruption by his party.
The party specifically referred to the Amaila Falls Road Project with senior official Nagamootoo describing it as a con job pulled on Guyana.
“We are looking at the law to see where impeachment proceedings can be brought against government officials. Not only the restitution of money but that they feel the full brunt of the law where it provides and that they go to jail. We are uncompromising on this.”


ashni singh denies making money on amaila falls project

Jagjit Singh Chauhan

i made nothing on the deal. nothing! ashni singh looking brand new and sounding old for 2012

Publisher of Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall, said that some of the architects of the project should be jailed. He identified former President Bharrat Jagdeo, Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh, head of the Privatization Unit, Winston Brassington, and
He said that there was information that could have saved this country money. Motilall was not known to build any road. Further, Lall said, the award of the contract must have been a case of the planners seeking to defraud the people of Guyana. “For this alone they should be sent to prison.”

Kaieteur News continues to peddle blatant lies – Finance Minister
Georgetown, GINA, January 14, 2012
Kaieteur News cannot prove I made money on this deal and continues to be a newspaper bent on peddling blatant lies and half-truths and distorting facts in order to mislead the reading public, feed the needy egos of its puppet principals, and serve the narrow political agendas of their puppet masters, Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh said in an invited comment on that newspaper’s latest reports of issues related to the Amaila Falls racket.
The latest example Dr Singh cited is the newspaper’s repeated reference, most recently in today’s issue, to an agreement for completion of the road project between Government and Synergy Holdings, which the newspaper shows bears Singh’s signature as a witness. But on the completion agreement, which was released by Government, Singh’s signature does not appear.
Dr Singh reiterated that the original award of the contract for the construction of the Amaila Falls road was made to Synergy Holdings with then President Bharrat Jagdeo. He pointed that the evaluation of the tender bids was conducted by an unqualified technical team. He further pointed out that any previous statement by him on the matter would have been to defend the process followed by President Bharrat Jagdeo to award the contract, rather than to defend his colleague Fip Motilall.

Singh stated that it is most unfortunate that Kaieteur News and its principals appear to have descended to a new depth of depravity, in which they seemed to believe that it is somehow acceptable to fabricate stories, distort facts, besmirch characters, and insult persons in public service, freely and at will, with no regard for either factual accuracy or basic decency.

“I made no money from this transaction whatsoever and I challenge Glen Lall to provide the evidence that I did or stop telling lies about me,” Minister Singh emphatically declared.