Raphael Trotman injunction silence johnny anthony welshman & his attorney jaya manickchand

like magic all the allegations johnny was making disappeared from his facebook page. jaya who was leading his legal team has since distanced herself from johnny.

Stabroek News: A day after denying allegations of sexual molestation, Speaker of the National Assembly Raphael Trotman yesterday secured an injunction barring his accuser from publishing any material relating to the allegations in the print or electronic media.
Trotman has also sought damages in excess of $50 million for libel contained in a statements allegedly made by Welshman and published in the Stabroek News, Guyana Times and on Welshman’s Facebook page.
The AFC statement also expressed the party’s unequivocal support for Trotman, its co-founder in face of the recent “spurious and unfounded allegations leveled against him.”

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Look who is the top negotiator……
After seeking legal advice, the young man was told that it was an “unreasonable” sum. “Miss [JAYA] Manickchand who was negotiating on behalf of me called me and asked what would be the least amount I would accept, I told her five million; she said ‘would you accept anything below that’? I made it clear no,” he said. According to him, Trotman was willing to settle the matter for $2.5 million and a verbal apology, contending that any written apology would implicate him further.


AFC walks out Guyana Parliament as ppp crime family presents election budget

Guyana: the khemraj ramjattan led alliance for change walked out parliament moments ago in protest.
this action stems from the donald ramotar/bharrat jagdeo government refusal to consult with the opposition majority parliament over budget preparations.

ppp crime family inc has been testing the waters for a new elections since loosing the parliamentary majority in 2011.

a source in freedom house says jagdeo, rohee and the gang feels that east indians and amerindians have been sufficiently terrorised and will return the parliament to the family.
once this happens, retribution will be swift and deadly for APNU and AFC.

no procurement commission = no vote on money laundering bill – alliance for change

The AFC reiterates its support to the Anti Money Laundering Amendment Bill but underlines that its support is hinged to the setting up of the Constitutionally mandated Public Procurement Commission. The AFC maintains that passage of the AML CFT Bill on Monday without the establishment of the Public Procurement Commission is a half-baked attempt to stem the flow of illicit gains. Apart from the proceeds from illicit drugs; bribery, kickbacks and payoffs form the main artery feeding corrupt officials and draining away the lifeblood of poor, ordinary taxpayers.

Since the passage of the original AML legislation there has been little or no implementation and there is no reason to believe that there will be any implementation of a revamped Bill. Amended AML legislation will be used by the PPP/C government as cosmetic to hide the truth that corrupt officials would continue to benefit from nefarious deals.

The AFC’s position is that the flow of illicit funds must be stemmed at its source; in the award of contracts, and this will only happen when the Public Procurement Commission is established. If the legislature wants to demonstrate its full commitment to stamping out money laundering it will act to ensure a fully functioning PPC.


raphael trotman

raphael trotman working with the ppp, threatens ramjattan

raphael trotman

war break? house negroe of the year front runner raphael trotman

reported by john
date 2013-03-13 @ 11:36:09 PM
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It has been made clear that Raphael Trotman has been offered a position as a judge within the PPP government if he continues with favorable rulings for the PPP. Nigel Hughes is not amused and most pissed off by this recent development where Trotman in email exchanges with Ramjattan is declaring that he will not allow any budget cuts to take place.

date of crime Recently
type of crime Sell out
location Parliament
additional information stay tuned

on february 15th 2013 propaganda press nominated raphael trotman house negroe of the year. for the year 2013

rima & clement rohee

clement rohee must resign by midnight – alliance for change


sexual predator clement rohee and his grand daughter

Demerara Waves: The Alliance For Change (AFC) on Wednesday said that President Donald Ramotar had up to midnight to remove Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee from his post following which they will embark on a course of non-cooperation with him if he remains.



amaila falls a big con job – AFC explores arrests & jailing ppp crime family members

moses nagamootoo

moses nagamootoo, field negroe

Kaieteur News: The Alliance For Change (AFC) is currently examining the country’s laws to explore the possibilities of impeaching government officials for wrongdoings.
Speaking during the party’s weekly press briefing on Wednesday, Moses Nagamootoo, a former top executive member of the ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP), also signaled a hard line stance on corruption by his party.
The party specifically referred to the Amaila Falls Road Project with senior official Nagamootoo describing it as a con job pulled on Guyana.
“We are looking at the law to see where impeachment proceedings can be brought against government officials. Not only the restitution of money but that they feel the full brunt of the law where it provides and that they go to jail. We are uncompromising on this.”

moses nagamootoo

Moses Nagamootoo @ AFC new york dinner/reception today

Join us for an AFC DINNER / RECEPTION Saturday January 28th at 7:30 PM
At O Lavrador Restaurant
138-40 101 Ave, Jamaica NY, 11435
Special Guest AFC Member of Parliament – Moses Nagamootoo
Dinner is $25.00 per person.
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