paul daby senior guyana police wanted bulletin

11 women detained by Guyana Police @ Paul Daby’s strip joint Club Rio

ELEVEN suspected victims of human-trafficking are now in protective care after the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Unit of the Ministry of Social Protection raided the Rio Night club Wednesday evening.According to a source close to the operation, 15 women were removed from the strip club during the late-night operation and three men were arrested. However, by Thursday evening three of the women were given clearance to leave the safe house while 11 remained at the facility.
This newspaper understands that all of the women are above the age of 18; however, they are not Guyanese and had no form of legal permits in the form of passports to be in the country. It is suspected that these women, who performed as strippers in the club in exchange for cash, hail from The Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Brazil and Suriname. However, their nationalities have not been disclosed. Continue reading


omar shariff update from kwame – Power his obsession, honesty his downfall

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fan mail
January 16, 2014 at 9:44 pm
omar shariffOmar Shariff is fool the seniors of the PPP he is working for them. He travels around the country the gain support and make himself GOD to the grass root people. He prompting himself as the sky as his limits when questioned. Power is his obsession but honesty his downfall. when employed at Food and drug Bond he stole $500m which he used to do his master’s in UK and came back to open a million dollar business. When he attain all these monies? Even Jadgeo was curious to know. The respected Roger Luncheon Fired him because of his malicious acts. However, Donald need a play toy to help Alexei out so he got Omar. Not know Alexei’s biggest hater is Omar Shariff. Talk nice in front face and fuck him behind his back. Teethnara is plague to see all…

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$23 million ‘missing’ from guyana office of the president – omar shariff name calling

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omar shariffyour name: #########
email: ###############
describe crime: Omar shariff is thieving sate funds for personal use. 23m missing for OP lately…..Using it for the PYO…Sleeping with the PYO girls….Asaha Ramzan is his special woman who seduce him in his office……Teethnara his personal partner in crimes….. Expose this mother fuckers

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dale andrews kaiteur news reporter

Kaieteur News reporter Dale Andrews died today in Guyana

Dale, 47, passed away yesterday morning following a brief illness that was due to prolonged heart-related complications.
Dale was no stranger to ranks and officers of the Guyana Police Force. He was no stranger to Ministers, past and present, of Public Security—formerly Home Affairs. He was definitely no stranger to the media fraternity. Kaieteur News was not prepared for the day when he would have become just a memory.

james girvan singh archives – Guyana’s cocaine double agent

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james girvin singh - overseeing cocaine operation in guyana

update 26 dec 2010 – to date NONE of the info on this site regarding this cocaine double agent extraordinaire has ever been proven incorrect. NONE! keep that implanted in your fore-brain. thanks to the good works of our agents in the field, operating behind enemy lines

below are links to the propaganda press complete archives on queen james girvan singh. cocaine double agent superficial. hello oshana rogers & co.

dear queen james: arrest mark deabrea, clay hudson, brahmer nandlall, paul daby & family, paul rodrigues, big head, the posers at blue iguana, the dougla bai fucking carolan lynch and the rest of your cocaine pals.
until then james we say go fuck yourself cause your time is running out.
nelly avila moreno
on behalf of all the boys & girls of propaganda press

  1. FBI & DEA agents @ New Line Aqua looking for cocaine shipper Salim Juman Azeez

    salim juman azeez

  2. James…

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James Singh love affair, Skywest Charter Sevice & the Barbados connection

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james singh has his pink suitcase packed

Next time you fly Skywest Charter Sevice think of James Givan Singh.
Skywest Charter Sevice runs charters to the interior of Guyanaout of Ogle Airport. It is owned and operated by Orlando Rogers and his mother Anita Devonish. Oshana Rogers is the wife of Orlando.
James Girvan Singh through to this rogue self is giving his wife Annabel blow with Oshana Rogers with no regards for the woman’s family or his wife.

DEA double agent & Jr. cocaine capitalist James has gone to Barbados and Trinidad for his not so secret rendezvous with Oshana.
James Singh is set to take off on two days leave soon from CANU. word on the street is he is going to the flying fish isle. will Oshana be joining him? only James knows.

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Skywest Charterers using “mail bag” to smuggle gold past Guyana tax man

May 29, 2016 at 5:36 pm

online crime reporting system
Skywest Charterers uses their so called “mail bag” as a means of helping gold miners smuggle gold past GGMC at Ogle. This bag goes from their office padlocked straight into the aircraft on departure which only they know what is in it and when the aircraft returns from the interior locations their agent collects it and take it straight to their office. It does not pass the relevant authorities at the terminal.

type of crime Tax evasion(Non declaration of gold)
location Ogle International Airport

Skywest Charter Service
53 David St. Kitty
225 4206
Open 24 Hours