it’s time

bharrat jagdeo mansion built from cocaine receipts

bharrat jagdeo mansion built from cocaine receipts

the people are moving

the people are moving

egyptians set armoured personnel carrier on fire

egyptians set armoured personnel carrier on fire

Tunisia, Egypt today and your neighbourhood tomorrow

“If there is no struggle there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation…want crops without plowing up the ground, they want rain without thunder and lightening. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters…. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” – Frederick Douglass, 1857

January 14 Tunis protest, left, and midnight January 26 Cairo protest, right, saying "Mubarak GAME OVER" [Reuters]

January 14 Tunis protest, left, and midnight January 26 Cairo protest, right, saying “Mubarak GAME OVER” [Reuters

egyptians take over armoured personnel carrier

egyptians take over armoured personnel carrier

Jermaine Springer brutalised by Guyana Police

Jermaine Springer brutalised by Guyana Police

afro guyanese vendors displaced by government forces

the big event as the year began for the afros was a grenade attack. all vendors quickly uprooted and displaced by government forces using very well calibrated terror

abused woman in Guyana

this was done by beaten by a relative of kwame mccoy who drove the abuser to the scene of the crime

teenager tortured by the guyana police force


17 thoughts on “it’s time

  1. The quotation from Frederick Douglas is apropriate to Guyana today.Most of the people in Guyana subdue their feelings of frustration and resentment of the drug cartel government through the spirits in the bottle.Many are in a comatose state.Guyana needs a leader in the calibre of Malcolm X to inspire and mobilise the masses.In this manner they can harness their anger into concrete actions of getting rid of this focking PPP government.In unity there is strength and power.

  2. Your own government probably started this protest. and the problem with this proganda piece is that some cultures even believe in suicide missions. those same creatures are more than willing to injure themselves and post pictures such as this. and the black eye? everyone knows why your women are made to hide under burkas. what if your woman actually stood up for their individual rights on Earth? they hide their shame. they are your true slaves. women haters are usually homosexuals. demons loves shit.

    • Wierd ass american.

      Turn off fox news and at least get a clue on geography.

      Guyana is in *south america* and about 60% christian, 30% hindu and 10% sunni. Theres no MAJOR ethnic tension that I’m aware of beyond that which exists in any other reasonably functiontional multicultural society.

      Demons love that shit! ROFL.

      • R U Guyanese? There is definitely major ethnic tension in Guyana. (“ethnic” as in based on race, not religion so much). Agree about the weird ass american though.

  3. What the fuck are you dribbling about? Do you even know where Guyana is? Are you a yankee? Women do not wear burkas in Guyana, or very few if they do, I’ve never seen one. As far as the middle east is concerned, women have been in the forefront of all those protests and it’s the height of ridiculousness to suggest that “their own governments” started these protests… have you ever heard of a suicidal government? They want to stay in power, not undermine their own power. We are not “woman haters” on this blog. I gather it’s run by a woman/women in fact.
    Go back to Rush Limbaugh and Fox News… this is Propaganda Press.
    Victory to the people of Libya and death to all downpressors whether gaddaffi, cameron, jagdeo… “rise up fallen fighters, rise and take your stand again, s/he who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day…”

    • Just some context – this video was put up in the initial stages of the uprising in Libya. Since the western involvement, and finding out more about it in general, I am a lot more dubious about the uprising (although I don’t go for the enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend philosophy that sees Gaddafi as a real anti imperialist fighter or any kind of good guy – he definitely isn’t – but I wouldn’t trust the “revolutionary leadership” either).

  4. GT, JA, Libya, Palestine, Africa, India… wherever poor people are oppressed… watch out cos something a go happen tonight… and this train don’t carry no informers…

  5. Don’t be afraid to wil’ out… they can only kill you once… it need more people than just Freddie, Mark and Lincoln… maybe if a few more people get on the street and wil’ out, more people will be curious where this crazy crew is about to go and want to join up with y’all… the first demonstration in Tahrir square was only four people… only a couple weeks later, Mubarak is hiding out dribbling from his stroke and awaiting his heart attack…

  6. yo people….wake up and smell the opression!!!!!! if politicians cant fulfil ur demands, then ensure that them pay you all for your votes….nothing less than 10m…….or let the revolution begins….enough is enough…….the poor is not disposable like the rich thinks, we are just the majority and we will win the battle…….

  7. father i just pray to u for a tsunami to hit pradoville 2…..and wipe out the unrighteous…………they have stole from the poor and enrich themselves. they have cause many of our children to starve, they have systematically slaughter many of our sons and rape our daughters. father look at the mother who hung her head in shame because her daughter have to fuck with jagdeo and bobby just for a job and a piece of land……….father punish jagdeo, for he has enrich his family and family at the expense of the poor….

  8. It’s time to take over Guyana take it back from those corrupted and drug dealing PPP mother fuckers we don’t want joe singh fighting for us he can stay with the PPP because he is corrupted too getting millions to stay quite

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  10. The Guyanese people are lazy they are waiting for other people to fight for them(they need to look and see whats going on arround the world). And you can not blame the people for not starting a revolution because the ppp will send the jackass forces to shoot them down. Yeah its time for them to wake up and come together if they want a change unite for betterment.

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