Standing up to the Corrupt Guyana Government is a Revolution not a war.


Do not be fooled, when you figure it out, Politicians will try to fool you


What is war?


War is when your Government tells you who the Enemy is.


What is a revolution


Revolution is when you figure it out for yourself.


The PPP Guyana Government are scared that more and more Guyanese are figuring out how corrupt The PPP Government is.


Most supporters are realizing that the PPP only know them at Election time after that get inline, its friends and family only.


With the PPP government being blatantly corrupt, a Revolution is in order.


Corruption in Guyana has to be Curbed to Spur Economic Growth

Corruption is licensed to the Corrupt elite of Guyana Only

Corruption is licensed to the Corrupt elite of Guyana Only

Dear Editor,

The general consensus among the people of Guyana and Guyanese in the Diaspora is that the PPP regime has not developed any programme that will curb corruption, reduce crime or spur economic growth and jobs for the thousands of unemployed youths and those who want to work.

No such programme exists and none is forthcoming since the regime has been unable to deal with those issues, especially corruption and crime. And even though the Minister of Home Affairs is back, that would not make a difference. Continue reading

Romano Meriba, President Bouterse foster son, Drugs, Murders, and Corruption.

Romano Meriba, photo taken behind Bars in Prison.  Romano Meriba, foto genomen achter Bars in Gevangenis. Mijn Vader is de Voorzitter, we niets verkeerd doen.

Romano Meriba, photo taken behind Bars in Prison.
Romano Meriba, foto genomen achter Bars in Gevangenis.
Mijn Vader is de Voorzitter, we niets verkeerd doen.

In December 2011, President Bouterse granted a pardon to his foster son Romano Meriba who in 2005 was convicted to 15 years imprisonment of murder and robbery of a Chinese trader in 2002. Meriba was also convicted for throwing a hand grenade at the house of the Dutch ambassador. Meriba was also arrested on March 23, 2012 in Paramaribo because he was accused of assaulting and beating up a citizen and police officer the night before in a nightclub. He was not in custody of the police for long because the accusation was retracted the following day.

This is how the powerful operates shortly after Bouterse was inaugurated as president of Suriname, he appointed

Dino Bouterse, My Daddy say I am the Best, and Uncle Sam, Wants the Best!

Dino Bouterse, My Daddy say I am the Best, and Uncle Sam, Wants the Best!

his son Dino as the leader of the heavily armed Counter Terror Unit (CTU), a controversial police organization with military status, which, according to President Bouterse, aims to combat terrorism in Suriname. At a press meeting in December, 2010, President Bouterse responded to a journalist, who asked why Dino was, despite his conviction, appointed as head of CTU, by saying: “At CTU the very best men are placed and my son is among the very best” and uncle Sam wants the very best drug dealers too, that’s why he was chosen to join Roger Khan who along with  Bouterse were plotting to assassinate then minister of Justice Chan Santokhi and attorney general Subhaas Punwasi.

It was Chan Santokhi then minister of Justice that ordered the arrest of Continue reading

Bharrat Jagdeo Hospitalised in Guyana

Bharrat Jagdeo checked in today @ Balwant Singh Hospital

Don’t go Berserk …….yet

Bharrat Jagdeo

Bharrat Jagdeo

Balwant Singh Hospital Address

314 East Street, South Cummingsburg Georgetown, Guyana.


  • (592) 226-5783
  • (592) 226-4279
  • (592) 227-1087
  • (592) 227-0539


Stay tune more to come……………….

Balwant Singh Hospital

Balwant Singh Hospital

gerald gouveia pilot and cocaine shipper

captain gerald ‘gerry’ gouveia, roraima airways – profiling Guyana cocaine criminals

gerald gouveia pilot and cocaine shipper

you never had us fooled cocaine in the airport vip lounge gerry

captain learie barclay, gerry gouveia most trusted right hand man

The two journalists went into detail on Minister Rohee and Commissioner Greene’s criminal ties as well as those of the chairman of the Private Sector Commission, Gerry Gouveia. (NOTE: All three men have either had their U.S. visas revoked or would not be eligible because of these
ties.) The bottom line from the journalists — the government has consolidated its power to the point that internal opposition is effectively hamstrung. The government allows them to be vocal but has cut off all democratic avenues for recourse.

the airline industry globally was taking a beating in 2009 as most businesses. in low budget, low travel Guyana, gerry whipped out $US300,000 for a new Islander with his sidekick Captain Learie Barclay at his side. we don’t know the status of his visa but we will soon find out
below is the official biography of this cocaine criminal in his own words

Capt. Gerald Gouveia – Managing Director
Captain Gerald Gouveia is an Aviator extraordinaire with over thirty (30) years of experience in the Aviation Industry and in excess of eighteen thousand (18,000) flying hours acquired in the jungles of Guyana, South America and the Caribbean.

He is a Graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida, a “Fellow” of the National Defence University in Washington DC and attended George Washington University for studies in Aviation Safety and Security. His career had it’s genesis in the Army where he served for many years, holding appointments such as “Administrative Officer” and “Training Officer” before rising to the position of Chief Pilot of the Army Air Corps. He holds the Military Rank of Major…

Upon leaving the Army, he joined the Golden Star Resources (a large Canadian Gold Exploration Company) as Logistics Manager and head of Security before being seconded to the Civil Aviation Department as Chief Pilot and Air Operations Manager.

He then accepted the position to serve as the General Manager and Chief Pilot of Air Services Limited before finally moving on and jointly establishing Roraima Airways with his wife Captain Debra Gouveia. This company started out as small Aviation Company leasing aircraft to provide its services. Today it is a complex multi service Corporation that includes, Executive Aviation Services, a modern Travel and Tourism facility, with its own fleet of aircraft, boats and vehicles. Roraima Airways Group also has a fully established International Ground Handling Facility at the CBJ International Airport and is a member of the IATA Ground Handling Council. The company has offices strategically located around Guyana, its own Back to Nature Resort ‘Arrowpoint’ located in the jungles of Guyana and boutique lodging facility, the ‘Roraima Residence Inn’ as well as Duke Lodge a heritage hotel.

Captain Gouveia heads his company’s 24 hour Air Medical Evacuation Service, flying hundreds of missions to ferry sick and injured people out of the Hinterland to the City Hospitals. He has a number of achievements to his credit, namely:

* A strong private sector activist, who served as the Deputy Chairman of the Private Sector Commission from 1996 to 1997.
* Vice President of the Aircraft Owners Association 1998 to 1999.
* President of the Guyana Association of Travel Agents 1998 to 1999.
* President of the Caribbean Association of Travel Agents 1998 to 1999.
* Four times president of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana 1996, 2000, 2001 and 2003
* Director of the Search and Rescue contingent established by the Private Sector 1998 to 2002.
* Member of the Central Housing and Planning Authority and also member of the Tender Board.
* He is also a Director on the Board of the Guyana Tourism Authority
* Member of the Security and Governance Sub-Committee of the Private Sector Commission
* President of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana 2004 to 2005
* President of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport Operators Association
* Board Member of the Chamber of Commerce
* Vice President of the Guyana Canoe Federation
* Chairman of the Private Sector Commission

Captain Gouveia was selected as one of the three (3) finalists in the Tourism and Hospitality category for the Caribbean Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2001. He is the holder of a Black belt in Karate and Judo. He is also a Mountain Biking and Power Boating enthusiast. He is a strong believer in the concept of “social conscience” and in this regard Roraima Airways adopted the school in the Amerindian Village of Santa Mission and also spearheaded the building of the only library in the same community.
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Roger Luncheon

wikileaks guyana – roger luncheon says cocaine barons should not be arrested

Roger Luncheon

roger luncheon, old, washed up, shit talking negroe on his last lap, father of rashida

Reference ID Created Released Classification Origin
05GEORGETOWN1329 2005-12-20 20:59 2011-08-30 01:44 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Georgetown


DE RUEHGE #1329 3542059
R 202059Z DEC 05





E.O. 12958: DECL: 12/20/2015

Classified By: Political Officer Benjamin Canavan
For reason 1.4(d)

¶1. (C) SUMMARY. Ambassador met with Head of Presidential
Secretariat Roger Luncheon on December 16 to discuss DEA

plans in Guyana (reported septel). Luncheon’s comments
during the meeting about how to fight the drug trade in
Guyana, such as his stated preference for sanctioning rather
than prosecuting drug traffickers, are cause for some
concern. END SUMMARY.

Sanctions, Not Prosecutions, to Fight Drug Trade
——————————————— —
¶2. (C) Ambassador, DCM, and PolOff met with Head of
Presidential Secretariat Roger Luncheon on December 16.
During the meeting, Ambassador reiterated the need for
concerted cooperation among Guyana’s law enforcement agencies
to fight drug trafficking, especially since the traffickers
often appear to be better coordinated than the authorities.
Ambassador acknowledged that Luncheon and President Jagdeo
are concerned about the seizures of drugs emanating from
Guyana. Luncheon responded in detail with his opinion on how
Guyana ought to fight the drug trade.

¶3. (C) Luncheon said that everyone knows who is trafficking
drugs and laundering money, but Guyana lacks “the final step
in getting quality information that can be used to finish
prosecutions successfully”. Ambassador said that the U.S.
could help in this area by providing legal assistance and
noted that it may be possible to obtain indictments in the
U.S. in cases where it can be demonstrated that drug
shipments are destined for the U.S. Luncheon said that he is
unconvinced about the benefits of legal assistance. Instead,
he would prefer to tighten up bank supervision to expose
money launderers. Luncheon said that he favors “sanctions
other than prosecution” to instill in narco-criminals the
fear of losing business rather than fear of prosecution.

Luncheon reasoned that this environment would force money
launderers to move their ill-gotten gains out of the banks
and through other channels with a higher risk of detection.
He believes this method of public shaming would be more
effective in fighting the drug trade than trying to prosecute
drug smuggling cases. Ambassador reminded Luncheon that the
U.S. government is working closely with Guyana’s Financial
Intelligence Unit to crack down on money laundering.

¶4. (C) COMMENT. Luncheon’s opinion that prosecuting drug
traffickers is not a viable policy objective is disturbing
given the serious nature of the narco-trafficking problem in
. And while bank supervision does need to be tightened
considerably, that is unlikely to have significant effect
given that Guyana narco-traffickers are well invested in
money-exchange “cambios”, the timber and construction
industries, retail shops, and other cash businesses that
provide easy mechanisms to launder dirty money. END COMMENT.

priya manickchand and baby

wikileaks guyana – bharrat jagdeo fucking priya manickchand, sam hinds a docile negroe & cabinet profiles

priya manickchand and jagdeo @ feminition

priya manickchand and jagdeo @ feminition

Reference ID Created Released Classification Origin
06GEORGETOWN925 2006-09-15 14:13 2011-08-30 01:44 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Georgetown


DE RUEHGE #0925/01 2581413
R 151413Z SEP 06





E.O. 12958: DECL: 09/15/2016


¶1. (C) SUMMARY: President Jagdeo’s new cabinet, sworn in
September 9, showcases a cadre of up-and-coming,
Moscow-educated party leaders with close personal ties to the
President. While this cabinet also confirms the ascendancy
of the more venal Janet Jagan faction of the People’s
Progressive Party (PPP) over the late Cheddi Jagan’s idealist
following, many of the appointees owe their loyalty directly
to Jagdeo, rather than to Mrs. Jagan. Party outsiders and
technocrats are few, and while Jagdeo did trim some deadwood,
several aging and incompetent ministers linger.


¶2. (C) Seven ministers retained their posts:

–Prime Minister Samuel Hinds is the former head of the
now-defunct CIVIC movement, which merged with the PPP in 1992
as Hinds first became Prime Minister on Cheddi Jagan’s
ticket. He is a weak figurehead, tapped primarily for his
Afro-Guyanese ethnicity and his docility. According to
Hinds’ family and staff, he is looking to get out and would
like to be High Commissioner to Canada.

–Dr. Roger Luncheon, a pivotal member of the PPP’s
politburo-style Executive Committee, will stay on as Head of
the Presidential Secretariat, Secretary to the Cabinet, and
Secretary to the Defense Board. He serves as Jagdeo’s

gatekeeper, strategist, and primary military/security

–Dr. Rudy Insanally was reappointed Minister of Foreign
Affairs as one of four technocrat ministers. Despite his
advanced age and increasing ill health, he will also continue
to juggle his two other jobs as Permanent Representative to
the United Nations (UN)-a position he has held since 1985-and
non-voting member of the National Assembly. Insanally has a
long diplomatic career behind him and a good reputation in UN

–Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, an accomplished U.S.-educated
biochemist, will continue as Minister of Health. Ramsammy
told EmbOffs that he would also take over the duties of
former Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Reepu Persaud,
considerably enlarging his profile. Ramsammy reputedly
raised a significant share of the PPP’s 2006 campaign war
. His wife and children live in the U.S. and Ramsammy
himself is a U.S. citizen. [otherwise he would have been on the revoked visa list a long long long time ago]

–Dr. Jennifer Westford will retain her post as Minister of
Public Service. Webster studied medicine in Cuba, and holds
degrees in International Relations from the University of
Guyana and the University of Canterbury. [another docile negress]

–Doodnauth Singh will stay on as Attorney General and
Minister of Legal Affairs, defying rumors that he was on the
way out due to old age and loss of favor. National Assembly
Speaker Ralph Ramkarran and Chief Justice Carl Singh told
EmbOffs that Doodnauth was retained because there was nobody
else to appoint. He is a successful criminal attorney and
the former Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission
(GECOM). Doodnauth is a technocrat and does not enjoy a
close relationship with Jagdeo or the PPP.

–Carolyn Rodrigues was renewed as Minister of Amerindian
Affairs. She has a reputation for efficiency, and was
instrumental in pushing through the 2006 reforms to the
Amerindian Act over the objections of several Amerindian
groups. The PPP campaigned hard for the growing Amerindian
vote in the 2006 election, suggesting that Rodrigues’ profile
may rise.

¶3. (C) Five cabinet members were assigned new ministries:

–Manzoor Nadir, leader of the minor party The United Force
(TUF) took over as Minister of Labour. As Minister of
Tourism, Commerce, and Industry, the impoverished Nadir
mysteriously became well off. He is Jagdeo’s only
cross-party appointee.

–Clement Rohee, previously Minister of Foreign Trade, was
moved to the Ministry of Home Affairs. Rohee is a PPP
Executive Committee member, and stays in the cabinet because
of his loyalty to Janet Jagan, who reportedly fought hard
with Jagdeo for his inclusion. Rohee is known for
unwillingness to delegate or accept advice, and has been
skewered in the local media for his mishandling of the
foreign affairs portfolio (Previous EmbOffs have shared this
opinion-see 94 Georgetown 03220 for a particularly vivid
description of Rohee’s incompetence). While his appointment
to Home Affairs was surprising, party stalwarts have
traditionally occupied this post, and Jagdeo may be trying to
keep the Ministry-which oversees the Guyana Police Force and
domestic intelligence activities-under close watch.

–Harry Narine Nawbatt, the former Minister of Transport,
became Minister of Housing and Water. He is a longtime
teacher and civil servant.

–Dr. Henry Jeffrey, formerly Minister of Education, was
named Minister of Foreign Trade and International
Cooperation. Jeffrey, who came in via CIVIC, holds several
U.K. academic degrees, including a doctorate in management
philosophy. He served as a researcher and director of the
Kuru-Kuru Cooperative College under Burnham’s People’s
National Congress (PNC) administration, but was fired for
writing a book that criticized PNC policies. A minister since
1992, Jeffrey has not proven terribly effective in any of his

–Shaik Baksh, the former Minister of Housing and Water, is
now Minister of Education. He has sat for the PPP in the
National Assembly since 1992. Rumors of corruption associated
with the allocation of house lots during his tenure as
Minister of Housing circulate widely, including among PPP
insiders. [propaganda press has detailed shaik sexing people’s daughters etc for house lots]

¶4. (C) The remaining ten ministries were doled out primarily
to PPP insiders and Jagdeo’s confidantes:

–Dr. Ashni Singh, former Director of the Budget Office, was
tapped as the new Minister of Finance. Singh was awarded the
prestigious Chevening Scholarship to study in the U.K., and
holds a Ph.D. in Accounting and Finance. He is widely
regarded as competent. However, Jagdeo-a former Finance
Minister himself-has previously run financial policy directly
out of his own office, and may not allow Singh much autonomy.

–Robeson Benn, head of the Guyana Geology and Mines
Commission (GGMC), was named Minister of Transport and
Hydraulics. Benn is a geologist by trade, educated in
Germany and Canada. He is a capable administrator with
rumored Prime Ministerial ambitions-his appointment to the
Transport Ministry puts him in direct, daily contact with

–Robert Persaud was appointed Minister of Agriculture,
taking up the post previously held by the assassinated
Satyadeow Sawh. Persaud will also assume responsibility for
Fisheries, Crops, and Livestock, formerly a separate
portfolio, thus increasing his clout. As the President’s
Information Liaison and the Head of the Government
Information Agency (GINA), Persaud ran the PPP propaganda
machine. He is a PPP Executive Committee member and
whispers have him tagged as a possible 2011 presidential
candidate. He is seen as the President’s personal “spin
doctor,” and took over the editorship of the PPP party
newspaper, The Mirror, from Janet Jagan. He is reportedly
Jagdeo’s newphew-in-law. [not reportedly, kamini is jagdeo’s niece]

–Priya Manickchand, an attorney and legal consultant to
Jagdeo, was named Minister of Human Services and Social
Security, taking over from a discredited Bibi Shadick. Her
portfolio is expected to include Trafficking in Persons
issues. Manickchand has worked for the Georgetown Legal Aid
Clinic, a USAID-funded initiative. There are quiet rumors
that she is romantically involved with Jagdeo.

–Manniram Prashad, a businessman and former presidential
advisor on investment matters, will be Minister of Tourism,
Industry, and Commerce. Prashad owned a struggling travel
and eco-tourism agency and has served as President of the
Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the Private

Sector Commission (PSC). He advocates foreign direct
investment, though as Investment Advisor to the President he
was widely suspected of benefiting personally from government
contracts and foreign investment concessions. [this was before he became an open criminal and owner of palm court etc]

–Dr. Frank Anthony, a PPP fixture and advisor to the
president since 1992,was named Minister of Culture, Youth,
and Sport. With the Cricket World Cup coming up, this will
e a crucial portfolio. Anthony, educated in Jeruslem and
Moscow, serves as first secretary of thePPP’s youth arm, the
Progressive Youth Organizaton (PYO), and is rumored to be a
possible 2011 presidential candidate. As Executive Director
of the Health Sector Development Unit in the Ministry of
Health, he has worked cooperatively with U.S. Embassy and
PEPFAR staff on several occasions. Anthony also serves as
deputy chairman of the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC),
charged with monitoring and reducing ethnic tensions between
Guyana’s major racial groups.

–Moscow-educated Kellawan Lall, a member of the PPP
Executive Committee and political advisor to the President,
will serve as Minister of Local Government and Regional
Development. Lall reportedly began his political career as
a yard boy in the PPP’s Berbice office, and was brought up
the party ladder by Janet Jagan.

¶5. (C) Jagdeo named three appointees as Minsters within a
Ministry, i.e. Junior Ministers:

–Jennifer Webster, former permanent secretary in the Office
of the President, was named Minister within the Ministry of
Finance. She studied economics in Canada and is a
professional accountant.

–Dr. Bheri Ramsaran will be Minister in the Ministry of
Health. Ramsaran, a Russian- educated medical doctor, is a
former member of the PPP Executive Committee. He was
previously Director of Regional Health, and incoming Minister
of Health Ramsammy told EmbOffs that Ramsaran would continue
to oversee delivery of health services to outlying areas,
while also managing Cuban-Guyanese cooperation in health
matters. While Ramsammy is not known for sharing the
limelight, he appears to trust Ramsaran. [this was before he started publicly raping teenage girls]

–Dr. Desrey Fox, a museum curator and U.S.-educated
linguist, will be Minister in the Ministry of Education. She
is thought to be a possible candidate for Prime Minister.


¶6. (C) Two notable absences:

–Moses Nagamootoo, the former Information Minister and PPP
stalwart, was not named to the cabinet. He had an
acrimonious falling out with the party over its involvement
with phantom death squads in 2004, and Jagdeo asked him back
into the fold only a few months before elections. Nagamootoo
told EmbOffs that he had requested Home Affairs or Foreign
Affairs, and that Jagdeo had offered him an advisory position
or a foreign posting instead. He declined the overseas
assignment and has not decided whether to take an advisory

–Gail Teixeira, former Minister of Home Affairs and in the
cabinet since 1992, did not retain a ministerial position.
She had told several members of the international community
before the elections that she did not want a cabinet position
and had her eye on High Commissioner to Canada. Jagdeo said
that Teixeira, a PPP Executive Committee member, would
continue to work in the Office of the President and would
chair a committee on governance issues.


¶7. (SBU) Outraged letters to the editor bemoaned Jagdeo’s
failure to reach out across party lines, but it was
unrealistic to expect him to bestow any ministerial positions
on his People’s National Congress (PNC) archrivals after
winning in a landslide. The grumblers never acknowledge that
Jagdeo’s cabinet-which roughly mirrors Guyana’s diverse
ethnic makeup-is 30% Afro-Guyanese. Although Jagdeo has
committed to a vague “enhanced framework for inter-party
cooperation,” he has never answered PNC leader Robert
Corbin’s call for “shared and inclusive” governance. With an
absolute majority in the National Assembly, the PPP has no
reason to share its victory spoils.

¶8. (SBU) Guyana’s political future will depend on whether
Jagdeo demands honesty and real governance reforms from his
ministers-or just political fidelity. As the U.S. and the
international community push for post-election change, Jagdeo
and the PPP government will have little incentive to overhaul
the system they so effectively control.