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Kaieteur News reporter Dale Andrews died today in Guyana

Dale, 47, passed away yesterday morning following a brief illness that was due to prolonged heart-related complications.
Dale was no stranger to ranks and officers of the Guyana Police Force. He was no stranger to Ministers, past and present, of Public Security—formerly Home Affairs. He was definitely no stranger to the media fraternity. Kaieteur News was not prepared for the day when he would have become just a memory.


GRA Board Recommend Anil Nandlall Wife Hessaun Yasin Demoted For Incompetence & mismanagement

GRA Board recommends demotion and transfer for former AG’s wife
…woman costs entity $845,000 in retainer fees per month
The Guyana Revenue Authority after an assessment of the performance of Deputy Commissioner of Inland Revenue, Legal Services Division (LSD), Hissaun Yasin-Nandlall, has recommended that she be transferred to another operational support area. The conclusion is that there is need for improvement in her performance.
A document seen by this publication regarding the justifications made for Nandlall’s transfer stated that she should continue in the position of Deputy Commissioner of the LSD, but at the lower level.
The governing body stated that Nandlall’s “achievement of work programme objectives, commitments and results expected, as well as issues relating to consistency, equality of treatment and standardization across GRA, has always been of some concern.”
Nandlall was said to lack sufficient experience in management, tax administration and litigation of tax matters. “As such, her direction and management of the operations of LSD have not been as effective as required.” Her low success rate in court cases as well as her attendance records in the courts were said to be well below expectations.
GRA, in establishing the LSD, had hired attorneys-at-law with the objective, that all tax cases and issues would be dealt with internally. As Head of the LSD, Nandlall is expected to take the lead in dealing with all GRA cases in the courts with the support of the other Legal Officers. However, many tax cases were contracted out to several attorneys-at-law in private practice at enormous costs.
Some of the tax cases which were contracted out involved Demerara Distillers Limited – contracted out to Robin Stoby of the Law firm Hughes, Fields and Stoby; and DIDCO, which was contracted out to senior counsel Ashton Chase.
Documents show that an agreement was made and entered into between GRA and Mahendra Satram of the Law firm Satram & Satram, Attorneys at Law, on September 1, 2015. Since April 2014, the services of Satram were used to perform all legal services as needed by GRA, on a monthly retainer.
In this year’s agreement, “GRA believes this revised services agreement will assist the public entity in cost containment of its potential legal costs customarily used by GRA in its day to day activities.” The retainer for a calendar month is $845,000.
The board also commented on the inadequate advice, assistance and support offered by Nandlall to office and field Legal Officers on complex and technical tax issues and cases.
They were reported to have not been reliable since when challenged by professional personnel, these opinions were promptly changed.
Due to unsound and unreliable information given by Nandlall, the board believes that this has aided in insufficient research, preparation, and well formulated and articulated strategies to win cases.
Nandlall was purported to have a laissez-faire attitude towards work which affected the professionalism of the LSD staff as they were left unsupervised on a regular basis.
The board recommended that Nandlall should be transferred to another operational support area of GRA so that she could acquire the relevant experience and be equipped to properly represent GRA in the courts.

Guyana Chronicle Board Fires Mark Ramotar & Michael Gordon. Mrs. Ramotar New Boss

In a major move, Guyana Chronicle Board has dismissed editor Mark Ramotar and General Manager Michael Gordon.
Moshamie Ramotar the Financial Director is the new GM.
Moshamie is he wife of Mark Ramotar.
Ramotar was recently caught having sex with a junior reporter.

Mark Ramotar caught in sex act @ Guyana Chronicle

Guyana Chronicle Editor Mark Ramotar was recently caught having sex at the newspapers head quarters with a junior staff member.
The board of directors have taken no action against Ramotar, but the junior staffer is no longer employed at Chronicle.

Styrofoam ban in Guyana begins jan 1, 2016

The Government of Guyana, in its thrust to promote a green economy and environment is moving ahead with plans to ban the importation and use of closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam, popularly known by the trade mark brand, Styrofoam, as of January 1, 2016.
The Department of Natural Resources and the Environment has begun implementing a series of measures to address waste management and to promote the utilisation of biodegradable materials. The proposed Expanded Polystyrene Ban Regulation is being finalised before the effective date to ensure the ban is legally reinforced.
Cabinet has already granted approval for the immediate development of a legal framework to implement the ban on the importation and use of polystyrene foam products, as well as a public awareness programme to educate the public on the consequences of its usage and the benefits of the alternatives.
This decision follows a series of consultations, which were held previously with industry operators, importers and other key stakeholders. However, more consultative sessions are planned for the duration of the year, before the ban fully takes effect in January.
It is hoped that this initiative will see a significant reduction in the effects of polystyrene foam products on solid waste management in Guyana and its negative impact on the environment, while leading to the further development of new enterprises in the alternatives sector. With the ban, Guyana will become one of few countries in the world to ban the product.
In Guyana, polystyrene foam makes up about 2-5 percent of the waste stream and is most popularly used in the food service industry. The improper disposal of the single use item has been, and remains a threat to human health and the wider environment, incurring clean up and disposal costs amounting to millions of dollars, a cost borne by the tax paying public.
The Department of Natural Resources and the Environment will be collaborating with the Ministries of Business, Legal Affairs, and Finance via the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), to implement the ban.

Principal officials @ US embassy, Georgetown Guyana

Ambassador – Perry Holloway

Deputy Chief of Mission:
Bryan D. Hunt

Management Officer:
Peter J. Anthes

Political/Economic Chief
: James D. Bjorkman

Public Affairs Officer
: Robert Adelson

Chief, Consular Affairs
: James A Jimenez

Regional Security Officer
: William Noone

HHS/CDC Country Director
Yoran Grant-Greene

Security Cooperation Office Senior Defense Officer
: LCDR Robert B. Novotny, USN

Peace Corps Country Director
: Linda Arbogast

U.S. Agency for International Development Principal Officer
: Jonathan Conly