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Mohamed F Khan (MFK) Missing

Months after a recent execution attempt, popular city businessman Mohamed F Khan (MFK) is missing and relatives are holding their breaths and praying that nothing bad has befallen him.

MFK Missing
Khan’s disappearance comes a few weeks after he survived an apparent execution attempt while he was visiting Guyana, a few months ago.

The businessman has been residing in neighbouring Venezuela for the past few years after closing down his popular business on Hadfield Street, Georgetown.
The missing person report was first made to the Guyana Embassy in Venezuela by Khan’s Venezuelan wife who last saw him on August 21st, when he left the Spanish speaking country for Guyana to contact his attorneys who were handling some business arrangements for him.
Relatives in Guyana have not heard from him since and did not suspect anything much since Khan also has business transactions in the interior and would sometimes spend time there.
Missing: Mohamed F Khan displaying his bandaged abdomen following the execution attempt in July.
However, after close relatives did not receive a call or any information pertaining to Khan’s whereabouts, they became suspicious.

“He came over here to meet his lawyer and to check on some business stuff, since then nobody can get in contact with him. When he came, he met some friends and did his business and since then nobody could have gotten in contact with him. Everybody was trying to contact him and call all his friends and people he would go by, but nobody seems to know anything,” a close relative lamented.

“The thing is, he has a wife in Venezuela and three small kids he was supposed to come to Guyana and then return to Venezuela in five days, so when his wife did not see him, she tried contacting everyone she knows that can trace his whereabouts. People he normally deals with said they saw him months ago.”
Khan, 54, survived an execution attempt on July 9 last when was shot in his abdomen by a lone gunman at La Grange, West Bank of Demerara. He had disclosed back then, his suspicions of a business associate who had threatened him over a sour property deal.
Khan had also disclosed that he believed the gunman was either a serving or former member of the Guyana Police Force, giving rise to his suspicions that his business associate is using his well placed “connections” to MFKescape justice.

In an exclusive interview with Kaieteur News back then, Khan related that his bout of troubles stemmed from the sale of one of the many properties he owned in the city. He said the buyer was trying to rob him of several million dollars which is owed to him from the sale of a prominent city business.
“I keep asking him for my money and at first he was always making excuses and then he started threatening me. He threatened me that if I come back to Guyana he will take me out.” He had stated.
Khan, who was a staunch advocate of the Buy Local campaign, said that he learnt from his underworld connections that there was an $11M bounty on his head.
Last month, police discovered a headless decomposed body at Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara after being alerted by workers attached to the Ministry of Public Works, who were clearing a cemetery in the community.

Meanwhile, police noted that the badly decomposed body that was discovered hidden in a clump of bushes, was that of a man. A few yards away a human skull and a pair of blood-stained shoelaces were found in a black plastic bag. There was also some amount of “heavy duty” tape wrapped around the bag.
Several other bones which appeared to be human where scattered around the scene by dogs which had begun to devour the remains. Police sources have said that a plastic handcuff along with a car mat was found in the bushes close to the body.

Khan’s relatives said they had visited the Lyken Funeral Home to investigate if it was him. However, an attendant in the morgue had told them that there was a ponytail attached to the badly decomposed head, creating doubts in the relatives’ minds.

Khan who was a former television talk show host on the popular CNS Channel 6, had been out of Guyana for the past six years, claiming that he fled the land of his birth because of death threats he had been receiving.
He is no stranger to controversy, having had major differences with a former top government official, which he claimed forced him to sell his business and flee Guyana.
Khan had declared that he would have returned to invest in Guyana soon, claiming that he has big plans to erect a state of the art supermarket.

APNU stands by AFC on No- Confidence motion



There seems to be nothing in the way to hamper the safety of the No-Confidence Motion which the Alliance For Change (AFC) tabled against the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Administration. A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has given all assurances that it will vote in favour of the Motion.

APNU and the AFC met yesterday at the Office of the Leader of the Opposition and discussed matters relating to the Motion.
At that meeting APNU re-affirmed its unwavering commitment to passing the vote of no confidence
against the government at the earliest sitting of the National Assembly.
Those who attended the meeting on behalf of the AFC included Party Leader Khemraj Ramjattan, Vice-Chairman, Moses Nagamootoo, Catherine Hughes (Party Whip) and General Secretary David Patterson.

APNU’s delegation comprised its Chairman and Leader of the Opposition, David Granger, Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine, Basil Williams (Deputy Speaker), Amna Ally (Opposition Chief Whip), Ronald Bulkan and Winston Felix.

APNU “strongly” reiterated support for the motion of no confidence, which was tabled in the National Assembly by AFC’s MPs, Nagamootoo and Hughes. on the parliamentary agenda when the National Assembly re-convenes this month.
The Parties, which hold a majority of seats in the National Assembly, agreed that the holding of local government elections or the setting of a date for such elections would not deflect from or affect passage of the vote of no confidence.
The government, they maintained, is bound by the Constitution to periodically hold local government elections, which were last held in 1994.

The AFC and APNU declared their united position on the no confidence motion, and insisted that it is clear and unambiguous. They rebuffed the various sinister attempts of the PPP/C to create confusion over the issue and to divert attention from it.
Both AFC and APNU have assured the Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman, of their support in the execution of his official functions.
Yesterday’s meeting came at a time where there was growing belief that APNU would have boycotted support that it had pledged for the Motion.

This belief begun after APNU renewed calls for Local Government Elections even though the Motion will result in the premature holding of General Elections.

PPP General Secretary, bicycle thief and website hacker Clement Rohee, on Monday told the Media that the AFC should prepare itself for major political fallout. This fallout, Rohee said, would be as a result of APNU’s non support for the Motion.

Electronics City Guyana selling FAKE Samsung Phones

E. City

Georgetown, Guyana: Samsung, the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer is investigating dozens of complaints that were made against a Guyanese electronics store by consumers who felt that the store is selling mostly fake mobile phones that were not procured from Samsung.

According to the South Korean company, several complaints were made against a Georgetown, Guyana Company calling itself Electronics City, that have been offering Guyanese consumers various ranges of supposedly “Samsung” devices at unbelievably low prices.

However, Hu Lum Kee, a consumer affairs specialist at Samsung reported that several consumer complaints, IMEI number checks, price checks, and preliminary analysis of various device images coming from consumers in Guyana have lead Samsung to believe that the many ranges of “Samsung” phones sold by Electronics City in Guyana may be fake.
Lum Kee further stated that it is more than likely that the Guyanese company is procuring high quality duplicates from a certain manufacturer of fake mobile phones out of China, and have ensured that the camera among other hardware are of comparable quality to the original.

“This company is not a Samsung devices reseller, and is simply selling devices that are not genuinely Samsung, or is probably mixing the genuine ones with the fake ones. But we are certain that they deal in a lot of fake Samsung goods”, said Mr. Lum Kee.

He concluded that there is very little that Samsung can do, except to either seek damages in U.S courts or protest to the Guyanese authorities to curb the continued infringement of the company’s products by this particular company in Guyana.

Samsung is now advising Guyanese consumers to verify the authenticity of mobile phones bought from Electronics City (or other retailers in Guyana) by registering the product and its IMEI at or by checking the IMEI number at other bogus-phones-detection websites such as Numbering Plans at;

Guyana is an English-speaking South American country that has a large but mostly unmonitored trade relation with China. ( and has a Government that is everything corruption+Chinese )

The sale of smuggled and fake electronic goods are widely carried out in Georgetown, since most underpaid and corrupt enforcement officials readily accepts bribes to overlook these discrepancies

It’s also noted and understood that a senior member of the Guyana Bureau of Standards, which is tasked with seizing fake products, also sits on the payroll of the Guyanese electronics company that is being investigated by Samsung

Flow Speed vs GT&T Slow Feed Internet.

Why is it everything in Guyana a ripoff?..

Here is a comparison with Flow Barbados and GT&T Guyana all cost for Flow shown in guyana dollars and US dollars.

GT &T say there Benefits is

High Speed access burstable to 1536kbps at a rate of $9980 at an exchange rate $200 Guyana dollars to US$1 = to US$49.90 per month


Guyana Telephone and Telegraph. GUYANA VS. FLOW Barbados

GT&T High Speed Internet
$9980 Guyana dollars per month

Flow Internet in Barbados look at the cost in Guyana Dollars and US Dollars

Turbo 2 With speeds of up to 2Mbps (download) and up to 1Mbps (upload), Turbo 2 is GY$6000 or US$30 per month

Turbo 20
With speeds of up to 20Mbps (download) and up to 5Mbps (upload)

Flow vs GT&T

Flow vs GT&T cost shown here is in Barbados Dollars $2 Barbados Dollars to US$1

, Turbo 20
GY$8500 or US$42.50 per month

Turbo 50
With speeds of up to 50Mbps (download) and up to 10Mbps (upload), Turbo 50
$10000 or US$50 per month

Turbo 150
With speeds of up to 150Mbps (download) and up to 25Mbps (upload), Turbo 150 $15000 US $75 per month

Turbo 300
With speeds of up to 300Mbps (download) and up to 40Mbps (upload), Turbo 300
$20000 US$100 per month

Do t Believe us check for yourself all the rates are in Barbados Dollars it’s $2 Barbados Dollars to US$1 you do the rest.

We say no more but ends as just as we started

Why is it everything in Guyana a ripoff?..




Garbage Tourism, Main Street Georgetown Guyana.

Garbage Tourism, Main Street Georgetown Guyana.

Those photographs shows the condition of Main Street Georgetown Guyana
Ministry of Tourism
MINISTRY OF TOURISM Minister Irfaan Ali (ag) 229 South Road, Lacytown Georgetown, Guyana Tel #: 592-226-8695. Fax .#:225-9898.

image image image image image Irfaan Ali (ag)

Who have the biggest house and Land in Leonora ?

Who have the biggest house and Land in Leonora ?

Main Street Georgetown Guyana


Norway expresses concerns over Chinese timber firm operations in Guyana

Despite the company’s record, among its supporters is Guyana’s ex-President BharRAT Jagdeo. His photograph is included in Chu Wenze’s presentation, as part of the Guyanese Project Promotion Team for an Economic and Trading Cooperation Park that Bai Shan Lin is developing in Guyana. Other members of the Project Promotion Team include Guyana’s President, Donald Ramotar, and Prime Minister, Sam Hinds. BharRAT Jagdeo is currently the roving ambassador for the Three Basins Initiative, part of which seems to include begging the international community for more money to stop deforestation. Meanwhile, back in Guyana, he’s promoting a Chinese logging company, which seems to be operating above the law.

Despite the company’s record, among its supporters is Guyana’s ex-President BharRAT Jagdeo. His photograph is included in Chu Wenze’s presentation, as part of the Guyanese Project Promotion Team for an Economic and Trading Cooperation Park that Bai Shan Lin is developing in Guyana.
Other members of the Project Promotion Team include Guyana’s President, Donald Ramotar, and Prime Minister, Sam Hinds.
BharRAT Jagdeo is currently the roving ambassador for the Three Basins Initiative, part of which seems to include begging the international community for more money to stop deforestation. Meanwhile, back in Guyana, he’s promoting a Chinese logging company, which seems to be operating above the law.

Oslo, Norway: A senior monitoring official at Norway’s Ministry of Climate and the Environment is alarmed at reports highlighting the apparent green-house abuse of Guyana’s rainforest by a Chinese firm. Referring to several articles in the Guyana’s Kaieteur News, a leading private daily newspaper from Georgetown, the senior Norwegian climate monitor told this Publication that Oslo will be launching a silent investigation into the timber harvesting activities of the Chinese firm Bai Shan Lin. He stressed that the investigation will help to determine whether Bai Shan Lin’s operation is impacting on the terms that Norway had entered into with the Guyana Government under the REDD+ initiative. Sharing a series of inferences that he could have drawn from the articles, the official said that an EU corrupt practices investigation may also be likely, depending on what the initial REDD+ investigations may unearth.

Question on whether the investigation would be a joint initiative between the Guyana and Norwegian Government, the official was quick to say ‘NO’, thus revealing Norway’s obvious distrust of the officials responsible for enforcing Guyana’s environmental laws.

Norwegian officials have practically considered Bai Shan Lin to be an arm of Sinopec and several other Chinese investment firms that were already commercially convicted for flouting the conservation laws of Gabon, and for collaborating with criminals in the exploitation of several forest concessions throughout Africa. Oslo is also worried over intelligence information which suggests that three Chinese operatives, who were reportedly criminally fingered in Cameroon for siphoning off hundreds of millions of dollars in undeclared timber, are now part of Bai Shan Lin’s operation in Guyana.Bai Shan Lin. Guyana

Their worry is practically hinged on those operatives alleged tendency to illegally exploit rainforest concessions, with impunity. Generally associated with the story of El Dorado, and known for its magnificent forests, rivers and the Kaieteur falls, Guyana is home to a large swath of the Amazon rainforest. During November, 2009, the South American country had launched a controversial Low Carbon Development strategy under its previous President, Bharrat Jagdeo. Norway was one of the first countries to support the initiative by offering the country millions of dollars in exchange for protecting its rainforest, under the Guyana REDD+ Investment Fund (GRIF).

However, straddled by poverty, rampant corruption and a low GDP, Guyanese forestry officials are usually very willing to suppress lawful processes in exchange for bribes, thus making the country’s sprawling rainforest a natural attraction for under-dealing companies like Bai Shan Lin.