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Who have the biggest house and Land in Leonora ?

Who have the biggest house and Land in Leonora ?


Standing up to the Corrupt Guyana Government is a Revolution not a war.


Do not be fooled, when you figure it out, Politicians will try to fool you


What is war?


War is when your Government tells you who the Enemy is.


What is a revolution


Revolution is when you figure it out for yourself.


The PPP Guyana Government are scared that more and more Guyanese are figuring out how corrupt The PPP Government is.


Most supporters are realizing that the PPP only know them at Election time after that get inline, its friends and family only.


With the PPP government being blatantly corrupt, a Revolution is in order.

charles 'chuckie' ramson jr.

Alana Seebarran & charles ramson suing Chandini Ramnarine & lucricia rambalak for 50 million

chandini ramnarain & Alana-Seebarran-after-she-won-the-Miss-India-Worldwide-pageant-in-Suriname

chandini ramnarain & Alana-Seebarran-after-she-won-the-Miss-India-Worldwide-pageant-in-Suriname

Written by Chriseana Ramrekha for propaganda press
Saturday, 04 May 2013 21:23
MISS India Worldwide 2012, Alana Seebarran, has filed a $50M lawsuit against the holder of the Miss India Worldwide Guyana franchise, Chandini Ramnarine, and her sister Lucria Rambalak, who was selected to be Miss India Guyana 2010. Papers obtained from the Supreme Court Registry in Georgetown have revealed that Ms. Seebarran alleges that Chandini Ramnarine failed to discharge contractual and fiduciary duties owed to her; and the claim against Ms. Rambalak is for impersonation and “passing off”.

Legal counsel for Ms Seebarran, Attorneys-at-law Messrs. Sanjeev Datadin and Charles S. Ramson, told this publication that the claim against Ms Lucria Rambalak is premised on a video in worldwide circulation on YouTube, and it speaks for itself. As to whether the YouTube video was a clear case of deliberate impersonation by Ms Rambalak, they would only say, “Those are your words.”

However, they did add that the impersonation had done much harm to the goodwill and reputation of their client, and Mr. Datadin said that Ms. Ramnarine did not discharge the contractual and fiduciary duties she owed to his client. According to him, Ms Chandini Ramnarine was obliged to act in the best interest of his client, but she had failed to discharge those obligations.

Asked if this newspaper could speak to his client, Mr. Ramson said litigants ought not to speak to the press about matters pending in court, since this constituted contempt, which would likely result in both the litigant and the publisher of the offending article being punished.

Miss India Worldwide, Alana Seebarran, was not in Malaysia to crown her successor, and reports in the local media had clearly indicated that all was not well within the Miss India Worldwide pageant.

lil scunty robeson benn

robeson benn jr dead in guyana?

lil scunty robeson benn

lil scunty robeson benn jr

we gettin word lil scunty robeson benn jr like he crap out. we checkin pon it

morale of story if he dead : stop knock people girl chirren

update: access tight. we not compromising agent security to check up pon lil scunty. as soon as we know y’all gon know

update 2: bad news. lil scunty is hanging on to life

nigel hughes quits linden commission of inquiry

Hughes apparently became peeved when Hicken repeatedly stated that he could not recall salient details of the meeting, which was attended by Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee, Commissioner of Police Leroy Brumell and Crime Chief Seelall Persaud.
Hicken contradicted himself in stating at one point that the possibility of the Mackenzie/ Wismar Bridge being blocked by protestors was discussed at the meeting, and later denying that he had anticipated that the bridge would have been blocked.
Things got even worse when Hicken repeatedly said that he could not recall the duration of the meeting.
“Was it a two–minute or a five–minute meeting?” Hughes asked.
“I want to be precise; I cannot recall the length of time the meeting lasted,” Hicken responded.
“Would you describe it as a very short meeting?”
“I would describe it as a meeting… in terms of time, I cannot recall.”
“I have a difficulty accepting that you don’t recall how long the meeting lasted,” Hughes told Hicken.
“I have a difficulty with you telling me that I don’t know where I was,” Hicken responded.
“Was that meeting more than four hours? Hughes asked.
“I can’t recall, Sir.”
“Could you have been there for more than two hours?” Hughes asked again.
“I cannot recall, Sir.”
Hughes: “Let me suggest that you and the Minister were there for six hours, would you deny that?”
Hicken: “I don’t understand what you are suggesting, Sir.  If you ask me a question I will answer you.”
Hughes: “You don’t understand that suggestion?”
Hicken (turning to the Commissioners): “Esteemed Commissioners, permit me to—
Hughes: “Shoot me?”
There was a burst of laughter from some of the attorneys, but it was at that point that Commission Chairman Justice Lensley Wolfe delivered his sharp rebuke to the attorney.

“Mr. Hughes, you will withdraw what you just said; it’s totally improper….at this point in time you have no basis for saying something like that. As a matter of fact, if you do not withdraw what you said, your cross examination of this witness will be terminated by the Commission. Protocol must be observed. You are a member of the legal profession. The ethics of the profession must be observed.”
Hughes did not withdraw his statement and indicated to the Commission that he was withdrawing from the hearing. He then left the Law Library.

guyana police harassing citizen for ‘lil drink’ money on soesdyke highway

fan mail

I’m wondering on to send letter/report to p/press. I’m a regular traveler of Linden/Soesdyke highway. I’m feed up and disgusted with the policemen asking for “lil drink” most of the time I passed them. They acting like a beggar without respecting their uniform. their uniform is supposed to be honored with dignity.

charles 'chuckie' ramson jr.

dennis chabrol of demerara waves is manipulative & wicked – charles ramson jr

charles 'chuckie' ramson jr.

charles ramson jr, enemy combatant

chuckie jr sent us this note charles dot ramson at

Dear propaganda press:
I note with much disgust and concern, the kind of manipulative and wicked journalism being practised by the Denis Chabrol-led Demerarawaves website over the past few weeks.

This supposedly ‘independent’ news outfit, by its twisted coverage, seems hell bent on subtly propagating opposition propaganda whilst smearing with the hope of stymieing, every development effort by the government and persons not part of the APNU and AFC destabilization agenda.
Two clear examples are its twisted and innuendo-laced coverage of Hits and Jams’ Boxing Day Chris Brown Concert and the newly commissioned Foot Steps Mega Store.

In the first instance on the HJ concert, Demerarawaves on Thursday sought to push the idea of a boycott of the Chris Brown Concert by raising a non-issue as to whether or not the Tourism Ministry’s involvement was a way of diverting the attention of young people from “real issues”. Chabrol’s intention was clearly, in my view, an attempt to resurrect the previous unsuccessful boycott calls by the APNU and its youth arm (YCT).

Even more instructive is the fact that no such concerns have been expressed by any of the opposition political entities regarding the December 26 concert and therefore Chabrol’s injection of this aspect should be seen as an attempt to sway them in that direction.

However, like every other young Guyanese, I wish to remind Demerarawaves and Chabrol, all the previous calls to boycott entertainment activities in Guyana failed and I don’t expect it to be any different this time around should such a scenario develop, as Guyanese are too smart and mature to be brought into this narrow plan.

On the issue of the Foot Steps Mega Store, Demerarawaves coverage of its opening sought to suggest subtly that there are questions surrounding the proprietor’s acquisition of funding for this venture.

It mattered not to Chabrol and his acolytes that the owner paid glowing tribute to a local bank for the loan and other services the bank rendered to it during the opening ceremony.

But this kind of deceit coming by way of an open opposition propagandist should come as no surprise, given that it is their stated goal to make the country ungovernable; thus, they will inevitably taint every act which paints a picture of progress and development in a bad light.
Even though the report in question boldly proclaimed ‘As United Centre Foot Steps Mega Store was being built during the past three years, many Guyanese speculated about the source of financing’, not a single person was quoted who raised such a question. And this, for me, is an
attempt to put questions in the minds of Guyanese, as I said before, because they cannot come to grips with the fact that despite the numerous destabilization efforts of the opposition Guyana is developing and investors have greater confidence in the economy.

Charles Ramson Jr
Attorney at Law
Office of the President